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The Ninja, The Human and The Monster Academy


Chapter 1 "One thing after another…"

Shadowed ninjas approached the horrified blonde boy. His sky blue eyes filled with fear and confusion. Why was this happening to him, he didn't understand. A few minutes ago he was playing by himself at the park and the next thing he knew he was abducted by these dark cloaked figures.

"Why? What did I do??" Naruto's voice trembled in fear. He just couldn't understand why he was hated.

The ninjas around him didn't say anything. Instead, they walked closer to him, drawing their katanas and pointing the tips of the blades toward the blonde boy. One of them unleashed his killer intent at him, freezing his body on the spot.

"Why?' Naruto whispered one last time.

"Because…" one finally spoke. "…ALL demons must die!"

Naruto screamed as the blades came down upon him.


Where am I?…its so dark…. Naruto thought. He felt the familiar soft bed and some whispers. It grew louder until he can hear the voices as if he was right next to it.

"Hokage- sama, are you sure about this?" a worried voice said.

Huh?….Is that Iruka-sensei?…and Hokage-jiji?

"Yes, Iruka, its for the best. He can't stay here… at least not yet." The Hokage said.

At the sound of his voice, Naruto now knew where he was. So, I'm back at the hospital… just freakin' wonderful. The blonde tried to open his eyes, but couldn't. What the… he tried to move…no luck at all. It seems he was in one of those 'half asleep, half awake' type of states.

"But why at such an early age?… how will he become a proper ninja if he leaves the village? Iruka asked.

Whoa!! Leave the village?!. If Naruto had been fully awake he would have protested. What the hell is going on??

"That is why I assigned you to this mission. You're going to be teaching Naruto our shinobi arts outside of the village." The Sandaime said, pausing to pull out his favorite pipe out of his mouth. "Of course, its your choice Iruka… you can either take this mission or decline it."

The scarred chunin didn't reply. Should he take this mission on… or not… he didn't know. He was torn between helping one of his student and continue living his normal life in the village. Which was the most important. He glanced at the sleeping form of the whiskered blonde boy. His life's similar to mine's when I was a kid… what should I do? Iruka sighed inwardly.

The Hokage took this as a sign of the chunin being troubled and so tried to reassure him. "Don't worry Iruka, if its taking care of Naruto all by yourself, that has already been taken care of. I'm having a medic-nin join you in this mission."

Medic-nin? Both Naruto and Iruka thought.

"Wait… you assigned a medic-nin for this mission as well?" Iruka said. He was slightly taken aback at the lack of trust the Hokage had in his babysitting skills. "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, but I think that I could handle Naruto by myself…besides, Naruto might not like him."

Yeah! Naruto agreed mentally. I like Iruka-sensei better…at least he's willing to teach me.

The blonde was still in the weird state, as he dubbed it and the only thing he can do was just listen… which he hated. He mentally groaned, really wanting to be a part of the conversation.

The old man laughed at Iruka's declaration. "I'm glad you accept. I never really doubted your skill, I just wanted a medic-nin to accompany you so SHE can teach Naruto medical jutsu… We really do need more medics."

Woot! I get to learn medic stuff. Naruto cheered silently. Then a sudden thought occurred…she?

"Ah, well if that's the case then I have no prob-" Iruka paused as the same idea that had popped into Naruto's head came to him. "Wait did you say SHE?"

The Hokage nodded grinning. " Yes, Iruka a SHE. And a very professional medic-nin at that."

Before Iruka could even ask about the medic-nin a knock on the door interrupted him.

"That must be her." The old Hokage said smiling at Iruka before turning towards the door. "Come in" he called.

The door swung open and in stepped a beautiful women that Iruka had never seen before. She had short black hair that reached a little above her shoulders and wore the traditional Konoha ninja attire; black shinobi pants with matching long-sleeves shirt that extended past her hand about a couple inches, and finishing the look off was the standard green vest that all Konoha nins wore. Overall, Iruka found her quite attractive.

The woman stopped in front of the two men and took a respectful bow. "Medic-nin Shizune here, reporting for the mission."

The Hokage nodded and turned to Iruka. "Iruka, this is your partner for the mission." he then turned his attention towards the young women. " And Shizune, this is Iruka, he's the teacher I've told you about in my letter."

Iruka, who was slightly dazed by her appearance at first, snapped out of it and held out a hand at her. "P-Please to m-meet you." he stuttered.

Sarutobi, known as the Hokage, chuckled in amusement. Not once had he ever seen Iruka act like this before. Normally, the chunin would be more cool and composed in front of any female, and considering he was a teacher, talking to them shouldn't be much of a problem.

Shizune on the other hand giggled slightly at the man's behavior. It was really funny to see him act like this. She reached out and shook his hand, smiling. "Likewise, Iruka-san."

That had the effect of turning Iruka's already blushing, face into an even redder color. Her smile was just too damn cute for him. And it made him think that maybe taking on this mission wont be as bad as he thought. On the contrary, he might hook up with this gorgeous kunoichi (female-ninja)…just maybe.

Seeing that the two were now properly introduced, Sarutobi decided to lay down the final requests and rules. He had left out quite a number of things on the mission requests he had sent to Iruka and Shizune. He cleared his throat to get their attention as he began his final explanation.

"As you two may have noticed, I have purposely left out a few important details on the letters…" he explained.

The two ninjas nodded in agreement. They have wondered why there were very few objectives and explanations about the mission.

"Well, the reason why I did that was because I was too lazy to do it." The Hokage said, laughing nervously.

Both Iruka and Shizune face faulted. They didn't expect that from their leader.

"Anyways…" Sarutobi continued. "There are about 4 important things, the first being the length of this mission. I know I have mentioned that this will take at least 3 years, well I've changed my mind. This mission will be a long one… and so I want Naruto to return in about 11 years, so teach him all you can."

The scarred chunin was about to ask why that was, when Sarutobi held his hand out to stop him from speaking.

"I know that 11 years seems rather long, but its for the best. And if your wondering how Naruto will gain ranks, I will be sending tests for him. From genin all the way to Jonin, he will be given a way to earn those ranks, its up to you two to see if he is ready for each one."

That short explanation somewhat gave Iruka a little bit of relief. Though there was still quite a few questions that he wanted answered. He glanced at his female counter part and saw that she too looked like she had some questions of her own. They both nevertheless remained quiet.

"Now for the second one." Sarutobi took a deep breath before speaking again. "On this mission Naruto must be taught only one Ninjutsu per rank. So a total of 3 Ninjutsus are allowed. Unless told otherwise."

SAY WHAT?! Naruto's body twitched. The blonde had been listening quietly throughout the conversation so far. So when he had heard that little detail, he got pissed. He would have protested if his body wasn't sleeping at the moment. What the hell, old man! ONLY 3?! He mentally yelled at him. What's the point of being a ninja if I can't learn more than three?!

Iruka as well as Shizune had the same idea running through their heads. And it was Shizune who asked the question. "But why Hokage-sama? Ninjutsu is nearly the basis of our art. Without it, how are we supposed to teach Naruto? How will he even survive in the ninja world?"

Yeah! What she said. Naruto thought.

Iruka can only nod his head in agreement. Shizune had pretty much asked what he wanted to ask.

The Hokage just shook his head. "You didn't let me finish. The reason why is because the council requested it." The old man explained. "They're trying to challenge the boy. To see if he is worthy to become a ninja without the use of some powerful ninjutsus. Besides, this does not concern the basic ninjutsus as well as the medical types of jutsus. Those are alright. Oh, and another thing, that was the council's request not mines. So its optional…Naruto is technically the one they're challenging. So if he accepts, then that's the objective you must follow. Other than that, teach him whatever ninjutsus you want."

Hell yeah!! Naruto cheered silently, still somewhat asleep. He could feel his body slowly awakening though. Ninjutsu all the way!!

"That's a relief." Iruka said sighing a bit. " I thought the only thing I'll be teaching, besides the basics of being a ninja is taijutsu and genjutsu."

"Same here." Shizune agreed. She really thought that the only thing she could teach the blonde boy was just medical stuff. So she was also quite relieved to hear that.

"Yes. Now before I continue, are there any questions you would like answered?" The kind Hokage asked.

Almost immediately, he was bombarded with numerous questions. Questions like financial aid, getting support from the village, what gear are allowed, and even requests for sending in souvenirs. Sarutobi did his best answering all of them while waiting for them to ask THE question. Fortunately for him he didn't have to wait long.

"One last thing Hokage-sama, where exactly are we going to be living for the next 11 years?" Shizune asked.

And there was the question that Sarutobi was waiting for. He smiled at the medic-nin. "I'm glad you asked because that leads to the last objective for this mission. The place where Naruto is required to live a life as a student and enjoy his childhood years is the distant land of Japan."

At the mention of 'distant land' Naruto fully awoke and jolted out of the bed with his eyes wide open. There was only one thing in his mind that he wanted to yell. "JAPAN?!"

2 weeks later.

Naruto brushed a bead of sweat coming down his forehead as the hot sun shined on him. He stood facing the gates to his new home with his two guardians, Iruka and Shizune, on either side of him. It had been a long agonizing trip to Japan and when they have arrived, through the use of an advance flying technology called a plane, they found themselves in a whole different world. The customs, traditions, and technology, including the clothes, were all so new to them. They had trouble fitting in at first and finding their way around the city, Hokkaido, was rather problematic. Thankfully the people here spoke the same language as they did.

"Iruka-kun, is this the right place?" Asked an exhausted Shizune.

The scarred nose chunin nodded. "Yep, I double checked the address the Hokage gave us and this seems to be the right one."

"Thank Kami-sama!" The blonde cried out. He was tired and bored of walking around for nearly 4 hours. And he was rather hungry since they didn't stop for any breaks along the way here.

"So when do we start my ninja training?" Naruto suddenly asked his caretakers.

"After we settle down and have gotten unpacked then we'll start your training." replied Iruka. Then he did a double take. "Wait, how did you know about that." He looked at Shizune. "Did you tell him?"

The still exhausted kunoichi shook her head. "Of course not."

Iruka looked back at Naruto. The boy just grinned at him. "How did you-"

"Eheheh… I overheard you guys talking about everything when we were at the hospital." he explained cutting Iruka off. "It was weird… I was in this half asleep, half awake kind of thing, you know? I could hear everyone, but I couldn't move or speak at all."

