The Start of Laura.

Set in the chapter School time Begins, in Little Town.

Set in Almanzo point of few about taking her from church. And how it started.

I tried to make him true to character. But even quiet guys have thoughs.

The revival meeting wasn't to interesting for Almanzo truthfully. He felt he had better things then to sit in a church and listen. Not that he didn't have faith. He went to church every Sunday, said grace before dinner, his prayers before going to bed, read the bible many times the past winter.

He saw Laura sitting with her family. Her hair shining in her light her braids wrapped around her head, the pins sparkled within. He thought back to the time when she gotten lost, the fall before the hard winter. Even then her braids were past her waist. She was thirteen at the time, and had her younger sister with her as he spoke to her from high up on the haystack as he pointed her in the right direction.

Almanzo stood up stiffly after the meeting was finally over, and saw Laura walk down the isle behind her parents. Head cast down looking at her skirts. Her face grew a rosy shade as she realized all the strangers as she looked up, and quickly let her head fall once more.

So Laura Ingalls was shy and afraid of strangers. Almanzo mused to himself getting out of the pew himself. He took a few steps and saw the people trying to get out unsuccessfully. He squeezed by, as he saw people tried to get past Laura.

Next thing he knew he touched her coat arm gently and held it. Keeping her out of harms way.

"May I see you home?" He asked Laura, and looked down at her face. It was a mixture of surprise and shock.

She never returned an answer, but let him safely bring her outside away from the crowd. Only to see her Mrs. Ingalls shocked and Mr. Ingalls say nothing about it. He looked at Laura before looking ahead.

"Anyway there's no blizzard." Almanzo heard Laura say after a moment.

"No this has been a nice winter, not much like the Hard winter last year." He replied, as he wondered what she was truly thinking in that head of hers. They walked in silence till they reached her front door.

"Well good night."He found himself taking a step backwards. "I'll see you tomorrow night."

With that Almanzo gave her, a small flourish of his hat. As she quietly said good night, before quickly going inside.

Almanzo almost didn't mind the next night as he sat with his brother, he saw her glance back at him shyly. He caught her gaze for a second before she blushed and looked ahead once more.

This time when he asked to see her home. Laura politely said yes to his delight.

Almanzo was not a big talker, but he supplied answers for her questions about where he came from. In return she told him about herself.

Every night at the end of the rival meetings. He would see her home. Slowly knowing more, about each other in the time of their short walks. Every night they would say good night, he would tip his hat at her as she walked into her house.

It was after the school exhibition, when he told her of making a cutter. He never planned on asking if she ever been. Let alone if she would bold enough to say she would like to. But the best was to see her face shine with the joy of his invitation.

Almanzo sat at the table drinking some coffee Royal made when he had gotten home. Thought back to one innocent morning, when he over come, a young lady late for school. Then offered her a ride. Their first real conversation, Laura asking him about Prince and Lady, showing him her new name cards, then he showed his and explained his name.

Almanzo smiled when he never said anything about wanting his card back. He did that on purpose. Till she asked, and he just replied that she could keep if she wanted, in return she gave one of her pretty delicate cards to him.

He went to his room, and opened his nightstand drawer.

There it was.

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls.

And that was the start of Laura Ingalls for him.

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