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Music: Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg

Disclaimer: I do not, will I ever own Twilight. But I will manipulate to my hearts content

I think that possibly

Maybe I'm falling for you

Yes There's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you

I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down

I want to come too

I think that possibly

Maybe I'm falling for you

No one understands me quite like you do

Through all of the shadowy corners of me

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much

All of the while I never knew

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much

All of the while I never knew

I think that possibly

Maybe I'm falling for you

Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you

I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine

Now I'm shining too



Because I've fallen quite hard over you

If I didn't know you I'd rather not know

If I couldn't have you I'd rather be alone

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much

All of the while I never knew

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much

All of the while I never knew

All of the while

All of the while

All of the while it was you, you!

I stood in absolute shock at what I was seeing. My heart wasn't beating as I drunk in every single note he played, and every word he sang. I could definitely tell that he had written it for me. Apparently his forlorn demeanor over the past two weeks helped him write music because the song was sweet, sorrowful, and hopeful all in one. He didn't think any less highly of me that I didn't call him but, he was depressed because I didn't. And I realized, when I heard how hopeful he sounded, that I was being an idiot. This perfect man singing for me was what I had wanted and never found. I thought I had it with Jacob but, I didn't have the same exact feeling deep in my gut with Jake as I did now watching him. His tousled hair fell in front of one eye so I focused on the brilliant green eye I could see. His penetrating gaze ripped apart my uneasiness of this whole night, I forgot that a couple hundred people were waiting to congratulate me. I was frozen in Edward's gaze. His perfect crooked smile I had been obsessing over quirked up and I blushed hugely at him but couldn't break his stare. He broke it first as he closed his eyes and sang the last few words, the last note lilting as the song ended.

Everyone cheered for them as they half nodded, embarrassed by all the publicity they were getting. I snapped out of whatever daze as I was in and gave a few claps as Edward pulled his guitar over his head and setting it down on stage. As he weaved through the mass of bodies towards me I started panicking. Even though I knew he was what I wanted I felt disgusted with myself about the way I acted and frightened of the awkward situation that was bound to happen. I turned quickly to avoid him but bumped into another body. Rose looked sternly at me and just as quickly turned me back around to face the direction he was coming.

"I will not let you run away from this one." She whispered fiercely in my ear.

I gulped as he smiled at one more person and then stood directly in front of me. He had on black semi-tight slacks on with a gray, patterned, sweater on. It was very clean cut but still had a flare of rock. His expression was one of friendly discomfort so I knew the questions were impossible to avoid.

"Your music is wonderful." I squeaked out


"I wrote it for you. I had no idea this was your opening. Congratulations." He said softly.

"I understood the lyrics. Thank you for that." He smiled a little and then we stared off in different directions.

Taking Rosalie's initiative I sucked in a deep breath and turned to face him again.

"I'm not going to lie and say my phone was disconnected or I wasn't home. I listened to your phone calls every night. I'm sorry I didn't answer, truly I am. But, awhile ago my heart was broken by someone I had loved very much, someone I could be comfortable with. And it took me so long to get out of whatever place he put me in that, I didn't realize what I felt. I feel…comfortable with you. Happy, happier than I've been for awhile. So, there's no excuse to the way I acted and I fully understand if you don't want to see me anymore."

He looked up at me after my rushed, pathetic, explanation with an unknown expression on his face. To me, it looked like a mix of pain, anger, and understanding.

"Bella, I don't blame you or hold anything against you. We can start over, fresh, ok? If things were rushed we can take it slow. I understand what you must be feeling. Don't worry, you won't make me angry. I could never be angry with you." He stared so deeply into me I thought he touched my soul. Suddenly he stuck his hand out to me, a mischevious grin on his face.

"Hi my name is Edward." I laughed at the absurdity of this "fresh" start.

"Hi I'm Bella." Taking his hand and shaking it.

" I am a professional musician in a band called London's Last Stand. I met you in the park where I brainstorm new ideas for songs. You have inspired many of them which I will play for you whenever you like."

"I am a social misfit with a love for anything photography. Your in my new studio right now which you can come visit anytime you like. I met you outside my home where you saved me from my terrible equilibrium." He laughed at my copy of his statement and then stared around the room.

"Bella, your pictures are incredible. Where were the forest pictures taken?" he asked.

"Oh, those are from around where I grew up. Washington, and Portland mostly. Some of them are from northern California." I flicked my hand to the pictures of Forks.

"Your not from New York?" he asked.

"Pfft, far from it. I'm from Forks, Washington. A tiny town of 3,000 people on the northern most coast of Washington. Your obviously not from New York either." He smiled.

