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Summery: This Is Five Years after the Current Episodes... Adrian, Ricky, Amy, Ben, Grace, Jack and everyone graduated... Adrian has a pretty big secret that only Grace and Jack know...

A/N: Adrian is twenty-one as is everyone else…Except Ben and Amy who are like nineteen or twenty…John is five...

Secret Life of Adrian

Adrian walked into her home of three years. She had received it has inheritance from her Grandmother Maria Lee. It was a beautiful house. Big, spacious. Five bedrooms, two baths, and a large backyard. She was pulled away from her thoughts by the weight in her arms.

She walked over to the kitchen island and put her college books down. Most were surprised that she went on a scholarship. Not for being a majorette, but for literacy. Most of her classes were for writing, as she was going to become an author.

Yet again, her musings were interrupted, but this time by her cell phone ringing. The song Amazing Grace blared from the small device, letting Adrian know who it was, but she still checked.

The caller-id read Grace. It didn't surprise her. Over the years she and the former cheerleader had become almost like sisters.

Adrian slid the phone open, putting the phone to her ear, she spoke.

"Hey Grace."

"Hi Adrian!" Came the cheerful voice of Grace Bowman. "We'll be there soon. Sorry for being late." Adrian smiled at her friend's words.

"It's cool. Don't worry 'bout it. See you soon?"

"Totally." With that, the two women hung up. A moment or two later, a knocking had Adrian walking to the front door. She assumed it was Grace, but out of sheer habit, she looked through the peep hole.

Her breath caught in her throat. 'No' her inner voice spoke. She swallowed and took a few calming breaths before she opened the door.

"What do you want Ricky?" The twenty-one year old grinned.

"Still answering the door like that, are we?" Ricky asked in a mocking tone.

"What do you want?" She reiterated.

"Can't people stop by and say hello to old friends?"

"People, yes. You, no." He put his hand over his heart as if he had been physically assaulted.

"I'm hurt Adrian." As the words left his mouth, Grace pulled up in a mossy green hybrid. Adrian spotted her friend's car. Walking past Ricky she issued her last demand.

"Leave." Adrian went straight to the back seat and opened the door. What Ricky saw next floored him. Adrian pulled out a sleeping child that looked about the age of two or three. It was a girl, if the pigtails could tell him anything.

"Thanks again for watching her Grace. I really appreciate it." Grace smiled happily.

"Anytime. She's so sweet. Bella is a mini you, I swear it. Well, I have to go. Medical school. You know how it is."

"Bye Grace. Call you later." With one last smile, Grace drove off. Adrian shifted the child in her arms so her head rested on Adrian's shoulder. She turned around and saw Ricky's jaw on the ground.

"Go away, Ricky." She told him while walking by him to get to her beautiful home. She got in, shut the door and locked it.

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