The whistle blew and Rogue was relieved. It was a tough training shift with an even tougher captain. Rogue couldn't think of a time she'd been sweatier… okay, maybe she could, but behind closed doors with Remy didn't count.

"Awesome job, team!" Kitty shouted excitedly as Rogue followed Kitty, Paige and Jubilee to the sidelines where Kurt stood. Kitty beamed with pride when she approached the eerie, dark blue mutant.

"Well, how did we do?" she asked eagerly.

"I think we're ready for a mission," Kurt answered after purposely humming and hawing over the matter. Kitty shrieked with joy along with the rest of the girls. The new team had met the standards Storm had set to qualify for real missions.

"You know we couldn't have done it without you joining, Rogue!" Jubilee squealed, hugging her tightly. "You had a spot on Logan's team and you turned it down for us!"

It was true. Marie had been offered a spot on Logan's team. It had been her chance to avoid working with Bobby, but it would have consequently put her under Remy's command, and soon she'd be known as 'Remy's Girl' instead of 'Bobby's Girl'. She didn't want that. She was Rogue, who just happened to be dating Remy and was not defined by that alone.

Plus, Remy would never admit it, but the idea of putting Rogue in any sort of danger made him sick. She'd practiced with his team a couple of times and Remy always came out of it pale, nervous and slightly green. So, in the end, she had decided to stay on Storm's team under Bobby's command. Which to put it nicely, did not work out at all. She stuck with it, until one day Storm thought some more students were ready for the teams.

Nightcrawler jumped at the chance to lead his own squad and Storm approved the idea. Kitty was given the chance to be a team captain and Rogue was the first to sign to Nightcrawler's roster. Paige Guthrie was next. She was a few years younger than the rest, but had a lot of moxie. With her older brother, Sam, being one of Logan's elite, she was a sure thing. Jubilee joined to close the deal on being the first all girl team. Nightcrawler didn't seem to mind a team of all girls, even when Shiro began calling them the 'Sailor Scouts'. They hadn't got to practice against Logan's team yet, but Rogue was taking Shiro down a few pegs when they did.

"This calls for a celebration!" Jubilee yelled once the girls hit the locker room. "Girls night out!"

"Awesome! And Sam's not even here to give me a lecture. I am so in!" Paige chimed. "You in, Marie?"

"Sorry, with Remy in Canada, I've got an evening of 'phone date' planned."

"You mean phone sex." Jubilee snickered.

Marie rolled her eyes, willing the colour that was flushing to her cheeks to go away.

"Hey what's the 'pass-out count' up to these days?" Paige inquired.

"Why must you even ask or keep track of that?" Marie groaned.

The 'pass-out count' was the girls' favourite thing to ask Marie. It was basically a tally Paige diligently kept of how many times Remy took things too far and passed out from being absorbed by Rogue. Their favourite was when Rogue showed up to practice with Remy's eyes, because it was a telltale sign that Remy had taken it much too far and was down for the count for at least a day. Logan was always particularly pissed off on those days.

No matter how many times she was asked, Marie would never reveal what exactly it was they were doing that got Remy knocked unconscious. Everyone had their own ideas anyway.

"Come on, Rogue, how many times this week?" Kitty grinned wickedly.

Rogue sighed her best annoyed sigh, but was secretly excited to share this week's number. "Only twice."

"Wow. That's better than last week's count of seven," Paige remarked. "Impressive."

"We're starting to figure out what works and what doesn't."

"So what does work?" Jubilee asked slyly. All the girls stared eagerly at her for an answer.

Marie was not about to divulge that in order to have physical contact, she and Remy had to kink things up a bit. It was after one night of phone intimacy while they were lewdly reminiscing about their library escapade when an idea had hit her. They had had sex before with minimal contact. It was fully clothed in the library. Omit the kissing and it would work.

It did.

The trick to keeping it intimate was not to lose eye contact.

"Earth to Marie!" Kitty shouted.

Rogue snapped out of her thoughts, blushing furiously.

"Uh oh, she's got that loved-up look again on her face. She's lost to us now," Paige teased.

"Go phone your boyfriend, and make sure you tell him to tell Sam that Paige is already in bed sleeping." Jubilee laughed, playfully pushing her out the door.

She was already dialing Remy's phone as she walked down the hall to her room.

Her heart skipped a beat when a familiar voice answered.


"Hi, Sug." She grinned.

"How was training?" he asked.

"Good, we passed. We officially can go on missions."

"That's wonderful, Chere!"

"You almost finished Logan's beer run?" she teased.

"It's a bona fide mission that just happens to be in Canada. Purely coincidental that Logan's stash went dry before we left—uh, hang on a second, Chere."

Marie smiled as she heard Remy attempt to cover the phone so she wouldn't hear him.

"Shiro, get the fuck out of here!"

She heard Shiro yell, "Hi Marie!" before a door slammed.

Remy was back on the line. "Sorry 'bout that."

"You alone now?" she purred.

He lowered his voice. She could image his grin.

"Depending on what you're wearing, I am."