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The Ninja, The Human and The Monster Academy


Chapter 2: The battle between men and women alike… Part 3 (Final)

"Kurumu…" Whispered Naruto as he leaned in to complete the kiss. The pounding of his heart slowly synchronized with the girl in his arms as his lips neared hers. This was the big moment he's been waiting for and nothing could ruin it. Just another millisecond away from heaven…


So when Naruto heard that, the atmosphere and music that had engulfed his and Kurumu's moment came to a grinding halt, much like a record player would do when it was abruptly stopped. The blonde's advance on the girl was temporarily left unfinished, managing to brush only the corner of her lips for a mere second. Naruto's head jerked back to take in the bathroom once more. He heard something that he was sure belonged to someone… or something, but can't seem to sense anyone other than him and the girl he held.

What was that? He wondered, as he swiveled his head from side to side, giving each part of the bathroom a quick and critical once over. Looking from top to bottom and from one side to another, he tried to decipher the cause of that noise.

There was nothing he could find.

Shrugging off the slight disturbance, the blonde turned back to Kurumu who was still blushing with her eyes closed and lips quivering with excitement, no doubt awaiting the kiss that she was expecting. Despite the distraction and the brief lip contact being broken, her attention was still on him. Never moving, just waiting. It was rather surprising that she didn't even give the disruption a thought.

"Naruto-kun…" She whimpered softly, anxious for her first kiss.

And so they started once more, except this time, the blonde ninja did not have the mood that Kurumu had. All he got was the quiet and not so exciting, heart warming, and suspense filled feeling that he was enjoying moments ago. The only thing giving him actual pleasure was the rubbing breasts on him and the lingering smell of the female succubus close to his face. That'll do for now.

Performing the same action he had done prior to their contact, the blonde leaned in again, albeit much faster. No more waiting, his own desires to taste the girl's lips were gushing out of his mind and into his actions. The grip he held on the girl no longer held the hesitant and soft feeling that he had intended. Instead, he pulled the girl closer to him and allowed his grasp to tighten around her small and yet very tempting waist.

Kurumu let out a very tiny gasp at his action. The sweetness that Naruto had surrounded himself before grew more aggressive and yet comforting; a feeling that she was growing to like. This boy had really caught her interest and most of all, her lust for him. Taking the next step, she unlaced her arms around his neck and clasped her hands on the blonde's whiskered cheeks; pulling him closer as well as teasing him a bit. Going too fast with his approach was rather dampening the mood she had in her mind.


There it was again.

That's it! I know I heard something that time! Naruto released his hold on Kurumu and gently pushed her off of him to get some space, before taking a very slow and thorough search for the cause of such sounds. This really shouldn't be a big deal since it could just be him hearing things, but it was better to go and check things out. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Kurumu didn't like the fact that she was pushed off like that. Sure, it wasn't in a aggressive way, but even that to her was annoying. Shaking off her slight surprise, the girl turned to her blonde 'lover' as she had claimed him to be. She wondered what got his attention.

"Naruto-kun." She pouted disappointedly for the lack of attention she was being given at that moment. "Why did you go do something like that?"

The blonde stopped surveying the restroom and turned his attention towards Kurumu. "I heard something…" He whispered to her.

Kurumu blinked. "Heard something?" she repeated. "I think that you're just hearing things…" Taking a few steps towards him, she grasped his arms with both of her hands, giving it a tug. "Forget about that and lets continue… please?"

Naruto stared at her for a moment before shaking his head. "I can't really let the small interruption go that easily…" he grumbled before returning his attention back to his searching, while at the same time removing himself from the girl's firm grasp. This was just a flat out harsh rejection for Kurumu and it really pissed her off. Just a minute ago he was all hung up on her and now he was just plainly ignoring her. What's up with that!…

"I know I heard something here, somewhere…" The blonde continued to talk to himself as he opened one of the stalls. He had already looked over the rest of the room except for the stalls. The reason why he wanted to make sure the entire room was safe, was because of his 'being very wary of things' type of habit. Of course this is one of those times where this habit kicks in. He wasn't the one to skip minor details such as a small noise to get away from him, even if it ended up being his mind playing tricks on him.

"Come on Naruto-kun give me my kiss!" Kurumu half begged and half demanded. She didn't want to be too forceful in getting him for fear of getting rejected entirely. And thankfully, she managed to contain her annoyance to a tolerable level. It wouldn't do any good with her advances on her 'lover' if she was all bitchy, now would it? "I promise we can go do it afterwards." She said the last sentence with a suggestive tone of voice.

Unfortunately for her, she was ignored as Naruto opened the next stall. She slumped her shoulders. I want my heavenly kiss… where did it go? She looked up at the ceiling with comical tears pouring from her eyes. This isn't fair!

"You okay, Kurumu-chan?" Asked the blonde as he gave her a concerned look.

Immediately, Kurumu did a complete 180 and latched on to his arm once more. "Oh! You're so sweet for being so caring towards me!" She squealed and began to shake him from side to side.

Naruto didn't really know what to do and so just let her stick to his arm. Though when he felt his joints about to pop loose he had to pry Kurumu off of him. That proved to be hard as the girls grip was oddly stronger than before.

At that moment, a sudden presence caught Naruto's senses, thus raising his guard. He didn't know this type of energy, but he was sure that it felt hostile… well, maybe not. He didn't really feel any malicious intent coming from this and yet he still had to keep himself ready for anything.

"Naruto-kun lets do it!" The giddy Kurumu said.

The blonde didn't respond, but rather took a step closer to the middle stall which held the certain presence he had felt. His right fist tightened as he narrowed his eyes at the closed stall. Whatever was behind it, good or bad, he had to get ready incase anything should harm him or Kurumu. The said girl finally noticed Naruto's strange behavior and thus fell silent and fully alert. Creeping closer to Naruto, who had gone into a loose fighting stance, she stood behind him with her hands on his shoulders and head peeking over to the side.

"Alright, whoever you are. Get out of there…" The blonde calmly commanded.

