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Prologue: Irrational

Everyone is entitled to a moment of insanity during his or her lifetime. Some are even entitled to more than one break down. Some people never cash in on their opportunity to go a bit insane or to have their mental break down. Some abuse this "privilege."

For Hyuuga Hinata her moment of insanity came when she found out that the man that she had loved for more than half of her life was getting married to someone else.

The announcement that Uzumaki Naruto and Yamanaka Ino were getting married had shocked a lot of people. Hinata had had no idea that the two had even been friends, let alone that they were dating. Apparently Sakura hadn't known that her former best friend and fellow teammate had been dating either because when Hinata had asked her for details Sakura hadn't believed her.

"Sakura-chan, how long did Ino and Naruto date before they decided to get married?" Hinata had asked Sakura miserably. Sakura had laughed at her.

"What are you talking about Hinata? They've never dated, and they certainly aren't getting married," Sakura had said, looking at Hinata strangely. Hinata looked at Sakura confused before then showing Sakura the announcement she had seen in The Leaf, Konoha's only newspaper.

Hinata was rather grateful that Sakura had been surprised because it meant that at least Hinata wasn't the only one left out of the loop. Then again, being the one to break the news to Sakura had been rather scary.

"WHAT THE HELL DO THOSE TWO THINK THEY'RE DOING?!" Sakura had screeched, taking the paper Hinata had given her, and leaving in an angry huff to God only knew where. Though Hinata had a slight inkling Sakura was seeking Ino, Naruto, or both of them out, but Hinata was never one to be sure of anything.

Sighing, Hinata went to see if she could find someone else to ask about the news. It was shocking news to everyone she had asked. Even Shikamaru had opened his mouth in astonishment, too shocked to even mutter something like "troublesome." Why hadn't anyone known about this? Even she had missed it! She had paid attention to Naruto for a good majority of her life, and she had never once seen any indication that Naruto liked Ino. None. Nothing. She hadn't thought that Ino even liked Naruto as a friend. Acquaintance, maybe; friend, no.

To think that Ino, a girl that Naruto had minimal interaction with, someone who had made fun of him in his childhood was now the woman becoming Naruto's bride made something inside Hinata ache.

The ache grew and grew as the day went on, and as night came, the ache had become unbearably painful. The news from that morning's newspaper had sparked a lot of interest among the Konoha shinobi, but no one had seemed to know anything more than what the newspaper clipping had said. No one could find Ino or Naruto to clarify the announcement. A part of Hinata hoped that it was all a grand hoax, but the fact that no one could find either Naruto or Ino seemed to indicate otherwise. Without someone to clarify the situation, all poor Hinata could do was speculate in misery.

She could, perhaps, have understood why Naruto would choose Sakura as a love interest considering that they were teammates. But someone who Naruto had hardly spent any time with? It hurt Hinata. She was there. She was right there in front of him, and he hadn't noticed her. She was shy; she knew that. Everyone knew that. But, she was also caring, wasn't she?

These thoughts built up within Hinata, leaving her to mull over her thoughts until the wee hours of the morning, wondering why Naruto hadn't ever looked her way.

In this situation, like many others before her, when a shy, quiet, and usually very caring person has had a lot dumped on them, has had a lot of hardship thrown their way, there comes a cracking point where that individual snaps, and usually does something extremely foolish.

And what Hinata did was certainly foolish.

She was unable to get her thoughts around the idea of why Naruto had never noticed her romantically, and she wondered why he had chosen Ino of all people. These thoughts turned more and more upsetting as the night continued. She began to obsess over the fact that Ino would be with the man that she loved. Ino, who she truly felt was a good person, just wasn't good enough for Naruto. Naruto deserved better. And she thought that after stalking – er – watching Naruto for so long, Hinata could give him better.

Hinata didn't stop to think about what Naruto might want.

Hinata didn't stop to think about the consequences of her actions.

Hinata didn't stop to rationally think. Period.

Her mind muddled by sleep deprivation, Hinata set out during the wee hours of that very morning to fulfill the foolish plan her upsetting thoughts had led her to.

Her plan (her very foolish, selfish, and outrageous plan): lose her virginity to Naruto by any means possible.

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