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Chapter 1


" Ok, now turn slightly to the left and bring your chin down and stop frowning. Look serene, calm." They did what they were told and I snapped the picture. "Good, that's a wrap people! Excellent work, we finished in no time!"

I was in the middle of Central Park shooting the cover for Vogue magazine. The girl in front of me broke out of the pose and flipped her hair. I didn't exactly like her, actually I detested her. She was beautiful, in a preppy sort of way, but her attitude was horrible. She was an up-and-coming model by the name of Lauren Mallory.

"Ugh, finally! My wrists were hurting!"

I grimaced. I had only put her in a slightly awkward pose for ten seconds at most, she was going beyond irritating.

For me I was well off. I was 20, and fresh out of Portland University for the summer. I would be going back to my dad, Charlie, in Forks, Washington, but I was in the most bustling city in America, New York. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but Portland had quiet charm (and way more Starbucks). This happened because I worked relentlessly for three years to get where I am today, a well known photographer. My favourite professor, Ms. Laure, had pushed me to succeed as a photographer, and set me up with incredible opportunities.

I had gotten an acceptance to study with top photographers in NYC, and to debut my own studio. A life time opportunity that I most definitely would not pass up. I had been here a month and had already had gotten a ton of well known clients. Vogue, Vanity Fair, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, and Michael Kors were just a few. I was on the go 24/7, which was fine for me because I worked well when I was busy and under pressure.

I was paid well too, which was a nice perk. For this shoot I was getting 10 grand, and I had 9 more this week. They had put me up in an incredible apartment in Greenwich Village that had a great view of Washington Square Park. I had decided to take up running, which wasn't working out. This being that I am such a klutz that most of the time I fall, and I was starting to think that the scrapes on my palms would become permanent. It was a lovely park, and I had a lot of fun there, minus the falling. I loved to take pictures of people under the arch, or running through the fountains.

I checked through all of the shots on my incredibly expensive camera that they had provided me with. I liked a few and they would be contenders in the board room with the editors for the magazine.

I gave a thumbs up to my assistant, Mike, giving him the ok to take the camera. He smiled back at me, a little to warmly, and started shouting to the other assistants. They picked up Lauren Mallory in a limo, while I stood waiting for a cab.

"Hey Bella!" I turned at the sound. Mike was jogging towards me a smile on his face. I swear, that boy was a puppy in another life.

"Yeah Mike?"

"Listen, I was just wondering if you want to go to dinner tonight. I know this really good place on 1st." He looked way to hopeful.

"Sorry Mike, I can't. You know how busy I am, with all the work, and the studio, I don't have time."

"Oh, Oh right. Well, I guess…I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." he looked completely downfallen.

"Yeah, bye." As I whistled for a cab and one screeched to a halt.

I jumped in and told the cabbie my address, and then sat back for the ride. Mike shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. Time wasn't the only reason.

Ever since I moved to Forks when I was 14, I had had too many boyfriends to count. The last three had been miserable and I had given up on ever finding the guy for me. Which some people would find odd because I am only 20. It was just that they seemed more interested in getting in my pants, then actually seeing me for who I was. And that was irritating, and astonishing.

Astonishing because I didn't actually think I was that good looking. I was pretty plain, with wavy chocolate brown hair, and deep brown eyes. I was slight, and only 5'4'' and I was incredibly pale, more like an albino. I dressed in comfortable clothes most of the time but, as I was living in the city longer, I felt the New York City fashion starting to rub off on me. I had a lot of meetings and presentations to go to, and that made me dress better. And as I was getting recognized, politics played in too. I was invited to the Governor's Ball, that was in a month and a half by none other than the Governor himself. We had met at a Gala at the Empire State Building last week. My mother, Réne, was ecstatic.

The cabbie dropped me off at the apartment. I walked inside and waved to Alistair, the doorman.

"How are you today Miss Bella?"

"Fine, thank you. A little busy." he nodded and watched me until I got to the elevator.

My apartment was on the 5th floor and I fumbled with my keys by the front door as I took them out of my bag. In it, I had my Canon digital, my cell phone, a pad of paper (if a thought for a shoot came to mind) and a tube of lip gloss that never got used.

