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"Deeeeannn, come onnnnnn. We're almost there." Seven-year-old Sammy Winchester was very perturbed with his eleven-year-old brother Dean.

The brothers were on their way to the convenience store just four blocks from their current residence. Dean had promised Sammy a treat when he got his homework done and the youngster had worked doubly hard to get his lessons done. It had never been a problem for the boy to complete his homework, for some reason the older brother couldn't understand, his little brother really liked school. Today, Dean didn't want to wait very long. He'd been feeling closed in on this beautiful spring day and didn't want to spend any longer inside than absolutely necessary. Promising Sammy a treat got them outside very quickly. Dutifully leaving a note as was the rule whenever they left when their dad was at work, the two boys left the house in anticipation. However, it was the big brother's prerogative to torment the younger boy, so he was walking very slowly. Each time his little brother turned and whined, the older boy smiled in satisfaction. Dean was pretty sure that the younger boy had probably added three miles to his feet as he ran to the corner and back to his brother.

"Hold your horses, Sammy. I'm coming. The store's not going anyplace and there'll still be treats when we get there." Dean chuckled openly at his little brother. He'd done a few chores for the old lady next door and had a little money set aside for this very purpose. The older boy knew not to blow the money, but his baby brother deserved a treat. He only wished he could do more for the little boy. They finally reached the store and Dean opened the door to allow his little brother to go in first. The younger boy rushed through the door and began roaming up and down the aisles, eyes big as saucers.

"Hey, Dean. Sammy." Mickey, the friendly clerk waved at the boys. He'd gotten to know them fairly well in the few weeks the family had lived in the neighborhood. They sometimes came in for milk or a loaf of bread, and he'd become quite fond of them. The boys were well behaved, never causing any problems for the clerk, always saying 'sir' and 'thank you'. Some children that came into the store had to be watched at all times, but not the Winchesters. Dean rarely was very far away from his little brother, and Sammy talked excitedly most of the time they were there, never touching the merchandise. Mickey knew that if one of the boys picked up an item, it was to purchase it.

"Hey, Mickey. Promised Sammy a treat if he got his homework done fast. Okay if we look around for a while?"

"Sure, Dean. No problem. You boys take your time and let me know when you're ready."

"Thanks." Dean headed off in search of his little brother, finding him in the candy aisle as expected. "Choose carefully, Sammy." He put his arm around the little boy's shoulder.

Sammy looked up at his big brother, eyes alight. "Look at it, Dean. The whole aisle is candy. I've seen this aisle when we've come in before, but I'm actually here. Just look at it." He turned back to all the candy in front of him in quiet wonder.

The older boy smiled at his little brother, enjoying Sammy's happiness. "Don't forget they have ice cream, too." The look on the little boy's face made the older boy laugh out loud. Dean laughed as he thought that his baby brother would probably O.D. on sugar from just being there.

The brothers walked up and down the aisles looking at the various items on the shelves. Dean hurried his little brother through part of the paper aisle . . . there were items there he didn't want to try explaining at this age. It was a boring aisle anyway with paper plates, cups, and the like. Sammy was eager to move on to more interesting items. The older boy was interested in the car care items and happily explained to Sammy about the different motor oils, car waxes, etc. Sammy wasn't very interested, but he loved to hear his brother explain things, so he listened with rapt attention. The younger boy believed if Dean was interested, it must be important.

Unnoticed by the young pair, it had gotten dark outside. Dean had forgotten his desire to be outside in the joy of providing some happiness for his brother. Mickey was bored and not taking much notice of anything in the shop. The occasional customer came and went, but there wasn't a lot of business on this night.

A young man came into the store while the boys were in the back behind the last shelf looking at some of the ice cream in the freezer section. Mickey watched him disinterestedly for a bit then returned to his crossword puzzle. The newcomer was dressed like he was wearing hand-me-downs from Goliath. His clothes were way too big on him and very shabby. The young man quickly checked the seemingly empty store, but didn't see the little boys huddled in the back admiring the frozen popsicles at the bottom of the freezer.

The little boys didn't notice the young man either since they were deep in a conversation about the merits of the various flavors on display. Time had passed quickly for Dean and Sammy as they admired the treasure trove of goodies in the store.

The stranger moved to the rear wall of the store to the location of the restrooms and went inside the Men's Room. After a very few minutes, he came back out with the stocking cap he'd been wearing pulled down over his face and holding a gun in his hand. He hurried up to the front of the store and the unsuspecting clerk. Thrusting the gun into Mickey's shocked face, the bandit yelled, "Give me the money and don't give me a hard time, old man! This gun is loaded and I'm not afraid to use it."

