Hate Is A Strong Word

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I muttered as I rolled over, my moan of pleasure was interrupted when my body collided with something else. Someone else. I tried to remember anything about last night, but I couldn't see any clear images, there were flashes, blurry and mixed up, I could barely get a thing. The only thing I was getting at the moment was that my body ached as much as my head. A hammering pain was running through it.

I opened my eyes and immediately regretted it. I was blinded by the sunlight that was invading the room, I blinked a few times and my hand flew to my eyes, covering part of them. That was when I noticed. I was wearing a ring. I was wearing two rings. I stretched my arm again to give a proper look at them. There was one with a big diamond, sparkling with the few rays of sunlight that were reaching it. The other one was a golden ring. A golden band encircling my finger. The finger.

"Oh Crap."


"Aliiceee.." I whined as I moved in my chair. "A-l-i...ce" I sang again. "Aliiiice. Your name sounds funny. Like bells. Wait! That's my name..." I laughed again, throwing my head back as my body shook.

"Yes Bella. Could you stop making noise? We don't want a fan of yours to see you here...like this." she hushed me as I continued making noises.

"Alice, Alice, Alice..." I leaned closer to her. "My fans don't ever come to places like this. Why would a fan of me ever come to Vegas! THEY ARE ALL THIRTEEN YEAR OLD!" I exclaimed as I threw my hands up in the air. "They would never be drunk in a bar because their ex-boyfriend got married. EVER! Because they have hope and dreams and the believe in romance, and all because of my stupid movies!"

"Bella..." my best friend muttered as she grabbed me by the arms and shook me. "I'm going to go and get a room and book a flight and first thing tomorrow we'll be out of this hell-hole. You better pray no one finds out you were here. " she paused and sighed exasperated. "Stay here and don't leave with anyone, do you understand me? It might take a while to book a flight because I have to talk to Emmett, but I can't take you with me because everyone will know you are a drunk depressed bitch. Don't move, okay?"

I nodded eagerly and she let go of my arms, grabbed her purse and started walking away. As soon as she walked out of the door I turned around and smiled.

"Oh Mr. Bar-man..."


I stared at my drink for the fifth time in the last five seconds, I licked my lips and grabbed the glass but before I could drink a sip a hand grabbed my wrist and forced me to put it down. I was prepared for Alice and her bitching about my drunkenness, when I lifted my eyes I found a pair of mischievous green eyes. Where had I seen those before? Where? Where?

"Let go." I grunted and he laughed.

I twitched my lips and he laughed even harder now. I knew him! He was Edward...Edward Masen. The musician Edward Masen. The womanizer Edward...Oh shit.

"Let go of my hand you fucking asshole!" I screamed now as I shook my whole arm.

I tried to look as murderous as Emmett looked when I dared him to do something. It didn't work, he laughed even more this time. I sighed and looked around trying to find something else to focus in and then I realized why he was laughing so much. A bottle of scotch was in his pocket. The guy was as drunk as me. I bit my lip and looked away but his other hand, his finger under my chin, forced me to look back at him, he wasn't laughing anymore. He lifted my hand carefully and pressed his lips to the top of it, never breaking eye contact.

"Miss Swan. It's a pleasure..." he sat down in the seat next to mine, I could smell the alcohol floating in the air. "I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass. It won't happen again."

I was the one who had to choke back her laughter now. Did he seriously believed that I was going to fall for that? That of all people, him, Edward Cullen, the musician that was the biggest womanizer of America was going to make me fall for that? I smiled at him, and decided to wipe that stupid smirk off of his face.

"Do you actually believe that I'm going to fall for that bullshit?" I asked using my best poker face, it probably wasn't good since I was drunk as him.

"Ah." he sighed as he let go of my hand and leaned back. "I've always liked them feisty"

I laughed. How did he managed coherency when he was drunk? I could smell the alcohol in his breath. Or was that my breath?

"Let me buy you a drink." he offered, I smiled and nodded, with all the alcohol that was in my system already one more shot could do no harm, right? "Tell me Miss Swan..."

"Bella.." I corrected as I pulled a cigarette out of my purse, he lifted the corner of his mouth.

"Bella...how do you feel about body shots?" I almost burned my hand with my lighter.

"Where the hell did you come from? You just pop out of no where when I'm trying to be drunk and miserable and offer me drinks, I'm not complaining by the way because I ran out of money and apparently I have a high resistance to alcohol, but seriously? Do you expect me.." I said as I pointed my chest with my free hand "America's Sweetheart Bella Swan to agree to let you.." I pointed his chest this time poking him and he grimaced "America's womanizer lick salt off of me? You are either nuts or wasted."

He shrugged and grabbed the cigarette of my hand.

"I get it."

"You get it?"

"Yes I do." he answered "You're pussy like all of your movie characters. You come here and pretend to not give a shit but the truth is that you do. Your image is everything to you. So I get it."

"Are you daring me?" I almost barked at him. "Are you daring me to do something bold?" I asked again, he lifted his head, that stupid smirk was plastered on his mouth again.

"Yes I am. In fact, forget about the body shots gorgeous. How about a lap dance?" he offered as he arched his eyebrow teasingly.

"I'm up for anything."


60 minutes later we were both walking down some street positively in our way to drunk

"Oh please..." I said as I continued twirling down the street. "You're just upset because you are only getting unfinished lap-dances..."