Silence greeted him and Kurumu as they watched the door in front of them. It went like this for a couple more seconds until Naruto felt it. The entire room suddenly grew cold. It was subtle at first, but now he could feel it. When he glanced at Kurumu, who was looking at the stall's door, she wasn't at all affected by the sudden temperature drop. So tensing a bit more, he raised his left hand to open the stall's door.

Before he can even lay a finger on the handle, the door itself blew open and along with it a powerful gust of wind. It was icy-cold and strong enough to knock Kurumu back to the wall next to the first urinal.

"Kurumu-chan!" Cried out Naruto, as he took a quick glance at her to see if she was okay. Other than the crunched up eyes, due to the gust of wind, she looked fine.

The blonde ninja was lucky enough to avoid being blown back since his reaction time was a lot faster. He had managed to stick to the ground using his chakra. Returning his attention back in front of him, he prepared to defend himself.

As the chilling wind died down, he lowered his arms and looked inside the stall to find…


There was nothing there that he was expecting. He also did not feel nor sense the presence from before. It was like it had simply vanished along with that wind. His body did not relax, however, even if he can no longer sense anything near him. His shinobi training had taught him to never let ones guard down even if there wasn't any threat nearby. There was always a chance that something unexpected may happen.

He was right about the unexpected part…

Soon after he had spun around to check on his blue haired companion once more, a cold breeze much gentle than before blew across him. It simply came out of nowhere and the next thing he knew, he felt cold on the lower half of his body. Kurumu gasped, causing Naruto to take a look at his lower body. His pants, that he totally forgot about, had finally slid off and what was worse… was that the succubus had now a full view of his exposed underwear… oh god…

"Oh my!" Kurumu giggled as she looked at the blonde's boxers. She blushed at the semi-tight underwear that Naruto sported. It so fitted his personality. Black colored boxers with numerous large orange foxes printed all over it. She also noticed the… "I didn't know Naruto-kun was so developed." She said out loud, giggling perversely.

The blonde's head shot up at the comment and a fierce blush quickly overcame his face. He let out a quick yelp and tried to pull his pants up. Thankfully enough, it was only one girl that saw him like this. Now if it were the other, more perverted ones … well, he could just imagine what they would do to him if they saw him like this.

The succubus just continued to giggle while fantasizing about… stuff… most likely something very inappropriate judging from the far off look and drool pouring out from the corner of her grinning lips. Naruto sweat dropped when she kept giggling and looking at him with that 'drunken' look of hers.


At the sound, Naruto's body instantly went from being off guard into on guard. He jerked his head back just in time to see someone peeking from one of the stalls. To his surprise it was a girl, he blinked and quickly went over to grab her, while keeping his pants from falling. The girl quickly disappeared in the stall she was in, closing the door as well.

"Got you!" The blonde said as he slammed the same door open, he was intent to get this girl. "Okay! Now why are you…" He stopped his questioning when he found no one was in it. "Eh?"

Not soon after he had said that, his instincts kicked in and he quickly jerked his head to the right. What he found made him jolt back in surprise. The girl that he had seen stood in front of him, leaning her head forward.

"Hi, Naruto-kun!" she said cheerfully with a blush.

She had light, long purple hair, not at all longer than Moka's nor shorter than Kurumu's. It flowed freely from behind and accompanying that, were her brilliant eyes that had the same color as her hair, lavender. Oddly, she had a lollipop in her mouth, almost looking like she was a smoker. Naruto took another good look at her and found that she was a strange one. Aside from her uniformed skirt, she wore a loose sweater that had purple sleeves and pockets at the lower front. The reason why Naruto would describe her upper clothing loose was because of how it did not hug her frame like most clothes that girls wore and because it did not cover her shoulders and collarbone. This also managed to reveal, to both Naruto's delight and disappointment, that she had a black sleeveless shirt underneath.

The ninja was so engrossed in his observation that he did not notice the girl pull out a paper and move a bit closer to him. "Naruto-kun?" She spoke once more tilting her head to the side cutely. It was sweet much like Moka's and the way she was looking at him made him relax and lower his guard unconsciously.

Blinking a few times, he cleared his throat to speak. "Uh… hi?"

The girl smiled and wordlessly held the paper she was clutching in front of him. It was a newspaper and he had to blink at it for a few seconds. Does she want me to read it? he wondered before he caught something written on the paper, which should have been the first thing he saw since it was in large bold-printed letters.

Naruto immediately snatched the paper from her and buried his face on it like how a bookworm would do. "Target: Uzumaki Naruto?!" he blurted out in surprise. "Who-"

"Make love to me." The girl said suddenly.

At the request, Naruto's jaw promptly fell to the ground. Shock, surprised and most of all a very red face, was evident in his facial appearance. Kurumu who had shaken out of her thoughts moments ago, had looked at the new girl in the room with widened eyes. That was something she did not expect… Competition. Wasting no time, the succubus launched herself from her spot and straight towards the two teens in front of her. The fact that the new girl was directly in front of the blonde didn't stop her from voicing out her displeasure as well as stop the other girl's advance on her 'fated mate'.

"What are you talking about, girl?!" Kurumu butted in. "The only person he's going to do that with, is me!" She thrust her thumb at herself before turning to Naruto. "Right, Naruto-kun?"

"W-wait what's going on!?" He managed to stutter out. He was having a hard time containing his blushing face as well as his own beating heart. He wasn't ready for this type of thing to happen! His mind was also still too pure to go into anything that the two girls were arguing about.

The unnamed girl stood stoic and unmoving, never replying to Kurumu. Her eyes continued to wonder about the blonde boy in front of her. The whisker marked cheeks and the golden hair that would often cast a few sharp bangs over the boy's ocean blue eyes, enthralled her-- so much, that she totally forgot about why she came to find him in the first place. Mentally gathering herself once more, she increased her smile and tried to animate her face since the eyes held a bored or tired look to observers. This she knew of, considering she had looked at herself on the mirror before.

