This is basically an intro to the whole story I am trying to create. Ito is altered from the original story, to add some drama (Who doesn't love drama as long as it isn't happening in our own lives?) I know I do :o

Journal Entry#1

I know this first entry is pretty pathetic I guess pretty much the only reason I am writing in you is because lately I seem to be remembering what happened when I was younger and I don't really see how it connects to my life, so I was thinking that if I wrote what I remembered in here eventually I would remember what had happened. Recently my dad took out the family album and there were pictures of a young girl, with long hair, so I asked, my dad answered "That cute little girl is you of course!" My older brothers, Yuto and Ryuya, they are twins by the way, came to sit down on the crowded around the couch to see the pictures as well and they were like "You should grown your hair out again Ito, you looked so adorable back then." But I don't understand. When did I cut it? Why don't I grow it out? Every time Yuto or Ryuya get their hair cut, I always went with them… why? I mean I guess I could say that I grew up sort of masculine, I mean who wouldn't with a no female figure, my mother died while I was young, or that's what I've been told.

Oh… I should probably tell you about my family. My dad, Goro, the owner of the dojo that we own, is mostly out of the house, but when he's home, I cannot believe that he can be serious at times... with every hug, I always have to catch my breathe, that man has serious muscles… My brother Yuto, is sort of like the most motherly figure I can get I suppose, he's the responsible sibling, he's the cook in the house. Ryuya? Well how can I describe him, although he's the eldest he doesn't really act like it… He still goes to college. Tatsuyoshi, ugh… he is so annoying sometimes, I cannot believe his actions, he attends school still being only 15. My mother's name is Satsuki, my dad tells me that she used to have short hair like me when she was younger and that she was happy and energetic all the time. My dad used to say that I followed her around like a baby chick, and that she was kind. Me… well if you can't tell who I am by how I write and where I come from? Well your missing out on one great personality, kidding, I am Ito Miura. I am the third eldest child in my family and the only girl, I've been doing karate since I was a child, and I dress like a boy. What else do you want to know? Secrets that I've been keeping from other people? I'm a pretty honest and open person if I do so myself, and I do so there. But there is one thing that I want, to know what happened.

Sorry... I just realized... IT'S GIANT CLUMPS OF TEXT... it just didn't really separate itself well I guess... mostly my fault, I have a problem with writing, I tend to create lots and lots of run-ons, but... it's a diary? Can I get away with it? X