Mickey automatically reached for the silent alarm button under the counter, thrilled his boss had had it installed a couple of weeks ago. The movement had been covered by a stumble toward the register as the clerk began to get the money out for the agitated thief. It suddenly struck him like a bolt of lightning that he hadn't seen the Winchester boys in a while. He hoped they'd left; he didn't want them to be involved in this situation. Glancing up at the mirror at the back of the store, however, he saw that wasn't the case, Dean could be seen peaking around the end of the aisle toward the front of the store. Mickey caught the boy's eye and gave a subtle shake of his head, relieved when he saw the little boy move back out of sight.

The thief was nervous. He was shifting from one foot to the other, eyes darting all around trying to see everything at once, afraid of everything — that someone would come into the little store, that the clerk would try something stupid. He was twitching from the adrenalin flowing through his system.


Dean heard the shout from the strange voice and immediately grabbed Sammy, pushing him to the floor. The younger boy went flat instantly at his brother's movements; the instruction he'd received his whole life causing him to react as he'd been trained, his eyes wide as he watched his big brother for any indication of what he should do next.

"Quiet, Sammy. Stay here and don't move." Dean put his finger to his lips as he whispered the order to his little brother. Receiving the wide-eyed acknowledgement from Sammy, the older boy crept to the end of the aisle that had been at their backs and peaked around to see what was going on at the front of the store. Seeing the nervous man with the stocking mask brandishing a gun while the terrified clerk tried to get the money out of the drawer sent chills down the pre-teen's spine. It seemed that Mickey had noticed him and was giving a slight shake of his head which Dean took to mean that he should stay away. No problem, Mickey. I'm not taking a chance on letting that guy hurt Sammy!

Moving back to his little brother, he positioned himself to see the front of the store in the security mirror up on the wall. Everything was going down between them and the safety of the outside. It dawned on Dean that it was dark outside and their dad would be home from work soon. He was torn between wanting his dad to come rescue them, and hoping he would read the note and settle down to wait for them to come home.

Bringing himself back to the present, he concentrated on the situation at hand. His first priority was always Sammy's safety. Should we wait and hope this jerk leaves or should we try and hide better? Glancing up at the mirror, the gunman was becoming more agitated and he seemed to be widening his area of pacing. Dean decided they couldn't take a chance on staying where they were, and began looking for a place to stash his little brother. Unfortunately, there was no place close and the only thing his lightning quick mind could come up with was the restrooms, but they were in the middle of the back wall and he and Sammy were in the corner.

A shaky hand landed on his shoulder followed by scared hazel eyes appearing in his field of vision. The older boy could feel his little brother shaking and placed his arm around the thin shoulders to pull him close. Dean gave a smile of assurance, causing the younger boy to calm slightly as he settled into his big brother's embrace.


Mickey was delaying. He'd seen Dean move back out of sight of the front of the store, but he could see the two boys huddled together in the mirror. Trying not to spend too much time with his eyes in that direction and alert the thief of someone's presence, he fumbled with the cash drawer. It was making the nervous gunman even more nervous, but Mickey hoped to keep him there long enough for the police to arrive.

"Come on, Pops! What the hell's taking so long?" The criminal slapped his open hand on the counter, leaning in to appear more intimidating.

Mickey jumped at the loud sound, and the stocking mask-covered head's sudden appearance so close to him. Instinctively he pulled away from the young man, throwing his right hand over his heart and feigning a heart problem. "I'm sorry! Y-you've g-got me all n-nervous. My hands are shaking so much, I can't get the right button pushed and now it's locked up. If you'll just give me a few moments . . ."

"NO!" The criminal slammed his hand on the counter again as he roared at the clerk. "Get it open now or I swear I'll kill you!"

The clerk involuntarily jumped back at this new attitude. "Y-yessir. I'm t-trying." No longer playing any game with this guy, Mickey really did try to open the register but had no luck because his hands were actually trembling. He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced at the mirror to see Dean preparing to move. "Please, just give me a few seconds here." Taking a deep breath, the older man clasped his hands together and tried to calm down.


Dean was really scared, but he had to hold it together for Sammy. His little brother was depending on him. After the loud noise and screaming from the nervous young man, he realized he had to find a better hiding place for him and his brother. He turned to Sammy, locking eyes with the little boy. He pointed in the direction of the Ladies' Room, and then indicated that they should run and hide in there. Sammy shook his head furiously, refusing to accept that decision. The older boy stared at his brother in confusion, raising his eyebrows in question. Sammy just shook his head furiously once again in answer to the silent query. Dean frowned and pointed to the restroom, receiving the same reaction from Sammy.