Iruka scratched his forehead before sighing. It cant be helped. "Ok Naruto, since you know, I guess I'm going to have to postpone the training until tomorrow. So for today we can all take a break."

"WHAT?!" said Naruto angrily. " But you said after we unpack we could start, you cant take what you said back!"

"Naruto, just be patient, we can start early tomorrow if you want, deal?" said Iruka.


"Iruka-kun's right, I'm in no condition to start any training for today." Shizune said yawning. She kneeled down in front of the fuming boy and gave him a pleading look. "Please, Naruto-chan?"

Naruto looked at her for a moment and sighed. She looked really beat. Now that he thought about it, Shizune was the one that took care of nearly every problem that they encountered since they got here… from gathering information to signing paperwork. She even carried him around when he had fallen asleep. Putting everything in thought, Naruto submitted defeat.

"Alright, tomorrow morning." The blonde boy finally said.

Both the adults smiled at his answer knowing that they can finally get some relaxation. Grabbing their things, including Naruto's, the two adults made their way inside the new home. Just then something bumped into Naruto's leg causing the whiskered boy to stop from heading in as well. He glanced down to find a bright blue ball by his feet.

"Hey!" someone from a distance called out.

Naruto picked up the ball and turned towards the direction of the voice. A boy was running towards him waving his hand in the air. He looked about the same age as him with messy dark brown hair, wearing a plain white shirt and blue shorts. The boy stopped a few feet from him gasping for air as he grabbed his knees.

"S-Sorry about that." the brown haired boy said while panting. "Looks like I over kicked it." laughing slightly before pointing at the ball in Naruto's hands. "Can I have that back, please?"

Naruto stared at the ball before handing it out to him. He didn't bother speaking, thinking that it wasn't necessary.

"Thanks!" The boy before him said. There was a slight pause. "Say…are you new here?" the boy wondered. "Because I've never seen you around here before."

"Um.. Yeah. I just moved here with my guardians." Naruto replied with a slight smile. This was the first time that someone had started a conversation with him. Usually, it was him that would start talking first also giving the first impression. Back in the village, other kids that he would speak to wouldn't bother talking to him much less play with him. He had no idea why.

"Really?" the boy asked, now curious. "Where do you live?"

Naruto hesitated for a moment before pointing at his new home. "This one here."

The boy in front of him glanced at the house then back at him. A smile had suddenly appeared on his young face. "That's where you really live?"

Naruto just nodded.

"Cool! Looks like we'll be neighbors." the boy held out his hand in a shaking gesture. "My name is Tsukune Aono. Nice to meet you….?" the boy greeted.

In return Naruto grinned and shook his hand excitedly. "Naruto Uzumaki."

"Pleased to meet you Naruto, you want to play catch with me?" Tsukune asked holding his ball out in front of him.

The blonde stopped grinning and stared wide-eyed at Tsukune. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. This boy had just asked if he can play with him. It surprised Naruto since it was new to him.

"Y-you want to play with m-me?" Naruto asked. Wanting to make sure he heard correctly.

Tsukune gave him a weird look before replying. "Yeah… so do you?"

"Of course!" Naruto said excitedly. He was about to go with the boy when he remembered he needed to help with unpacking. He hung his head in sadness knowing he wont be able to play.

"If you want to go play, Naruto…" A voice spoke from behind him. "Then go ahead."

Naruto spun around to find Shizune leaning against the side of the front gate. She was smiling at him with her hands crossed over her chest. It sounded like she had been listening to them for quite sometime.

"Iruka and I will handle the unpacking, so you can go play with your new friend." she said giving a friendly wave towards Tsukune who returned it with a smile.

Naruto didn't even think twice. He ran up to Shizune and gave her a tight hug. The medic-nin just laughed and returned the gesture. "Now have fun and make sure to be back by dinner, alright?'

Her blonde charge nodded his head happily before letting go and leaving with the brown haired boy. Shizune waved good bye to them before heading in. Perhaps living here wasn't so bad, at least it benefited Naruto. He really deserves a normal life after being alone for so long.

Shizune opened the door to find her partner carrying stacks of Naruto's things towards the living room. She quickly went over to help him.

"Where's Naruto?" Iruka asked, while placing the last box of items on top of a couch.

"He went to play with his new found friend." Replied the medic-nin with a smile on her face.

Iruka stopped for a moment before chuckling. "Looks like Hokage-sama was right. Living here will do Naruto some good…and us as well."

Shizune nodded in agreement as they resumed unpacking. Both hoping for a bright future.

"Where we going?" Naruto asked.

"There's a park around here that I often come to play in. That's the place we're going to." Tsukune replied. He tossed the ball over to Naruto as they continued to walk.

The past few minutes have been spent getting to know each other and Naruto had to admit, he was starting to like his new life. Not only was he getting ninja training here, he also had a chance in meeting a potential friend. He was bursting with so much excitement and joy that he suddenly slung an arm around Tsukune, surprising him.

"Yeah, this is going to be fun!" Naruto cheered happily.

The brown haired boy looked at him a moment before giving a cheer as well. "You bet Naruto!"

Then Tsukune said something that Naruto had never expected. "Say, since we're going to be neighbors want to be friends?" the boy asked.

Naruto stopped walking. His ears didn't deceive him this time. Tsukune had just asked him to be his friend…something that he always wanted. He couldn't help but wipe the tears that had escaped his eyes. It was a good thing that his friend hadn't notice him stop.

The blonde quickly recovered from his small emotional moment and walked beside his first ever friend. "Friends huh?…I like the sound of that." Naruto said, with an even brighter smile put on his face.

Tsukune grinned at his answer happy to have another friend.

8 long years later…

A cold breeze blew across an open ground. Everything was quiet as Iruka stood in the open; eyes alert and expecting. Today was a special day, for Naruto that is. After years of training, the day had finally come for Naruto to earn his first ever ninja rank. The test given… to snatch the bell that hung from the scarred chunin's belt.

"Remember Naruto, be patient and think things through before acting." Iruka called out. Silence was his reply. Not a single sound was heard as a shift in the wind alerted him to the blonde's attack.

A second later, a barrage of shurikens came shooting out of the trees behind him. Iruka had expected this and deflected the attack with a kunai that he pulled out from his pouch. What he did not expect however, was the two large shurikens that came along with it. He cursed, totally forgetting how Naruto was unpredictable.

Iruka rolled to the side to avoid the large projectiles and held out his kunai in front of him. He waited for a moment before sensing an attack from above.

"Come on Naruto, you got to get this bell soon. You tried this tactic before." Iruka said, side stepping as the threat he had sensed came crashing down next to him. It was a log. What the hell?? He thought.

"Alright Iruka-sensei… I think I dragged this long enough." Naruto said, stepping out of his hiding spot. "I'm ending this now!"

Iruka raised an eyebrow at him. Did he actually have a plan? He shook his head before readying himself for any possible tricks that Naruto had. "Alright, come at me with all you've got….. its almost dinner time."

The blonde grinned before rushing him directly. He began forming seals making Iruka tense up. Was this his plan? The young chunin didn't know. Naruto was getting closer…. 25feet…. 15feet…. Iruka readied his fist as Naruto suddenly passed the 10feet mark. A puff of smoke suddenly erupted from Naruto signaling the use of whatever Ninjutsu the blonde had used.

5 feet away. Iruka launched his fist at the clearing smoke in front of him, only to stop. Replacing his hyperactive student was a girl. But not just any girl. It was a sexy AND naked blonde girl with her hair pulled back. Her body was covered in thin wisps of smoke, leaving nothing to imagine. Iruka's jaws dropped as he found himself being hugged by the beautiful vixen.

"I-RU-KA-SEN-SEI." she said seductively. To add to the effect, the blonde vixen pressed her breasts against him. Needless to say, Iruka was sent flying into the air, via two jet-streams of blood from his nose.

Laughter overcame Naruto as he dispelled his jutsu. "Ahaha! I cant believe you fell for that, sensei!" he fell to the ground clutching his stomach. "Oh man, your face was so red! Ahaha!"

The chunin, having recovered from his mental assault, ran back at the laughing blonde and smacked his head. "YOU IDIOT!" he shouted, scolding him. "I know I taught you Ninjutsu, but don't abuse it like that!"

Naruto rubbed his head. "Well at least I passed." he muttered out.

"Passed?! What do you mean passed, you still haven't taken the bell." As if to prove his point Iruka reached for the bell only to find it gone. "Huh….?" He faced the grinning Naruto.

The boy held out the small bell in front of him. "See? I win."

Iruka was about to ask how he did that when the solution came to his head. He chuckled. Clever…using that technique to distract me long enough for him to snatch it… a flash of the beautiful woman came running through his head causing him to blush. But damn that thing is lethal.

The chunin sighed in defeat. "Alright Naruto, congratulations, you pass. You're now an official genin!"

The blonde ninja cheered. "So where's my headband and my new Ninjutsu?"

"Sorry Naruto, but I didn't get the headband just yet." Iruka smiled apologetically.

Naruto didn't look too pleased with that. The headband was one of the most important object that he really wanted to get. It was the proof that he had finally become a true ninja…at least to him it was.

"I'll make that up to you by giving you the special Ninjutsu that you've always wanted." Iruka said hoping this was enough to satisfy Naruto.

The blonde immediately got out of his depression at the statement. "What is it?" he said giddily. " Is it a cool elemental-justu?"

Iruka shook his head. "No….but it is an A-rank Ninjutsu that a Jonin could use."

Naruto couldn't take it anymore and grabbed his sensei, shaking him wildly. "Tell me, damn it!"

"Alright, alright! Just calm down!" said a dazed Iruka. The blonde quickly let go.

It took a moment before Iruka could see clearly once more. "Okay, the Ninjutsu your going to learn is called the Kagebunshin no jutsu." (Shadow clone technique).

"Cool!!" Naruto had stars for eyes by now. "Come on, come on! Show me the hand seals already!"

Iruka shook his head. The teen was still the same, always eager to learn something new. Especially when it comes to Ninjutsu. Sighing, Iruka proceeded to instruct Naruto on how the jutsu works and how to use it. It took only a few minutes to explain before the chunin left to take a break, leaving the energetic ninja to practice the new Ninjutsu. Naruto didn't get much done though as someone suddenly appeared over his fence looking over at his backyard, interrupting his training.