"No I'm not. I'm originally from Bath, England, a coastal town in southern England. My parents still live there by the sea. It's my favorite place in the world." He smiled slightly at the memories I'm sure were floating through his head.

"Ed!" Someone yelled. He turned and I saw one of his band members over his shoulder. He smiled apologetically at me as he took a step back, unwilling to leave the conversation.

"Go, I want to here more music." I nudged him gently back towards the stage. He shrugged his guitar back on as they started a more upbeat song. As the song went on the people flooded towards me. Some I knew, others I didn't have any idea. I tried not to giggle like a school girl when Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore came up to congratulate me.

The amount of stars packed in here was mind blowing. The designers I had worked for had come too. Michael Kors stood to my right talking animatedly to Donatella Versace. Alice had yet to spot them and I purposefully stood in her line of sight to give them a couple more minutes of privacy before my friend ambushed them on their summer lines.

Rosalie was walking around stopping minutely to talk to people. Emmett followed closely behind, ogling her legs in her skin tight black dress. The geometric cut-outs on the sides of the dress left little to the imagination but that seemed to be her idea. Emmett couldn't get enough of her.

I tried to catch glimpses of Edward but people kept ambushing me. The night wore on and the open bar was always busy and around midnight the late night party started. Esme had given Edward's band a longer break and kept a small DJ booth going for about an hour. I was staring off slightly into space as an older woman told me an awful story about her experience in Grenada when I felt a large hand on my shoulder and lips at my ear.

"Bella, would you like to get a drink with me?" Edward whispered in my ear. I nodded my head very slightly in aggreance.

The woman had just finished her story and I said a few random things about what I had heard and then anxiously followed Edward to the bar for a much needed Venetian Sunset. Alice had gotten me hooked on that particularly drink last weekend.

The bar stools were all taken but there was a couch over in a nook we could use. I sat down next to Edward and groaned in relief. The heels Alice had made me wear had been pinching my feet the whole evening. We started to talk easily like at the restaurant. That seemed so far away from where I was today, even though it had only been two weeks. We talked about everything that interested us. I learned his music preference was eclectic, like mine, when he stated that his favorite bands were Coldplay, Muse, Crooked Still, and Vampire Weekend.

"Crooked Still?" I wondered out loud.

"They are a form of country, not the ridiculous pop country that plays on every American radio. They are deep country, like something you would hear in Louisiana." He said "pop country" with so much disdain I had to laugh.

Note to self, no country. That really wouldn't be a problem with me, country was something I could not stand.

The hour break that Edward had gotten was over as he grabbed one of his band mates before making a fool out of himself in front of a model. The amount of people slowly made there way out of the doors while taxies waited impatiently for them to get in. At 4 a.m. the last person finally left. I stood in front of my friends smiling like a school girl at what I had accomplished. Rosalie and Alice hugged me as Edward and the band started taking down the stage. Esme gave me a look as she flicked her eyes towards Edward and then back to me. I blushed profusely and she winked as she waltzed over to them in a very "Alice" like manner. She talked animatedly to them before beckoning us all over.

"Edward, this is my daughter Alice and my son Emmett. Rosalie and Jasper are Bella's cousins." She turned to all of us as she introduced us and we all laughed.

"What? What am I missing?" said Esme.

"Mom, there was a party and we met Edward because Bella brought him."

"I knew there was something going on between you two!" she exclaimed.

"Bella shame on you for not telling me about how nice Edward is." She scolded me playfully. Edward looked over her shoulder at me, definitely as embarrassed as I was.

"Bella these are my mates Geoff, Hank, and Alex. Guys this is Bella." I waved slightly at them and gave a timid smile. All three of them gave me a brilliant grin and wave and everyone mingled for awhile introducing themselves.

Fatigue washed over me suddenly as I realized I had been up for 26 hours. My feet were screaming in pain as I gingerly took each step at a time. I yawned widely and Edward took that as his que to leave. He took me aside as everyone was leaving.

"Can I call you sometime?" he asked anxiously, afraid of what I might say. I smiled tiredly at him.

"Of course you can. And, I will answer this time." I promised. The look I gave him was enough to convince him that I was serious. I slowly walked back to the car as Alice dragged me along chatting animatedly about every famous guest she saw. Esme had told us she would get a cleaning crew in tomorrow for the studio so we wouldn't have to worry. But, I tuned Alice out as I grabbed my light jacket and bunched it up in my lap as Alice drove quickly back to the apartment complex. I stared blankly out the window. The lights blurring around as I zoned out and thought about getting over my aversion of dating. I could handle work and relationships together right?

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