By Clarity Scifiroots
Disclaimers apply. dz100 prompt: tell
Summary: Melancholic Bruce/Johnny, no real timeline though refers to something that comes up in season 6.


Everyone needs to hear it at some point. It's not enough to sit together without the words. The physical is good – it's hard, it's real, it's passionate… But there are all the moments in between. Long moments that stretch ever longer. Other people interfere and the physical isn't there anymore.

Memories of the physical shimmer like a mirage and in the middle of the night, a lover reaches out to the empty pillow in his solitary bed. Without the words, he only has the physical memories to draw upon. Time makes them fade. The physical isn't a commitment.

His lovers of the past have made this mistake, never said what needed to be said; though not all relationships were worth pursuing. This one… he wants. But he needs to hear it. Sometime soon.

He stares at the open letter in his hand and draws a shaky breath. The paper invites him to take another road, immerse himself in a more social place. A new start.

If you want him to stay, you have to say it. Not everything can be said with long glances and caressing fingertips. Some things can't be assumed. Everyone needs to hear the words eventually.

-- -- --