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When Edward pulled up to our house and parked the Volvo in the garage, I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the door, and stomped into the house. I could hear Edward follow me from behind, but I didn't care. I was searching for Rose. She deceived me in the worst way I thought possible. Asking Edward to spy on me? How pathetic. They don't trust me even though I have done nothing to lose their trust. Stupid vampires!

I found Rose with Emmett in their room making out causing me to scowl. I hated their public displays of affection. Usually I would say an embarrassing comment, but I was too angry with Rose to mention it.

"How could you?" I yelled out at her. She jumped back from Emmett in surprise, which itself was shocking because vampires are rarely surprised. Emmett must have done a very good job at distracting her.

She recovered quickly, however, and looked at me with a knowing look. "I did it to protect you."

I gawked at her, "Don't you trust me?

"Of course I trust you," she replied.

"Then why did you make Edward spy for you on me? And on my very first date, ever, with a boy."

Emmett looked at Rose, "You did what to Izzy?"

I rolled my eyes, "Like you didn't know. I bet everyone in this family knew what Rose and Edward had planned! There are no secrets in this family."

"Izzy I didn't!" He said defensively, holding his hands to his chest.

Rosalie interrupted him, "Shut up Emmett, you did too know. Bella's right about there being no secrets among us."

"Do not agree with me now!" I yelled, "I am very angry with you!"

Suddenly I felt a wave of calmness rush through me. I had a weird sensation of being calmly annoyed, "Jasper, quit it with the emotion control!" I turned around to see him, Edward, Alice, Esme, and Carlisle watching our quarrel. Do they have to watch every fight that goes on in this household?

"Everyone please leave! Rosalie and I are having a very important argument," I said and then I rethought my thoughts, "No; you should all be here for this. All of you knew and none of you did anything about it!" I screamed raising my hands above me like a lunatic. Luckily I currently did not care about what I looked like.

I turned back around to face Rose, "So, back to my question. Why don't you trust me?"

Rose sighed, "It is not that I don't trust you, I just don't trust any of the boys you will go out with. I have lived long enough to know the evils of men."

I blushed and fumed at the same time and then replied to her explanation—if you could call it that, "I can handle myself with these men you are talking about. I was perfectly in control of the situation. Edward here just overreacted when I kissed my date, and when I left to go use the restroom, he snatched me and took me home," I paused and looked at him, "Now he is going to think I ditched him and everyone at school is going to know about it. I'll probably be teased or worse."

Edward then spoke, "Bella I already told you that he lied to you, and that he is no good for you."

I glared at him, "When did you have the right to say who is or who isn't good enough for me. I get to decide that for myself. Also, so what if he lied to me? YOU spied on me, and in my book, that is way worse," I then looked at everyone before I headed towards the door.

I paused in the doorway and said one last thing, "I won't go out with him again, but that doesn't mean I forgive any of you," I then left the room.

"Bella, where are you going?" I heard Rose ask me.

"To my room! I'm tired and going to bed, but first I'm going to call Mike and apologize for ditching him. Not like I should tell you anything about what I'm doing," I told her, and then I opened my bedroom door and slammed it shut. I also locked the door even though I knew it did not matter whether it was locked or unlocked. They could easily break it open.

I flopped down on my bed and let the tears I unknowingly held in drip down my face. A couple of times I heard someone come by my door, but they soon left choosing to let me be by myself. When I finally finished shedding all of my tears, and wiped my eyes with my shirt and picked up my cell phone Alice bought me for my birthday last year. I dialed Mike's number and was happy he answered on the second ring.

"Hey Mike," I began.

"What happened to you?" He asked annoyed, "When you did not come back, I searched everywhere for you, but you were nowhere to be found."

"I'm so sorry Mike. There was a family emergency, and I was so worried that I forgot to tell you that I was leaving," I explained, giving him the lie that I worked on in my mind when I was crying.

"You shouldn't have forgotten about me, but I'll forgive you this time. Still I think you should make it up to me. Maybe by continuing what you started earlier this night?" he suggested lowering his voice.

I rolled my eyes, "I don't think so Mike."

"Why not?" he asked sounding confused.

"I was told by an anonymous person that your older brother was actually a paid actor," I told him.

"What! Who told you that? They're lying," he accused nervously.

"Mike I have good reason to believe they were telling the truth," I replied hoping he wouldn't pursue further into my facts.

Thankfully he didn't, "Bella, I'm sorry, I just did that to give us more privacy. No one likes a brother to ruin a date. Please don't cut me off yet," he begged.

"Sorry Mike, I just don't like being lied to. I have to go now Mike. See you at school," I told him, hanging up on him before he could plead anymore.

I then got up and changed into my pajamas, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.


I feel like an idiot. I hurt Bella. I just hated how that kid thought about her. I could still hear the thought that came into his mind when she kissed him. Maybe it will be easier to take her clothes off than I thought. That pervert. They are only thirteen!

Still I shouldn't have spied on Bella. I should have trusted her, but I don't like the idea of her dating. She is still so very young, and not to mention innocent.

I still felt so bad when I heard her crying in her room. I made her do that. I knew that Rose and the others took some part in her tears, but it felt like they were there because of me. I'm a monster. The others felt the same way too.

I'm a terrible mother, Rosalie thought, Maybe I wasn't meant to have a child because I was born with terrible mothering genes.

I looked at Rose and when she caught my eye, I shook my head, "You are a great mother Rose. I'm just a terrible friend."

Rose then shook her head, "Edward it was my idea."

"Yeah, but I wanted to do it," I contradicted.

"Will you two shut up?" Alice yelled. We looked at her confused. She was awfully quiet throughout all of this, that we did not even notice her there with the others.

"Alice?" Rose asked before I could, "Why didn't you say anything earlier?"

She sighed, "My opinions would not have changed anything, and neither would yours. Bella is mad, sad, and confused. She feels we don't trust her at all from what Jasper has told me. I also could see that she will forgive us in the morning. She will come to her senses and realize we were only trying to protect her," she then turned to look directly at me, "You, however, messed up her whole night just because you made a hasty decision to take her away from her first date. Originally she had a great time, but you changed the future so quickly that I could not stop it," her face then relaxed before she continued, "Don't be hard on yourself Edward, I don't completely blame you. You will understand soon enough," she smirked before skipping off to do whatever evil little pixies do.

I looked at Jasper, "What the hell is she talking about again?"

Jasper looked at me surprised, "You don't know either?"

"Huh?" I asked extremely confused now.

"She hasn't told me anything. I thought you would know because you can read her mind," Jasper said.

"Alice apparently has learned to block those thoughts away from me," I scowled.

"Like Bella?" Carlisle intervened.

"No, she just has gotten very good at layering her thoughts. That is when someone thinks more than one thing at once. Very few people can do that, but when they can it is difficult to pick up everything they are thinking about. Normally it is only two or three thoughts at once, but since Alice is a vampire, it is easier for her to layer up to six ideas at once. It is like trying to listen to every single person's thoughts in a crowd at once." I explained as best I could to Carlisle.

"That is what those books were for," Jasper said. I looked at him curiously.

"What books?"

"Alice read a whole bunch of books on the mind and brain when we first met you. It was probably to hide her thoughts when she felt it important to. A defense mechanism if you will," Jasper said.

Emmett then stepped in, "I guess Alice doesn't trust Eddie over here," he laughed.

Jasper shook his head and smiled, "She just likes surprises."

I scowled. Stupid, annoying, surprise loving, evil pixie.

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