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Secret Life of Adrian

"She wouldn't. Adrian…" Ricky stared at Grace for a moment longer when realization shone in his eyes. "She would. Oh god, why?" Ricky had no idea why he was upset, he should be happy that Adrian was okay with telling their children-

"Adrian has been keeping this in for a long time. Maybe she just needed to get it out. Are you worried about what Amy's going to think? Is that why you're acting like this?" Grace questioned, worry clouded in her eyes.

"I, I have to go. I have to go. I have to talk to her." He stumbled out of the house, dazed with the new found information. He vaguely heard Grace call his name, but he kept walking going for his car. A hand grabbed him, turning him around in a half circle.

"Ricky, let me drive you." Grace watched him, her eyes catching his and holding them. He saw the concern and conceded that it would better than him driving. Grace slowly pulled him to the green car she drove.

The drive was silent, Ricky deep in thought.

I am happy that Adrian is telling Bella, but J.J.? Why am I so angry about that? Before Adrian left, before I left, J.J. was a baby, but he stuck to her like, like a son would to his mother. I know Amy loves J.J., but she's overwhelmed. When she wasn't there, Adrian was. I am happy. Adrian is a mother to J.J. just like she's a mother to Bella.

Maybe…Maybe I'm scared about what Amy's going to think. That Amy might take his son away. Adrian was right. This wasn't just them, it was Bella and J.J. Amy would take J.J. because he had another child, not just another child, but Adrian's child.

Ricky dropped his head; he had no right to yell like he did. Adrian was thinking of the family that came before her, she didn't want their family to fall apart.

"Isn't that Amy's car?" Grace's voice cut through his thoughts and he looked up. Sure enough, Amy's expedition was parked half way in Adrian's drive way.

"Shit!" He jumped from Grace's car when she drove close enough to the house.

"Ricky!" She shouted after him. Ricky knew she was mad that he got out of the car with her stopping it, but Adrian, Amy and the kids were in there with no one to be the mediator. He reached the open front door when the sickening sound of flesh meeting flesh in a thunderous clap met his ears.

He ran though the door way, hearing the slapping sound repeating again and again and again. He followed the sound until he reached the living room.

Amy stood in the center of the room, facing Adrian, her back to him. Adrian's cheeks were bright red, once cheek had a little cut from Amy's nails slicing her skin. Adrian's face was whipped to one side, and when she looked at Amy, whipped the other way.

The children were no where in sight.

"He is my son. You can't have him!" Amy's harsh whispers caught in his ears. Why wasn't Adrian fighting back?

"I'm not trying to-" Adrian was cut off as Amy's hand caught her face again. The Latina clenched her fists, restraining the urge to let it fly into the younger woman's face.

"Ricky is mine. He was mine first. Just because you got pregnant with his bastard child, doesn't mean after all these years you can take Ricky away from his baby." Another slap echoed in the air.

"You have Ben, you don't need Rick-"

"Yes, I need them both. If you have Ricky, who's going to help me with money? And raising John?"

"Ben, your husband, remember?" Amy raised her arm back, gaining momentum to let her open hand drop on Adrian's face. It was inches from her face before Ricky caught it. Amy jumped, releasing a gasp and looked back to see her son's father.

"R-Ricky. What are you doing here?" Ricky glared daggers at her and yanked her arm, pulling her away as Grace, who walked in around the 'Ricky is mine' thing, helped Adrian sit and checked her out.

In the kitchen, where Ricky brought Amy, he let her go and paced back and forth. Amy watched him, following his movements, not moving, not speaking.

"Ricky-" He held his hands up.

"What, what possessed you to show up at her house and beat her?" Amy crossed her arms over her breasts.

"I didn't beat her; she and I were having a discussion-"

"A discussion? A discussion?! She was bleeding, because you were hitting her-"

"She's trying to steal my son from me!"

"She's not trying to take J.J. from you!" Ricky shouted at her. "You're being stupid, stupid and childish!"

