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ok this is my third story. it's meant to be funny and if you don't find it funny, that's ok. i had fun writing it.

Bella dreamt what?

I sat in her rocking chair. Watching over her as was Edwards's instructions. I couldn't help but feel guilty. Guilty of the conversation I had with Bella before she fell asleep. Her and I had talked about when my family and I left. What it had been like for her and for us. I made her feel so bad. I made the pain come back. While talking to her I noticed she had brought her arms and wrapped them around her torso.

It had been the worst feeling in the world. She had said. I tried being normal for Charlie for his . . . health. She had said. For months I thought I was fooling him. I ate, drank, and responded when some one talked to me. But I guess he had me fooled for thinking I had him fooled.

When she asked me what it was like for my family and me, I wasn't sure I should tell her.

Well, at first none of us wanted to go. We tried everything. Carlilse and Esme tried bribing him with a new car, Alice and Rose threatened to have me and Jasper hold him down while they…for lack of a better word torture him. Female style. She giggled at that.

After we talked more about what had happened I realized it was almost midnight.

Get some sleep Bella. Edward will be here sooner if you fall asleep. Or it will seem that way to you.

After she insisted on giving me a hug (and succeeded) she curled up in her bed and went to sit in her rocker.

So here I' am. Watching over her while she sleeps.

In the early morning hours…about 3 or 4…she started to toss and turn.

"Edward!" she called out frantically. "Edward please." Her voice was now pleading. "Please." She mumbled. I came to the conclusion that she was dreaming of the night we left. She must have pleaded with him to stay. "No." she whimpered. "Edward!" she yelled quietly.

I stood up quickly and went over to the bed. I knelt down in front of it and started to quietly sooth her. I moved her hair out of her face. And started to stroke her cheek and arm. She calmed instantly. She must think I'm Edward. I thought to myself.

Since she seemed to have calmed down I started to pull my arm away, but she wrapped her arms and hands around it and held it to her chest.

"Mmmmm. Emmett." She said just as I was going to try to pull it from her grasp again. I froze. Why is she dreaming about me? It should be Edward. Edward is the one she loves. Isn't he? If he is then why is she dreaming about me? I thought frantically.

Once again I tried pulling my arm away. But when I pulled it closer to me, she came with it. She buried her face in my hand and started mumbling.

"Emmett." She sighed. She started breathing heavier. "Emmett. Mmm. Emmett." She gasped. As she said this my eyes got huge. A thousand questions flew through my mind. What is she dreaming? Why is she dreaming about me? What about Edward? What will he do? To me and to Bella?

I was brought abruptly back from my thoughts. I looked down to the cause of the surprise. Bella had opened her mouth slightly and had pulled my hand to it. I looked down just in time to see Bella pull my fingers to her lips, slightly breath on them then slipped one into her mouth.

I gasped in surprise and because of the warmth of her mouth. She began sucking on it. Swirling her tongue around my middle finger. She started to use her teeth as well.

My eyes were the size of saucers as I started down at her; moaning my name and sucking on my finger. Panting heavily.

I had to get my arm away from here. Had to get back and just watch over her like Edward said. But every time I do she comes with it. How am I going to get my arm back? And the most important thing how am I going to get her to stop sucking on my fing -

I was cut off the sudden cool air going over my finger. I looked down and saw that Bella that stopped sucking my finger. At first I was relived. But that only lasted for a second.

Bella started to bring my finger down. Over her bottom lip, her chin and down her neck. But she didn't stop there. She kept bringing it farther down. Over the base of her throat, and still farther down. As she did this her breathing got even heavier. She parted her lips, a little which made her breathing sound like soft moans.

I swallowed hard as I watched her move my hand. If I really wanted her to stop I could just pull my hand away. But while watching her I wasn't sure if I did want her to stop.

"Em - … Emmett. Emmett. Ohhhh." She moaned, as she kept moving my hand down. She brought it down between her breasts, then grabbed my hand and made me cup her left breast. She squeezed my fingers together making me squeeze her breast.

"Mmmmm. Ohhhh. Emmett. Emmett. EMMETT!!" she practically screamed. I was afraid Charlie was going to get up to see what the commotion was about but he never did. And after a minute I heard his snoring again.

I don't know if it was possible but my eyes got even bigger. After a minute she released my fingers and brought them slowly back to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked my finger. Getting it wet again.

This time when she moved it down her torso she moved it a little more quickly. Past the part she's already traced with my finger. When she got to the top of her stomach she slowed. She brought it down over her stomach and over her belly button.

I looked back up to her face. Her eyes were still closed but she had a seductive smirk on her face. She brought my finger lower and lower. When she got to the tops of her panties she stopped. I looked back to where my hand was, and my breathing got heavier.

All of a sudden she started laughing. I whipped my head back to look at hers and just as I did her eyes popped open.

"Bella….what?….wait…what?" I stuttered confused. When she released my hand I was so confused I didn't move it right away. I stared at Bella confusingly while she kept on laughing. "Wait…. Bella. What…"

She calmed down enough to look at me and say "I knew I could get you."


She could took a deep breath and calmed herself to the point of just every now and then giggles. "I said I knew I could get you. When you first tried to pull your arm away you didn't realized but you woke me. When I saw you didn't know I decided to have a little fun. You should have seen your face…it was priceless." She said starting to giggle again.

"That wasn't very funny Bella. I thought you actually were dreaming about me. It freaked me out." I said starting to glare at her.

"It was too very funny. And you know it. You're just mad because somebody actually got you. You were actually pranked. Now suck it up and get over it." She said rolling her eyes at the last part.

"You shouldn't have done that you know. You're going to regret it." I whispered.

"What do you mean?" she asked curiously.

"I mean payback's a bitch." I said smirking.

Pulling the blanket back up around herself she looked at me. Speculating whether or not I was joking. When she came to her resolution she laid back down.

"Well I'll have to be on my guard now won't I" she whispered closing her eyes.

"Oh yeah…" I said standing up and walking back over to the rocking chair. "You most certainly will be. You never know when I'll get you." This was the last thing she heard before she fell asleep.

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