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Song: Utada Hikaru – Simple and Clean

When you walk away, 
you don't hear me say, please, oh baby, don't go.

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight. 
It's hard to let it go.

Hold me
. Whatever lies beyond this morning, is a little later on. 
Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all. 

Nothing's like before.

Kate's POV

The vampire was wild, frothing at the mouth, and thrashing about. I latched onto him and sent shocks through his body. Garrett bit through his neck and tossed it aside.

Instantly, my phone vibrated in my pocket and I flipped it open. It was Alice. "Did you take care of it?" she asked.

I glanced over at the severed body. "Yes, it doesn't look like he'll be causing any more problems."

Alice breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Kate. I didn't want to have to interrupt your honeymoon, but you guys were in the area and—"

"Of course," I interrupted. "It's no trouble, Alice. We understand our duty to the alliance," I assured her.

"Alright then. Now that that's taken care of, how's the honeymoon? Wait, more importantly, what are you wearing? Did you visit any of the designer shops? Oh, if you do, please call me. I have a wish list of—"

"Alice," I interrupted. "No, on all accounts, but the honeymoon is lovely. You have to thank Carlisle for the serum. We're having a lovely time strolling down the Parisian streets in the daylight." We quickly said our goodbyes, and I turned to my husband. Husband. It seemed so strange to be married. Marriage was so… so human. Clearly, we've been spending too much time with Carlisle and his family. Their human ways have completely rubbed off on us.


"Yes, Wife." He smiled at me and strutted in my direction.

"Shall we return to the hotel to… clean up?" He smiled and nuzzled my ear.

"Hmm," he groaned against my neck in a way that sent shivers through me. "Sounds like a perfect way to spend the evening."

I smiled at him, fully, and for the first time in a long time, without a hint of sadness. Though I thought of my sisters everyday, I'd begun to be hopeful. Now, more than ever, I truly believed in the afterlife Carlisle speaks so much of. It made me happy to know that, wherever they were, they were happy, and perhaps smiling down on me.

Bella's POV

Song: Enya – Only Time

"We are gathered here today, to mourn the loss of a beloved daughter and wife; Isabella Cullen. Although her life was short, it brought many people joy, and we shall hope that she is looking down on us from heaven today," the vicar said.

I resisted the urge to sneak a peak at my mother, who was sobbing uncontrollably. Edward, Jacob, and Charlie were putting on a wonderful performance. I could tell by their occasional sobs. I truly felt sorry that I had to put them through this, but it was necessary. As I listened to the priest, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who left their college courses to come to my funeral. Even Jessica was throwing in a sniffle here and there.

The ceremony was coming to end. Reverently, the vicar closed my casket, allowing me to open my eyes and breath without fear of being noticed. Then I felt my casket shake as it was lowered into the ground. It was morbid, but it had to be done. This part of my life, the one that involved my human family and others from my human life, was over. Though my father knew somewhat about me, my mother had no clue. She could never know, and it would be selfish to entangle them in my life.

Now, the burial had begun. I listened to the sound of earth raining down on my grave, and the irony was not lost on me. Tonight, I would be dug up and begin a new life.

"Jake you're on speakerphone, can you keep your college craziness to a minimum?" I warned. It was fall, and Jacob had just started college.

Jake scolded his roommates, and I could hear them whine as he kicked them out. One particular whine caught my attention; a female's.

"Jake, is that a girl in your room?" I asked in utter shock. Sure, he had imprinted on my daughter, but now he was thousands of miles away at university, living the typical college lifestyle. Had I been a fool to think that he could deny his needs and remain a saint for my daughter?

"I think my wife just asked you a question mutt," Edward demanded. Right now he looked very dangerous… and sexy, of course.

Jake let out an exasperated sigh. "Seriously, you guys give me zero credit." I relaxed, and so did Edward. "That is my roommate's girlfriend. Anyway, room's clear. What's going on Queenie?"

I groaned, and Edward chuckled. "Same old, same old," I drawled. "How's college life?" When Jake told me he wasn't going to follow us to Alaska, but go away to college, I felt pretty disappointed. A part of me never could imagine my life without Jake in it, but I was extremely proud of him. I mean, a scholarship to major in mechanical engineering at Duke, who knew he had it in him? His decision to leave the pack also meant that he would age, and I definitely wasn't comfortable with Jake being older than me, especially since he'd imprinted on my daughter who would stay seventeen forever. There was really no sense in worrying about it. These things have a way of working themselves out… I hope.

