ok so this story is a story i wrote with another friend because we thought it would be funny to see Jacob and Nessie have there own kid when they got older. this story may have its points that dont go with breaking dawn. but we are not Stephanie Meyer nor do we try to be stephanie meyer. it takes place 7 years in the future BTW

"Hey Ness," I said, hugging my teenage daughter. "Jacob," I nodded.
"Hey mom," she smiled. "Can we talk to you for a second?
Skepticism swept across Edward and I's faces. I could hear Alice's trickling laugh in the kitchen.
"Maybe we should sit down," Edward whispered in my ear.
"Probably," I said without hesitation. so we sat.
"Mom, Dad," she looked at Jacob and then back at us. "…Were Pregnant!" she shouted happily.
I felt Edward Freeze in my arms. My jaw dropped

I Blinked a dozen times, My jaws still hanging low. In my peripheral vision Edward was the same. I glared over to Jacob, I had no time to imagine my face but his face dropped. He looked scared. I waited for Edward to speak but he chose not to.
"Please don't hurt me..." Jacob stuttered.
"Nessie, you're seven years old..." I whispered still glaring at Jacob.
"Yes, but I do look the same age as you mom and probably smarter..." She grinned. Not taking things seriously. My eyebrows pushed together.
"getting Pregnant at 18 is smart?" I asked knowing the answer.
"Hey, that didn't stop you mom!" She said emphasizing on the word 'mom'
"Say Something Edward! I snapped,

"What do you want me to say love?"
"Ugh" i grunted and stomped into the kitchen. i fell into a kitchen chair
"She's pregnant?" Esme's mouth hung low. she seemed concerned. "She is so young"
"That's what i said," I sighed. I threw my head down on the table. cracking it slightly. i looked up at Esme. "Sorry," I mouthed
"Its alright" she laughed. "Bella you look much to young to be a grandmother."
"thanks," i grinned
"YOU GOT MY DAUGHTER PREGNANT, DOG?!" Edward yelled from the other room.
"yes," I laughed in my head with relief. Edward was finally speaking up.

"Dad im sorry ok. we didn't mean for this to happen. and why would the volturi come? the baby will be perfectly normal" she attempted to calm him down
that made me laugh
"NORMAL?! Renesmee,"
he never used her full name. this was bad
"The baby will be half human, half vampire and half...Dog. i hardly can call that normal"
"Dad chill out"
"I will not 'Chill' out. Renesmee this is very, very bad. this thing can kill you. do you not know the dangers."
"We were protected," Nessie said.

Were they really?
"i cant deal with this," Edward sighed and he stormed up stairs

Nessie trailed into the kitchen without Jacob. I couldn't look at her. Instead I got up from the chair walking past her. She didn't follow. I flew out the door and approached the garage. It was Night but I decided to take a drive. I entered the black Toyota mr2, which was nothing compared to the other cars but still flashy. It hummed down the high way and I found myself at an abandoned car park over looking Port Angeles. The Lights from buildings were small and dull but I could count them all if I wanted to. I sat in the drivers seat, both hands on the wheel, then it hit me. I ducked my head onto the wheel, Sobs filled the area around me but no tears built up in my eyes. It would have been nice to properly cry. Even though I had the swelling feeling in my chest. I hadn't noticed the sun had risen up and it was nearly mid day before I sat back up. I thought to get back home as the family would be worried unless Alice had seen me. I drove through the town. Looking through the shop windows. 'Little Nudgers' Had caught my eye. They built it a couple of years ago for new born babies. Clothes, cots you name it. I had parked on the curb. I left the car with the keys still in the ignition. No one would dare steal it or they had me to deal with. I opened the shop door which sounded of a bell. An elderly woman at the desk smiled at me.
"What can I do for you dear?" She said softly as i walked closer to her.
"Uhm.. I'm just looking around." I smiled back.
"Who's expecting?"
"My daughter..." I replied stupidly without thinking. Her face was confused and curious.
"Your daughter? And how old are you sweetness?"
I hesitated.
"How old is your daughter?!"
"Seven...I mean, Eighteen... I mean.." The woman was horrified.
"Did I mention My grand daughter will be half human half Dog?" I said. The old woman placed her hand over her mouth.
"You should be ashamed of yourself. What kind of world are you living in?" She said disgusted.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to say... She will also be quarter vampire." I smiled, bearing my teeth. Suddenly I took a pounce at her biting at her throat. She screamed helplessly.

