My Heart Never Changed

By kiwi4me

…A NaruIno love

Part 1

It's crazy… isn't it? When you think you had it all, everything you ever wanted was in the palm of your hands, within your grasp. Yet there is a missing piece to a beautiful puzzle, to your life that would make everything perfect and faultless. What could it be? You'll ask yourself everyday and every night, why is there something missing and where it is to fix the dilemma. Everything you wanted was nothing at all… it was what you needed that could fill that void in your life… in your heart. It isn't a what as well as it isn't a something, but someone that you needed; someone to love you, someone to talk to and share your dreams and darkest secrets, someone to console you and advise you when there are hard times… just someone who you can trust… who will be there when you are in need. It's not crazy at all if you think about it; those that search for love will go on many journeys and face many obstacles to pass. Love is for those with hearts that isn't cold, but warm to the touch. All the things in life that you want can never add up to the things you need and that someone you love.

"What an interesting piece of literature…" she said as she closed the book softly leaving a bookmark behind. She walked over to the bookcase and placed it back letting out a soft deep sigh. I wanted everything… but none of it could add up to you… she thought as she headed out of the room. She plopped herself onto the couch as she lay her head onto one of its shoulders. "Now I don't have a chance…" she said sadly as she closed her eyes to reminisce on their childhood past.


"Hey… what's your name?" she asked as she sat next to the little blonde boy on the floor. He turned to look at her with his dark blue eyes then turned to face the people walking by. "It's Naruto…" he said looking up at her as if she was really listening. "Naruto huh…" she said as she smiled, "… what a funny name!" She giggled as she stood up with her hands on her hips. Naruto stood up as well and felt offended, "My name isn't funny! What's yours then?" She smiled as she looked him in the face and replied, "Ino." Naruto backed off a little as he looked away thinking about her name.

"Hey Naruto, I see you here or at the swings all the time… why don't you come play with us?" Ino asked laughing slightly with a fun thought. Naruto looked at her surprised that someone would actually want to play with him. All these times he wanted to have a friend, wanted to be notice and now… this girl wants to be her friend… "So… what do you think?" she asked her neck stretched so her face faced him. "Uh… ye…" Naruto begins but was interrupted by someone. "Ino! What are you doing? Hurry up, were playing tag!" a girls voice called out. Ino turned to see who it was and smiled widely and happily.

"Hold on…" she called out to her friend then looked at Naruto to see what he was going to say. Naruto looked at her friend then turned away quickly blushing slightly. "I…" he said looking up at Ino grinning happily and excitedly, but before he could speak, Ino's friend spoke up; "Ino what are you doing? Sasuke is coming!" she hollered out hands curved to the side of her lips. Ino perked up happily as she ran over to her friend calling out behind her, "Gotta go Naruto! BYE!" Naruto looked at her, watching her walk away… the only friend he almost had.


She got up breathing deeply as she takes in her surroundings. She looked around the room examining everything that was there. She then walked out of the house and headed over to the shop that she was told to be at. As she walked toward her destination, she thought about why she didn't just stay and played with him. Maybe then he would be by her side instead of Sakura's… but would it really change the way he felt? He always had his eyes on her from the first day they met. If she would have stayed with him, would he develop feelings more than friends between them… like she has…?

She was finally there and sat down at an empty seat waiting for everyone else to arrive. She didn't order and waited for the rest to come along shortly. She sat facing the opened area where the trees and bushes stands. It was relaxing looking out into the open area as a light breeze flew by blowing her long blonde hair smoothly. She smiled a little feeling better than she was before the day started; she turned to her side to see a tall stocky blonde male headed her way. She gave a slight smile his way as he sat beside her.

"Hey Ino, waited long?" he asked grinning at her; Ino just gave a smile back and shook her head. "Not really…" she replied as she looked behind him to see if anyone else was heading there way, but was a bit confused to see no one there; "… you came alone?" she asked looking at him a little concerned. "Um… yeah… Sakura didn't want to come today, she said she felt a little sick…" Naruto replied softly as he begins to order a bowl of ramen for two. "Oh… maybe I should go see what's wrong…" Ino spoke up after Naruto took a large slurp from his bowl of noodles. "Don't worry, it'll be fine," Naruto insisted grinning as he rest a hand on her shoulder. She just gave a sigh and begins to eat hers. While they were eating, it was quiet… she felt awkward and sadness as well. This man, who once was a boy who was loud, rude, and free, is now matured and smarter than before. Her heart just fell silent for a moment as she realized that what she had was now gone.

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by kiwi4me