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What was it like to have been loved?


The night air was filled with lights and cries as villagers clustered over a prone form. Lying within the middle, Uzumaki Naruto merely stared at the oncoming fists with dead, emotionless eyes. Not once did it betray what the boy was feeling, if anything. Not even when his small body was pounded from all sides with fists and feet.

"Damn demon… how dare you stay alive!"

"Are you trying to mock my dead husband's memory?"

"Burn in hell like the monster you are!"

Naruto did not respond. He had learned long ago that any words spoken up would merely prompt the villagers to attack with even more ferocity. Now, he merely kept his mouth shut, taking in the blows as best as his little body would allow.

"Looks like he hasn't had enough yet. Come on! Let's beat him till he's begging us!"

"How do you like it now demon? This doesn't even match the pain we felt when you slaughtered our families!"

"Die like the vermin you are!"

Naruto gave off an involuntary gasp of pain as his body was suddenly flung straight towards a wall. It collided against the hard concrete and fell towards the ground, unmoving. The villagers did not seem to care as they continued their reckless pounding on the little boy.

After what seemed like an eternity, the villagers finally left, having been satisfied with the now seemingly dead form of Uzumaki Naruto. A few of the villagers decided that more humiliation was needed for the young blond and so they spat on him too before leaving, not even caring as their saliva mixed with the boy's blood.

Naruto simply laid there on the ground, unmoving and uncaring at how light-headed he felt.

"Oh? What's this?"

Suddenly, a scandal stepped onto the ground where Naruto was staring. Too tired to raise his head, Naruto merely slid his eyes upward. The only things he could make out through his hazy vision were a pair of white hands and a black yukata.


Naruto simply slid his eyes shut as unconsciousness began to make its way towards him. He had endured enough pain that day. He wanted rest.

"Kukukuku… seems I've found the most promising little test subject out there. I really must thank sensei and this village for making it so easy. Kukukuku…kukuhahahaha!"


"You were amazing Hyuuga-sama. Not many women would be able to move so easily barely two hours after birth." Hyuuga Hinako, wife to the clan head Hyuuga Hiashi, gave the medic-nin a warm smile. She was currently in a special room within the hospital, one used specifically for those giving birth. Although even many kunoichis would have stayed bedridden after the stress of giving birth, Hinako was already walking around, albeit very slowly, towards the incubation chambers.

"More importantly, how is my child?"

"Ah there is no need to worry Hyuuga-sama. Your daughter is nice and healthy. She is currently resting right now and your discharge should be in a day or two."

"I'm glad." Hinako was tired. Although she had known the pain that childbearing would bring, actually feeling it again was another reminder entirely. Her body ached, her mind was lethargic, and her spirit was exhausted. Still, she very much wanted to see her little daughter. She wanted to see the new member in her family.

'A new child, a new hope for the future of the clan.'

"Hinako, why are you out of your room?" The Hyuuga consort and her medic aid, immediately looked away from each other and towards the person in front of them. There, standing with his arms crossed, was her husband and clan head, Hyuuga Hiashi. The man was currently frowning at her quite severely, something that prompt a hidden smile on Hinako's face. Although Hiashi always preferred to maintain an aura of coolness around him, she could always tell what he was feeling underneath. The see the man being worried about her brought a small sense of joy within her. The rumors of Hyuuga Hiashi being a cold and remorseless leader were proven wrong. He had a true heart.

"Hiashi-sama, it is nothing. Our clan medics had already treated the worst of my pains. As long as I do not exert myself, then there is no problem. I believe checking on my child is not something too strenuous."

Hiashi's frown did not lighten in the least. "Being able to see your own children is not something that you should be risking your health over. There are plenty of opportunities to see her when your body is healed."

"Nothing is more important than to be able to see your own children being safe and sound." Hinako's reply was soft but her gaze suddenly hardened in a stern glare. Not even the love she felt for her own husband would stop her maternal instincts.

