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--Chapter Nine: Finale--

The next day, Ino spent the day hanging out with Gaara and Temari in the Kazekage's tower. On the second day there, Kankuro joined the trio, having completed his mission with absolute success. The group then went out to eat and enjoyed a relaxing day. On the third day, however, the blonde bide farewell to the three siblings. She quickly headed for Konoha and arrived in a matter of two days. As soon as she stepped through Konoha's gates, Ino rushes to see the Hokage.

"Ah, Ino. You're back." The overly large bosomed blonde said once Ino stepped through the door.

"Lady Hokage, no offense or anything, but why was I sent to Suna for a fake mission. Not that I'm not thankful." The blue-eyed blonde put both hands on Tsunade's desk.

"Well, Ino. I felt you needed a little time away from all the excitement."

'Yeah, I need the time away after making a decision.' Ino though. "Well, can I go see, Sasuke?" Ino said as she stared into amber eyes.

"Yes, I think that's a good idea." With that, Tsunade gave Ino the sign to leave.

Within minutes, Ino reached the Interrogation Department. She raced to Sasuke's cell, her heart beating faster and faster then ever. A small blush overtook Ino's cheeks as she thought of the kiss she and Sasuke had shared prior to her departure.

Breathing happily, Ino took hold of the door knob and turned it quietly. She opened the door and peered inside, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sasuke without being noticed. But there was something wrong. Sasuke wasn't there. Ino stepped into the room and looked all around the room. Sasuke was gone!

Suddenly, Ino felt a presence and turned around. On the doorway stood a man clad in black with an ANBU mask on his face. The man then slowly walked towards the blonde and stopped when he was a foot away from her.

"Do you know what happened to the man that was in here?" Ino asked. To her surprise, the ANBU member nodded. "Well is he in another cell?" This time the man shook his head.

"Is he alive?" Ino asked in a frantic voice. The man, who remained an enigma to the blonde, shrugged in response. "What do you mean by that? Is Sasuke in trouble? Answer me!"

The ANBU man shook his head once again and remained staring at the blonde. He then felt Ino's hands clench onto his shirt and pull him closer.

"Tell me where he is or I'll Shintenshin your ass so badly, you'll be having nightmares until you die." Ino's blue-eyes turned fierce and told the man she wasn't kidding around.

His hand reached for his mask and slowly took it off. Revealed was Sasuke's smirking face and amused eyes peering at Ino's face. "I see you really care about me, Yamanaka."

"Kami-sama. Sasuke, you jerk. You scared me." The Yamanaka retorted as she let go of Sasuke's shirt and encircled his neck.

"Well, it's true. Without you, I don't know if I'm dead or alive." Sasuke smirk continued as he wrapped his arm around Ino's waist and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Sasuke's tongue dominated Ino's, giving Ino that feeling of possession she couldn't get enough of. After a moment, the two broke away.

"That's flattering to hear. But Lady Tsunade said you weren't going to get out until I came back from my mission—but it turned out to be a fake task.

"I know. It was my plan."

"What plan?" Ino's eyebrows furrowed with confusion.

"This plan." Sasuke pulled away from Ino's embrace and slowly got to his knees. He pulled out a black box and opened it as he looked at Ino's shocked face. "I remember you telling me you wanted to get married around this age. Am I right?"

Ino nodded as a tears started to trickle out her eyes. Was this really happening?

"Well, I'm ready to fulfill that promise I made you, Ino. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. Ino Yamanaka, will you marry me?"

Ino smiled and wiped away her tears. "No."

"No?" A baffled Sasuke asked. "But why?"

"Relax moron. I can't say yes until you put the ring on my finger. Now ask again." Ino smiled.

Sasuke rolled his eyes but smiled at his blonde goddess. He took the ring and gently slipped it onto Ino's finger. "Ino Yamanaka, will you marry me?"

Ino smiled brightly and bent down. She gave Sasuke a quick kiss and winked. "I've waited for a long time to hear you say those words, Sasuke. I was never able to let you go, and I'm sure I'll never be able to either. So yes, Sasuke. I'll marry you!"

With that, the two began the rest of their lives.