"If it was up to me it wouldn't be unfinished..." he sighed as he grabbed my hand for the fifth time in the last two minutes.

"Oh..." I smiled at him and stood on my tiptoes pressing my lips against his earlobe. "You definitely had something up."

"If you want to continue 'upping things'.." he whispered back at me.

"I'll keep that in mind." I pulled away and started walking away but he grabbed me by the arm and pressed me against the wall of one of the buildings of the street. I was pressed between the bricks and his body.

"Do you feel like making a bet? Since we are in Vegas and all?" he offered, the mix of smoke and scotch hit me in the face. "To spice things up?"

"I told ya, I'm up for anything." I smiled at him and his hand dropped low on my legs cupping my inner tight, I moaned. "Do you want to? Here?"

"No...I just want to. How about two thousand dollars say I'll get you into bed before tomorrow." he smirked.

"Ten thousand dollars say I'll be fucking you against all the walls of the hotel room."

I grabbed him by the hair and pressed his mouth against mine, his lips were rough, violent, he lifted me up and I locked my ankles on his back as he thrusted his tongue into my mouth. His hand went under my tight shirt, his palm immediately full with one of my breasts. I moaned into his mouth and bit his bottom lip as I dug my nails into his arms. He always seemed so lanky on tv, I was surprised to find that he was very very muscular. He pulled away from my kiss and licked all his way down my breast just to go up and take one of my earlobes into his mouth.

"So where are you staying?" he muttered as I continued panting.

"With you."


He pushed me into the room and as soon as he kicked the door behind him I jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed himself harder into me. I ran my fingers through his hair again. Ah. That was delicious. He pinned me against a wall and I lifted my arms as he pulled my shirt up. He tossed it aside and leaned back to examined my chest. He grinned, and he pressed his mouth against my silk-covered breasts. Licking, biting, kissing every inch of skin he could reach, he unclasped my bra and I wiggled my arms to get rid of it. As soon as I threw it besides me I ripped his shirt open and ran my nails down his abs as he shrugged it off.


I pressed my naked chest against his and he moaned. Delightful. His hands moved quickly working on my zipper and he pulled my jeans off leaving me only in a thong. I kissed him again and moved my hands down to get rid of his pants. I unbuttoned them and moved them down with my feet along with his boxers. He moaned into my mouth and I reached down, ripping my thong off of me. I needed him now. He teased me, his finger circling my clit. I pulled away from his mouth, and pulled his hair.

"Fuck me."

And he did. He thrust himself inside of me as I pulled him closer to me with my legs. I could feel the wall shaking a bit as he slammed himself into my aching core. His mouth found my breasts again and he continued his biting, driving me further and further into the ecstasy I was in. I could feel him grunting against my skin, each grunt pushing me further and further. I leaned down and licked his cheek and that was it. I screamed like bloody hell and dug my nails into his skin, scratching down his back. We both fell to the floor quivering, my legs felt like jelly. He rolled off of me and I opened my eyes as I continued panting.

"Holy Shit..."

"I agree..." I said as I got up and walked towards the small closet the hotel room had, luckily for me there was a dress there. Used probably I was too drunk to care. I stepped into the tube dress. It was electric blue and it hugged my body just fine.

"Aren't you going to wear underwear?"

"I thought you'd want easy access." I replied as I grabbed a bottle of vodka from the fridge. "Get dress, we are going out."

"I'm sure there is alcohol wherever we are going." he said as he stepped into his pants pulling them up.

"I need to stay drunk and so do you." I answered as I drank again. "Now..." I walked towards him and grabbed him by the arm as he continued buttoning his shirt with the other hand. "How about a quickie before we go out?"

"My God! Woman.." he sighed as I pushed him against a wall and dropped to my knees.

"I know." was my last coherent sentence before I undid his zipper.


"Wake up! Wake up!" I yelled as I shook his body as hard as I could. "Come on you ass! Open your eyes!"

"Calm the fuck down Tanya..." he muttered as his arms flung to my waist, his eyes fluttered open and he stared at me surprised."You ain't Tanya..."

"No shit Sherlock." I muttered as I turned to my nightstand. Ah there it was, the sacred paper. "I think we are married or we went crazy on jewelry last night."

"WHAT? I can't be married to you. I mean you were a great laid but..." he stretched his hand and grabbed his cigarettes and his lighter from the nightstand. Ass.

"Shut up." I hissed as I opened the folded paper, there it was. Both of our signatures. "GOD DAMN IT! I get drunk once just once in my whole fucking life and I end up marrying you!" I dropped the paper and covered my face with my hands.

"No, No! There has to be a mistake. We were drunk..." he grabbed the paper. "Jeez."

"JEEZ? WE ARE MARRIED AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS JEEZ? You don't say jeez when you accidentally marry someone! You say jeez when you drop a dish!" I threw my arms up in the air in exasperation.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch wifey. I'll call and have it annulled."

"No you won't." I protested. "I am having an annulment. You are the idiot here. I'm the one people love." I reached for my purse and grabbed my cellphone.

99 missed calls.



My manager and my best friend was probably going to murder me and I was married to the biggest asshole of the country. Why did God picked on me like this? I flipped my cellphone open but before I could dial any number I was interrupted by Edward's voice as he walked into the bathroom.

"You owe me twelve thousand dollars."