"…" Hiashi merely sighed. He knew it was futile to argue with her. Hinako was a very stubborn woman when prodded and nothing prompted that stubbornness more than the need to see her child safe.

'Of course… I suppose that I was being hypocritical.' Hiashi looked away in embarrassment at what happened earlier. He had just come back from a very taxing council meeting and arrived to the hospital immediately. He stayed outside of his wife's room, watching everything attentively even though he was tired. When the child was being brought over towards the incubation chamber, he had immediately rushed to his wife's side and when he knew she was alright, had rushed over again towards his child.

Hinako smiled when Hiashi looked away, obviously remembering his own anxiety. She walked over towards her husband and wrapped her arms around his own. She leaned onto his broader frame as if for support and looked up to her husband kindly. "Let us go together."

Such an open display of affection would have been viewed with shock by most people in the public. Their views of the Hyuuga were always that of stoic warriors, emotionless as the ANBU. Hiashi coughed a little in embarrassment but nodded. The smile on Hinako's face widened as they made their way towards the incubation chamber.


The room was dimly lit, so as to not irritate the slumbering infants. Such a fact was not a problem for the two Hyuugas, whose bloodline allows them to have a higher sense of sight passively. The two nimbly made their way through numerous incubators until stopping on the one labeled 'Hyuuga Hanabi'.

Hinako smiled and bent forward. Her hands landed gently against the class shell and caressed the surface. "Hello my child." Her voice came out in a soft whisper, as if she was afraid to awake the slumbering baby. "You have been very brave. The doctors were so afraid when you came out silent but not once did you cry. You just stared up at us with that face, as if asking who we were." Tears of joy welled up within her eyes, slightly clouding her vision. "You certainly take after your father on that."

"Do you know why we gave you that name? It was because when one of the doctors started to wash you, you actually bit his hand." The clan consort giggled as she remembered the doctor yelping in pain. "You certainly take after your father in many things."

"Hinako." The warmth that Hiashi generated alone gave Hinako a strange feeling of contentment. She straightened up and nodded towards her husband. The two made their way out of the incubation chamber in silence. Nothing was needed to be said.

"Hiashi-sama, Hinako-sama, how is your child?" The two Hyuugas had walked out to meet two pairs of inquisitive young eyes staring up to them. Hinako smiled softly. "Hanabi is fine. She merely needs to stay for the night and after, we will head back together."

"More importantly," the two young girls suddenly tensed at the stern tone coming from the clan head. "Do your parents know that you are away again?" the sheepish expression adopted by the two was enough proof. Hiashi sighed while Hinako giggled.

Hiashi frowned at the two young Hyuugas before him. Hyuuga Hikari and Hyuuga Ume were both grand-daughters to clan elders and as such, they were part of the main family. However, they often ditch lessons and frequent over the hospital, preferring to adopt the role of medic-nins instead of the traditional expectations from their family.

While he himself was quite fond of their cheerfulness, their lack of commitment to the traditional ways of the Hyuuga had roused protests from other main branch members. There were even talks of branding them with the curse seal but Hiashi had clamped down on it quite firmly. Still, the resentment was still there from many of the other members.

"Hiashi-sama." The clan head looked down towards his wife who winked at him with a hint of mischief in her eyes. "Let's keep this visit a secret shall we?"

Before Hiashi could reply, two squeals pitched through the hallway and the clan head nearly found himself bowled over as the two young girls hugged the laughing Hinako. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

Hinako patted both of their heads gently and looked over towards her husband. The expression that he had on his face was too much for her and she giggled at the sight. It was rare to see her husband look so flustered.

As the small group made their way towards Hinako's room, Ume and Hikari sprouted up question after question, bombarding the two with their curiosity.

"Hinako-sama, did it hurt when Hanabi-sama was coming out?"

"Did Hanabi-sama cry when she came out?"

"How tired were you after?"

"Did you break Hiashi-sama's hand when you were giving birth?"

"Now why in the world would I do that?" Hinako giggled as she listened to all their questions. She was currently leaning against her husband for support with her arms wrapped loosely around his elbow. "It's not as if he did anything too bad."

