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"What? Seriously?" Joey asked, surprised.

Megan nodded and smiled. Joey had fallen in love with that smile the first time he saw it, only about four months ago.

"So I'm guessing you're as happy as I am about it?"

"Of course," Megan said. "I've never had a baby with a man I actually loved before. The only connection I had with Bridget's father was child support money, which he barely paid anyways."

Joey held his hand on Megan's stomach and smiled. Forty-something years old and Joey Tribbiani was finally settling down, with the woman he loved and a baby on the way.

"I hope it looks like you," Joey said as he pushed Megan's brown hair out of her eyes.

"I love you," she said and kissed him.

The months after flew by for Joey. His career was taking off as he was getting more attention as a middle-aged tuxedo model. It paid pretty well, like he was the next George Clooney. He moved out of Monica and Chandler's house and into Megan's apartment. He had painted the baby's room… blue. Another boy in his circle of friends.

Just like Mike, Joey's friends had inducted Megan as an honorary member. Of course she wasn't an original, but she was there and there would still accept her. The other friends knew that this was the one for Joey. This was why God had made Joey move back to New York. This was love and fate and all those other things that make people so scared. But Joey wasn't scared. It was like he was just floating along the minute he held Megan close to him on the dance floor at Ross and Rachel's wedding.

It took him a few months after he had learned of the pregnancy to save up money, but he bought the most beautiful ring for Megan. They would be married as soon as she got her petite figure back, after having the baby.

From the moment he had met Megan, Joey knew his mind wouldn't stop spinning. From love to pregnancy to friends and all that would come in future years, Joey knew that he had finally had his happy ending.

So Joey was blessed with the birth of his son, Brody Joseph Tribbiani. He remembered exactly the moments leading up to the birth. Joey had been watching some TV in the living room late at night, eating some fritos, while Megan slept in the bedroom. She had to be to work early the next day and Joey had the TV volume down really low. The bag of chips flew from Joey's hands and knocked over his beer when Megan wailed from the bedroom.

"Joey! The baby's coming!" Megan shouted in excitement as she appeared in the hallway, her water broken.

Although exhausted and lazy, Joey jumped from his couch and helped her to the car. Many hours later, and Joey saw his son for the first time. He was covered in blood and he was wrinkly, but Joey knew that his life was complete in some way. He had never thought that having a kid would make him feel so satisfied, but Joey instantly knew that it did.

He held his son in his arms for the first time, and Joey cried. He wasn't ashamed of his tears because he wasn't sad. He thanked God, the God that he had visited every Sunday reluctantly with his catholic family, and cried more. He knew that that would be one of the best moments of his life.

And looking back many years later, he wouldn't have had it any other way. Years later everything was fine. There had been minor blemishes in his life, like his sister Gina getting an STD and some financial struggles, but Joey knew that the real battle had been won. He even knew the secret to his happiness. Joey took his reluctant son to church with him every Sunday, so he would have someone to thank when he held his own baby in his hands one day.

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