Okay that never happened. None of it did I was still parked outside the shop staring at the sign. Many thoughts ran through my head. I wasn't thinking straight. But I decided to drive straight home.

When I got home. Edward was no where to be found. Jacob and Nessie sat in each other's arms on the couch when I walked in. I cleared my throat, catching there attention
"Oh," Nessie stood up. she looked at Jacob and slapped him. "Jacob. you know my mom doesn't like it when we cuddle. how could you?" I knew it was just an act so I rolled my eyes and walked back into the kitchen. everybody was around the table talking. worry was apparent.
"Bella," Carlisle's eyes looked at me. "Were glad your home."
"That dog and Nessie have been cuddling since you left," Rosalie sneered.
"Jealous much?" Nessie and Jacob appeared.
"Why would I be jealous of you and the dog?" Rosalie argued

"Nessie we need to talk." I said. I Looked at Jacob. "Alone..."

Nessie sighed and kissed Jacob on the cheek. I lead her to the second sitting room which used to be Edwards bedroom on looking the forest.
"I don't like your attitude Renesmee." I turned to her.
" Please don't call me that!" She shuddered.
"I can call you what ever the hell I want! Let's call you stupid!" I said sarcastically but my voice had risen. Nessie sat on the Leather couch. She knew I was hungry. I Looked in the reflection of the window, My eyes were charcoal black. I was glad as it intimidated her.

She sat nonchalantly on the couch crossed legged as she picked at her finger nails
"This was my choice Bella," she said quietly
"What?" my voice was flat. "Did you just call me Bella?"
"That's your name isn't it?" she laughed. "Whatever. I'm out of here" she said getting up from the couch.
"No. we are not done here" i said firmly. pushing her back on the couch
I am," she stood back up
and for about five minutes it was her and I. she would get up and I would push her back down on the couch. it got ridiculous.

"MOVE BLOODSUCKER! She shouted and slapped me across the cheek. I didn't flinch. It didn't hurt externally. But Internally it shattered me into pieces. I grabbed her wrist and squeezed tight so i hurt her a little.
"get rid of it." I said bravely but my bottom lip trembled. Luckily she chose not to look at me.
"I Love my baby. I Will love my child." She said. I Noticed we had an audience. Jacob was closest. Edward stood behind him followed by Esme and Rosalie.

"I think we should go," Nessie whispered. pushing me slightly out of the way and grabbing Jacob on the way out. i could tell that i really hurt her. i went to Edward and he held me tightly
"Edward im scarred," I whispered in his ear.
"It will be ok love, I promise," he said. stroking my hair.
"I hope your right."

Later, Edward and Emmett sat watching the game together on the couch. Alice, Rosalie, Esme and I sat in the kitchen chatting.
"Mom?" Nessie appeared. she was crying. "I'm scarred"

"What is it..." I said coldly. She sat next to me. Her eyes were red and puffy. I was concerned now.
" I fell asleep at Jacobs, And I had a dream.. Well Nightmare." She struggled out.
"go on..."
" I saw you... And you were upstairs and you were. Terrifying. I witnessed my birth and what happened to you. Then I saw the volturi taking my baby away." She cried out.