"Eh? But didn't Hiashi-sama get you pregnant? I heard wives usually break their husband's hands when they give birth to give them a taste of what it really feels like!"

"Ah." Hinako giggled at Ume's outburst while Hiashi looked away once more in embarrassment. "Then should I break my dear Hiashi-sama's hand now? After all, he did arrive a little late for Hanabi."

Hiashi took in the teasing good-naturedly. Hearing these relatively light-hearted jokes helped to lighten his mood, especially after the meeting he had came back from.

Hiashi's eyes clouded and he frowned as he remembered the meeting from a few hours back. Meetings these days were nothing more than shout matches between two subjects: The growing political disputes between Suna and the execution of the Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto. It irritated him that the council saw more reason to fight over the two subjects when they were supposed to be looking after the well being of the village.

"Hiashi-sama, is something the matter?" The clan head immediately snapped back to reality. He looked down towards his wife, who was gazing up at him with concerned eyes and shook his head. "No." He replied. "Nothing is wrong."

Hinako frowned, obviously unconvinced, but she remained silent.

"Well you didn't answer the last question!" Hikari's voice broke through the momentary awkwardness. She grinned at the group before her. "Would you break Hiashi-sama's hand if you were to get pregnant again?"

"Well now… I suppose if I get pregnant again then there would be no cho-" before Hinako could finish her sentence, Hiashi had suddenly pushed her out of the way. Surprised, Hinako trained her eyes towards her husband, who had just blocked off a flurry of kunai and shuriken.

"Kukukuku… you're reaction is still as sharp as ever Hiashi-kun." That serpentine voice, coupled with that immense killer intent, brought chills down Hinako's spine. She slowly turned her attention towards the opened door that led to her room. Standing there with a strange gray-haired boy besides him was a man with white skin, black yukata, long black hair, and yellow serpentine eyes. It did not take much for Hinako to recognize who that man was.



Sarutobi sighed, completely exhausted, as he finally lowered his ink brush. It was bad enough that he had to spend nearly two hours in that annoying meeting but now when he arrived back into his administration office, he was met with a pile of unchecked paperwork. "I am seriously getting too old for this."

As the old Hokage leaned back in his chair and puffed on his pipe, he turned his attention towards the Hokage monument, still visible in the night. Each face stared blankly into the far expanse, emulating the resolve that each Hokage takes upon themselves when they receive the title. Seeing it reminded him of his predecessors.

The Shodai, a person unrivaled in strength and wisdom, who used his own chakra to create the forests that became the borders of Konoha. He was a wise leader, an amazing teacher, and dear friend to the old Sarutobi.

The Nidaime, the honorary brother to the Shodai who left the then large empire known as Mizugakure. His knowledge in suiton techniques was so amazing and profound that he could literally create a lake that rivals those of some countries with his chakra alone. That amazing knowledge coupled with his legendary sword, Raijin, had earned him the name as Konoha's Sea King.

The Yondaime. Sarutobi sighed and gazed at the youthful face of his successor. Namikaze Minato, Konoha's Yellow Flash, was a man that inspired the village to new heights in pride. His skills were amazing, his infamy widespread, and his kindness knew no bounds. It pained Sarutobi to have been able to outlive his successor. Minato died so early, sacrificing his life to seal the powerful demon known as the Kyuubi no Yoko.

"…Do you three see this village and curse it?" Sarutobi smiled sadly at the unmoving faces. "Do you curse me for being too lax?" Again, there was no response.

"There are no excuses for the wrongs committed. I cannot hide behind my old age and claim that as an excuse. Too much has already happened before and I allowed that weariness to consume me. I now see that mistake and I pledge my cause, I shall write the wrong committed in this village."

Sarutobi sighed. He prepared himself for another night of reviewing when suddenly, he stopped. The ink brush that was held lightly within his hand fell loose and clattered onto the ground. Sarutobi hastily stood up and snapped his head towards the hospital's direction.