I heard the lock click and I swung inside and shut the door. I kicked my flats off and jumped down to the landing. My apartment was HUGE.

It had brick walls on three sides while the "living room" side was all white. There was a raised part to the floor by the door, where I had a desk with the cordless phone, and all of my Post-its to myself. My coat rack and shoes were on the other side.

My living room, dining room, kitchen, and library were all connected in an open plan. My really nice bathroom was off to the left of the wall . Past the library were 2 guest bedrooms that were never slept in. If I had to pay for this, it would be over a million, I was almost positive.

On the right side of the living room was a curling wrought-iron staircase leading up to my bedroom loft. I had a massive king sized bed that took up the middle of the room. All around the walls were my favourite photographs all of which were ones from home.

Charlie's house, the forests in Forks, my dorm and my friends Angela, and Ben, back home. Angela and Ben had been together for years and I wondered when he was going to propose. All of the pictures were in black and white. I liked modern design, and black and white, to me, felt really crisp, and refreshing. A blank slate to start a new day.

I had all wood floors and a balcony off my bedroom, where I watched people in the park and look up at the non-existent stars trying to get through the city lights. I dumped my bag on my desk and went to my computer.

It was tucked in the middle of my massive library where I had brought the hundreds of books I had collected over the years. I loved the classics, Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, I was a sap for those Romance novels. I flicked it on and waited a few minutes while it registered me and then I went to my E-mail.

I had 6 new messages. 3 were from my mom, asking how my day was going, and getting more frantic when I didn't answer. I answered back that I was fine and told her about my day. Another was confirming my shipment from Best Buy. I had bought a plasma screen television that I wouldn't really watch much, but I had bought it split second because they were on sale. I could watch movies if I got the time.

Another was from Elle magazine editor Nina Garcia, confirming a photo shoot at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. I replied yes and flipped to the last message. It was from my cousin Rosalie Hale.

She and her twin brother Jasper, were my very best friends. They were like a brother and sister to me since I was an only child and they were four years older than me. Rosalie was the perfection of beauty. She had long blond hair, and blue eyes. She had more of a fashion sense than I did. And if she came to live in New York, I would have no doubt she would be a model, but was surprisingly an amazing mechanic. She had saved my butt plenty of times back home when my old truck would break down.

Jasper was an excellent lawyer. He also loved politics, he had always tried to explain them to me, but I thought they were complicated because he went into so much detail, and he was really good at debating in college. Both of them were well off. Their mom and their dad had died in a car accident when they were on holiday, which then my dad had took them in when I was 15. I have loved them ever since.

Hey Bells! I just wanted to let you know that Jazz and I are coming to NYC for a few weeks!! I can't wait to see that apartment of yours. Best part too is that we can see you studio opening!! Jazz says hi. Haha write back ok? We're coming on Monday at JFK. I'll give you more details soon.

Love You!

I laughed, incredibly excited. I had not seen them for a month and that was unheard of. It was great and I e-mailed back asking for more information.

My stomach growled, and I glanced at the clock. It was 5 in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was a good cook, and thankfully kept the fridge stocked. I opened it up and took out the ingredients to make something I called a Main Street panini. I didn't know why, but it was my favourite and I decided to spoil myself. I put the bread in the toaster and fixed the turkey, cranberries, and mayonnaise.

My cell phone ringed from my bag, the song "Waiting" by City and Colour blasting around the apartment. I licked cranberries off my fingers and ran towards the desk. I shouldn't have because I caught my foot on the end of the armchair and was sent flying slamming onto the floor.

"Oof!" my breath was knocked out of my lungs. The phone stopped ringing as I slowly picked myself up. My toe stung and my ribs were aching but as I wiggled my toes there didn't seem to be any broken bones so I limped to the phone. I pulled it out and looked at the screen. It was my assistant, Tanya, that my sponsors had set me up with. I called her number.


"Sorry, I…didn't get to the phone in time."

"Oh, no, its ok. Umm, I just called to tell you that your new costume director is going to be at the Elle shoot tomorrow."