"Read the paper." She suggested kindly. "It says you'll make love to anyone." Not being able to contain the blood rushing to her cheeks, she showed a very rosy blush at what she had stated.

Kurumu let her mouth hung open just when she was about to give the girl another hostile response. She didn't want to believe what this emotionless looking girl (In her eyes) said, but her interest on it did not go, however. Naruto on the other hand, quickly began reading the article thoroughly, having only read the Large Text, which was the title.


By Aika and Ami Naomi

"Uzumaki Naruto, the "Bad Boy" of Yokai Academy is one of the most admired students in this school's history! After being in the academy for only two weeks, this blonde teen's popularity among his fellow classmates and other students, has outrageously grown. It's up to the point that everyone knows about him! Sure, we all know that Kitsunes are cute and lovable in either form they choose to take, but after an incident between Naruto and the big, bad bully Saizou… Kitsunes suddenly became a race not to mess with. And it also shows that the number of tails that one kitsune has doesn't really matter in terms of power. Naruto was the proof to this testament. Now who wouldn't think that our popular blonde fox is strong?… not to mention he's one of the cutest guys of this school!"

Naruto blushed at the 'cute' remark. He never really got that from anyone before and certainly not from a girl. Back in his middle school years, he would just get red faced girls that would stutter when they spoke to him, which he didn't quite understand. He got a lot of those and most were just plain quiet and not so talkative (in his opinion). Shaking that small thought off, he continued reading.

"Even if he is going out with the equally popular -vampire girl- Moka Akashiya, that doesn't stop the other girls of the school from going after him! How is Uzumaki so popular? And what makes him so lovable? Well, we managed to ask this dream boy some questions…"

The blonde's eyes widened into saucers as he read the next few sentences. He ignored the picture of him --next to the comment-- with a rectangular black object blocking his eyes and a good portion of his face.

"Question: 'Naruto-kun we all know you are going out with the beautiful Moka, but have you two gone 'that' far? As in your love affair? We want to know your relationship for we are very curious!'

His response: 'Heh, we haven't gotten that far… but I would say that I'd make love to any girl that wants me. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend doesn't mind.'

"So there you girls have it! That was-"

Naruto didn't bother reading the rest of the article as he let go of it. "What the fuck!? I don't remember saying that!" Cried out the now panicking blonde. "This lies!'

The purple haired girl with the lollipop shook her head and grasped onto the blonde's hand,. "The papers never lie." She said as her rosy cheeked face grew a little bit more red.

"Get your hands off of him!" Kurumu said and grabbed Naruto's other arm. "Leave us alone you- you… who are you anyways!?"

Naruto blinked at the question. What was her name? He tilted his head at the unknown girl before him. She never did introduced herself.

"My name…" The girl said. "I'm Mizore Shir-" She stopped and corrected herself. "I mean Mizore Uzumaki." The last name she added, had Naruto looking at her with swirls in his eyes.

The blonde's intelligent reply to the girls name was an, "uh…" How did I get into these things? He thought, dazed by the girl's claim to become his future wife.

"Come on Naruto-kun, lets make babies!!" She said cheerfully and energetically as she tugged on his arm.

Her comment only fueled Kurumu's anger and jealousy, while Naruto nearly elapsed into a state of shock. That was the most outrageous thing he had ever heard from a girl. He wasn't at all dumb in what she had just stated either. Making babies meant he had to perform intercourse with her, and having learned that from Iruka's lessons back a year ago, he knew what to expect. At the thought of the talk he had about "the birds and the bee's" with his chunin sensei, made the blood from his body increase as he recalled the event that had lead to it.


The sound of a clock ringing on the hour brought Naruto's attention back to reality. Even through his headset, he can clearly hear the annoying ringing sounds of the old wooden clock. He checked the time on his in-game's watch and compared it to the time on the ringing clock. It was 2:00 in the morning… yet another late hour to stop playing his game.

Typing a few words on the keyboard, he quickly logged out of the game. Clicking the mouse here and there, he prepared to shut the computer off.

Naruto yawned. "Alright you guys peace out, I'm logging out for the night." He said over his headset.

There was a few buzzing noises until he heard his online friends' responses.

"Later, Bro!" Said one voice, a gruff and heavy one.

"See you around!" came another.

"See ya, Naruto, I'll talk to my dad about the camping trip." Said his best friend, Tsukune.

"Alright, tell me tomorrow when you can." Replied the blonde as he let out another yawn. "See ya!" And with that last goodbye he disconnected from the channel and proceeded to turn the entire computer off.

Naruto grasped his left hand and lifted it up onto the air performing a quick stretch. His body shrugging off the stiffness caused by the long hours of sitting and playing. After bending and stretching from side to side for a bit more, he gazed back at the computer where his eyes wandered to the green box sitting idly near the screen. It was a game that Iruka and Shizune had given him for his birthday 2 years ago, and he had to say, it was very addicting. Picking it up with his right hand, he looked over the picture and title. Its cover had an elf with golden hair, wearing a dark crimson robe. On one hand was a long blue staff and on the other, magic-- glowing a green color.

"World of Warcraft…" He murmured. "I wonder why I'm still playing this… I should really focus on my ninja training instead."

Sighing a bit, he placed it back on the desk and stood up, checking the time once more before heading down to the kitchen. I should get a midnight snack before heading to bed. He snickered to himself as he rummaged through the cupboards and refrigerator. A few minutes later, he was heading back upstairs happily munching on his rather large cookie (The size of a plate). He didn't know whether his Shizune-nee baked it or bought somewhere, but either way, he liked it.

As he neared his room, he sensed a bit of chakra coming from his caretaker's sleeping quarters. Curious as to why they were still awake, the blonde went to check it out. When he got close enough, he reached out to give it a knock when a moan from Shizune made him stop.

Naruto blinked a few times at the odd sound his sister-figure had made. It sounded like the ones she would often let out whenever Iruka massaged her shoulders. Thinking that must be it, he raised his hand again.