"Hey, Naruto!" a familiar voice called out to him. "How did you do on the exams?"

The genin smiled and began approaching his friend. "Tsukune! When did you get back?"

"Just a minute ago. My mom just dropped me off…but forget about that, how was your exams?"

Naruto grinned up at him. "I'm not telling until you tell me how you did first."

Tsukune hung his head. "To tell you the truth I-"

"Bombed the exam.. Right?" Naruto interrupted.

The brown haired teen banged his head on the fence. Did his friend have to be so blunt? "Nice guess Naruto….now how about you?"

"I failed it too." Naruto said grinning sheepishly. Tsukune sighed in relief knowing that his friend was in the same position he was in. "Well, now the problem that we both face is finding the school that will accept our horrible grades."

The blonde ninja nodded in agreement.

"Do you have any ideas which school we could go to?" asked the browned haired teen.

The young ninja put on a thinking face. Was there any other school that they can get into? He kept thinking until an idea popped in his head. "How about we take that one exam for that other school that we had originally planned to attend." Naruto suggested.

"Another test? No thanks bud I'm not bombing another one." Tsukune said in a serious tone of voice.

"Bomb? Bomb what?" A voice said from beside the two.

Both teens jumped in surprise. They were so deep in thought about their problem that they didn't notice Iruka had come up to them.

"What were you boys talking about?" the chunin asked.

"Well you see Iruka-san, we sort of bombed-" Tsukune was immediately cut off by Naruto's hand which had clamped his mouth shut. This action confused him.

"Dude! don't say that we failed the test. Iruka's gonna kill me if he heard that." Naruto whispered frantically.

Tsukune nodded his head in a sign of understanding. Though in truth he was down right clueless as to why Naruto would act like this…unless he didn't tell Iruka about the test. That was the most logical answer.

The brown haired teen broke free of Naruto's hand and whispered to him. "You didn't tell Iruka did you?"

A slight nod from the blonde answered his question. Damn it Naruto! Tsukune mentally cursed at his friends' lying habits.

"Well?" the chunin crossed his arms at them. "You guys suddenly got quiet… Tsukune said something about bombs. So what did you guys do??"

Naruto shook his head vigorously. "We didn't do anything we just…uh…bombed…"

"A house?" Tsukune added out of nowhere. He was hoping to back his friend up. "Right Naruto?" he turned towards his best friend with an 'I got your back' type of smile. That however, only made things worse.

Naruto was seconds away from strangling his friend. "NO WONDER YOU FAILED THE TEST!! Do you always answer things randomly without thinking?!" Naruto yelled at him.

"NA-RU-TO!! I cant believe what you just did." Iruka shouted furiously. Naruto was petrified at the sight of his sensei. Tsukune on the other hand sweat dropped at the situation…don't tell me this was my fault. He scratched his head in wonder.

Naruto turned to his friend for more help "Tsukune, you got me into this mess, so hurry up and fix it!" He gave him a murderous stare.

The only words that came out of Tsukune's mouth was the word "….Umm…" he really had no idea how to handle this and when he glanced at the pissed off Iruka, helping out his buddy was the last thing he wanted to do…well at least for this time. "…Umm…"

The loud sound of a doorbell ringing brought the attention of the group. Tsukune instantly knew that it came from his house. Saved by the bell… thank god I'm out of this mess. "Well I, um…I'm going to go ahead and answer that." Tsukune said happily pointing at his house. " Talk to you later Naruto, good luck!"

Naruto tried to stop his friend, but it was too late as Tsukune had already rushed from his backyard and into his home. "Tsukune you asshole!" he shouted.

"Naruto…" Iruka returned his attention back to Naruto. His aura was menacing. "What exactly did you two-"

"Iruka-kun! Naruto-kun! Dinner is ready so come inside before the food gets cold." Shizune called from the kitchen.

Fortune was smiling on Naruto for once, as he was saved from his interrogation. He sighed in relief at the disruption. "Be right there Shizune-neechan." He grinned back at Iruka, but before he can rush inside, Iruka stopped him. "Don't think I'll forget about this." he said

"Y-yeah…" the blonde replied gulping. Looks like he wasn't out of trouble just yet..

Dinner was spent in an uncomfortable silence. Naruto was nervously glancing over at his sensei as he ate his dinner. The blonde hoped that Iruka wouldn't bring up the bomb topic in front of the table while Shizune was with them. If she heard about this, then so long for the rest of his medic-nin training.

I got to think of something incase he talks about it out of nowhere. The blonde thought drinking his glass of water. Unfortunately for him, Iruka started a conversation.

"Say Naruto…" Iruka began. "About that bombing earlier.."

Naruto spewed out the water he had drank at Iruka, effectively cutting his question off.

A vein popped out of Iruka's forehead. "Why would you do that…?" his voice trembled with a barely suppressed rage.

"Ah… s-sorry about that." Naruto apologized. "Water went down the wrong hole."

"You shouldn't drink so fast then." Shizune told him. She wore a worried expression as she got up off her seat to check if Naruto was okay.

Iruka used his napkin to wipe his face dry before continuing on. "Now about that-" He was yet interrupted again, this time by the medic-nin.

"By the way Naruto, how did your exam go." She asked while patting his back.

That was unexpected. Naruto was surprised by Shizune's question. He totally forgot that she was the one that dropped him off to the exam earlier. How stupid for him to forget that. It was clear to him that this was the right time to panic.

"Naruto had a test today?" Iruka looked surprised, yet curious at the same time. "How DID you do?"

"Uh…" Naruto stuttered. Not good…I cant say I failed…Shizune would kill me and not to mention Iruka may even go on a rampage. "The test was a piece of cake! There's no way I could've failed this one." The teen lied. He smiled at the choice of words he had said.

Shizune looked happy while Iruka didn't seem to believe him. Then again, he couldn't blame him. Over the course of his school life Naruto had always done poorly in tests, failing most, if not all of them. The only subject that he was ever good enough to pass was P.E. Of course this didn't surprise Iruka nor Shizune since Ninjas like him have more physical abilities than that of a regular human.

"Well…if you attended a school can I at least see the application?" the chunin asked.

Naruto's smile faltered. "Wait… an application?"

Iruka nodded. "Yes. You did get one, right?"

The blonde genin laughed a bit. "Eheheh…. Well yeah, of course I have one. Why wouldn't I get one?"

"Alright, lets have it then." the scarred chunin said immediately.

Shizune nodded in agreement as she finished up her dinner.

"I'll uh, show it to you guys tomorrow." Naruto replied. He was sweating badly now. Although lying is easy, thinking of the right things to say was rather hard.

This got Shizune's attention. "Tomorrow? Why not now?" she asked in confusion.

"Well…." Naruto paused.

"Yeah?" Iruka said, pushing for the answer.

"It's in my room and I think I might have misplaced it." Naruto quickly said. Man I'm good in these types of situations…I just hope they buy this one.

Lucky for Naruto they did and the rest of the dinner, which was only a few minutes long, went by without further incident. Everyone headed to do their own things afterwards. Shizune stayed to clean up with Iruka while the newly appointed genin headed upstairs to think of a way to get out of this mess. Regardless of how the topic was dropped, Naruto knew that it wont be long until his guardians found out about his test results.

Naruto opened the door to his room and immediately flopped down on his bed. What was he going to do now. He doesn't even know what the documents or applications looked like. And despite having a computer in his room, forging one was impossible without any knowledge of actually making one.

The genin rolled from side to side as in frustration. God please help me!! He begged.

"Naruto, your cell phones ringing… … …its Tsukune he said he wants to talk to you." Shizune called out from downstairs.

Naruto's eyes snapped open. "Speaking of Tsukune I got something to say to that guy." quickly getting out of his bed, he made his way downstairs. Grabbing his cell from his caretaker he rushed back to his room where he slammed the door,

He took a deep breath as he placed his cell next to his ear.

"Naruto, this is you right??" Tsukune said from the other line. "Well, guess what, something amazing happened today so listen to this-"

"NO, YOU LISTEN!" shouted Naruto, causing Tsukune to jerk his head away from his phone. "What the hell happened earlier?! You were supposed to fix the problem you made not run away from it!"

"Oh…you're still mad about that? Well, you'll forget about everything that happened today once you hear what I have to sa-" Tsukune was once again cut off by Naruto's angry screaming.

"Forget?! How can I forget something that happened 2 hours ago?!" Naruto screamed. "Now because of you I have to find a way to convince Iruka. Not to mention I told both Shizune and Iruka that I passed the exams today with flying colors. And now they want my application papers."

At this Tsukune burst out laughing. "AHAHA You passing a test?! How in the world did they believe you?!" He continued his laughter.

Naruto's eye twitched as his friend continued to laugh. It was irritating to the point of hanging up. "You done laughing?… cause I'm about ready to hang up."

The brown haired boy stopped laughing after hearing what was said. "Wait! don't do that, I'm done, I'm done… so listen will you?"

Naruto grumbled a bit before giving an "Okay." His anger had somewhat lessened a bit. Just enough for him to be patient.

"Anyways. Remember when my doorbell rang and I ditched you?" Tsukune questioned.

The blonde didn't even want to start again. "Just get to the point already!" he growled.

"Okay, It turned out to be my dad. And guess what he brought with him." There wasn't any reply from the blonde so he continued. "It was some application for a high school I can attend. Isn't that great?"


"Naruto?" the browned haired boy called.

"So…you called me because you get to attend school and I don't?" Naruto spoke calmly.

"Wait a minute!" Tsukune said in a quick reply.

"YOU ASSHOLE!!" Naruto yelled over the phone. His hand was tightly clenching his cell phone.

"Come on Naruto let me talk!" Tsukune shouted in return.

"….what is it now?! You got more stuff to say?!"

"Yeah… I do!" His best friend said. "It turns out there was an extra application, so you're good"

"Yeah, Yeah! Good for you!" said Naruto sarcastically. There was a pause. "…Did you say two?"

"Yeah, that's right" Tsukune replied happily.

"I'm comin over." With that the blonde hung up and rushed downstairs. His problem had just been solved and in a very short time too. So he was quite happy when he put on his shoes.