"Oh! Right! What was her name again?"

"Mary? Yeah Mary, that's all it says."

"Mmk. Thanks Tanya."

"No problem. Bye!"

I flipped the phone shut and hurried to the toaster, carefully scooting around the chair.

After I had eaten, I took my bag and put on my favorite brown cabbie hat and ran out the door. I was going to be late at my studio, I was helping hang my pictures and I was also supervising how they decorated and the positions of the photos. It was daunting work, but I enjoyed it.

I hailed a cab and told him the address, my studio was on Broadway. I smiled to myself, it was excellent and I really couldn't believe my luck. I was dropped off and quickly paid him as I ran across the sidewalk into the studio.

Esme Cullen greeted me. She was my surrogate mother here. She was so sweet and I loved her to death, not to mention she was the best interior decorator/architect in New York City. Her husband Carlisle was their too. He was a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, probably the best there. She gave me a gigantic hug.

"Your late Bella." she said as her caramel curls flowed around my face.

"I know, I'm sorry, I had an accident." She looked at my face worriedly.

"No, No! I'm fine really. I just tripped on my chair. I'm fine." I smiled brightly at her.

She still wasn't convinced. "Carlisle, look at her foot."

He bent as I sighed and took off my flat. I winced as he put pressure on my big toe.

"Hmm…Bella, you need to put ice on that, it is swollen, you don't want to make it worse." Esme nodded and went into the back room and got some ice from the little fridge there.

Carlisle set my foot on top of a chair. Through the remainder of the night we discussed the floor plans and schedules. At 9 we ordered some Chinese and sat laughing about our day. At 10:30 I told them I needed to get home and they hugged me goodnight. I went home exhausted ready to sleep. I fell asleep quickly and didn't dream.

The next morning the clock woke me up at 5 a.m. I shut off the stupid buzzer and rolled over groaning. I lazily got out of bed and went down to the kitchen and poured some milk on the cereal and ate slowly while I watched the news on my dinky, old tele. There was nothing interesting on so I flicked it off and went back up stairs to put on my running clothes.

I put my MP3 in my ears and walked out the door to the elevator. The door next to the elevator was opened halfway and I peeked in a little ways. Moving boxes were all over the floor by the door and the bathroom seemed to be in the same place as mine because I could hear a hair dryer going and something fell on the floor. I saw a shadow on the floor and I quickly jumped away from the door, tripping and landing right on my butt.

"Ow." I croaked, the hair dryer turned off and I heard feet padding across the floor. A head peeked out and gasped quickly rushing to my side.

"Oh Gosh! Are you alright?" the girl said. She was cute. She had really short, spiky, black hair and a porcelain face, the same color as mine. Her smile was infectious as she looked down at me and I smiled back.

"I'm fine. Really, it happens all the time."

She laughed a bell-like, tinkling laugh. I stared shocked at how pretty the sound was.

"Oh ok. Well, I've got to go. I'm starting a new job today!"

"Congratulations! Good Luck!"

"Thanks!" she helped me up and I realized she was very short. Probably 4'7'' or 4'8''. I actually felt tall.

I waved and she smiled at me as she bounced back into the apartment and shut the door. I didn't know her name but she was very nice. I liked her.

I pressed the "down" button and waited as the elevator made its descent. Alistair was replaced by Garrett. He was incredibly fun to be around and I smiled at him and gave him a "High-five" as I walked out towards the already congested street. I got to the park and looked at my clock. It was 7:05. I turned on the MP3 and started to slowly jog to the music until it picked up the beat and I went faster.

I got to the fountains when the music switched songs and I started to slow down when my knee gave out and the pavement came up fast to meet my face. Just inches from the ground I stopped quickly as I stared, confused at the concrete beneath my eyes. Then I was pulled up and I spun around to see who had saved me from falling. I was stunned.

The most gorgeous man I had ever seen stood before me. A breathtaking crooked smile was on his face. His bright green eyes sparkled, a dazzling emerald colour. That was the only word to describe him. Dazzling. His hair was in a cute disarray and it was an unusual bronze colour that was blowing in the light breeze. He took a creamy coloured hand and ran his fingers through his hair. It stuck up in the air and I had to smile. He was gorgeous. Not to mention the tight, black, body-fitting shirt that showed a defined six pack.

