Sleeping Beauty
By: Ryocha

Originally, this was going to be posted in Second Parade. But I think it deserves it's own little spot outright, just because.
In memory of dear sweet, Rollo. Rest in peace, muffin.

A year ago, on a chilly overcast day when the leaves were beginning to have their tips tinge with brown and yellow, my brother told me about fairy tales. I remember being confused, perplexed and intimidated, for I did not know something he knew and for the first time I felt disconnected while standing in front of him.

He chuckled, low and throaty, and explained with an arm over my shoulder and a smile on his rosy lips what fairy tales were. They're meant for children, Rollo, however adults can learn from them as well. They all have a meaning behind them, like, a message that is necessary to get passed down to the younger generations. Do you understand now?

It took me a day or two, but at the end of my naivete, I finally understood. Days later, I came back to Lelouch with a thin hardcover book in my hands and an embarrassed blush on my face.

"What do you have there?"

"It's a fairy tale; I finally understand what they are, but…"

A hand reached out and ruffled my short hair playfully, "You could have just asked for me to read it to you." He laughed, short but sweet. I laughed nervously in return, unsure of myself. Was he making fun of me?

Despite my insecurities, the night was amazing. Nestled into his chest, I closed my eyes as I listened to Lelouch read Sleeping Beauty to me with his baritone voice. It sent chills up my spine, which were quickly nulled with his hand, running up and down my sides. I hated to admit my liking it, but I had a feeling he knew regardless. His hands, near the end of the story, began kneading my shoulders and tracing the curves of my neck, and I couldn't help but let out a soft gasp, barely audible, but he felt it.

"Are you sleepy? It's getting pretty late…"

"Mm. Can we sleep like this?" Lelouch stared on with curiosity, "I'm comfy, brother."

"Alright, alright. Just let me get changed, and we'll go to bed."


My smile is bittersweet as I remember my year of brotherhood with Lelouch. On one hand, I experienced so many new things, but on the other I yearn for so much more; your touch, your love, Brother. You gave me something no one else ever could.

My fingers slip from the clutches of Shinkiro. My eyesight is blurry; I know that in a minute or two it will be completely gone, clouded over because of my Geass.

But you're here brother, so it's all right. I'll look at you the entire time and it will be worth it.

For some reason, in my state of helplessness, I feel like asking you about fairy tales; they always turn out all right and the good guys always trump over evil in the end – and we're the good guys, aren't we brother?

Don't give me that look; I did it so you could live, Lelouch. Don't cry.

Brother… do you remember Sleeping Beauty? I'm reminded of that right now. I'll be going to sleep soon, so I want you to promise me that you'll kiss me, and I'll awaken and we can be together again. Can you do that for me, brother?

Or maybe… that's impossible. Maybe you can't do that. Of course you can't do that.

So… I'll be put into an eternal sleep. I suppose, this is goodbye.


Fairy tales don't mean anything, do they?