He was about to leave when Shizune stopped him. "Naruto where are you going? You should be studying that medical scroll I gave you yesterday." stated the medic-nin.

"I know! I'll do that later. Right now I'm going over to Tsukune's to pick up my papers for the school I'm attending. It turns out he took my transcript and application by accident." Replied Naruto as he opened the door. "It wont take long, just a few minutes."

"I see… well then hurry back."

Iruka popped his head over a corner. "While you're there can you bring back that Final Fantasy DVD I lent them? I think it was his dad that wanted to watch it."

Naruto gave a nod and was out the door. It was a good thing his best friend's house was right next door because the temperature outside was oddly cold.

"Youkai Academy, huh?" Naruto examined the contents inside the folder that Tsukune had given him. "Where did your dad exactly get this again?"

"He said some creepy looking priest dropped it and before he can return it, the priest was gone. Weird huh?" The brown haired boy said placing a cup of hot cocoa in front of Naruto.

"Not really… though it is kind of suspicious that a priest would be holding onto something like this." Naruto commented. "Well, I'm just glad I can get into a school. So now all my problems are fixed."

He placed the folder down and asked. "So when do classes start?"

Tsukune shook his head at him. Leave it to Naruto to skip all the details. He sighed. "You really need to start reading things through…"

The ninja just grinned at him.

He hung his head for a moment before giving in to Naruto's demand.. "Alright, you lazy person…classes start tomorrow. And before I forget, we'll be living in dorms there, so start packing. The bus leaves at 7 tomorrow morning…so we'll meet at the bus stop at 6:30."

"WHAT!?" Naruto shouted. "But we don't even have our uniforms yet!"

Tsukune cupped his ears at the outburst and tried to calm his friend down. "Quiet Naruto, my parents are sleeping... As for the uniform, I have it here." The teen reached down underneath the table to pull out a neatly packaged uniform. He handed it over to Naruto who snatched it in a hurry. "I called the school and asked for them earlier. You wouldn't believe how fast I got them after I made the call."

Naruto nodded, not really caring about the details and got up to leave, causing Tsukune to question him. "No need to hurry, you got all night to get ready."

"I don't have all night ." Naruto told him. "I got some work to do and a lot of things to pack"

With that, the genin grabbed the folder and left, leaving Tsukune to ponder on what type of work would take him all night. Little did he know, his blonde friend did most of his ninja training and studying during the night. And tonight would mean more work for him.

Early the next day.

The sound of an extremely loud ringing promptly awoke a sleeping blonde. His arm shot out of his covers to throw a rather large kunai at the killer of his sleep. Namely his alarm clock. Within a second the alarm was destroyed and Naruto fell back to sleep… well at least he tried to go back to sleep. His actions a few moments ago suddenly registered in his sleeping mind causing him to groan.

He did it again…that was the 7th clock that he destroyed this month. Shizune-neechan is gonna kill me…

Getting up from bed he made his way towards the washroom to freshen up. Usually he would start his mornings by stretching and working out, but today was different, he was getting ready for the first day of school. After yesterday's events and news, he only managed to pack his civilian stuff; extra clothes, toothbrush, comb and all that, but not any of his ninja gear. So he was going to finish packing today.

Taking a medium-size scroll from underneath his bed he lay it on the wooden floor. Thankfully his room was large enough for him to place all his shinobi tools and weapons, as well as a few other valuables.

Naruto unrolled the scroll and took a look at the numerous seals placed in it. Iruka had given him lessons on fuuinjutsu (sealing techniques) over the course of 2 years and since then he had been using this type of jutsu for a lot of things…like sealing his personal collection of ramen bowls and other accessories. It was simple to create one, all it required was a brush, some ink and a whole lot of skill in writing kanji. And the last thing to complete the seal was the hands signs for item sealing. Lucky for him, Iruka had given him this scroll for storing uses and just about anything he wanted. Of course there were certain limits to how many he can actually fit… and not to mention the sizes.

Thank you Iruka! Naruto grinned and began his sealing. After living with a loving yet strict medic-nin and sensei, the boy had grown to keep things clean and organized. He especially kept his ninja stuff in good condition.

The young ninja divided his gears and equipment into small groups. The first to be sealed were the kunais, shurikens, senbon and other projectile weapons. They were put in separate seals that could hold them while the larger versions of the mentioned projectiles went into a much larger one. Next came the med-kit that his neechan had given him for his birthday. And since it was rather large he put it in the proper seal. The rest of the necessary ninja tool such as the fish wire, makabishi spikes, smoke bombs, and all that was quickly sealed. When it came down to his weapons, Naruto had to stop and think. There were a lot that he wanted to bring, but only a few that he could.

Darn my indecisiveness. The blonde let out a frustrating groan.

Over 12 different types of weapons lay on the floor in front of him. They ranged from small ninja claws to medium size weapons like a chained scythe, to the traditional katana. And this was what kept the blonde genin from choosing. He liked all of them since he had trained in each one of them. After all, ninjas have to be versed in all arts, not just the common three, ninjutsu, taijutsu, and, genjutsu. So it was really hard for him to choose which was best.

Taking a deep breath the youthful genin cleared his mind. Ok Naruto…you can do this…which one of these is the best for this type of long mission. Yes a mission. Throughout his years living in Japan, Naruto had always treated every school day as missions. And consequently, he got into trouble with both the teachers and his two guardians. Acting like a ninja and using a teacher's bottom as his target practice was not a very good idea. So he stuck with just treating each school year as a surveillance type of mission. No…the staff?…nah to big to handle….I know! Naruto finally chose his weapon. He put away the rest and sealed the two pairs of katanas in his scroll… those would work well with my clothes.

The teenage ninja turned his attention to the last and only items left on the floor. The ANBU set of clothes and gear. Naruto took the white ANBU dog mask off of the set and placed it gently on the floor. He then proceeded to check on the rest of the gear. Hmmm….I got the arm-guards and plated black gloves… black shinobi pants and ANBU skin tight shirt. Check… the sandals. Check…and kunai/ shuriken holster. check. Body armor and standard ANBU. check. Naruto nodded in satisfaction finding everything was there. He quickly sealed them on the scroll and rolled it back up. Then he pulled another scroll, a much smaller one, out and sealed that large one into that. Now he was good.

After checking the time which was 6:24 a.m. the blonde got ready to dress before heading downstairs to eat. He still had plenty of time to do that at least.

10 minutes later..

After looking for ramen around the kitchen for a few minutes and finding nothing, the teen had settled for a regular bowl of cereal. Naruto sat at the table happily preparing his breakfast when something came out of the cereal box as he poured it onto his bowl. He picked it up and stared at it for a second. "A prize?" He wondered. Indeed it was a prize, a plastic toy to be exact. He was about to play with it, when he decided against it. "I'm too old for this." He stated. Though despite saying that to himself. Naruto stuffed the small toy into his pocket before starting his breakfast.

A minute later, a sleepy looking Iruka walked into the kitchen. Yawning slightly, the chunin headed towards the coffee machine, glancing at the joyful looking Naruto for only a second.

"Morning, Iruka-sensei!" greeted the blonde as he gulped down the milk and prepared for another bowl.

A tired nod was his reply. The Chunin was still half asleep after all, so his speaking function was still out. He shook his head and walked over to the faucet to splash some cold water over his face. Hopefully that would wake him up.

It was only after a few minutes of silence and egg, plus bacon cooking, did Iruka spoke. "You ready for your big day, Naruto?" the scarred-nose man asked flipping the pan expertly. Sizzling eggs and bacon spun in midair before falling down on the frying pan.

Naruto for his part looked at the flying food with a drool. They sure looked tasty. Not hearing a response from his young charge, Iruka looked back at him and repeated his question. "I said, are you ready for school?"

The blonde shook his head and wiped the drool from his mouth. "Sorry about that. But yeah I'm ready for school." he replied.

"You got your papers?"

"Yup!!" Naruto patted the school bag on the table next to him. He also made a mental note to store a few extra shurikens inside later… and maybe a kunai. There was quite a bit of space left.

"Good. Do you have your gear?" Iruka continued the questioning. He had to make sure Naruto was well prepared. There were many instances where the blonde wasn't properly ready for anything and that had harmed him. Most were during training… and if Naruto wasn't prepared at those times then living in the ninja world would cost him his life..

"I'm all good Iruka-sensei don't worry." Naruto assured him.

The chunin just shrugged. Then again Naruto was no ordinary ninja so he guessed he'll be ok, besides, it was only a civilian school that he was going to, no danger there… right? Iruka excused that thought and continued on with his cooking. After 5 minutes, his breakfast was ready.

"Alright food!!" Naruto cheered. Iruka spun around to tell him that he can't have any, only to find the genin to be ready for the food. Spoon and fork were held on separate hands and a clean plate placed in front of him.

Iruka sweat dropped and glanced at the clock. "You do know that you have only 10 minutes till the bus leaves, right?

Naruto dropped his eating utensils and jerked his head towards the clock. 6:50... He IS going to be late…and most likely get scolded by his friend if he didn't get there soon! Not wasting a single second, the teen grabbed his belongings and left. Iruka not even having a chance to say goodbye.

Bus stop…somewhere in the city.

Tsukune Aono, age 15, stood tapping his foot impatiently. It was 6:55 on his watch and no sign of his blonde friend. He had specifically told him to be here before 6:30 and when Naruto didn't show up at the appointed time he got annoyed. So now he was alone waiting for the bus which was probably arriving any minute now. He sighed and began busying himself with checking his bag…just to pass the time as well as keep himself calm and preoccupied.

The brown haired boy took a seat on the ground and pulled his duffel bag onto his lap. He unzipped and began a quick check list in his mind. A few sets of clothes, bathroom essentials, some school supplies and a number of his personal items were all there. Next, Tsukune checked his other pockets on the duffle bag, the smaller ones. He found a small digital camera on one pocket along with a pack of batteries while the rest weren't important.

After checking both his bags, the duffel and school bag, Tsukune stood up and glanced at his watch again. It read 6:59. He had done all that checking in 4 minutes and when he glanced around for his friend…he was nowhere to be found. "Damn it Naruto, the bus is going to be here soon."

The bus arrived.