"I am not! I'm protecting my family!"

"No, your trying to take what you think it yours! I'm not yours!"

"I can take John away and never let him see you again." Ricky shook his head, a smirk on his face.

"You can't, remember? You, me, and Ben went to court and you signed the papers that said you can't take him away from me without my consent. I can call the police if you even think of moving him any where." Amy narrowed her eyes and stomped her foot.

"That is not true!"

"Is too, Amy, is too. I knew that one day you were going to get angry at me and try to pull this type of shit on me." She shook her head and spun on a heel. "You should apologize." Amy turned back around, shock etched in her features.

"What?! Me? Tell that home wreaker that I'm sorry? No thank you."

"So could sue you for assault, you know?" Amy stared at him wide-eyed.

"She wouldn't. I mean, I could counter-sue."

"She never lifted a hand. Not from what I can see. The judge would laugh in your face."

"I'm leaving. Keep John. But I want him back soon." She walked off and this time Ricky let her. He shook his head, and in his mind suggested anger management. With a deep breath, he stepped into the living room.

Grace held a wet cloth to Adrian's injured cheek. She winced every time the Christian woman pushed the hand towel harder to the wound. Hand prints could be seen on the Latina's visible cheek making Ricky mentally cringe.

"How she doing?" Ricky asked Grace in a soft voice. Grace and Adrian looked up, Grace's eyes curious, wondering, worried, and Adrian's painful, hard, and a twinge of sorrow.

"Well, no need for stitches, it's just a clean cut and her cheeks are going to bruise, but she's fine. I have to go back home, unless you need me?" Grace looked at Adrian who shook her head.

"No, I'm fine, thanks Grace." The blonde smiled and rose to her feet.

"Anytime. Bye Adrian, bye Ricky." They waited till she left the house and heard her car start and drive away before looking at each other.

"So…" Adrian breathed, blowing a breath of air from her mouth into an invisible puff of carbon dioxide. Ricky sat in the armless chair next to her and looked at the hand that replaced Grace's in holding the cloth.

"What happened Adrian?" He asked her, his own voice gentle. She looked down, silky hair falling creating a curtain around her face. He surveyed the room, his eyes narrowing as he realized what was missing.

"Where are the kids?"

"I told them to go up stairs when Amy showed up. I don't want to scar Bella or J.J. more than he has been by her." Adrian sat up and fell back on the back of the chair and eyed the ceiling. Ricky took her hand in his and laced their fingers together.

"Good. I'm glad. Thank you. What happened with Amy?" She swallowed hard and titled her head so her eyes gazed into his.

"She knocked on the door and I let her in, she seemed fine at the time. J.J. and Bella, they were in the kitchen, watching Blue's Clues. Amy, she wanted to know about Bella. At first she was nice about it, but when I said she didn't need to know. She started yelling about how she needed to know who would knock me up, something like that.

"J.J. walked in, Bella right behind him, and when Amy saw him, she was surprised. She asked him why he was there. And he told her he was playing with his little sister and she just lost it. When she started to advance on me, I told the kids to play up in Bella's room. She started hitting me and I just…took it." Her gaze fell down. Ricky rubbed his thumb over her knuckles in an effort to comfort her.


"I think…I think somewhere in me I knew that if I hit her, even for self defense, I could lose my baby and I wasn't willing to risk that." The crack in her voice pulled at his heartstrings. "She's all I have."

"What about Grace?" He inquired.

"I know I have her, but she has Jack and her family. Bella is the only family I have besides my father and I don't think I could face him if I lost my Amabel." Ricky lifted Adrian up and scooted her into his lap. She buried her face in his chest and he rubbed her back.

"It's okay Adrian. It's okay. I'm here, I won't leave you. I promise, I won't."


A/N: Wow, that turned out way different then I expected…I kinda hate how I made Amy, but I love it because after John called Adrian 'Mommie', in that one episode, I think that Amy would hold onto that anger she felt and after years of that building up, she would attempt to beat Adrian up.