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New York City- June 7th, 3007

The streets of New York were buzzing with hover-cars, electric scooters, and whirring robots. The buildings were now chrome in order to avoid damage. Fourteen year old Jin Long smiled as she sped long on her electric scooter to her friend Carli's house.

Jin was about five foot four inches tall with long jet-black hair and brown almond shaped eyes. Her family had a secret, and only her two best friends Carli and Sam know about it: Jin is the American Dragon. The twentieth American Dragon to be exact. Jin usually wore a yellow neon shirt and blue jeans to reflect her dragon colors.

Jin stopped in front of Carli's house and went up to ring the doorbell. A few minutes later, the door opened with a remote-controlled door opener. Jin stepped in and looked around.

"Carli?" Jin called out.

"I'm in the living 4room!" Carli called back. Jin walked into the bright living room to meet her friend. "Hey, Jin!"

Jin sat down on the blue neon leather couch and sighed. "So, did you hear about the Leaning Tower of Pisa?"

"Oh yeah." Carli answered. "It fell."

Carli was two inches taller than Jin. She wore her long blond hair in two pigtail buns.

"So, are you going to that dragon meeting thing in Hong Kong?" Carli asked.

Jin shook her head sadly. "My parents don't want me traveling to Hong Kong alone, and my dragon master is already there." She sighed and folded her arms.

"Hey..." Carli said sympathetically., "If it makes you feel better, we could go to Chinatown fo a day."

Jin chuckled. "I hasve a feeling that will make it worse."

''Kay." Carli replied. "So, what are you gonna do while you're stuck at home?"

"Research." Jin explained. She sat up straighter and smiled. "I'm gonna look up the first American Dragon."


"Just because I'm bored and interested." Jin shrugged. "Fu Dog says I'm a descendant of the first American dragon."

"Wow." Carli raised her eyebrows. "You're like his or her great-great-great-great-granddaughter or something."

"Thirty-eighth great-granddaughter, to be exact." Jin said, proud of her skills at math.


Later, the girls met up with their friend Sam, who wore her black hair in two buns with hair strips falling over her shoulder. She had a long fringe across her forehead. Sam was a bit gothic and was very skilled with shurukin. Carli was skilled at gymnastics and knew a little bit about the human body and their weak points.

The three girls headed over to Long's Subway Station. The electronics shop went out of business a few hundred years back and was changed into a sandwich shop. Jin and her friends often work there after school and on the weekends.

"Yo, Fu!" Jin called as she entered the back of the sandwich shop.

"Hey, Kid." Fu greeted. "What's shakin'?"

"Oh, nothing. I can't go to Hong Kong because my parents are way too busy to take me." Jin complained.

"That sucks." Fu responded.

"Yeah. Anyway, I was just wondering...do you remember the first American Dragon?" Jin asked.

"The first American Dragon?" Fu repeated. "Uhh...geez, kid, I don't even remember the second."

Jin's face fell. "Oh. Is there like a record or something we can look at?"

"Why are you so interested all of a sudden?" Fu asked.

Jin shrugged. "Well, I have to do something to entertain me around here."

Fu chuckled. "Tell you what. I don't remember even the tenth American Dragon, but, I do know a couple of people in Magus Bazaar who might."


The girls and Fu stepped off the subway train into the magical city. Fu led the girls towards a small cottage and rang the doorbell. A tall, slim girl with blonde hair and brown eyes answered.

"Oh, hi, Fu!" The girl greeted. "You're gonna die within the next twenty years!"

"That was harsh." Sam commented.

"Sara is one of the Oracle Twins." Fu explained. "She sees stuff in the future. Bad stuff. Her twin sister Kara sees good stuff."

"Cool!" Carli exclaimed.

"Sara, this is the American Dragon, Jin Long." Fu introduced, gesturing to Jin. "Her friends are Carli and Sam."

"Hi! Nice to meet you!" Sara exclaimed happily. "By the way, Jin, you will fight in a huge battle between good and evil with the whole weight of the world on your shoulders! How exciting!"

Jin winced. "Thanks for the warning...anyway, we were wondering if you remember the first American Dragon at all."

"I sure do!" Sara replied. "His name is Jake Long. He fought the Dark Dragon and lived!"

"Who's the Dark Dragon?" Asked Carli.

"...I don't remember! Sorry!" Sara exclaimed happily.

"Okay. Thanks, anyway!" Jin said.

"No problem!"

A few minutes later, Fu led them to a jewelery stand. The girl standing behind it smiled at the group.

"Hello. How may I help you?" The girl asked.

"Hey, Jasmine." Fu greeted. He turned to the girls. "This s Jasmine the nyx. Girl by day, monster by night." He turned back to Jasmine. "No offense."

"None taken." Jasmine replied.

Jin smiled. "Hi. I'm Jin Long, the American Dragon. These are my friends Sam and Carli."

"Hello." Jasmine greeted.

"So, Jasmine, do you remember the first American Dragon at all?" Jin asked. "Jake Long?"

"Jake Long..." Jasmine closed her eyes in thought. "Hmmm...yeah, actually I do. I went on a date with him to one of his school dances."

"What was he like?" Jin asked eagerly.

"Well, he's girl-crazy, for one thing." Jasmine smiled. "He's a little reckless sometimes, but most of the time he's responsible. He defeated the Dark Dragon a thousand years ago."

"Who is the Dark Dragon?" Jin echoed Carli's question.

"He was this evil dragon who craved for world domination and wanted all humans extinct." Jasmine explained. "He got sucked into this dragon temple in Hong Kong. Whoever gets sucked in there is stuck for another thousand years until the next lunar eclipse."

"Wow." Carli commented. "So, when is the next lunar eclipse?"

"Tomorrow night, actually."

Jin gaped. "That's when the world dragon meeting is. Are you sure the last eclipse was a thousand years ago exactly?"

"A thousand years ago tomorrow." Jasmine replied.

Chills ran up Jin's spine and the back of her neck. "Could...could the Dark Dragon maybe be dead by now?"

"I dunno, Kid." Fu shook his head. "Dragons are pretty hard to kill...and the Dark Dragon is the most powerful dragon of all time."

Jin gulped. The temple was going to reappear tomorrow night. Is she going to have to fight the Dark Dragon? Was that what Sara was talking about?

"Aw, crap!"


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