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Its been a while since I have written anything.

I was reading Little Town and got a sudden idea. Most men, when they wished to court a girl, would have to talk to the father before hand. By the way, trying to learn about courting is really hard, since Victorian courting is way different, then Laura's courtship. I'm not sure it was because she was in a small town and it was more relaxed. But in high society, they wouldn't be allowed anywhere alone with each other till they were married.

This is a different take of How Laura and Almanzo came to be.....different from my other one, where it was more a whim for Almanzo. Though after rereading little town, I noticed Pa wasn't to worried about it...so this is how it came to be.

I also find that its almost like Almanzo and Pa talk behind the scene, like Almanzo coming to get her from school each week. When Almanzo comment on her fathers team of how hard it might be on them. So something is going one with them.


Almanzo walked with great determination up the boardwalk as he played then replayed things in his mind. He was talking to himself, and seemed rather frustrated to the people who saw him.

Why couldn't he get her off his mind? He didn't even understand how or why, she was barely just turned fifteen, and he was twenty-five practically still a child next to him.

But his mothers letter still burning a hole in his pocket from yesterday morning. Coincidentally her mother-some ways got himself here. She was always bugging him if there was a lady in his life yet, or when she could expect a daughter in law.

"Whoa, there son." Almanzo stopped in his tracks before he almost ran over somebody.

"Mr. Ingalls!" He said trying to cover up his shock. "Pleasant morning it is today isn't it?"

"Yes quite," Charles chuckled lightly. "Are you going to the revival meeting tonight?"

"Yes I am, It's nice to have a church once more." Almanzo said automatically a father always liked to hear a young man who like to go to church, or was that the mother and fathers liked to talk politic he should of really payed more attention to his sisters. "I was wondering if I could speak to you for a moment.?"

"Of course Wilder, what did you want to speak to me about." Charles said smiling.

"It's about your daughter," Charles gave him a quizzical look, so he went on hesitantly, "Laura, I know I'm a few years older than her, and she's not yet sixteen. But would you allow me to walk her home from the revival meeting?" Almanzo managed to get out all in one breath and waited for an answer.

It almost seemed like Mr. Ingalls was trying to hold back a laugh, which didn't work as it came bursting out.

"That for Half-pint to decide if she wants to or not, she is old enough to make her own decisions " Charles told him laughing before sobering up. "Though I see no harm in a walk home you're a trustworthy young man." Almanzo noted a tone of questioning behind the older man's voice.

"Of course," Almanzo said nodding. "I would never do anything dishonourable to any woman."

"Just remember one thing Wilder. She is just fifteen." Charles said trying to hide a grin.

Almanzo nodded. "Well I better get going, thank you for allowing me to talk to you Sir." Charles nodded and grinned.

"Don't look so nervous, I'm sure she'll say yes." Charles laughed. "See you later Wilder." Charles said before going back into his shop.

Almanzo sighed and looked up at the dark blue sky and prayed silently to himself. He was almost late for the sermon, he slid into the back seat quietly. He sat admiring her from the opposite side of the room. She was wearing those new hoops that just came in. The width of her skirts almost made her seem smaller and her waist tinier than it already was. He smiled to himself before he caught Charles Ingalls eyes for a split second before the family sat down themselves.

It was mostly by chance and luck that Laura walked behind her parents. She seemed slightly scared of the group of people as she made eye contact with them. Before drifting her eyes downwards. He was already at the edge of the isle when she went to pass him as a group of people crowded the isle even more

He caught her arm.

"May I see you home?" He asked her and she looked at him with wide eyes, not answering him as he protected her, and guided her out of the crowded entry.

He saw Mrs Ingalls, turn around and look for her daughter, only to see her next to himself, while her husband told her to come along, or not a worry. As they started back to their home with Laura two younger sisters.

"Anyway there's no blizzard." Almanzo looked down at the small voice that belonged to young lady beside him, who finally said something after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes, It's a nice winter, not so much like the hard winter." Almanzo said, he waited for her to say something he looked at her in the corner of his eye and walked in silence beside her till they came to her door.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow night." Almanzo said tipping his hat to her before she went inside the house quickly. He found himself smiling as he walked back to his own place.

After three consecutive nights in a row of walking Laura home, slightly behind her family. He caught Mr. Ingalls in the window of his store, he gave a slight nod to Almanzo and a smile. He figured everything was alright.

