Authors note:

yes i am going to repost my story Abuse, and it will be at The Writers Coffee Shop and the website is twcs . com i've been so busy lately tho that i haven't written anyting or reposted anything yet. i'm actually planning on putting all my stories on hiatis for now cuz of how busy i've been. considering its my junior year, i have to start looking at colleges and forcusing more so on school, so i've given my self absolutely no time to write. i'm sorry if this dissapoints u (cuz i know it dissapoints me, and i'm the one thats deciding it). i'm not going to stop writing the story till its over but for now i'm going to put all my stories on hiatis. i'm sorry again but it will be reposted at a later time.

i ask u tho to not give up on any of my stories, it will be finished and certain stories reposted if needed be.