All human. Edward is the new English teacher at Forks High School. When he comes to find that his student, Bella, is being abused by her father the school want him to counsel her. In their private confidential sessions will sparks fly? Or will Bella be to wounded to trust anyone?


I hit the floor with a loud thud. My head broke my fall. Even though the fall was enough pain for anyone to handle a large fist came down to my chest. I learned long ago that the less I scream or cry out in pain the less joy he'll get from the whole experience.


Another broken wrist.


Another bruise on my face.


More broken vases emitting glass into my leg.

I always knew when he was finished because he would stop when I passed out. He wanted to keep his punching bag around for more.

It always scared me to think of what might happen when he was done with me. For good. At night when I would lay in bed it would be all I could think about. What if when he's finished with me, my life will finish too? The other side of my mind that still loved him would always disagree and say that he might just leave me be, or maybe even let me go to college. And the logical part of my brain would say that he wasn't my daddy anymore who would carry me on his shoulders or take my to a park. He was Charlie. The man I was forced to life with until I was either eighteen or dead. That was the truth. Weather I could handle it or not was my problem.

I woke to the soft sound of Charlie snoring. Just like always in the morning I would go into the bathroom and inspect myself for any major damage. My left wrist was definitely broken. I pulled out an Ace bandage and gingerly wrapped it tight around my wrist. As I stepped in front of the mirror I could tell last night was a very easy quick beating with only a few bruises up my arms and a sore chest.

As I stepped quietly out of the bathroom and across the hall I thought about how this all started.

When I was four my mother died and my father took it out on me. Of course because I was so young it would start out as light slaps to the face and spankings. But he would usually apologize afterward. But eventually it would spiral out of control and there were no more apologies, no more light spankings, no more daddy. I learned to fear the heavy footsteps coming towards my bedroom door. I learned to stop talking to my friends because they grew concerned by the bumps and bruises. I learned that no one can be trusted and that no one can help me.

I got ready for school and put my hair up in a ponytail because I got lucky and didn't get any blows to the face last night.

I headed out the door and started walking to school. Charlie wasn't happy with the thought of me going to school but he could drink all day with out interruption and my education meant I had a chance at a decent job and pay for all his crap and pay the bills.

As I entered my sanctuary also known as school I was greeted with the usual running around that the other students would do in order to talk to all of their friends before class started. I on the other hand would walk to my locker at my usual slow pace and get to class a good few minutes before the warning bell even rang.

My first class was English and I had heard that we were getting a new teacher because Mr. Watson was moving to Albany for god knows what reason.

The class began to fill with students chattering about the latest gossip and whatnot. I got the usual stares from people guessing why I never talked and always had fresh bruises and broken bones. I'm pretty sure that some of them would guess right by some of the pitying glances I would get when their brain connected the pieces.

When the tardy bell rang and the teacher hadn't showed up yet a collected cheer erupted from some of the students. Another collective aww came when our teacher did enter the classroom.

"Sorry I'm late students. Please take your seats so we can start today's lesson."

The man I saw looked more like a god then a teacher. He ran his hand through his messy bronze hair, and smoothed out his shirt.

"Hello, my name is Mr. Cullen. But feel free to call me Edward. Think of my as more of the leader to our group then a teacher. I am here to teach and to help you understand the material that I am teaching you. I will treat you like a friend if you treat me with respect. I hope we have a great year together."

As I looked around the classroom I could see all the girls batting their eyelashes at Edward, and half the guys looking at him with envy because of his obvious good looks. Sure he was amazingly gorgeous and very nice but he is my teacher after all, so its not like I have a chance with him anyway.

"Now to tell you a little about myself. I grew up here in Forks and have lived here most of my life. I went to college at the University of Michigan, and from there I got my degree in English and decided to move back here and try to get a job teaching you kids. I did graduate from high school a year early then I was supposed to so I am currently twenty one years old. I am close to your age so I do understand that you probably care more about partying and gossiping then actually learning the material that I will be teaching you, but do know that good grades in my class will be rewarded. And with that let's get started with today's lesson"


I knew it was bad when I was late for my first day and I just hoped that I didn't have any goody-two-shoes in my class that might tell on me. When I started to ramble on about my life I looked around the classroom to try and put faces to the names that I had studied for so many weeks. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was so worried that these kids wouldn't want to learn from someone that they didn't know. I tried to explain to them that we could treat each other more like friends then teacher and student but I couldn't even tell if they were listening. The girls were fawning over me and the guys were flexing muscles at me for god knows what reason.

When I looked around my eyes spotted one young girl that looked like she was actually paying attention to what I was saying and she was also looking around and rolling her eyes at the girls and guys staring at my body. She was a very beautiful girl but something about her seemed very off. She seemed very unsocial and as I looked closer at her I could see that she was wearing an Ace bandage on her wrist and had various bruises that she failed at covering. My mind instantly tried to think of the reasons that she could be in this state. I made a mental not to study her very closely.

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