Tsukune, not seeing Naruto anywhere, hung his head in depression. Looks like he'll be going to the first day of school alone this year. Grabbing his bag he stepped in the bus and took a seat at the very back…he didn't even greet the driver. It was only after he had settled in his seat did he hear a familiar voice shouting.

"Wait!! Don't leave me behind!" Someone cried out.

Tsukune's head jerked slightly at the voice, making him turn his attention up front. He saw Naruto suddenly come flying in….and crashing into the bus driver.

The brown haired boy laughed and shook his head at him. "Geez Naruto, talk about photo finish."

His blonde friend recovered quickly and shook a fist at him in anger. "Shut up Tsukune! You could have called earlier to tell me what time it was. You know how forgetful I can be!"

Before the two can start an argument the bus driver intervened.

"Excuse me, sunny boy.." He said an eerie voice. "I have to start driving…now get off me." the bus driver flashed a creepy looking grin at the blonde hanging on to him.

After seeing that, Naruto didn't need to be told twice as he quickly got off of the scary looking driver and into the seat next to Tsukune. He trembled in fear. That driver was seriously freaky. Even his voice sounded creepy.

Tsukune was thinking the same thing except he wasn't as scared as Naruto since he wasn't close enough to see the drivers actual appearance. From a far he just looked like any other bus driver…with only one exception. This driver's eyes were glowing. That was the only thing that frightened him.

A few minutes into the drive, things had started to lighten up. Naruto and Tsukune eventually forgot about the driver and began taking in their surroundings. They glanced around them and noticed something rather odd.

"Hey, where are the other students? How come we're the only ones here?" asked Tsukune.

His best friend scratched his head. "Maybe they were late waking up and missed the bus?" He offered.

The browned haired boy shook his head. "I can only see you doing that." he stated bluntly.

"Oh yeah? Then what do you suppose happened to them?" Naruto replied.

Tsukune thought for a moment. He couldn't think of anything so he shrugged it off. "Don't know."

Naruto shook his head. "Whatever, let's just talk about something else."

And so the rest of the time in the bus to Youkai academy, was spent chatting and talking about their new high school life. Neither noticed the growing smile of the bus driver up front.

There were very little things that Naruto feared. A few of them were scary stories like omens or legends of monsters or scary looking strangers. Those he actually found frightening. So when the driver decided to speak, after a long time being silent, Naruto was overcome with fear. And that intensified when the bus entered a pitch black tunnel.

"You boys…are students attending Youkai academy?" The driver asked eerily.

Naruto didn't speak and so turned to Tsukune and gestured for him to answer the man.

Seeing his friend's gesture, Tsukune nodded and answered. "Y-yeah, that's correct driver-san."

There was a pause before the driver spoke once more. "Then I must warn you… Youkai academy is a very… horrifying place." The bus driver let out a cackle. "Be prepared, once we get out of this tunnel… there's no turning back."

Those last few words were uttered so ominously that it sent chills running up the two teens' spines. Just what was this guy talking about?

Another minute later the bus had finally arrived and when it stopped, Naruto was the first to get out. Tsukune followed soon after, having taken his time to grab his belongings. As soon as both boys were out, the driver closed the door and drove back into the tunnel. That relieved the two teens.

"Whew. I thought we'd never get out of that bus…that guy was nuts." Naruto commented.

Tsukune nodded in agreement. It was his first ever encounter with someone like that and he had to wonder if what the man said was true. Right now he was currently facing a scarecrow. It stood near a dead looking tree with a pumpkin for a head carrying a wooden sign reading "Welcome to Youkai Academy." Before the teen could take a proper look around him, his friend suddenly screamed.


"Naruto! What is it?!" Tsukune shouted in alarm. He was thinking that something terrible had happened to his friend. But when he turned to look, he found him hunched near the entrance to the tunnel. He ran up to him.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?"

Naruto nodded as comical tears fell from his eyes.

"What is it?" Tsukune asked him.

"I forgot my duffel bag Sniff…" The blonde answered.

Tsukune face faulted at that. "You're crying over that?" he really wanted to smack Naruto over the head for being so careless. What am I going to do with him? The teen sighed and reached over to comfort the weeping blonde. "Look, if you're worried about the clothes you'll be wearing later on tonight, I'll lend you my extra pair. As for the underwear issue…you'll have to stick with the ones you have on right now because there's now way in hell I'm sharing mines with you!"

"That's not it!!" Naruto cried out grabbing the confused teen and shaking him violently. "I left something very important in there!"

"What important thing could you have left in there?!" Tsukune shouted back. Then it occurred to him, the reason why Naruto was so depressed about forgetting his bag…. "NARUTO! Porn isn't important!"

The blonde's jaw dropped at what his friend had accused him of bringing. How long have they been friends, 8 years? What the hell was he thinking? "I'm not a pervert! How could you even say that!"

"You said something important and that was the only thing I could think of." Tsukune defended. "What else could it be?"

Naruto cursed mentally. He couldn't just tell him that he had ninja tools and weapons in that bag. That would blow his cover. If he had told Tsukune a long time ago about him being a ninja then it wouldn't be such a big deal, but he didn't. "You know what? Lets just go. Forget about this thing." The blonde left it at that and began walking towards the creepy looking school that he spotted earlier.

The brown haired teen just looked at his friend in confusion. He was expecting Naruto to shout out his answer and continue on with the argument, but he didn't. That was rather unusual of him.

"Hey, hurry up!" Naruto said calling back to him.

Tsukune quickly followed suit while shaking his head. His friend can be so strange at times.

A few minutes later found the two teens going through the creepy looking woods. It was even more frightening with the numerous tombstones and dead trees that surrounded them as they continued to walk down the trail leading to -what they hoped was- the school. You'd think that the scenery would scare them, but that was not the case. In fact, the two just silently walked completely ignoring their surroundings.

"Hey Naruto…" Tsukune spoke out, breaking the silence. "Are you still mad about the whole porn thing?"

"No…" was the blonde's reply. "Its no big deal, just forget about it."

Tsukune was about to speak again when something caught his attention. "What was that?"

"Huh?" the blonde genin stopped walking and turned his attention on his friend. "What are you talking about?"

"Shh…be quiet for a minute. I thought I heard something." Tsukune told him, looking around.

Raising an eyebrow, Naruto perked his ear up and listened. There was nothing at first… but after a moment he began to hear something. A clicking noise. It sounded like it was coming in their direction rather fast. "Tsukune… I think we should go now."

The other teen nodded, but before they could move there was a shout.

"Look out!"

Both Naruto and Tsukune didn't have time to react as someone riding a bike slammed into them…knocking the two to the ground. Tsukune was the first to recover and when he opened his eyes he found himself staring at a girl. A beautiful girl that stared back at him with her beautiful green eyes. What a babe! was the only thing he could describe her as at that moment. The way her haired flowed freely by the sudden gust of wind made her already gorgeous face even more stunning. It was only after a few seconds of gawking did he notice their position. And when he did, what he saw made him blush.

"I-I'm s-so sorry!" The pink haired girl cried out also finding out about their position. She quickly pushed herself off of him and looked away shyly. "S-sorry."

"I-its ok…really!" Tsukune told her, getting up as well. He began brushing himself off when something came dropping from his face. What the? He touched his cheek and flinched at the stinging sensation. When he withdrew his hand he found blood on his fingers. How did that happen? Did the fall do that?

The girl noticed this as well and cried out. "You're bleeding!" she took out a pink handkerchief and stepped closer to him. "Here, let me get that for you."

"N-no its okay I got it." Tsukune tried to say, but either way the girl had already done it. And when she did the teen had a pretty good feel of her breast as she literally pressed herself against him just to wipe the blood.

This is too much I can't hold it! A drop of blood escaped Tsukune's nose, surprising the girl.

"Now your nose is bleeding. I'm soo sorry!" she continued to care for Tsukune, treating his cheek wound with a bandage until the aroma of the blood filled her sensitive nose. Almost immediately she was put into a trance. This didn't go unnoticed by Tsukune, however.

"A-are you okay?" he asked nervously. The unnamed girl was acting weirdly and the way she

looked at him made it hard for the boy not to blush.

"That smell…blood." she leaned in closer to him. "I can't….I cant take it anymore."

That was the only warning that Tsukune could get before the girl suddenly bit him in the neck. With wide eyes Tsukune cried out in surprise. "AHHH!!"

Naruto awoke a second later after hearing his friend scream. He groaned and pushed the bike off of him while rubbing his throbbing nose. That hurt like a mother fucker! he shook his head and looked for his buddy but when he found him…the blonde can only stare in shock along with multiple other emotions: Envy, anger, depression, jealousy and all that.

"TSUKUNE YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!" Naruto yelled breaking -what looked like to the blonde- the intimate moment that the two were having. It wasn't fair! Why did he get stuck with a bike while his friend got a hot looking girl. This was so not cool.

"N-Naruto this isn't what it looks like!" Tsukune frantically said, hands flailing around wildly. "SHE BIT ME!" the teen pointed towards the bowing girl.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." she kept repeating.

The blonde shot out from his spot and was next to the two blushing teens within moments. "BIT YOU?!" the blonde repeated. "She looked like she was giving you some love."

The pink haired girl blushed a deep shade of red at the comment. Although it wasn't necessarily true, she couldn't help but agree with the blonde. Who wouldn't take it like that?…. If they saw from his angle.

"No, you gotta believe me dude!…. I can even prove it." Tsukune tilted his head to the side allowing his neck to be exposed. "See!? Bite marks!"

The blonde stared at the neck for a moment before hanging his head so that his hair covered his eyes. Silently placing a hand on his buddies shoulder Naruto spoke in a trembling voice. "We're pals, right?"

Tsukune blinked. "Naruto?"

The blonde lifted his head up at his best friend to show tears and quivering lips. Tsukune sweat dropped and took a slight step back. "Did you have to rub it in??" Naruto said, crying now. "I told you she gave you a kiss. Just look at that mark!!"

"WHAT!?" Tsukune immediately began to feel for the bite. He found nothing, no bite mark, just a slightly faded red bruise. "But…How??"

Naruto didn't let him ponder as he began to shake him again. "I envy you, Tsukune! Its only the first day and already you got a drop dead gorgeous girl all over you. Give me some of your luck will you??" he pleaded.

