So this is probably my last update for SBM. I have loved writing this fan fiction and it will always be my favorite because it was my first story on this account. It's like my first baby. Ha-ha anyway, this chapter will be from Jacob's point of view.

Without her, I was lost. Every part of me ached. Aching was not something Jacob Black did. Especially Jacob Black the werewolf. But, losing her was like losing my ability to phase. The imprint had broken, I knew that for a fact. Even so, a huge part of me still wanted her with me. A part of me still wanted her arms around my chest. Even when we were arguing, a part of me hoped that we could work things out. I guess the hope wasn't enough.

"Dude, you have to get over her," Paul told me one night as we were sitting down for dinner. "How long has it been since you phased? A week? Two weeks? It aint healthy, man. What's the bloodsucker to you anyway?"

That was when I snapped, I whirled around, grabbed Paul's collar and threw him into the wall before he could even fight back. Well, he did more of going through the house and landing in the yard more than anything. In just seconds, everyone was in the room.

"What happened?" Rachel cried, running through the gaping hole in our house to tend to Paul. He was laughing. "Jake, what did you do?"

"Eat without me," I huffed, going through the hole and dashing into the forest, phasing mid air as I ran.

I ran and ran and ran until before I knew it, 3 long years passed. 3 long years since I had talked to Nessie or my girls or my own pack. I finally decided to head back to Forks mid-run in British Columbia. It was a just a week before Christmas and nostalgia for home hit me hard.

When I finally reached home, I ran past the Cullen house and could see how at ease everyone looked. Though I didn't see the girls or Nessie at all. I ran before they saw me. My house looked exactly the same as it always did when I was covered in snow.

"Dad?" I called, slowly entering the house. I had no idea how late it was. "Dad? Are you here?"

"Jacob?" he exclaimed, wheeling into the room. His face showed more age than I had ever seen it. 3 years did a lot. "Jacob, is that you?"

"Its me, dad," I told him happily. "I'm home."

"Oh, son," he opened his arms wide and I hugged him tightly. "It's so good to see you. I think you'll come to find that a few things have changed around here since you left. I got another grand-daughter. Paul and Rachel found out they were having their own not long after you left."

"Wow," I gasped. "I think I'll have to talk to them about that tomorrow after I sleep. Goodnight dad."

"Night, son. I love you." he called after me as I trudged slowly to my room.

My welcome home was nice but I didn't seem like enough. The guys welcomed me back with open arms and so did my family. Especially my niece who was already three. She looked like the perfect mix of Rachel and Paul. She clung to me like glue, reminding me all too much of my girls who I had yet to see. I wondered how big they had gotten since I last saw them.

So, my dad decided to throw a welcome back party/Christmas celebration for the pack and our family/families. All the guys were there. Sam and Emily were expecting twins, Jared and Kim were planning a wedding and had asked me to be a best man. Quil was trying to keep him distance from Claire as she got older and her dad cracked down on the rules even more but they still saw each other when they got the chance. So, yeah, everything was good in the neighborhood.

"Jake, will you run to the grocery store for me? Were out of milk and I really need some," Emily asked me as she, Leah, Rachel and Kim stood in the kitchen around the crisp and enticing meals. "Maybe like 2 or 3 gallons. Thanks, Jake."

With a huff, I grabbed the car keys and headed to the grocery store. It was my party yet I was still doing the shopping. Some party.

"What kind of milk?" I muttered to myself, looking at the different gallon. Finally, I decided to just get random kinds. As I was reaching to grab the milk, my hand hit someone's hand and everything came running back. The cool skin tone, the chocolate eyes, the ginger curls. It was Nessie.

"Hi," I blurted to her quickly. For a second, I could see it in her eyes that my face was almost completely unfamiliar. Then, her eyes flew open wide. Almost immediately, she reached up and threw her arms around my neck. I had forgotten how amazing her hold felt. It felt like home. Her scent was succulent. Like roses mixed with lavender and cinnamon.

"How are you? I haven't seen you around?" she asked me as I threw my milk in the cart and followed her until she was done with her groceries.

"I'm doing pretty good. How are you? How are the girls?" I hadn't seen my girls in over three years. There was no telling how big they had gotten. How smart had Ellie gotten? Was Jessie just as sarcastic? Did Ellie talk anymore? Seth hadn't made any mention of her since I had gotten back.

"I'm good and so are the girls," she smiled as I helped her load her bags into the car. It didn't occur to me until that moment she was loading food into the car. Since when did she or the girls eat? "Do you want to like sit in the car and talk or anything? Id love to catch up."

"Yeah, sure," I smiled. She smiled brightly and we climbed in her car. It was an extremely nice car. Nothing compared to my tiny rabbit. The upholstery smelled like it was brand new. It probably was. We sat in silence, not sure of what to say.

"So, have you met someone new?" I finally asked. It was the one question I was hoping to get a negative response to. I heard exactly what I didn't want to. "You look great

"Yeah, I did. We got married a couple year ago and we adopted a little girl. She's almost two. The girls love her. He's a lawyer so he keeps us stable. The girls absolutely love him. It's like they've known him their whole lives. It's amazing."

I suddenly felt jealousy flare inside me. Jealously that I probably shouldn't have felt. I was the one that disappeared for three years, I was the one that caused the imprint to break. It was all my fault so I had no right to be jealous. Absolutely none.

"Does he know about you and the girls and your family?" I began.

"Yeah," she nodded, smiling without humor. It didn't even come close to reaching her eyes. That was when I began questioning on whether or not she was genuinely happy. "It was hard at first for him to grasp it but eventually, his love for me was stronger than everything and he was okay with it. Were actually having his family over for Christmas dinner tomorrow."

"That's good," I nodded. "How big are the girls now? Does Ellie still phase? Can Jessie still read minds and things? Anything new happen?"

"Carlisle said they aren't growing anymore. Which is kind of sad because they don't look any older than nine years old. I home school them now because it would be weird if they stayed in fourth grade forever.'

Wow. Nine years old.

"Anyway," she continued "Ellie hasn't phased in a while. She doesn't even talk much anymore. She says she likes being normal more than not. And Jessie--oh don't even get me started on Jessie," she chuckled. "She is just like you. Sarcastic, witty, smart. She looks just like you too. When she and Ellie fight, she can alter her thoughts to make Ellie think her way and she reads everyone's thoughts a lot so poor Ellie doesn't stand a chance."

"Do you still live with your family?" I remembered not seeing her in the house the night I came back. I saw everyone but her and the girls.

"No, my parents bought us a house. Its pretty big but not too much for our little family."

"Good," I muttered, smiling and nodding my head like hearing all this information actually made me happy. "Do you ever plan on turning him or your youngest?"

"Not unless I have to for him. With her, definitely not. Its not allowed and I've already caused enough uproar with the volturi. She'll grow up completely normal. For now, they both stay human," she nodded and once again, we were both enclosed in the silence and awkwardness that 3 years apart brought on. "Anyway, I should probably get going. It was so great seeing you."

I nodded. "Yeah. Me, too."

"Yeah," she whispered. She hugged me tightly, kissed me lightly on the cheek as I climbed out of the car. She waved to me and before I knew it, she was gone and I was alone, holding my milk and feeling the same pain I felt when we split up.

Before I knew it, the falling snow turned into falling rain.


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