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"Hi Sasuke!" Sakura yells.

"Hey babe!" Sasuke yells back at Sakura.

I run towards my girlfriend Sakura seeing her breast jump up and down and noticing that they got larger. I stop and look at the sky seeing that it is sprinkling rain. Sakura reaches both her arm out and gives me a hug. I hold her tightly feeling her breast push against my chest. I grab her butt and she grabs mine.

"Sakura let's get a hotel?" I ask

"Hmm…" She kisses me swaying her tongue in my mouth. "Yeah…" she said.

We get to the nearest hotel and I get us a room. We run to the room wet from the pouring rain. We get to the room and Sakura walks up to the shower.

"Oh, Sasuke!" she says.

She goes into the shower after stripping nude. I strip and walk into the shower seeing Sakura nude. I grab her close to me.

"Are you still on the pills?" I ask.

"Yeah. ?" she asks.

I grab her close to me and get out of the shower and we begin to roll around the carpet. She gets up and runs to the bed and lays there forming a pose waiting for me. I stare at her trying to catch my breath. I look at her large breast as she grabs them then as I watch her hands go down I run to the bed and get under the covers with her.

After that lemon scene:

I wake up the next morning on the floor wondering how I got there. I get up seeing Sakura in my shirt. I grab my boxers and put them on. I walk towards the kitchen where Sakura is cooking and go behind her. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her neck. She grabs my hands and kisses me. I tell Sakura I have to go to work. I get my clothes on and walk home to get my suit on.

I get to work seeing my assistant Karin waiting for me. I sit at my desk finishing up my paperwork. Karin walks in with her shirt buttoned under her breast. I look at her breast seeing that she removed her bra. I try to ignore it knowing that we are over and that I have moved on. She closes the blind and I begin to sweat trying to show that I am not nervous. She locks the doors and walks up to me. She bends over and shoves my face down her breast not letting my head go. She lets my head go and grabs my tie.

"I am not wearing an underwear…" She whispers into my ear.

I push her away from me seeing Sakura come in.

"Karin! What are you doing!" she yells.

"Hmp!" Karin says walking away.

I remembered giving Sakura the key to my office a while back. Sakura walks up to me with a basket of muffins and puts it on my desk. She kisses me and leaves my office quietly.

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