When he left his pack for college, I realized what Jake was doing. He was grounding himself in the real world; the world of humans, and stocks, and jobs. I never really thought about it, but the mythical world was forced on Jake. He never asked to become a wolf, it just happened, and he'd accepted it. And with him accepting his alpha position, it was easy to forget that he was very much a regular teenage boy who, before all this, never had any interest in his family's superstitions.

"College life is… interesting. After the year I've had, it's weird being an actual teen again, but I'm having a good time. Classes are great."

"I hope you're not having too much fun," I warned.

"Sure, sure," Jake muttered.

"Jacob Black," Edward and I growled. I could hear Jake rolling his eyes.

"Whatever, are you going to let me speak to Nessie, or what?" he asked, clearly exasperated with our meddling. Nessie, the nosey snoop she was, ran into the room and grabbed the phone, which was unnecessary as it was already on speaker phone.

"Jacob!" she screamed, her eyes wide in excitement.

"Jeez, Ness, trying to deafen a man?" she giggled and backed away from the phone while Jacob tried to regain his hearing. Edward and I left the two to their conversation, which usually lasted for hours. Jake treated Nessie like a little sister, and I trusted him 100 percent with my daughter, and her future.

We walked out to the meadow, hand in hand. This was our last time. Tomorrow, we'd be moving to Alaska, and then who knows where. I didn't know how long it would be until be returned again. We lay in the grass watching the sunset.

"So, are you ever going to tell me what Aro was thinking before you beheaded him?" I asked. I've been begging to know all year, but Edward refused to tell me, saying it would make my head bigger than it already was.

"Maybe next year, love." He smirked and placed his arm behind his head in the grass. I watched the dimming sunlight dance off of his skin, almost too dazzled to speak.

I growled. "You said that last year. You better tell me, or else," I commanded in my newfound authoritative voice.

Edward chuckled. "And that's precisely why I won't tell you. You're already full of yourself."

Alright, I was a little bit full of myself these days, but in my defense, I think I'd earned it after the year I'd had. "Please," I begged while giving my best attempt to dazzle him. Edward froze, and appeared temporarily confused, as he stared at my face.

When he regained himself, he looked at me in disbelief. "I think I was just dazzled, love." I laughed and smacked his arm. I didn't have to worry about it hurting, because our strengths were equal now. We were equals now. "Fine. Really, I don't even know why I try denying you anything," he muttered. "Aro... when he looked at you that day, he…"

"Yes?" I pressed.

"He loved you… or at least he thought he loved you." My jaw mouth flew open. "I really didn't feel like listening to his thoughts of love for you progress, so I promptly cut them short." He smiled at his sardonic humor. I, however, was too stunned to speak. "Bella?"

"You've got to be kidding me..."

"No, I wish I was."

"Absolutely ridiculous..." I stammered. Seriously, does everyone I have known secretly harbor love for me?

"I doubt that you could put Aro in the same category as Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley," he mused, answering my thoughts.

"I'm going to miss this place," I whispered as the sun continued to descend. It was twilight, the most beautiful time of the day.

"I thought you never liked Forks," Edward protested.

"How can you say that? Of course I like Forks. It brought me to you."

At this, Edward took me into his arms as we watched the last bits of light disappear, and then sat in the darkness, listening to the woods. "Maybe we'll come back here. You know, you're going to have to go back to high school with us every ten years, or so..."

I groaned. I was not looking forward to that. "You think you can handle another biology class with me?" I teased.

He smiled his crooked smile. "I think I can manage. Maybe I'll even talk to you this time."

"Really?" I joked. "I won't have to throw myself in front of a moving car to get your attention?"

"Aha, so you admit it!" At this we both laughed whole-heartedly.

"I love you," I whispered into his ear as he drew me closer. "But I'm sure you already know that."

Edward put his finger on his chin and pretended to consider my words. "I have the faintest idea. Do you mind refreshing my memory?"

"Sure, will that be in words or actions?" I teased as I began assaulting his neck with little kisses and bites.

He let out a guttural moan and flipped us both over, so that I was pinned under him. "Both, love. Always both."

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