My eyes snaked down to his well fitting pants showing off his muscular legs. He laughed. My God! It snapped me out of my stare and my eyes whipped back up to meet his face as I gasped. It was the single most beautiful sound I had ever heard. It was musical but husky, sweet but masculine, and it was sort of deep. I had always had a thing for guys with deep voices. I also blushed hugely as I realized he had caught me appraising his body. I smiled timidly at him.

"Thank you, for saving me getting beat up. I have an important job today so, at least I didn't break my face." he laughed loudly now. It took my breath away.

"Your very welcome."

I didn't speak because he had a British accent. And I was again absolutely speechless. He looked at me questioningly but, was still smiling. I stared at his mouth and day dreamed of my lips reaching up and…

NO! I thought. I was on boyfriend hiatus and this gorgeous, British, beautiful man was not going to break it.

"Oh, ok, well I…I gotta go. Bye." his face fell a little

"Well then have a nice run…" he left it as a question, he didn't know my name and I wasn't going to give it to him.

I smiled and waved as he stared after me, I just then realized he had a guitar strapped to his back, and a leather jacket covering him. A musician, mmm.

But I turned and ran the opposite direction, back towards my apartment thinking the entire way of that guys face, his gorgeous face and wondering if I had just made a mistake in not talking with him. "No" I thought. I didn't, it was better for my career that I didn't get into a relationships, especially when I would just be broken just broken after we broke up.

My last boyfriend had been a disaster. I had thought Jacob was the one, we had been dating since we were Sophmores but then my Freshman year at university he had run off with a girl named Leah, and I never saw him again. He had broken my heart and thats when I called it quits.

I got to the apartment and took a quick shower, looking at my clock and seeing I was on time. I caught a cab and it skipped down towards 5th Avenue. I stopped a few blocks away from my destination and walked into a Starbucks. I had to admit, I was an addict. I ordered a Cappuccino and kept my hands warm in the chilly morning breeze as I quickly walked down the street and into the building where we were shooting.

There were a ton of people there and Tanya and Mike came up to me. Mike looked a little dejected and I guessed he was still bummed from being let down yesterday. Tanya looked over her shoulder and waved. She smiled and stepped aside to show me a tiny pixie-like woman, and I realized that she was my new neighbor. Her eyes bugged when she saw me and then quickly turned her mouth up into a smile.

"I guess your my boss then." she laughed.

"Your Mary? Wow that's great!" she frowned.

"No, its Alice. That's my middle name. I hate Mary." I had to admit Alice fit her better.

"So what's your last name?" I asked

"Cullen, Alice Cullen. I moved here from England." she smiled. I stopped.

"Wait Cullen? My studio decorator Esmes' last name is Cullen."

"Yeah! She's my mom! She's the one that told me about the job opening." I laughed.

"That's really great. So where did you go to school?"

"Royal College of Art in London."

"You don't have an accent."

"Well, no. I wasn't born there. But Esme and Carlisle moved there when my brother and I were Juniors."

"Oh, that's good, I guess your well qualified at your job." I looked at her resume. It was impressive.

"Whats your brothers name?"

"Emmet. He's here in New York too."

"That's great, I'd like to meet him some time."

"Ok great, yeah, come over to my place some time, I'm sure he'd be there." I laughed and then, for some reason, his face popped in my head, his gorgeous eyes, his striking hair, his chiseled features...but I squashed the image, determined to not think about him anymore. And I didn't.

"Alright people! Lets get to work!" I called. And then it was all business from there.

Ok so I hope everyone liked it. Yes I know it is a little slow but I'm big on character development. Have a few things to say. My local Cafe has something called a "Main Street Panini" my favourite food! HAHA thought i would throw that in there. The falling to get to the phone thing was me too. I still have the bruise 2 weeks later!! I also have a cabbie hat that I love to death. If I go outside its on my head!! So R&R please. I LOVE COMMENTS!! So yep thats all. It will get better. I want to try and update for tomorrow!!