"Oh Iruka!" His caretaker let out. It was loud enough for Naruto to mistaken it for a scream of some sort.

The blonde ninja didn't bother knocking anymore. Having heard that, his curiosity grew and so it lead him to spy, rather than finding out directly. Inching a bit slowly to the door, Naruto placed his left ear against it while occasionally taking a bite out of his cookie. He tried to chew his snack a bit slow so he wouldn't miss anything. Whatever was going on in there must be something good. Perhaps its some type of new jutsu scroll that they would soon give him or maybe they plan to throw something at him, training or more martial arts. Those thoughts made him giddy to no end.

"Faster Iruka-kun!" commanded Shizune.

A grunt was heard before Naruto heard his sensei's voice.

"Alright… just give me a second here." Iruka said…

What are they doing? Naruto wondered, as his eyes furrowed in confusion. Maybe its some crazy hand technique-jutsu…

Sounds of thumping, bed creaking, and moaning from both his caretaker made him jerk his head back. Whatever it was that they were doing… it sure sounded like it was strenuous. At least from the grunting and panting he had heard so far.

"Deeper!" the loud moan of his favorite medic-nin made his head jerk back in surprise. The sound she produced was not the hardworking, tired one… it was one of pleasure. Just what the hell was going on in there??

"Iruka!!!" Screamed Shizune.

That did the trick. Naruto dropped his half-eaten cookie, and without a second thought, slammed his shoulder onto the door. A second later the said object lay flat on the ground and in came Naruto--eyes flaring with uncontrolled fury and glaring into the dark room.

"Oi! What did you do to Shizune-nee!? Iruka!" Naruto cried out, rage and fear clearly laced in his voice. He didn't know what his sensei had done, but the scream he had heard from his sister-figure had drove him to assume the worst.

"Naruto!?" Iruka yelped in surprise.

Turning on the light, Naruto prepared to pulverize his sensei. But once the light was on, what he saw made his jaw drop and his eyes pop out from its sockets. The two people he respected and loved the most, lay naked on the bed with only a dark blue blanket covering a portion of their body. It may have concealed major parts of the two's respective anatomy, but it still left enough flesh for the young ninja to look at.

Naruto stared at them, stunned at what he was witnessing. He raised a shaky index finger at the only person awake. Iruka. "W-Why… you… she naked.. Why the hell are you both naked!!!" He shouted out as a red blush adorned his cheeks upon seeing his "sister's" exposed legs…

Iruka sighed. This wasn't exactly something he had expected. He was sure that Naruto was asleep by now… oh well, it was too late. "I guess it's time for you to know…" Though I wish I could've spoken to him about this at a better time… The Chunin glanced down at Shizune to see her sleeping peacefully underneath him. She bore a small, yet satisfying smile with a body slightly glistening with sweat from their… 'no-light private activity.'

Grabbing his boxers, from beside his pillow, he quickly put it on before tucking the medic-nin in. Once all that was done, he looked over to Naruto and gave a mental groan. Here goes…

Walking over to the stupefied blonde, Iruka patted his shoulder and smiled slightly at him. "Tell me Naruto… do you have any female friends at school?"

End of Flashback

On that particular night, Naruto was given 'The talk' and boy, did he learn a lot. Iruka had given him way too much information regarding relationships for his pure brain to handle. And by morning the next day he was looking like a fish that was near death. It was shocking what having a girlfriend could end up at.

Naruto shook his head and brought himself back into the present. A time which he would gladly skip… if only he could. The two girls that had began pulling each other's hair (Mostly likely when he was dozing off) was not something he really liked seeing. Fighting girls… it was like the American wrestling show.

"He's mine, you bitch!!" Kurumu cried out, as tears of pain were seen from the edge of her left eye. The one that wasn't shut tightly.

Her opponent, Mizore, wasn't fairing any better. Her hair was practically close to being torn off of her scalp as they both continued to fight. That was how hard Kurumu was pulling and if Naruto didn't put a stop to it, one of the girls would end up with a bad hair day! Well, no hair is more like it…

"Alright, that's enough you two!" Commanded Naruto as he created a clone to help disperse the cat fight. This action caused the two girls to look at him in awe and surprise upon witnessing the supposed 'Kitsune' monster perform magic. A puff of smoke erupted from seemingly out of nowhere and when it cleared up, there stood a duplicate of their blonde target. The original went to stop Mizore while the 'clone' held off Kurumu. It was difficult to say the least, since both girls immediately switched from fighting to groping him. Naruto cursed slightly for not creating another one since both girls were very hard to contain.

"OI! Don't grab down there!" The blonde cried out as he tried to get a hold of Mizore's hands. Intentionally or unintentionally, the new girl had let out a gasp. A jolt of cold energy came flooding through his body the moment he touched her hand. It felt unusually cold and when he felt his body somehow liking it, he quickly withdrew his hand away from her, panting slightly.

Mizore stared at him with mouth agape, allowing the purple lollipop to fall out. She had felt the same thing that the blonde had experienced, except it was warm… a type of energy foreign to her. And yet she found it comforting… oddly enough.

Naruto looked from his hand to the girl in front of her. What was that?

"Naruto-kun! You meanie!" Kurumu pouted as she tore through the clone with her elongated nails. She then launched herself at Naruto and tackled him from behind. Fortunately for her, Naruto was sturdy enough not to fall forward from that and so she was able to give him a hug from behind. "Why does she get your treatment and not me?" The blue haired succubus glared at Mizore, who was still pondering over what had happened.

Still panting slightly, the blonde did the only thing his mind could do. He Kawarimi'd out of the succubus's grasp and ran out of the bathroom. His mind had become numb all of a sudden and thus he was in no mood to talk, much less engage in anymore activity. This problem would have to wait. He needed to get away from it, for now. I should find Moka-chan… I hope she got Tsukune back. He continued running away, unaware of the fact that he was missing something.

His sudden disappearance had both girls looking around their surroundings in bewilderment. The blonde had ditched them. This really angered Kurumu. Her entire plan was ruined and it was all thanks to this lollipop sucking girl. Growling, she turned a glare at the confused Mizore who was still unconsciously tugging on Kurumu's hair.