Seeing the boy she had feed upon get harassed by the blonde, the pink haired girl stepped in to intervene. "Stop it!" she cried out loud.

Naruto immediately let go of the dizzy eyed Tsukune and looked at her. Now that she got their attention she took a deep breath and bowed once more.

"What he said was true Blonde-san, and I'm really sorry for doing that." the girl said giving her most apologetic face. "Its just that I tend to lose myself when I smell blood…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her. "Why is that?"

She smiled at them shyly before replying. "I may not look like it, but in truth, I'm a vampire."

The two boys blinked and stayed silent. A vampire? Is she serious? They both thought.

Not waiting on them to reply, the pink haired girl asked them a question. "Are you two by chance, going to Youkai Academy?" her voice was sweet and kind when she asked this.

They both nodded dumbly, temporarily forgetting about what they were talking about. The girl suddenly smiled and latched onto both of their arms. "That's so great!" she said. "Can we be friends then?"

Once again, the two were lost for words and so nodded.

"Thank you so much! I was worried about not making friends." she told them. " By the way, my name is Moka Akashiya." she gave them a very lovely smile.

Naruto broke out of his trance and introduced himself. "Pleased to meet you Moka-chan! The name's Naruto Uzumaki and my friend here is-"

"Tsukune, Tsukune Aono." the brown haired teen said, not wanting Naruto to introduce him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, Tsukune-kun, Naruto-kun. Lets stick together from now on okay?" Moka said. Her smile radiating a pure happiness.

"You bet!" Naruto cheered.

Tsukune on the other hand just settled with a smile and a nod. Maybe this school year will be okay. With friends like Naruto, a hyperactive blonde, and Moka, a beautiful girl they just met, around high school life will be quite interesting. He rubbed his neck a bit. Now if only he can figure out why Moka would bite him. Seriously, what's up with the vampire thing??

The entrance ceremony for Youkai academy was long and boring. Naruto sat fidgeting in his seat, fighting the urge to groan and create some sort of chaos, but that was proving to be difficult. Without his best friend, Tsukune who was separated from him alongside Moka (earlier that morning), to contain him, his urge for creating mischief was close to bursting out. So if the ceremony didn't end soon, then the school will have a king of pranks to deal with. And in the first day of school too!

"And that concludes the ceremony." the speaker, a strange looking priest, finally said.

Naruto, along with a number of other students, jumped into the air, cheering. As soon as they were let out, the blonde genin rushed to grab his schedule and then proceeded to find his friend. Sadly, after a full 15 minutes of looking around, he couldn't find either of them. Sighing, he made his way towards his only class of the day. Homeroom in room 163.

While he was he looking for the room, he took in the school's environment. Having been swept away so suddenly when he first arrived, along with his two friends, Naruto didn't get a chance to examine the school properly. Though as he continued to walk, he couldn't help but be awed at the beauty inside the school building. It was really different from the outside, which resembled a haunted mansion. The inside was clean and well, rich looking…fancy is the word. The ninja had never been to any school that was this elegant. He was very impressed.

Finally arriving at his designated room, the blonde readied himself. He took a calm and collective breath before pulling the sliding door open and stepping inside. He was expecting a nice looking room with an equally nice looking students and a lovely teacher inside. What he found was quite the opposite. The room was dull looking with a bit of light colored walls and wooden row of desks, while the only occupants were a few sleeping, bored, and uncaring looking students, female and male. Even the teacher that he was expecting to greet wasn't there.

The people inside gave a quick glance at him before going back to their own business. So much for a warm welcome…. Thought the blonde as he walked to the back of the room to take the seat nearest to the back corner. It was the only open desk that was somewhat close by the window. The whole row next to it was already taken, and although there were still a lot of seats open, he settled with this one.

"First day and its already starting to suck… " Naruto grumbled to himself. He must have been a little too loud because the person sitting by the windows next to him decided to reply.

"Yeah, tell me about it…just lost my only friends in this school… damn crowd…" The person said. His voice muffled because he had his head down. Funnily enough, he sounded familiar.

"Same here…" the blonde said, not bothering to look at the strange person. He leaned back on his chair staring at the ceiling. "…Came here with two friends and I lost both of them within a minute after we arrived."

Then, as if driven by the same force, both Naruto and the mysterious student turned their attention on each other, the stranger lifting his head up to look at him while Naruto lowered his gaze on to the stranger…. Both blinked before their eye's widened in surprise.



Both boys said at the same time. A moment later they laughed causing the other students, including the arriving ones, to look up at them in amusement. Though after a few seconds of looking on they got bored and returned to their own activities.

"This is so cool." grinned Naruto. "I can't believe you're in this class."

"I can't believe it myself." Tsukune said truthfully, "To be honest with you, I was expecting to be stuck in math class with this beautiful women that presented during the ceremony."

The blonde laughed a bit. "Well, its nice to have you here. I thought for sure you weren't going to be in my class."

With that, a conversation with the two friends began. It lasted only for a short while as the bell rang, signaling the start of class. Gradually, students began to pile in and the once quiet room erupted with life as sounds of laughter and chatting filled its peaceful atmosphere. A few minutes passed by and as the class's volume of noise began to escalate the door to the room suddenly slid open and in came a short golden haired women baring a friendly smile. The teacher was here.

"Sorry I'm late class." she said as she took her place behind the desk. "Alright, my name is Shizuka Nekonome and I'll be your homeroom teacher. The reason for arriving so late is because I was called by the headmaster about a certain matter. Now, before I begin class, I'd like to know if there is an Uzumaki Naruto in this room."

Naruto was surprised to be called at the very start of class. He had to wonder if he did anything wrong. He glanced at Tsukune who gave a clueless look and a shrug.

The blonde hesitantly raised his hand. "Um…. that would be me sensei."

Nearly the entire class as well as the teacher turned their attention at him. The friendly looking teacher gave a nod before smiling. "Naruto-kun, the Board Chairman wanted me to inform you that your belongings that you had left at the bus had been brought over to your room in the dorms."

Hearing the news Naruto thrust his hand in the air as a sign of victory. "Yes!" His stuff was ok! And the best part about it was that his ninja scroll, the one filled with his entire ninja tools, gears and everything else he tossed in it, was safe. He really didn't know what he would do if they were lost.

"You hear that Tsukune? I got my bags back!" The blonde ninja continued to cheer in his desk, ignoring the entire class that were looking.

Tsukune for his part, was relieved to know that he wouldn't have to share his clothes with Naruto. And when Naruto began to take things a bit to far in his celebration, like standing on his desk to dance, he had to put a stop to it. "I hear you. I hear you, now calm down Naruto. You're embarrassing me." he said gesturing Naruto to get down.

As karma would have it the blonde lost his footing and promptly fell off the desk, crashing his back first onto the floor. The entire class erupted in laughter, Tsukune and even the teacher followed soon after. They just couldn't hold it.

"Oww…" groaned Naruto as he got up from the floor and into his desk.

"I told you to get down." laughed Tsukune. "That's what you get for not listening."

Some people were clutching their stomachs while a few students banged there head on their desk. That little performance sure brightened their day. It was only after Moka, who had finally found her class, stepped in did the class stop laughing.

Tsukune had his mouth hanging while Naruto was too busy nursing his head to look up front. The class however, had a different reaction. The male part of the class were practically blushing and drooling at seeing Moka while the girls looked at her in envy. She had beaten them in both looks and popularity that's for sure.

"Sorry for being late sensei." Moka said bowing. " I got lost after the ceremony and couldn't find my way around." she then turned to the class. "My name is Akashiya Moka, I hope we can all get along."

The sensei just smiled and allowed her in. Not bothering to mark her down for being late. It really wasn't necessary since it was just the first day.

Almost immediately the males began calling out to her. Praising her and even asking if she was single. Moka of course ignored them and instead looked over them to see if she knew anyone. She was in luck for as soon as she saw Tsukune and Naruto she immediately made her way to them.

"Tsukune-kun, Naruto-kun!" she called out happily. Once she was close enough she launched herself at her brown haired friend.

Much of the class, particularly the boys, were shocked to see why such a gorgeous looking girl would do that to him or rather they were shocked to see her skirt flip up and flash them with her exposed panties.

"M-Moka-san" Tsukune yelped.

Naruto just grinned at his friend, not at all jealous or envious of the obvious affection that Tsukune was getting from Moka. He got over all of that already so Naruto wasn't at all affected. In fact he was happy to see them both look happy.

"Welcome to the fun class Moka-chan." Naruto said giving her a goofy grin.

The pink haired girl giggled a bit before letting go of the stunned looking Tsukune. He was still not used to the hugs that she was giving him. "Thanks Naruto-kun, it's great to have both of you in my class."

After the short exchange between the three friends they broke apart and headed to their respected desks. Since Moka just got there she was placed in a seat a few desks away from her two friends, much to the displeasure of Naruto and Tsukune. From there on class began, for real this time. Looks like school was starting to look normal….

"As you all know" the teacher began to explain. "This school was built for monsters to attend."

…..Or it was just getting weirder…..

At the word 'monsters' both Tsukune and Naruto, who had been grinning happily about something, suddenly perked up. Monsters? What was the teacher talking about? They both thought. They looked around them to see if anyone was finding this announcement rather strange. There were no signs of it whatsoever. All the students looked as if they have heard of this before. Both shrugging at each other, the two teens continued to listen… This time with a bit of interest and a feeling of unease, settling in their stomach.

"Since the humans had taken over our world we had to go into hiding for a while." Nekonome-sensei lectured happily. "So in order to coexist with them, this school was built to help teach us to live with them."

Naruto gulped. This was starting to get freakier by the second. He glanced over to his friend and found him staring back with the same nervous expression that he himself was also wearing.

"But sensei." A student spoke out. It was the guy in front of Naruto and judging by the way he looked, he was not the friendly type. "Wouldn't it be better to eat the humans?"

Now that question made the two human teens very nervous. They were bordering from being nervous to being scared.

"And as for the women." The student let out a very long tongue. "I find it better if they were molested."

Despite the comment and the abnormal looking tongue, Naruto couldn't help but get angry rather than get scared. Tsukune had the same feeling as him and it only turned into a killing intent when the same long-tongued student gave Moka a hungry look. His slimy tongue flickering at her. There was no way in hell they were going to let that guy get close to her. It was only by luck that Moka didn't notice the look she was getting from the rest of the males…especially the guy in front of Naruto.