"Oh honey," i said. cradling her head close to my heart. "that will never happen. we will not allow it."
This made me remember when she was little and the only one's at the house that day were Esme, Renesmee and I. Seth and Jacob were coming over and we were preparing them a huge meal
"Mimi," she smiled up at Esme. "May I help?"
"Of course you can sweet heart. do you want to ask your momma if she wants to help?"
"Yeah," I was reading at the table when Nessie ran over to me. " Momma do you want to help us cook the food and stuff for uncle Jacob and uncle Seth?"
"i would love too," I smiled.

I smiled at the memory.
"What are we going to do" i sighed. She shook her head gently in my arms.
"I'm so sorry about earlier." She cried.
"It's okay baby, I know how it feels." I whispered looking up to Edward who had entered the kitchen.
"How long have you known?" Edward asked. His smooth velvety voice was back.
"A week..." Nessie whimpered.

my eyes widened. "And your just now telling us?"
"I was too afraid to say anything," she mumbled.
"Well.." I said. "Edward. I think we should go hunting. we need to talk anyway," I whispered to him
"Great idea," he agreed. "I'll meet you out side."
"Alright. ill be out there in a second," i said. he went out side before me. after i told every one where we were going, I left.

"what you thinking about?" He asked softly as we made our way to the river. I didn't have to answer. I let all my thought run into his mind effortlessly now. He sighed.
"We'll sort something out with Nessie. I don't know either. I was three days after you discovered a bump. I don't know why she hasn't one yet.
It's like fast growing birth was a normal thing now. He laughed at my thought.

The hunt was exactly what I needed. For some reason, Edward decided to Carry me back.
"Edward you don't have to carry me. i can run," i laughed.
"I know but I miss carrying you on my back," he smiled
I sighed happily
When we got home. Renesmee had decided to sleep at the house and she was up stairs asleep with Jacob. god knows what they were doing but it appeared to be silent.
"Hey Carlisle, shouldn't she have a bump if its been a week?" I asked him.

"I have No idea," He sighed. "The child will be from a human with a background of werewolves and Vampires. Nessie is already very different as it is." He shook his head. We all stayed silent for a couple of minutes. Then Hours.

A couple of weeks had passed and yes. Nessie's' stomach grew. Rapidly. she had a dangerous fever but the baby never grew bigger than a normal 9 month old. Not like Nessie did. Which made us calmer. She wasn't in Pain. She was just sick of the fever. No bones had broken…yet. But the movement of the in her stomach was very rapid and sharp.

"oh my god," she screamed one day randomly. "It wont stop kicking mom. it hurts." she complained.
"That's how you were with me," I laughed.
"I couldn't of hurt this bad."
"yes, you did"
"Jacob do something for the pain," she turned to Jacob who was sitting next to her.
"I wish I could Ness. but I can't"
"Your no help," she mumbled.
"Ness are you hungry?" I asked her
"Very," she smiled. "I really, really would like some Mashed potatoes"

Everyone laughed.
"Mashed potatoes with... chocolate spread through it." She smiled at the thought. Everyone then wrinkled their noses. Esme was already mashing the potatoes she boiled earlier.
"Jacob go away, you're hot..." She moaned.
"I know I am!" He said smugly. Carlisle said her fever was in mid 40's. Which was terrifying. If she was a full human, she would be long dead.

"mmm," she moaned unhappily. turning around to the backside of the couch away from all of us.
"I wish we could help her," Jacob sighed. I had to agree. I hated seeing my daughter in so much pain.
"Does she still want this?" Esme whispered in my ear.
"Yes," Nessie shot up. "I want them so bad"
we all laughed. Esme handed her the bowl.
"Ness you have gone through over 50 potatoes in a week. aren't you sick of them yet?" Jacob asked her
i swear I heard her snarl. he raised his hands up in defense. "Sorry I asked"

She munched on her potatoes and... chocolate. The smell was Horrific. Suddenly, she dropped the bowl and I managed to grab it but couldn't stop from the food dropping on the floor. Her face turned white as a sheet. Droplets of sweat ran down her head. She then clenched her stomach and gave out another shattering scream.

End of chapter.