"This was all your fault!" Said the succubus as she slapped the other girl's hand away from her hair and thus followed up with a tackle. "I'm gonna kill ya!"

"Let me go, stupid!!" Mizore shot back, as they continued to struggle with one another on the ground.

A moment later, the door to the bathroom flew open and in came 3 guys… who stopped dead in their tracks. They blinked before one thought crossed over their perverted minds. "Holy shit! Take your clothes off!" All three shouted and cheered out. And the moment they said that, they were all slapped, cut, stomped, bludgeoned, and strangled by the two girls. This was sure a lucky day for the ones who entered…

With Moka and Tsukune…

Moka and Tsukune sat talking idly about the events that had transpired between them and Moka's rosary. They had gone looking for Naruto after their talk with inner Moka, but somehow they couldn't find him. Their blonde friend couldn't be found anywhere and before long, the first bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. That's the reason why they were currently having a quiet conversation in their classroom; waiting for Naruto to come in.

"Should we talk to him about it?" Moka asked as she looked at Tsukune. She didn't know much about Naruto and his powers that her other self had said and so she was generally concerned. There was no way of telling what could happen to the lovable and often times, very kind guy that she knew.

"No…" Tsukune finally said as he looked out the window. His eyes looked slightly distant. "I know him pretty well. So if it's a deep secret that he's not ready to talk about, then we'll leave him be." Even though I am as curious as you… the brown haired teen mentally added.

Both friends entered a comfortable silence as they waited for class to start. Each wondering about their blonde friend and what they're going to do. Should they keep what they heard a secret from Naruto or confront him directly, regardless of what Tsukune himself had said?

Other students filed into the room as the final bell tolled. The class was once again off to a loud start as they all waited for their teacher. Though the giggling of the females dominated the noise as they all chattered on about someone.

Moka grew a little curious about what they were talking about since it seemed really interesting. What was more intriguing to her was that nearly half of the class, mostly the females, had newspapers in their hands or on the desks in front of them. Wondering where they had gotten it, the vampire tapped the girl that was closest to her.

"Excuse me." Moka said politely. "But can you please tell me what's going on." She hoped that this girl wasn't one of those jealous types. The ones that often threw her glares for being around Naruto. Thankfully for her, however, the girl just gave her a confused stare before replying. No malice or sense of distaste came from her, making Moka feel relaxed.

"You don't know?" The girl questioned, as a fluffy light-orange tail came up from behind her and began swaying from side to side.

The vampire just shook her head in reply, while taking note of the girl. Seeing as she had a fluffy tail, Moka automatically knew that this was one of the kitsune girls in her class. She had short, dark brown hair with jade colored eyes that seem to hold a bit of curiosity and… was she sizing her or something??

The kitsune gave her another second look before talking. "Well, see for yourself." She handed her an extra copy of the newspaper that everyone had. "It has to do with your boyfriend, Uzumaki-kun." the unnamed girl added.

At the mention of Naruto, Moka snatched the paper quickly, causing the girl in front of her to giggle. The vampire didn't care however, as she buried herself on the paper to see what it was saying about Naruto. Tsukune also leaned in from behind to check what was written. Anything that involved his friend was a cause for concern since this school is, after all, built by monsters. And if Naruto was found out to be human, then he himself would be accused of being human-- which he was. Though before they can even read far into the article "Target: Uzumaki Naruto!", Nekonome-sensei came in and class began.

"Alright everyone, I have an announcement so listen up." She said cheerfully.

The students all fell silent as they listened intently to the cat woman. Their sensei was looking more bubbly than usual and the fact that she had stars for eyes made them wonder what she was going to say.

"Alright! Tomorrow, the school will be having a special day." The glasses wearing teacher began as she looked at the eager students in front of her. "You guys wanna know why?"

The class nodded in anticipation. Many of them even leaned forward just so they can hear what she had to say. Though they hated it when their teacher was like this. She was such a bad teacher sometimes… teasing them like this.

"Well, the school is having a club rush from morning, till the end of the day." The teacher announced happily. "And…" she stopped and blinked… then backed up to the chalkboard. Her students were looking at her with wide eyes and VERY big smiles…."Uh oh…"

Not a second after she had said that, the entire room exploded into loud chattering and cheering. She should have expected this to happen, especially if this class just happens to be the most troubling one. After recovering from the sudden ear piercing sound from her students, she began to yell at them to quiet down. The main reason she actually made the announcement is because she was hoping to get them to join her newspaper club, by announcing that first.

"Listen to me! Please!" she begged. Normally she should have power over her class, but after they found out about her little weakness, they've become very hard to restrain. They've even become immune to her 'Super Strict Teacher' persona; the one she would don on when things like this happened. Why was she given such a noisy class?

With a last ditch effort, the teacher pulled out a shiny, pink whistle. Plugging her cat ears with cotton, Nekonome stuck the small pink object between her lips and blew. A sharp, ear-piercing sound blew over the entire class as everyone shrieked and clasped their ears in pain. Tsukune and Moka were fortunate enough to block their ears upon seeing their teacher's action and were thus unaffected.

The usually cheerful teacher stopped upon seeing her students halt their loud conversations. She shook her head at them and sighed. This was the only thing she could do in order to get their attention and she hated using it too. Nekonome knew that this was painful for the unfortunate monsters born with sensitive ears and so refrained from using it… up until now, that is.

"I didn't want to have to use this method, but you all forced me too." The cat-lady eyed everyone disappointedly. "Now everyone, please be quiet until I finish my announcements."

The students, some still recovering from the attack on their hearing, nodded and sat obediently silent. A few of them would wince, however, every few seconds. To think they had power over their own teacher….

"Now as for why I mentioned the club rush…" Nekonome-sensei smiled. "I was wondering if you all would like to join the Newspaper club."

Silent stares were the response.