The teacher meanwhile, checked her roster. She found the student's name and spoke up. "Komiya Saizou-kun? I'm afraid that wouldn't be necessary." She said cheerfully. It seems she never gets serious at all. "You see, there's a special barrier around this school that prevents humans from entering inside. Though if by chance there were humans that manage to sneak in then they will be hunted and killed." she finished saying.

That caught the only two humans' attention. They immediately forgot about their anger for the student, now known as Saizuo and sunk back in their seats. Now they were really starting to believe that they were in a monster school. And at that exact same time, the school's intercom sounded.

"Pardon the interruption, this is the Board Chairman speaking." spoke the intercom, causing the class to pay full attention. "It seems there has been a breach in the barrier, so there is a possibility that one or more humans might have entered the school grounds. Though we are still thoroughly checking the breach, I want all teachers to stay alert. Thank you."

And with that the message ended.

The class was quickly filled with excitement about the breach, while Naruto was panicking like crazy. And his best friend was in a similar state. They had both, just now, realized the warning that they had heard from the creepy bus driver from earlier…what the hell did they get themselves into?? Things couldn't possibly get any worse could it??

"I think we should help look for these humans sensei." Saizou, the long tongued freak, suggested. "They might be already here inside the school…and just a while ago I could have sworn I smelled one in here." The monster in disguise began sniffing the air.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Was the only word being repeated over and over in Naruto's mind. He and Tsukune were both in trouble now. They needed to find a way to get out of this mess. And fast.

"Y-Yeah!" Naruto suddenly said causing his best friend to look at him in shock. "I smelled one too…it was close by!" the blonde made a sniffing motion. This caused the rest of the class minus the teacher to do the same.

Tsukune took this opportunity to pull Naruto's arm to get his attention. Moka, who was a few seats away from them, just stared at her two friends curiously. She was wondering why they looked uncomfortable.

"Naruto, what the hell are you doing!" Tsukune whispered frantically with panic in his voice. "Are you crazy?!"

"Just play along, damn it." Naruto whispered back. He was keeping a close eye on the other students to see if they were looking at them.

"How is that going to help?! We're freakin' humans!" Tsukune was looking more scared than he was. "That'll only make things worse."

"Just act like you smell a human or something! It will help! Just trust me!"

Tsukune looked at him for a moment. He had a bad feeling about this. Glancing around, everyone was still sniffing the air….

"YEAH! you're right Naruto" Tsukune spoke in a very loud tone. "I do smell a human and it's right here in this room."

Naruto's jaw dropped at what his friend had just said. He banged his head on his desk repeatedly. Oh for the love of god he just had to say that! Doesn't he ever think before speaking?!

"Now that you mentioned it again. I do smell human in here." The Saizou guy agreed. A hungry look suddenly adorned his face.

Both Tsukune and Naruto stiffened. This was not good…

Nekonome-sensei was looking less interested on what was happening. In fact she just looked like she was going to continue on with her lecture. She raised her hand and was about to clap for everyone's attention when she was interrupted.

"Hey teacher, I think we should have everyone show their monster form just to check if everyone here isn't human." Once again the same freak, who just happened to like speaking his mind, gave his suggestion.

Naruto and Tsukune both wanted to strangle the guy. Unfortunately, for them they couldn't do that, for it will draw attention on them…and that's the last thing they wanted right now. So they both settled with cursing him silently. While giving a subtle glare.

The trouble student glanced at them both after feeling the glares. Naruto and Tsukune just whistled innocently. Saizou just took it as his mind playing tricks on him and so turned to face the teacher once more.

"I can't allow that Saizou-kun." explained the teacher. Tsukune and Naruto silently gave a cheer at her. Way to go sensei! "There are rules that you must obey. And one of them is that all monsters must stay in their human forms at all times and they must never reveal their true forms…unless it's a special occasion."

"Isn't this one of those special occasions'?" asked the tongue freak/pervert.

The teacher put up a thinking pose at this. Her left index finger tapping her chin while her right hand held on to her left elbow, keeping it steady. She was actually thinking about the question really seriously.

Don't listen to him Nekonome sensei! Naruto mentally shouted.

Lord if I get eaten here or killed… please get someone to take care of my parents…they can be helpless at times. Tsukune was praying silently. Anime tears pouring down his cheeks. Luckily, no one noticed. It would be weird for the other monster students to see him like that…it would also make them suspicious.

Sadly, they didn't get what they wanted.

"Alright, I guess I'll make this as an exception." the teacher said finally, her cheery voice not making things better for Naruto and Tsukune. "We'll go by rows…starting from the row closest to the door, from the front desk all the way to the back. Alright?"

A chorus of "Yes ma'am!" came from the excited class. All were happy except for a few. Namely, the two frightened friends in the back… Death was coming their way.

The blonde ninja turned his glare on his best friend. "You just had to mention that there was a human in here…nice one.."

Tsukune flinched slightly. "Hey, you're the one that told me to do something!"

"Aono-kun! Uzumaki-kun! Please be quiet while other students are presenting." The blonde teacher commanded.

They obeyed and turned their attention on the current student who was presenting…it was a girl and she didn't look too pleased. She wore a different type of uniform, but with the same short skirt while her blue hair was tied in a short ponytail. The most noticeable features was her chest. Overall she was stunningly beautiful like Moka and not to mention she was well endowed.

"You boys are rude." the girl said crossing her arms. This had the effect of causing the hot blooded males to go wild over her looks.

Moka looked a little jealous as she saw her two friends mesmerized by the bombshell beauty. She gripped the cross that she had around her neck, tightly. Somehow she felt like lunging at the girl in front of her and popping those… melons…

"They're bouncing Tsukune, look." Naruto commented as if in a trance.

Tsukune can only stare and shake his head up and down slowly… Indeed they were bouncing… He stayed like that for another second before catching Moka's appearance. She looked a little mad.

Seeing the students about to lose themselves once more the teacher quickly slammed her roster on the desk. This caused everyone to stop and look up. "We're getting nowhere with this, so from now until everyone's finished, I'd like no interruptions." The class silently nod in response. They finally know what an angry teacher looked like. "Good, now you may continue dear."

The presenting girl smiled "My name is Kurumu Kurono and I'm a succubus." she said proudly as she transformed. Large bat like wings sprouted from her back as a tail grew from, what looked like her ass. Finishing her transformation, were long razor sharp nails. Using those, she pointed at Naruto who was looking at her in a mixture of wonder and horror. "My goal is to have every guy in this school!"

Numerous cat calls erupted amongst the male body of the class. Kurumu smirked at Moka who just glared back.

Getting even more frightened and desperate, Tsukune and Naruto began to whisper to each other about what they were going to do. Should they make a run for it? They weren't so sure… and there was still Moka to consider. They couldn't just leave her here.

"Okay, next." the teacher shouted.

The males went silent instantly along with Naruto and Tsukune who paid attention once more. They're escape planning postponed as their friend was next to present. Once Kurumu had finish her presentation and had sat down, Moka stood up.

"I've already introduced myself earlier so I'll just tell you what I am." She took a deep breath and glanced at her two friends for support. Naruto gave her a grin and thumbs-up while Tsukune smiled and nodded. Even if they were scared and in a panic they still had to give encouragement for their only female friend. Moka returned their gesture with a smile of her own and continued on with her introduction. "I'm a vampire." This had caused a couple of gasps while others looked at her in disbelief… Kurumu was one of them.

"There's no way you're a vampire." A student commented.

"I said no interruptions." Nekonome-sensei said glaring at the student who had spoken. "You may continue Moka-chan."

The self-proclaimed vampire nodded. "The reason why I can't show you what my form looks like is because of this rosary." she lifted her cross necklace up and showed it around the class. "It was a seal placed on me that limits my powers as well as locking away my true form."

Naruto turned his head at Tsukune. "Shit! What the hell are we supposed to do now." he whispered to him. Thankfully, they were sitting at the back in the last two rows, so they had time to think about what to do next.

"Why are you asking me?! I have no clue what to do!" Tsukune whispered back. "Why don't you use those prankster skills of yours to give us some distraction or something."

Naruto stayed silent… his mind going over numerous scenarios on what could happen if he were to use tactics. Better yet, why doesn't he use some ninjutsu like his henge no justsu… of course! Why didn't he think of that. Now all he needed to worry about was Tsukune. He looked up to see how much time they had left… not too many, they were already on the row next to his….shit…

"Naruto! Have you got a plan yet??" Tsukune asked, his voice still in whispering mode.

The blonde nodded. "I do but… I don't know how to execute it yet…. Let me think for another minute."

"We don't have anymore time."

"Tsukune !Naruto! This is your last warning!" The teacher said scowling at them.

The boys flinched and pretty soon it was Saizou's turn…. And to their surprise, he was an orc. He smirked at the class as he sat back down. He didn't brag this time…

"Next up, Naruto-kun." The teacher announced happily. She seemed more happier now. The class had to wonder why…

Crap this is now or never… Naruto thought as he stood up to present his 'form' . He gave a quick glance at Tsukune who had his eyes shut tightly, no doubt waiting for the coming death. He nodded at the class and put both hands behind his back, forming fast and subtle hand seals. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I'm a.." Naruto was suddenly engulfed by smoke. And when it cleared a fox humanoid type of monster appeared in his place. "Fox demon or kitsune."

Tsukune's jaw dropped at Naruto's appearance. He was speechless. How the hell did his blonde friend do that?!

The bulk of the class didn't seem to be surprised. And when Naruto glanced around, he found out why. A few of the students were kitsune monsters as well, they even waved at him with a friendly or shy smile. Oh! And did he mention they were all female kitsunes.

Sitting back down he dispelled his henge and sighed in relief. Not a moment after the next person presented, Naruto's attention was jerked back at Tsukune who was looking at him with his mouth wide open.

"How the hell did you do that?!" he whispered in surprise.

Naruto sweat dropped and scratched his cheek…he forgot that he still hadn't told him that he was a ninja. He had to think up something fast. "I, um…I used magic?"

"You never told me you were a magician!"

"Well now I did!"

