Summary: A few months after his forced return to Konoha, Sasuke is given his first mission: to renew his bonds and reestablish Team 7. Sakura, under the Hokage's orders, has drawn up a list to help him to do so.

Title: Bonds

"Sasuke! Get back here!"


"…this is your mission, you know…"


"You'll have to do everything on the list."




"See? You can't have intelligent conversations without words."

"Sakura. The list."

"Meh. Here."

"Starting with…(drumroll please)..Naruto! aka your best friend!"

"That dobe?"

1. Year's supply of ramen

"Hn. I have the money."

"Che, rich b"

"No expletives please."

2. Let him win a battle for once.

"Like it's my fault he keeps losing."

"I'll let him go Kyuubi on you then."

"No thank you."

"What, scared?"

"It's suicide for him."

"Aww, so you do care."


3. Set him up with Hinata.

"What does this have to do with anything?"

"They're meant to be together."


"You know, there's a thing called relationships. Where people-"



4. Get him a Hokage hat.

"Che, like that's legal."

"Make it orange and it will be."

5. Tell him that he is your best friend.

"Che, over my dead body."

"I'll make sure that happens, then."


"Is that a challenge?"

"Nope. There's not much of an opposition."


"What'd I say about expletives?..."


"You might want to get that throbbing vein checked."

(chaos ensues)

"Next up is Kakashi-sensei!!"

1. Buy him the latest Icha Icha Book in the series.


"Considering that the author's dead now…"


"You'll have to make your own version…."



"Just…no. And stop laughing…stop imagining it…ugh"

"Next is ME!!"

"Wait, that's it?"

"For Kakashi-senei?"


"I mean. I don't think you have the right proportions for the other things I thought of."


"So, MY TURN!!"

1. A date.

"That simple?"

"Do you know what a date entails?"


"Well, look it up and surprise me. If you fail, I get another date with you."


2-10(?). Take me to that new pastry store and buy everything on the menu. Buy me this purse, outfit, and-



"Can you put this magazine away, before I get any more paper cuts across my face?"

"Oh. My bad."

"And, I'm not spending all my wallet money on you."

"Che, it's only wallet money. I'm not depleting your savings. That would take years."

"Just no. I'm not going to venture into those shops for anything."


"Puppy faces do not work on me."


"Stop it."


"Ugh. Fine. Replace all of those requests with only one. I'll do whatever it is."



1. Be my boyfriend.


"No going back on your word!...wait, what?!"

"I said fine."


"What, now you don't want me to?"

"No…it's just that…I was kidding…"


"…and you were so serious…"


"umm…you do know that I'll drag you along shopping anyways now that you're my boyfriend?"


"Wait….so you anticipated this? "


"And took advantage of me?"


"……….Stupid arrogant Uchihas."

"That might include you someday…"

"Hmm? You say something?"

"Nothing important."


(A/N: Sorry for not updating my other story. It's half done, but I kinda ran into a writer's block…which is part of the reason I wrote this oneshot—to generate my creativity. Also, I have a bunch of half-written oneshots (I just might upload them sometime, who knows? Reviews are greatly appreciated :D)