A sweat drop developed at the corner of her head and she quickly continued on. "Anyways! It's a fun club that I advise you all to check out! The papers that most of you have were developed by the same Newspaper club I'm supervising." Nekonome held up a similar copy of what most students had on their desk.

Moka, as well as the rest of the students who had a copy, looked at the grey colored newspaper in interest. A select few that had resumed reading would giggle, while others would remain silent and fold the newspaper back up. This action caught the cat-lady's attention and thus continued to explain in hopes of grabbing their interest.

"As you can see…" Their teacher began turning her copy to a few pages. "The clubs have many sections of interest that range from the local times, to the events happening in the monster communities. There's even a small section for fashion and hot gossips."

Seeing that a few heads had perked up, the teacher continued on. "The club will also have the upcoming news on events happening in the school. If you join, you can even travel around the human world for special news. So try it!" She winked as her explanation ended.

Many students had begun nodding and taking in the information. Tsukune and Moka were also looking at the prospect of joining. It really seemed like a good idea. There was also the benefit of earning a ticket home, considering the trips that Nekonome had said. The brown haired teen would like that very much.

"Nekonome-sensei?" one of the curious held a hand up, catching everyone's attention.

"Yes?" The smiling woman replied.

"If the Club Rush is happening tomorrow… how come the Newspaper club is the only one open."

Many students nodded after thinking it through. It was strange that a group was already active when the club rush was supposed to happen tomorrow. They all thought that the clubs wouldn't open until a few days after it was over.

"Open?" The teacher tilted her head to the side in confusion.

The student elaborated. "I mean…why is this club the only currently active?"

"Ah! I'm sorry! I totally forgot those details…" The cat woman stuck her tongue out in a childish manner.

This made the class face fault, except for a number of people who were used to their sensei's behavior, Moka and Tsukune included.

"Our club was given permission to create a newspaper designed to give the students an introduction to the clubs. A list of the groups open tomorrow are listed in Page B3-B7." Nekonome sweat dropped as her students looked at their newspaper weirdly. Oh boy… they're happy…

Many of the students quickly tore through the newspaper looking for the mentioned pages. Moka herself had already found the section and had begun reading it. With Tsukune by her side, the two began skimming through the large list of clubs.

"What do you think Tsukune-kun?" Moka asked as she looked at him

"I think we should check this newspaper club out." The brown haired boy said. "We'll see what happens tomorrow. I want to discuss this with Naruto. I'm sure he would want to have a look at this, as well."

Moka nodded in full agreement. "I'm wondering which club he would like…" She said, as she turned her gaze away from Tsukune to look at the outside window. "Where is he anyways…?"

"He must still be being chased by Kurumu…" Tsukune replied as he stopped looking at the newspaper to focus back once more to his blonde friend's secret. The very secret that he was waiting patiently to find out.

"Shouldn't we go look for him? What happens if Kurumu caught him?"

Tsukune broke away from his thoughts and nodded. She was right. There was a chance that Naruto may have been caught by the Succubus. "I'll look for him." He offered, preparing to make the excuse of going to the bathroom.

"No!" Moka said, as she regarded the continuous chatter of her classmates with searching eyes. She bit her lower lip and said. "I'll go. I don't want you to be put through that charm of hers again."

Tsukune sensed her faint voice and shook his head. "But-"

"It's okay…" Moka smiled beautifully at him upon cutting him off. "I'll go look for him."

The brown haired boy was about to protest, but her hand was already up. And by the time that Tsukune could say a 'wait' the Vampire had already left under the excuse of needing to use the bathroom. He shook his head and looked outside at the passing, gray clouds.

Naruto… where are you man?

With the Blonde Hero

Pervert… A commonly placed title upon males who has done something that warrants a brutal justice from women. Kidnapper… a person who takes an innocently cute child, forcefully for reasons of money or personal goal. Now what do these two words have in common? Well that's simple! They perfectly describe a certain blonde ninja in hiding.


"Shhh!!" The blonde whispered desperately to the struggling girl in his arms.

That's right! The blonde ninja had turned into the blonde-perverted-kidnapper. And how did it exactly come to this? Well that's simple. Firstly, after Naruto had ran away from his two admirers, he should say, the blonde found out that he had lost his pants and had been running in the halls half-naked. Now that in a sense is how he was a pervert. You just don't go running around schools in your boxers! As for why he was a kidnapper…


Naruto just happened to run into a certain girl with a rather large witch hat. Usually he would have just ran past her, but as luck would have it… the girl decided to yell out "pervert!" And before he knew it, the halls were littered with the anti-pervert police force. The blonde did not know such a group of monsters existed for that kind of purpose and so without thinking, he had abducted the girl before escaping. Whacky ain't it?


SFX: Chomp!

"!!!" The blonde quickly let go of his hostage and began blowing on his throbbing hand. "What the hell is wrong with you!?!"

"Pervert!!!" Yelled the small brunette.

"SHHH!!!! Be quiet or they'll find us!!" Panicked Naruto, as he tired to get a hold of the girl once more.

This proved to be a bit difficult since she was thrashing around wildly. And since they were both hiding in a large steel recycling bin outside of the buildings, it was quite hard to move around. Having banged his head quite a number of times, the blonde winced. God damnit! Why cant she just be quiet!

"HELP!! PERVERTED-Kidnapper on me!!" Screamed the girl, while pounding the poor blonde's head and body with her tiny fists.

"I'm not a pervert nor a kidnapper!" Explained the blonde as he frantically tried to explain it to her.

"Yes, you are! You grabbed me forcefully and hid! P-plus…" A deep blush tainted her pale cheeks. "Y-you don't have any pants on!"

"T-That's because someone tried to force herself on me!"

"I don't believe you!!! Help!!!" The girl continued to yell.

"Come on now!" Naruto begged as he tried to gently handle the girl that was currently straddling him while dishing out punches.

When no one heard her outcry, the young girl took out a wand. It was certainly a girlishly crafted one, with a pink heart design sticking on top of a thin long stick. In the center of the heart-shaped tip was a elegantly fashioned star.