"Quick then, do that magic stuff on me." he whispered desperately, tugging his arm.

"I-I cant!" Naruto told him.

"What do you mean you can't!"

"I can only use magic on myself." The blonde explained. He looked up to see 2 more students were left till his friend was next… Shit. Looks like he had to use the Kagebunshin no jutsu even if it was going to be the first time he ever used it.

Tsukune was in turmoil inside. He was going to get caught, and most likely eaten and his friend was doing only one thing. Playing with his fingers.

"Naruto this is no time to be playing rock, paper, scissors with yourself!" he nearly cried out.

"Tsukune Aono. Your turn." Nekonome-sensei said, a smile of amusement plastered on her face. Whatever happened to the other two students from before?

Tsukune gulped and shakily stood up. Someone help him!

Naruto cursed. Shadow clones wasn't going to help… so he went with his second plan that he had. The blonde ninja silently reached into his pocket to pull out 3 marble sized smoke bombs that he had packed as a precaution. He then expertly tossed them on the floor.

A flash and the whole entire classroom was engulfed in thick grayish smoke.

Cries of surprise went up as students coughed.

Tsukune who was caught in surprise was suddenly jerked back down to his seat.

"Quick, take these!" Naruto said, handing Tsukune a………….plastic toy teeth?

"What the hell?! Where did you get these??" Tsukune asked.

"I got them from a cereal box this morning…it was a good thing I took it with me…."Naruto replied grinning slightly at his plan. "Put 'em on and pretend you're a vampire like Moka-chan." There was a pause as Naruto looked up. His smoke bomb was starting to fade away. "And make it quick! The smoke is clearing."

The brown haired boy shook his head in disbelief. This is ridiculous… How is this going to help… He stared at Naruto…then at the clearing smoke…then at the toy teeth on his palm. Screw it…

Tsukune tore open the bag and pulled out the teeth before shoving it in his mouth…how uncomfortable it was inside… it felt like it was meant for a kid's mouth.

Once the smoke had cleared and the chaos of the class had been dealt with, Nekonome continued on with the last presentation. She was still rather surprised at the sudden smoke that had occurred… and she had to wonder if it had to do with a certain blonde fox boy.

"Sorry for the interruption… you may continue Tsukune-kun." she said.

The said student stood up once more, his mouth oddly shaped. He gulped and gave an awkward smile baring his toy teeth at them. "Ahaha….I'm also a vampire." he said…except it was very muffled and hard to understand.

The class sweat dropped at his speech, but was never the less surprised. Now they had two vampires. Moka was especially intrigued, and when she thought about it more, she couldn't help but blush… she had drank blood from another vampire. Did that mean she marked him as her…no, she shook her head. This was too much, she needed to relax… she'll ask him about that later… maybe.

"Alright, that concludes our check-up." Nekonome-sensei said. "Now lets continue on where we left off."

Tsukune sighed and sat back down. That was close…

"See! I knew it would work." Naruto whispered, grinning like an idiot. He began slapping Tsukune's back in victory.

That proved to be a bad idea….

Smacking Tsukune on the back one last time had 2 effects… 2 things that had Naruto panicking like crazy. The first was Tsukune's fake vampire teeth popping out of his mouth and on to the floor. The second… was that the said item was picked up by Saizou, the dreaded long tongued perverted orc.

Oh fuck!! Both boys thought at the same time.

"Hey let me get that for you….huh what the hell is this?" the orc slowly looked closer at it.

Naruto, who had totally lost his rational thinking did the only thing that came in mind… he poked the orc's eyes.

"AHHHHH my eyes!!" Saizou cried out in pain. He clutched his eyes, dropping the toy teeth in the process.

Once recovered the two teens crouched low in their desk as another round of chaos ensued. Boy things are getting wilder. Will class ever have a proper lesson….they hoped not.


"Food…." grumbled Naruto. He and Tsukune lay on the ground at the rooftops drinking the only human beverage they can find… Water. It was the only thing that they were able to get since lunch had started. Moka had been held back by the teacher for some reason and so couldn't come with them to get lunch. They had decided to wait for her, but she insisted that they should go and get something to eat. At her reassurance the two of them obeyed and went to grab a bite, promising to meet up with her somewhere near the school's library.

Originally, they would have eaten in the cafeteria, but after seeing a few of the food that they saw being served there, they immediately lost their appetite. Naruto could have sworn one of the student's soup had flies in them. So they just settled with ordering water bottles which, thankfully enough, was available.

Stomachs continued to growl as time passed. The teens had already finished most their water and was currently staring over the railings that surrounded the rooftops. Neither one spoke as the hunger continued to eat away at their energy.


No words…


"Hey Tsukune," Naruto spoke, his voice heavy with depression for the lack of food. "Why are we still here…?"

"It's for Moka…we cant leave her here all by herself… we even said that we'd stick together and enjoy high school." Tsukune replied. He was equally drained of energy. Even just thinking was getting hard.

"I know but-"

Naruto was immediately cut off as the door to the roof opened. They jolted up thinking that it was some monster coming to eat up there. They were surprised to see a slightly winded, Moka.

"There you two are. I've been looking all over for you." she said walking over to them.

The pink haired beauty stopped in front of them both with her arms crossed. She put on a cute pout. "You guys ditched me…I waited for nearly 20 minutes."

"We're sorry Moka-san…we totally forgot… and to tell you the truth we forgot where it was." Tsukune lied. The truth was they were both too scared to get near anymore buildings. With all the monsters in the school, keeping a low profile would be smart.

Naruto nodded a little. He really couldn't start a conversation anymore…not with an empty stomach.

Moka looked at the two in worry. They weren't the happy and energetic guys that she befriended. "You two look like zombies. Is there anything wrong?"

Nothing but silence…

"You guys must be hungry…why don't we go get something to eat. I haven't had anything to eat since this morning." At the last statement, she glanced at Tsukune and giggled slightly.

Naruto couldn't take it anymore. He had to get something down his stomach, and now! "AHHH!! I don't care anymore!" He yelled startling both of his friends. "Tsukune! Lets go!"

"But what about…"

"Forget about it! Right now I'm in a state where I'll eat just about anything." with that Naruto turned his attention and said. "Lead the way Moka-chan."

The pink haired vampire blinked at him for a moment before grabbing their hands and pulling them towards the open door. She was excited to have her first lunch with her new friends. And she knew just the place to eat at.

"Moka…" said Tsukune.

"Yes?" she replied.

"This isn't really the type of food that we had in mind…" Naruto said tapping the soda machine in front of him.

The three friends were currently staring at the large selection of refreshments in front of them. Naruto and Tsukune were rather confused as to why Moka would lead them here. There was no food stands anywhere in sight.

"You guys were hungry right? Well here's some food." Moka said cheerfully. She pulled out some change out of her pocket and bought herself a drink. A bright red can of tomato juice.

"Well… this isn't exactly food to us…" Tsukune told her, while scratching his cheeks.

"You eat something else other than fluids, Tsukune?" Moka asked curiously, wanting to know what types of food that her vampire companion ate.

"Tsukune, c'mon just pick one out will ya?" Naruto said impatiently. He was tapping his foot as he waited on his friend.

"I don't know Naruto… why should we try these if we didn't even try the food in the cafeteria. And besides I've never seen these brands of drinks before." the brown haired teen whispered.

"They served water didn't they? I'm sure these are okay to drink." Naruto continued to pressure his friend into buying one. Since he didn't have his wallet with him, he had to rely on Tsukune's own money.

Tsukune hung his head in defeat and pulled out his wallet. "Alright, hurry up and choose one…before I change my mind."

The blonde genin cheered and pointed at the drink he wanted. " I want this one

since this one matches my hair!"

His best friend hesitated for a moment before nodding. Once they both had their drinks they walked over to Moka who was sitting on a bench happily drinking her tomato juice. They took a seat on either side of her and began to open their own drinks.

Moka smiled happily at them both. This was exactly what she'd always wanted to happen with friends. It felt really nice to enjoy a lunch with them. She took another sip of her drink before catching the beverage that Naruto chose.

"I didn't know you were into those types of drinks Naruto." she said in surprise.

Naruto blinked at her as he thirstily drank the yellow liquid. Warm salty and also bitter fluids washed down his throat as he continued to drink. After gulping down 3 mouthfuls of the drink, he stopped.

"What the hell is this?" he asked, gagging slightly. "Its warm…"

Tsukune, who had been watching Naruto gulp the yellow beverage down, turned towards Moka for an explanation. He had yet to drink his own. There was just something bugging him about it… like it wasn't going to taste very well…

"You didn't know?" asked Moka in confusion. "That's urine straight from the toilets."

Naruto went bug eyed and began to frantically vomit the drink back out. Tsukune on the other hand was laughing at him. He was right about not drinking the soda in his hand. So when his two friends weren't looking he underhandedly threw the can behind him.

"I warned you Naruto." Tsukune continued to laugh.

Moka giggled as well only to stop as a shadow loomed over her.

"Moka Akashiya was it?"

The three jumped out of their seat and turned to the person who spoke. It was Saizou from their class. What was he doing here?? All three took a few steps back.

"Why are you hanging around with these puny weaklings." he pointed at the Naruto and Tsukune.

Tsukune flinched at the statement. Being called a weakling was okay to him but for Naruto…. He took it as a huge slap across the face. And when he glanced at the blonde he knew what was going to happen next.

"Weakling?!" Naruto shouted.

A moment later Saizou was stumbling back a few feet away clutching his stomach in pain.

"Call me weak again and I'll make sure to smack that face of yours." seethed Naruto, pulling his outstretched fist back in front of him.

Tsukune and Moka can only blink. They're blonde friend had just picked up a fight…not good. The brown haired teen smacked his head with his open palm. "Naruto! Are you trying to earn a death wish?!"

"You shouldn't result on violence Naruto-kun." said Moka. Although, in the inside she was giving a slight cheer. That guy deserved it.

Fire burned in Naruto's eyes as he glared at the guy in front of him.

Saizou regained his posture and cracked his knuckles. He scowled right back at the blonde. "It was a bad idea messing with me!"

Authors note: Arghhh!! Long ass chapter.. We know, sorry for that. We had no idea where to stop it so we just ended it before Naruto's fight. We hope you guys enjoyed it at least.