"Karin I don't want to see you." Sakura said.

"Fine." Karin Says

"You have betrayed me. I never want to see your fucking face again." Sakura said.

Karin leaves exited the room and left showing no emotion on her face, though deep inside she was angry. She leaves the door slamming it and I lock the door behind her.

"Sasuke, I am feeling so friken horny come in!" Yelled Sakura.

I run to our room seeing her naked on the bed. I quickly strip off all of my clothes and Sakura begins to suck on my cock. I slowly shoved it into Sakura as she wined . She pressed her breast against my chest as I bit her breast. She yells and moans when I take her and grab her ass and shove it even harder. I take her head and bite her lip and take my tongue and place it in her mouth and quickly roll my tongue in her mouth as her saliva slowly runs down my chin onto my body.

"Sasuke, that's enough." She says panting.

"Yeah." I say trying to catch my breath.

I roll of Sakura and lay next to her tired turning to her and see her asleep. I put a blanket over her and put my boxers back on. I walk downstairs and grab a glass of water. I grab the camera and quietly walk into the room and remove the blanket off of Sakura. I grab her enormous breast and begin to touch her all over her body recording it. I quickly turn off the camera and jump into the bed exhausted.

The next day...

I wake up to my alarm beeping and so I get ready for work. I see Sakura in a large too shirt with no bra on.

"Sasuke, are you ready?" She asked.

"Yeah I am going to leave now. Have a nice day." I said to he as I left.

I get to work and walk into my office seeing it trashed with paper all over and graffiti on my wall saying Fuck you Sasuke! If you never loved me tell me straight up you bitch!. I stare at the wall knowing that it was Karin that had preformed this action.

I quickly exit my office and walk up to Karin.

"Karin if you are going to vandalize my shit I am going to fire your fucking ass! So get your ass in there and clean your shit up." I yell at her.

"I didn't do it." She said moving aside.

I turn to see my ex Hinata standing there looking different from the last time I saw her. She had gotten a lip and eye brow piercing. She had made her eye liner dark as ever. She was dressed in black leather skinny jeans with a checkered belt and vans wearing a blood red tee shirt.

"Hinata, leave." I commanded her.

"Sasuke, I always loved you. Why did you ever break up with me?" She asked.

"Hinata I am currently engaged so leave. Now!" Yelled Sasuke.

"Sasuke you will regret this." Hinata said leaving.

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