"That's it!" She finally said, pointing the wand at Naruto's head.

"Eh?" Naruto can only blink at it.

"Divine punishment!"

A blinding light exploded from the wand and before he knew it the entire bin erupted into smoke.

"Gah!" Naruto coughed as he struggled to get air.

The girl by this time had opened the lid and jumped out while slamming the bin shut on top of Naruto. The poor blonde was banged hard on the head with the lid, causing him to fall back into the cloud of smoke.

"Ha!" The grinning magic user stuck her tongue out at the Recycling Bin. "Stupid pervert! That'll teach you not to mess with genius witch, Yukari Sendo!"

"Well, well, well… if it isn't the dirty little witch." Came a voice from behind her.

Yukari spun around quickly in surprise.

"C-class President!" She said meekly as she took a step back.

Piercing gray eyes gazed upon the small girl. And as the wind blew across his gray hair, the president signaled his two cronies to surround the girl. The two students that followed the class president nodded and circled around Yukari. One was large while the other a thin looking male. They each wore an ugly sneer that equally matched their horrid looking faces. They continued to eye the silent witch.

"Where the hell were you?" asked the leader as he flicked a tongue at her. "Didn't we specifically told you to grab the worksheets for the class?"

Yukari shook slightly and began to perspire. "I-I…. I was kidnapped!" The girl explained.

All three of her 'classmates' let out a horrid laugh.

"Do you really think we would fall for such a lie. It's obvious that you were planning to execute one of your despicable jokes." The president spat out. "You witches make me sick… especially you!"

While this was going on, the blonde in hiding began to catch some much needed air-- despite the lingering smoke. Geez… That girl!…

"If it were my decision, I would have you kicked out of our school, you good for nothing Half-breed!"

"Eh?" Hearing that, the blonde slowly opened the lid to peek out. What's going on?

Yukari, upon hearing the word 'half-breed' growled softly. With a flick of her wand, multiple large yellow basins came crashing down upon her classmates and her surroundings. Naruto, unfortunately was one of the victims of the small witch's magic. One of her basins had slammed onto the lid of the bin and thus hit Naruto as well.

The blonde fell back inside rubbing his head. "Ow…"

"GRRRR!!!" After recovering, the president and his lackey's launched themselves at Yukari.

"Kyaaaa!" She yelped.

A painful slap, forced her to hit the green steel bin behind her. And from there on, the three abusers cruelly began to administer their punishment on her. They used any means necessary to inflict bodily damage upon the poor girl.

Someone help… Yukari cried out mentally; too afraid to voice it out, for fear of further harsh abuse.

Recovering from the surprise hit, the blonde returned to spying and when he did, he can only stare in shock for a few seconds. Unable to stand the girl get harassed any longer, the blonde let out an angered roar.

SFX: Crack! BOOM!

"Kyaaa!" Yukari yelped as she fell forwards with her hands over her head, fearing that it was all over.

The metal lid of the recycling bin exploded upwards into the air before falling upon a stunned Lizard-man crony. With a loud clunk, the poor monster was down on the ground unconscious with a very large throbbing lump on his head. In surprise, the blonde jumped out of his hiding place and landed gracefully beside the trembling girl.

"Eh, little one, you okay?" The blonde asked worriedly, while eying her with concern.

He did not like what he saw. The young brunette had a few minor bruises and by the looks of it, she was pretty badly injured on the right leg. Just the long trail of blood dripping down from her leg to the ground was enough for Naruto to deduce how large of a injury the girl had gotten. These bastards…

Naruto clenched both his hands together and turned a glare upon the abusers. "You…..!!" He stomped his right foot forward and pointed an accusing finger at them. "You guys have no honor at all!! What the hell did the kid do to you to treat her like this?? Huh?"

He took a deep breath and continued. "What ever happened to chivalry?? Are you guys dumb? If you wanna fight, then pick on someone your own size, why don't yah!? "

Naruto fumed and seethed with anger just as Yukari looked up from her position.


"…" The two Lizardmen looked at one another before bursting out into fits of laughter.

Despite the challenging words and hard glare, Naruto did not boast the proper power that many have viewed him to have. The reason being was the comical way he had portrayed himself. It was hard to take him seriously considering he wore fox boxers with his school uniform.

Naruto blushed and tried to cover his embarrassing underwear. Aww man, I totally forgot!!

"Kyaaa!!" Shrieked Yukari as she pulled out a wand and aimed it at Naruto. "Put some pants on! PERVERT!!"

Within a short second, the 'pervert' was given the missing article of clothing needed to hide his other half. Somewhere in the school building, a certain headband wearing student ran out of his class pants-less.

"Uh…" He looked at the fitting pants with wonder. They just appeared on him out of nowhere. "Thanks?"

The young witch didn't bother to reply as she buried her face on the dirt. She was too embarrassed to look at the blonde and in truth, she had pulled back her attention on the pain racking her body. "It hurts.." she whispered in pain.

"Oh man! That's funny!" The president continued to laugh. His friend was rolling on the floor as well and they were both unaware of the blonde's sudden movement.

"Laugh at this!" Spoke a deadly cold voice.

As soon as the president had heard that, his only conscious colleague was flung into the air and slammed to the ground like a hammer. The lizard men coughed out some saliva and blood as Naruto's fist lay buried in his gut. The blonde had stuck first.

"What the!?" The president took a step back at seeing his lackey get owned.

"You're next…" The blonde whispered as he slowly stood back up. Burning anger was all shown from within his eyes as the president gazed at him. Though what the person did not see was Naruto's plan.

Gotta knock this guy out before he transforms. Naruto thought as he prepared to burst toward the quivering student. It was the very reason why he had given a surprise attack in the first place.

"N-no way!" Cried out the stunned class president.

"Yes way!" Naruto launched himself at his opponent, only having one goal in mind. The brutal beating of the girl abusing bastard of a monster.