Now he just had to figure out why she was called half pint at home.

A Month later.

It was strange to Almanzo, not seeing Laura walk to school with her sisters in the morning, now that she was teaching school and all. She only been away for a few days, but he found himself missing her presence if that was even possible.

He stopped by the general store to pick up a few things he needed for the next week.

"Hello Wilder, lovely day out is it not." The shop keeper Mr. Fuller greeted him.

"Indeed." Almanzo told the keeper. "I need these if you have them," he said passing over a list. "Sorry about the writing."

"I read worse." The keeper laughed. "Ingalls!" he called out as the door opened once more. "How's the family?"

"Fine, Thank you."Charles said nodding his head. "Laura's off teaching school the Mrs, misses her some, as I am sure some of her friends do as well."

Almanzo coughed and at something in the showcase.

"Coming home for the weekend? What is it, ten miles away?"

"Twelve there and back." Charles corrected. "Thinking about it, first time being away from home so long, don't want to her become to homesick. Though it's a long drive in this weather."

"I hear you there." Mr. Fuller said as he loaded things into a crate. "There you go Wilder, I'll just add it to your account."

"Thanks." Almanzo said nodding.

"How's your team doing?" Mr. Fuller asked Almanzo, " a fine pair you have, I have an idea, why don't you go pick up the young lady. Wasn't it a few weeks ago when you was walking her home?"

Almanzo looked at Charles of what he thought of everything.

"I have no problem with it." Charles told him. "If you truly wish to drive twenty-four miles, I'm sure she'll be glad to see you."

"Her school gets out at four?" Almanzo asked, Charles nodded. "Alright then, I'll leave in time to pick her up at the end of school, and drive her home for you Mr. Ingalls. It will be easier on your team and all."

"That it would be easier, and I believe you owe her a sleigh ride to begin with." Charles smiled with a twinkle in his eyes.

Almanzo cleared his throat and nodded his head. "Well it's settled then, I'll head out this Friday and drive her home" Grabbing his box of things before heading out of the door. "Have a nice day, Ingalls, Fuller." He said nodding his head before opening the door.

"He a nice young man." Fuller said looking at Charles who nodded in agreement.

It was the second week of Laura school term, when he drove south to pick her up. School was just finishing up when he got there. A boy stuck his head out the door at the sound of bells before yelling to the others, about him being the teacher's beau.

He never really thought of himself as Laura's beau, but he guessed it was true enough in some terms. She came out shyly, probably from her student outburst. He smiled happily when he saw her, as he helped her into the cutter, sorting the furs and blankets around her. "All Snug?" He asked her as she answered him simply.

Almanzo sighed and looked at the clock. It was Laura last day as a teacher, he wanted to continue. So he could continue to pick her up, and drop her off each week. They didn't talk much especially if it was cold, but something changed since the cold ride he thought anyway. He grabbed his coat and gloves before heading out to the barn to hitch up.

She was all ready for him when he arrived at the school. She was excited he gathered being able go home to stay as she pushed her feet against the dashboard.

He sat in silence or self despair more like it, while she was almost bouncing next to him.

As they drew near her home she hardly could contain herself. She was almost out of the cutter before he even stopped fully.

"Thank you, so much for everything," She told him in her excitement. "Goodnight."

"It was nothing." Almanzo told her and after a moment "Goodnight then," he said as he watched her walk through her door. Before going back to his cutter, he let out a deep breath and shook his head.

"Alright, you need to stop moping around and just go ask her to go a sleigh ride around town." Royal said looking at his brother from across the table. "Because Manny, you're looking gloom and its getting pathetic to see you like this and it only been two days."

"Do you think she'll say yes?" Almanzo looked at his brother.

"She did before, so I'm guessing she will again." Royal told him. "So go get ready and go ask her. She's probably looking out her window wondering if you going to come ask her to join the party or not."

"Alright, alright I'm going." Almanzo said getting up and pulling up his suspenders and went to go get ready.

Winter would soon be over, and then maybe there would be future buggy rides.

Alrighties....longest one I ever written. I hope you like it, so be kind and review please!!

It started off to only be about Almanzo asking Laura home, and then expanded to how he came to pick her up from school, to sleigh riding on Sunday afternoons.

All mistakes are mine so sorry about them.