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--Platonic Loves--

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Four years after he left, she had a new life and had pursued a love interest. Now that he's back, she doesn't know what to do. SasuInoShika Main: SasuIno.

--Prologue: Kiss and Tell--

Behind green bushes was a slender figure peeking through the innumerable leaves. Her heart beat increases rapidly as she saw the boy before her; he was clad in a blue shirt and white shorts. Ino Yamanaka was once again stalking the brooding Sasuke Uchiha.

In the Yamanaka's defense, however, she wasn't really stalking per say. It was more like she was pursuing love. Because that's what Ino was in—she was in love. She was in love with the obsidian-eyed boy. No one could ever compare to him. He was beyond perfect. Sasuke's boy was hot, his face was gorgeous, his eyes were mesmerizing, his voice was so dreamy, and his abilities were better than extraordinary.

"Get out of there before I make you. Leave me alone." Sasuke said over his shoulder, taking the shuriken out of the tree target. Ino's body tensed up, but relaxed once his words finally sunk in.

"Aww…I think I'll try you making me leave." Ino's confident voice retorted.

"Hn." Sasuke couldn't understand this girl. She constantly asked him out only to be shut down, and yet, she wouldn't quit. Ino was definitely an enigma to him.

"You know, Sasuke…since we both pretty much have the day off, why don't we go on a date? Just you and me." Ino's seductive suggestion was followed with a batting of her eyelashes. She slowly started walking closer to Sasuke.

"You know what, Yamanaka?" Sasuke also got closer to Ino, who in return raised an eyebrow. Once his lips were inches from Ino's ear, he said, "No. Now leave me alone."

"Sasuke!" Ino whined. As she looked at Sasuke's firm expression, Ino sighed in defeat. "Fine, but before I leave…" Ino then closed the few inches of space that were between her and Sasuke. His lips tastes oddly like cinnamon. Ino was overjoyed as she felt Sasuke slowly relax into the kiss. Their lips melded perfectly together. Ino then pulled apart from Sasuke and finished her sentence. "I wanted to do that."

Sasuke stayed transfixed while he watched Ino run away. A smirk grew on his face as he continued to fell the warmth of her lips on his own. Even Sasuke had to admit that she was a great kisser and had a nice body. Ino was definitely persistent as well; Sasuke had to give her credit for that. Crap. He was so screwed if he didn't stop thinking this way.

Meanwhile, Ino was ecstatic. She had finally kissed her dream boy, and he didn't pull away as she thought he would. Ino wanted to rub the kiss in Sakura's face, but she also wanted to talk about it to someone who would actually listen to her. But who would that person be? As Ino thought of all the possible people she could talk to, she came up with the perfect solution. Who better to talk to than her best friend?

"Shikamaru!" He was the perfect candidate. After all, he always listened to her and she knew exactly where to find him. As always, he would be lying on the floor looking at the clouds.

Ino finally reached her pineapple-shaped headed friend, and was as quiet as she possibly could be. Shikamaru's head was behind his arms and his eyes were shut. Ino quietly lied next to him and plastered a devious smile on her face. She took a deep breath and prepared herself to yell at the top of her lungs. "Wake up, Shika!"

"Oi! Ino! What? What's wrong?"

The pale blonde giggled at Shikamaru's expression. "Nothing's wrong! Actually, everything is great!"

"Then why did you wake me up?" Annoyance was clearly written all over Shikamaru's face.

"Aww…I'm sorry!" Ino hugged her teammate tightly. "I just wanted to tell you something."

Any annoyance that the Nara had held before now left. Instead, a small blush appeared on his cheeks as he returned Ino's hug. "It's okay. Just tell me what you wanted to tell me."

"You'll never guess what happened to me!" Ino pulled away and saw Shikamaru's curious expression. "I kissed Sasuke!"

"What?" Jealousy took over the shadow-possessor. Ino kissed Sasuke? But how? Why? When? Huh?

"Yeah! I kissed my prince. Can you believe it?" The oblivious blonde kept smiling with joy.

"That's…great, Ino…Really…great." Ino took note of his tone and questioned him about it. "Nothing's wrong."

"If you say so." Ino's suspicion quickly went away after Shikamaru lied down once again and motioned for her to join him. She curled up next to the Nara and shortly fell asleep. It had been a very tiring day.

'Ino. If you knew how I felt.' With a sigh, Shikamaru loaded Ino onto his back and walked her home. How he would explain to Inoichi why his daughter was sleeping on his back was beyond him. "How troublesome."

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