The older boy grabbed Sammy's shirt in anger, letting his little brother know this was not up for discussion. The littlest Winchester's eyes bugged, then he deflated in surrender. Satisfied, Dean brought Sammy's face up to look at him, asking with his eyes if they were good and receiving a reluctant nod in return. Silently preparing for their little run, both boys were startled by another loud bang and shouts from the front of the store. This time, Dean decided the time for waiting was passed, and he prepared to make the dash while the gunman was focused on Mickey. He peeked around the corner, then silently ran to the door of the restroom, opening it as carefully as he could and slipping through, but not allowing it to close. He looked back out at Sammy, then glanced to the front of the store to find the burglar still busy with the clerk. He put a finger to his lips and motioned for Sammy to run to him.

The little boy was shaking, but prepared to do as his big brother instructed. Mimicking Dean's actions, Sammy peeked around the corner and ran to the open door of the rest room and his brother's waiting arms. The older sibling gently closed the door so that it didn't make the typical public restroom 'bang', thrilled to see a deadbolt lock on the inside of the door as he did. He engaged the lock and leaned back against the door, sagging in relief and holding his little brother tight against him. As the two boys slipped to the floor, the sounds of sirens could be heard faintly.


Mickey huffed out a breath as he saw that the two young boys were safe in the restroom and turned his attention back to the task at hand. His hands were still shaking, but he was certain he could get the drawer open and get this guy out of the store without anyone getting hurt. He glanced at the criminal as the young man made a threatening movement with his gun. The clerk nodded, his mouth suddenly too dry to speak, but was distracted from the cash register by the sound of sirens and flashing lights as two police cars pulled up in front of the store. Relief mixed with enhanced fear flooded through him, filling him once more with adrenalin. I really am going to have a heart attack if this keeps up.

The gunman was confused. He hadn't expected police to show up at all. He'd been prepared to deal with any customers that might have come in, but he had no plan for this. He began pacing in earnest, pointing his gun alternately between the door and the clerk, and running his hands over his head in fear and frustration. Seeming to come to a conclusion, he thrust the gun in Mickey's face and waved the shaking clerk out from behind the counter, smirking as the terrified man raised his hands and complied.

When the older man came close enough, the gunman grabbed him and turned to face the police that were standing outside the building.


John Winchester was pissed. Pacing the floor of their little living room holding Dean's note in his fist, the oldest Winchester was literally growling. It's dark and Dean should have had Sammy home by now. That boy knows better than this. What the hell is he thinking? The angry man glanced down at the crumpled note in his hand. He straightened it out and reread the words in his oldest son's sloppy handwriting. 'Gone to the convenience store to get Sammy a treat. We'll be home by dark. Dean' It'd been dark for a while and his boys weren't home yet. Trying to keep his anger from turning into terror, John continued to pace and mumble to himself. Finally, no longer able to stand the worry that had replaced the anger, John nearly pulled the front door off the hinges as he exited their little house to find his sons.

He'd been tired when he got home from work, but feeling good about having a regular job for a change . . . for his boys. John was still researching, but the lull in hunting had given the Winchesters a chance to stay put for a little while. Sammy loved school and was so happy to be in one school for a while he was fairly bouncing, doing a father's heart good. Finding Dean's note briefly gave him pause because he didn't like his boys to be out alone, but Dean had done as instructed. His boys never gave him any trouble, so he'd let them have this little outing. As time had passed, however, he'd begun to worry. When it became fully dark, his worry turned to anger and then fear.

The 7–Eleven store was only four blocks away so John set off in that direction; still holding the crumpled note. Each step he took toward the convenience store brought him closer to absolute terror. There was something wrong; Dean and Sammy never disobeyed him like this. Dean knew what was out there and would never put Sammy in danger, but John was becoming more certain that both his boys were in trouble. His heart leaped into his throat when he rounded the corner of the third block and the store area came into view. Flashing lights from police cars lit the area — the officers all out of their squad cars with guns pointing toward the building. He could see one of them with a loud speaker apparently trying to talk to someone inside the building. The shocked father couldn't make out the words, but had a pretty good idea of what they were.

Suddenly remembering to breathe, John broke into a run toward the activity, but was stopped by an officer standing next to a barricade. "You can't go any closer, sir. We have a hostage situation going on here and we need people to stay out of the danger area. Please get back, sir."

"Do you know who the hostages are or how many? My sons left a note saying they were coming here." John held the note out to the officer. Hostage situation? NO! Not my boys, not our babies, Mary.

The officer merely glanced at the proffered note. "There appears to be one hostage, sir, but we haven't confirmed that as yet. The clerk is the only one we've seen so far."

John huffed out a breath, nearly sobbing with relief at the officer's words. "Thank you! Thank you, Officer." He let his head fall forward as he turned away from the young officer. It shot back up when he realized that if the boys weren't in there, where were they? He ran back to the house thinking he might have missed them if they took a shortcut home. Running up the stairs and throwing the front door open he called, "Dean! Sammy! Are you boys here?"

