Here's my story. I hope you enjoy.


I was driving through Seattle heading to the mall. I was going to get a new Prada Bag. My old one was getting too old.

I was all by myself tonight, not that it mattered. I'm a hot vampire for god's sake, I can protect myself.

All of a sudden I heard a babie's cry, and my car came to an immediate stop. I turned my head to see a baby girl laid out on the sidewalk all alone.

I got out of my car and walked over to her. She was the one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

I picked her up seeing a small locket around her neck. I opened it and a small piece of paper fell out of it.

It was a note...

Dear Reader,

This is Isabella Marie. She is my newborn baby, but I can't afford to keep her or put her into adoption. She also has no family who I can trust to leave her with. So whoever finds her, please take good care of her or help her find a loving family. Her birthday is on September 18th.

Please and Thank you,

Miss. S

I read the letter about fifty times before I put it back into the locket. I then looked at Isabella. She was fast asleep in my arms. I smiled, walked to my car and put her into the passenger seat.

I forgot all about why I came to Seattle while I drove back home to Forks, but finding a baby was way better than a Prada Bag. When I was human a baby was all I wanted, but becoming a vampire I could have no such thing. Now I could, and I knew I couldn't be happier.

I made it back to the house in two hours. I parked my car into the garage and brought Isabella inside with me.

Alice was the first to greet me, and she wasn't at all happy.

"WHY ON EARTH DO I SEE YOU WITH A BABY!" she yelled at me, "YOU KNOW WE CAN'T HAVE ONE. SHE WILL EXPOSE US ALL!" Isabella then woke up, and started crying. I hushed her, but she wouldn't stop. I turned to Alice and glared at her.


Usually Alice is the one who is okay with this type of stuff, but lately Jasper has been having trouble with our diet.

"Fine, let's see what everyone else has to say about this," Alice said. She then called a family meeting. I groweled at her, but she pretended she didn't hear it.

We sat down in the living room where everyone else was already seated. Everyone seemed relaxed except Jasper and Edward. Wait a sec, Edward?

Edward, under Carlisle, is usually strong enough to ignore human scents. But now he was holding his breath and his eyes were pitch black. I was started to fear for Isabella. By instinct I held her closer to me.

Carlisle started to speak, "Alice what's this meeting about?" he asked as if he didn't already know. I was holding a baby, shouldn't the subject be obivious?

"This meeting is about Rosalie and her wanting to keep this baby," she pointed towards me, "But it's too dangerous. As all of you know Jasper is having trouble resisting human blood. It only makes it worst to have a human baby around," again with Jasper this Jasper that, well what about me? I saw Edward roll his eyes at me. Shut it Edward. He just rolled his eyes again.

I hate it how he can read minds. There are no secrets in this house.

"I see," Carlisle spoke, "Well maybe this baby would help Jasper. You know if he gets used to being around humans, then maybe he will be able to control himself."

Is Carlisle taking my side? Did he recently lose his mind?

"Are you agreeing with her?" Alice asked astonished, asking the same question that was running through my mind.

"No, I'm just saying this baby..." again with this baby. She has a name.

"She has a name, Carlisle," I sneered, "Her name is Isabella."

"Naming the food Rosalie?" Emmett laughed. God he can be so imature.

"Emmett, no sex for a month," I told him. That'll shut him up.

"Oh come on Rose," he begged. I shot daggers at him, "Okay Okay," he put his hands up in surrender.

I turned my head to Carlisle, "Can I keep her? I've always wanted a baby, and now I have the chance to have one. It's either she stays, or we leave. It's your choice," I told them. I just knew I couldn't leave her.

Esme then stepped into the conversation, "She's staying," she stated, and I knew I won. Carlisle couldn't say no to her.

"Then it's settled," Carlisle said, "Edward are you okay?"

Edward looked at Carlisle and nodded, "Are you sure? You look a little tense."

"I'm fine," He said quickly using up some of his air. Alice's eyes suddenly went blank, then a second later became normal.

Fear masked her face, "Emmett get him out of here!"

"What?" He asked confused.

"GET EDWARD OUT OF HERE!" she repeated looking at Edward, then turning her gaze on Isabella. Then I understood. I stood up and guarded Isabella, preparing for what might come.

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