Yukari, who had heard the loud thud of someone falling to the ground, raised her head up slightly. What she found, made her forget her physical agony and look on with a sense of dread and awe. The boy that she had labeled a 'pervert' had just taken out one of her abusers and was proceeding to beat her class president senseless.

What graceful movements… The young girl observed the rapid punches that Naruto continued to send at the President. They were executed with so much fluidity and precession that it looked like the blonde was an expert artist painting something extravagant.

By the end of the last punch, Yukari's president lay on the ground looking a bit disfigured and totally unrecognizable. Naruto definitely over did it with the beating.

The blonde ninja gave a satisfying sigh. "Man that felt good!" Turning to Yukari, Naruto began to walk towards her.

The girl for her part, remained unmoving. She was still to awestruck to do anything except stare. It was only after a very warm feeling from the side of her head did she regain herself.

"Hold still." The Naruto said gently. "I'm gonna fix you right up."

With that, the blonde continued to use his Shousen jutsu on Yukari. After a few minutes, her injuries, including the small wound on her leg, had completely been healed.

Was that magic? The girl wondered.

"There you go!" Naruto smiled. "Now… do you have anything to say?"

"…" The girl thought for a moment before standing up with the blonde. "Yeah…"

"Pervert!" She said, sticking her tongue out before summoning a basin on him again.

Of course Naruto was still on guard and so was able to swat the object away. "Hah!"

Yukari frowned for a second before instantly bombarding him with multiple basins. Now this was something that Naruto had trouble fending off. MAN!! Where does she get all these???

It took the genin just a couple of seconds of dodging and blocking before all basins had fallen to the ground. And by the time he was finished, Yukari had already taken off. Along with her disappearance, were the basins that had simply 'poof' out of existence.

"What a disrespectful girl…." Despite what he had said about her, the blonde couldn't help but grin. She certainly was a mischievous one…

The Genin turned his attention on the brown pants that fit rather comfortably. Hmm… how did she get the right size?

"Naruto!" A shout made the blonde ninja stop inspecting his pants. And when he looked up, his face lit up to find his favorite Vampire girl running towards him.

"Hey! Moka-chan!" Naruto grinned and let out an energetic wave. "Did you get Tsukune?"

The vampire girl ignored his greeting and started up with her own questions. "Where were you? Are you alright? Did Kurumu do that charm thing on you?"

Rapid-fire questions shot out of her mouth with a worried tone of voice. Naruto had raised his hand to calm her down in order to understand the questions. Plus it seemed like she needed a breather as well, since she had a bead of sweat running down her left cheek.

"Take a deep breath, Moka-chan. You look like you've been running."

"I have!" Moka exclaimed as she followed his instructions. "You had us worried Naruto! You didn't come to class so I went to look for you."

"Well…" Naruto began but immediately blinked. "Class? I thought it was still lunch…"

Moka sighed. "Lunch passed over half an hour ago, Naruto."

"Oh…." Naruto's voice trailed off. Kami… how long was I in the bathroom for?!

"Now what exactly happened?" Moka asked, since he did not answer.

The blonde gave a goofy grin, before scratching the back of his head. Ah.. Where to start…

"Well, I was heading towards class when I got into something rather problematic." Naruto sweat dropped. "I had to take care of some bullies…"

"Bullies? Are you hurt!?" The Pink haired vampire quickly began to examine him to see if he had acquired any injury during his supposed fight. She was particularly concerned about her blonde friend at the moment, that she did not even give a quick look at the unconscious lizard men nearby. Really… I can't believe how reckless he can be…

"Didn't I tell you not to fight?" She said disappointedly.

The blonde just laughed in return as he watched her inspect a small scratch in his cheek. "Don't worry Moka-chan! I have a good reason this time."

Moka just nodded and pulled out a band-aid from her skirt pocket and proceeded to treat the injury.

"I was fighting to defend someone." The blonde said as he stared at the clouds above. "A little girl that really needed help…" an ungrateful little girl…

"Little girl?" Moka asked as she stepped away from the blonde.

"Yeah, its after I ran into-"

"Naruto-kun!!!" A far off yell interrupted the blonde, causing both friends to turn towards a rapidly approaching Succubus. "My Love!! Lets finish where we left off!!!!"

"Oh shit, not good!"

"Finish?" Moka blinked a few times, before puffing her cheeks at Naruto while placing her hands on her hips. "What is she talking about Naruto-kun?"

"W-well.. I-I…" Stammered the blonde.

"Darling!" Kurumu yelled out as she neared.

"Gah! We'll talk later!" Naruto cried out, grabbing Moka in the process. "Lets get out of here! And fast!!"

And so the blonde spent another period of class evading an obsessive blue haired girl. The only difference this time was that his Vampire Friend was currently escaping with him. Tsukune who had finished the class earlier was also caught into the chase after realizing that his friend was in dire need of his help. Though it turned the other way around when the boy was once again caught into Kurumu's charm spell.

"Tsukune! Snap out of it!" Yelled Naruto as he continued to run.

"Noooo! Tsukune-kun, I told you I was going to get Naruto-kun! Why couldn't you just wait!?" Cried the vampire girl who had been cradling in Naruto's arms through out the chase. She had giant tear-filled eyes looking back at her brown haired friend.

You guys are to blame too!! Tsukune mentally yelled after them. How was I suppose to know that I would run right into Kurumu the moment you two pass by our class?!

"Get Naruto-kun, My darling Tsukune!!" Commanded the Succubus who was getting a piggy-back ride by her current slave…

WAAAAHH!! This can't be happening!

Comical scenes and hilarity ensued throughout the school. And as the day ended, many students would walk home still laughing and enjoying the amusement brought about by the four popular students. Today was certainly a special day especially for two girls, one tall female with lavender hair and the other, a short girl with a witch hat. They had both gotten something very special on this day.

"Naruto…" The small girl whispered to herself with a smile. I think I found him…

"Naruto-kun." Whispered the lollipop sucking girl carrying familiar looking pants. "Mmm… that warmth…hopefully tomorrow will come soon…"

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