Silence was his answer.


"Dean, this is the girls' restroom!" Sammy whispered frantically. "We can't be in here, ewwww."

"Shush, runt. It'll be okay. This was the most direct way of getting away from that guy. He's got a gun!"

Round hazel eyes gazed back at the older boy. "What're we gonna do?" he whispered.

"We're going to stay in here until it's all over out there and we can leave. Dad's probably already missed us and knows we're here. He'll come and save us and Mickey. Don't worry, Sammy, it'll be all right." Dean pulled his little brother closer as he tried to look for a way out. He was afraid the gunman would come to search the restrooms, but it had been their best option at the time. He really hoped his dad was out there. There were no windows in here, and they were stuck.

"Dean, I have to pee."

"Not now, Sammy. You have to hold it."

"I can't! We've been in the store for a long time and I have to go."

The older boy rolled his eyes as he thought. "Okay, shrimp. Go into the last stall, but don't flush. Okay? Be very quiet."

Sammy nodded as he carefully got up from the floor and tip toed to the indicated stall. So great was his relief when he had finished his business that he forgot his big brother's instructions, and automatically flushed the toilet. He ran out of the stall in horror at what he'd done to see his brother staring at him in shock.

"I didn't mean it! I'm sorry, Dean. I didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Tears instantly filled the little boy's eyes and overflowed to run down his cheeks. He began to sob, trying to be as quiet as he could and hoping no damage had been done.

Dean ran to comfort his little brother and whispered, "I know you didn't, Sammy. Normally it'd be a good thing. Maybe the guy didn't hear it. Shhhh. We've really got to be quiet now." Holding the little boy close, they both turned at the sound of a loud voice.


John leaned against the wall, almost unable to stand under his own power. He ran his hands through his hair and down his face to wipe the tears from his cheeks. He'd searched the whole house and not found his sons. He knew in his heart that they were at the convenience store whether the bastard with the gun knew they were there or not. Dean had apparently had the sense to get Sammy and himself hidden before they were discovered. Good boy, Dean! That didn't mean they were safe, though. They could be found at any time.

Making a decision and pulling himself together, John moved away from the wall and went to his closet where he had the weapons bag stored. He rummaged through it until he found the item he was looking for and replaced the bag in the closet. Reaching behind everything else in the closet, he pulled his light tactical .308 from its place in the corner and sat down on his bed to get ready. He checked the scope that was mounted on the back of the rifle and screwed the silencer into the drilled out barrel. He hefted the rifle lovingly as he checked to make sure the clip was loaded. The clip's loaded, but I'm only going to need one cartridge. He had a job to do; his boys were in danger and needed him. John Winchester walked out of his rented house and headed to the stores across the street from the convenience store.


Mickey cringed at the sound of the toilet flushing. He prayed the gunman hadn't heard it; that he was too hyped and wouldn't know about anyone else being there. He decided to try and distract his captor. "Let me go so you can surrender to the police, son. You haven't hurt anyone yet and don't want to get in any deeper than you already are."

The gunman began rocking from one foot to the other. "Who else is here? I heard something in the back."

"No one. It's just you and me in here. It's okay."

The agitated man growled as he gave the frightened clerk a shake. "Don't lie to me old man. There's someone back there in the restroom!"

"No! I swear there's no one back there. Don't be afraid."

"I'm not afraid, old man." The gunman lied. "You're the one who should be afraid." He began to pull them both toward the back of the store.

The clerk resisted, but to no avail. The man was stronger than him and his adrenalin increased his strength. Mickey was being pulled to the back and there was nothing he could do about it. His fear for the little boys grew as the gunman shouted by his ear.

"Who's back there? Show yourself!"


"You'd better come out or I'm going to kill this man!" He dragged the clerk to the men's room door and kicked it open. No one was visible and he tried to drag the clerk down so he could see under the stalls, but the man was struggling so much it was impossible. The gunman finally growled and struck Mickey on the head with the butt of his gun. Mickey's unconscious body hit the floor in a heap. The gunman immediately went down on all fours to look for feet in the stalls, but got back up when he found none. Leaving nothing to chance, he opened each stall but still found nothing. He left the men's room and moved across to the ladies' room, really not expecting to find anything. The door was locked. What the hell? He didn't see an 'out of order sign', so he kicked the door until it crashed open and immediately got down on all fours again. There were no feet showing, so he began opening the doors one by one. The last door resisted and once again, he resorted to kicking it open. There he found two little boys standing on the toilet seat. The bigger one was standing in front of the smaller one with a fierce expression on his face. The criminal snarled as he reached for the boys.


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