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"Speaking" 'thinking' (Translations)

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Bumblebee roughly pulled her brush through her untamable hair. She knew that for all the good it would do, she might as well shake and spray her tresses until they frizzed up into a misshapen afro. Ever since she was younger, she had always tried to smooth her hair to hang about her shoulders, like the 'pretty' superheroes on T.V. did.

Of course, now that she was older, she knew that those 'pretty' superwomen and men were bogus replicas of the true heroes, like her, who risked their wellbeing each day for the sake of those who could not protect themselves. Still, it would be nice…

With a huff, Bumblebee forcefully parted and yanked her hair until two symmetrical puffs rested on either side of her head. No one could pull her hair, she would not set it on fire, and she did not have to worry about it getting into her eyes. It was safe, efficient, and sensible. She nodded, satisfied at her rationalization.

She left her room soon after that, having dressed herself already. She made her way to the common room, where she was sure everyone else already was. Bumble Bee smiled to herself; she may be a superhero, but she was still a girl, and thus had full take-far-too-long-to-get-dressed rights.

As the mechanical door slid back, her eyes narrowed dangerously as they rested on her first victim of the day. It was neither a villain nor a convict nor a person that looked threatening in anyway. It was Speedy, or more precisely, Speedy's shoes, which just so happened to be resting on the table that had been carefully cleaned the day before.

A scowl playing on her face, Bumblebee strode across the room quickly, but with the silent finesse of a tigress stalking her prey. The vibes she was giving off were enough to keep Mas and Menos well away.

She circled around the cough and stood in her trademark hips slanted, arms crossed you're-in-trouble pose. She was blatantly ignored, however, as Speedy was currently too engrossed with his comic book to notice anything around him, much less his impending doom.

She quickly and capably put her booted foot to the edge of the sectional couch and pushed backwards, causing Speedy to fall to the ground with the cough. There was a painful-sounding thud. The comic book, which had been thrown in the air in surprise, came floating down peacefully to rest on its owner's face a moment later, unaware that the room was about to be turned into a war zone.

Speedy jumped up, fire blazing in his eyes, "What the hell did you do that for you crazy…"

"Crazy!? Why you little…"

Mas and Menos rolled their eyes at their companions' antics. Knowing that this ultimately pointless argument, the younger teens silently excused themselves from the room.

Together, Mas and Menos entered the hallway and elevator. Mas pressed the button and looked to his brother.

"Pasaje? (Arcade)" he asked his brother.

"(But I'm hungry. I want pizza)" Meno replied, rubbing his rumbling stomach.

The boys grinned and called out their standard, "Mas y Menos cinco devos!" and raced out of the towers as the elevator's door opened.



Mas and Menos sighed. They had left early enough to miss Bumblebee and Speedy yelling at each other all morning for random annoyances, and had returned just in time for the teammates to recede into annoyed silence. Unfortunately, this was just around lunchtime.

With 'normal' people, lunchtime was usually a quick, social event. However, with this group of teens, lunchtime could just as easily be turned into a war zone; especially when Speedy indulged in his favorite apathetic craving: fish tacos.

"How many times do I have to tell you? You're eating my friends!" Aqualad yelled, switching between thrashing his arms about in the air and clutching at his dark hair.

Speedy swallowed a rather large bite of the offending food before looking at Aqualad skeptically, his feet once again on the table (thankfully Bumblebee was absent at the moment). "Yeah? If they're your friends, what's this one's name?" He then proceeded to throw the half-eaten taco at Aqualad, hitting him squarely on the nose.

Aqualad let loose an enraged (and very unmanly) yell before running from the room, most likely going to wash the food off. It was at the moment he reached the door that Bumblebee chose to make an appearance. As he rushed past her blindly, her put her hands on her hips and turned her gaze upon Speedy, knowing from past experiences that he was most likely to blame.

"What happened?" she demanded.

Speedy shrugged uncaringly. When she swept she turned her stare to Mas and Menos, they withered under the heat of her glare until they were forced to speak up.

"(Speedy bought fish tacos again!)" they cried in unison, knowing that she probably could not understand them.

"I don't know what they said, but it had you in it," she said stormily.

"So what if it did?" Speedy said, standing from where he had been seated on the couch.

They stood, staring at each other for a few minutes, the tension mounting, before the door pulled back again, revealing Aqualad. He turned his hard gaze about the room for a few moments.

"I'm going out, I can't take it here anymore!" he announced before turning sharply on his heel and walking out.

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