"This chakra…! It can't be!"



The serpentine man grinned widely. His yellow slitted eyes were brimming with madness as he stared down the Hyuuga head. Hiashi met his gaze coldly, adopting the form of a shinobi. As soon as he had blocked off the flurry of weapons, he had immediately switched onto his Jyuuken stance, preparing to fight to the death.

"Kukukuku… as cold as always Hiashi-kun. Why must you be like this when we have not seen each other in nearly ten years?"

Hiashi remained motionless. His eyes narrowed coldly as the tell-tale signs of his activated Byakugan began to show. "Why are you here traitor." He spoke up calmly, despite the situation and the monstrous killing intent around him, he remained poised. "It cannot be for just a reunion. Why are you here?"

"Why you say? Kukukuku… there are actually two reasons. One is right here." He motioned towards his silent companion who was carrying an unconscious child. The gray-haired man shifted the body for a better view and the Hyuugas immediately knew who it was. Battered and bloody, that child was none other than the Kyuubi's jailor, Uzumaki Naruto.

"No…" Hinako whispered to herself. The boy looked like he had been through a battlefield. Wounds were all over his body and one of his arms looked like it was hanging by a thread. The boy stirred a little and opened his eyes. Hinako immediately found herself at the receiving end of Naruto's vision. She was shocked to see his eyes dead, soulless. What had happened to him?

"You monster!" She suddenly found herself screaming. "What have you done to him!?"

"Me?" Orochimaru turned his attention towards her and if possible, his maniacal smile widened even more. "Little Naruto-kun here was like this when I found him. The poor little soul was beaten and humiliated by the very villagers you weaklings protect!" His voice suddenly changed tone and his smile flared into a full fledged laugh.

"I really must thank you! To provide me with the perfect test subject!" Orochimaru did a mocking bow before them. "But I am afraid that I will need more than just one."

"What are you saying?" Hiashi gritted his teeth in anger. What was this snake playing at?

Orochimaru looked up at him and grinned. "The answer is simply Hiashi-kun." The Hyuuga clan head almost shuddered. Orochimaru was practically purring in his delight. "I require more 'test subjects', nothing more."

Before he could do anything, Hiashi suddenly found himself knocked against the wall. He gasped in pain but before he could retaliate, the wall behind him began to morph. The concrete that made up the wall suddenly moved forward and wrapped around his body. "What!" He tried to move but found himself unable to. "You-!"

"Now now… no need for you to be so angry Hiashi-kun. After all, it's not like I'm going to be killing anyone here." Orochimaru grinned at him before making his way towards the three Hyuuga women before him. Hikari and Ume both had been knocked unconscious by the sheer force of his killing intent, making them quite easy to take. Hinako was weakened by child-birth and so she cannot do much. Orochimaru knelt down next to her and ignoring the angry cries from Hiashi, placed her in a genjutsu-induced sleep.

"Stop! What are you doing with my wife!?"

"Kukuku, I said that I needed more 'test subjects' did I not? I happened to have found three perfect candidates." Orochimaru grinned at the pinned Hyuuga. "It has been quite nice to talk to you again Hiashi-kun but I'm afraid that Kabuto and I must take our leave." Suddenly, the forms of Orochimaru and his accomplice began to melt onto the ground. Startled, Hiashi yelled for him to stop but it was in vain. Orochimaru had disappeared.

And just after, Sarutobi, along with a squad of ANBU elites, appeared. "Hiashi! What has happened!?"

The clan head was staring at the spot before him in shock. "He took them." He muttered. "He took them."

"Who? Who did he take?"

"My wife, my clansmen… he took them." Hiashi turned his attention towards the strickened Hokage. "He also took Uzumaki Naruto."


Hiashi looked at the spot once more, reliving the final moments where his wife was sinking into the ground along with that snake. Then, in a sudden burst of energy, he reared back his head and gave out one loud cry. It rang through the hallway, through the entire hospital, and towards the village, expressing his lamentation.


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