My Heart Never Changed

By kiwi4me

…A NaruIno love…

Part 5-end

"Tell me Ino… tell me!" he spoke up in a higher tone wanting Ino to reply, but all she did was walk toward a window sill and looked out into the greeneries. He walked toward her waiting, but becoming impatient as she stood in that position for a long time.

"Ino!" he called out almost in anger causing Ino to snap back to reality.

"I don't know…" Ino finally said leaving silence in the air. They both stood for awhile; Naruto watched Ino as she stares out into her window. What are you thinking Ino… what made you change so much? He thought to his self as he examined the snobbish girl who is now a quiet woman.

Ino finally turned to face Naruto with a question that would answer all her unanswered questions about their relationship. Naruto noticed her eyes has become serious and cold; "Naruto, answer my question would you…" she said as she watched his eyes widen, yet slowly eased to a serious stare. He nodded his eyes ready to say whatever she wants him to, whatever she needs him to he would… but what could it be?

"It was just a couple of kisses… what about those accidental quick pecks would change your mind to love me?" Ino said bold and calm as she struggle to hold her serious posture. Naruto confused, trying to answer her, stood with his head to the ground as he tries to find any type of answer.

Why did those kisses make me love her? I don't really know… Naruto spoke to himself as he closed his eyes to reminisce about their pasts. Something about her always made me drawn to her… when we were only kids I felt like she would be my best friend… then when we became Genins… she was head over heels for Sasuke… and even though she was rude, snobbish, conceded… she makes life fun… and all that time that we've been together… we got closer and became good friends… always in the back of my mind, I felt like there could be a chance for the two of us… especially that day… when I caught her from falling off the tree when she was training… I couldn't help but stare into those beautiful light blue eyes of her's… she's so beautiful…

"It's not just the kisses that changed my heart, Ino… you already started changing my heart when you introduced yourself to me… after that…" he said walking toward her, lifting his hand to touch her face. It was smooth and a type of flawless beauty that is hard to ignore; he smiled genuinely as he leaned in closer and finished by saying, "… you changed me…" before placing his lips with hers. She couldn't help but smile with happiness as she realized that it was time she was happy again. She kissed him back happily as she grazed his face with her fingertips softly; they parted each others lips and opened their eyes to see the only person to hold their hearts…


A Couple years has gone by with Naruto's and Ino's love growing happily and beautifully. "Ino, where are you going?" Naruto whined dragging his legs far behind her. She turned to face him as she smirked before saying, "… you don't have to come…" Naruto stopped and watched her walk away not waiting for him. He ran toward her grabbing her from behind as they both laughed happily. "How long you going to take?" Naruto asked as he walked side by side with her holding her hand in his. "I'm not sure…" Ino begins, "… but don't worry… I'll be fine… after all, I have a big…" she started noticing Naruto's eyes shine, "… strong…" she paused watching Naruto's smile widen across his face, "… man with me," she finished winking at him making him blush with excitement.

"Ino…" someone called out as Ino and Naruto turned to face the owner of the voice.

"Sasuke…" Ino said softly as he walks toward them slowly with eyes gazing at hers.

"I'm sorry…" he started to say, "… for everything that I've done to you… I know that I was a jerk… but I have changed…" he finished reaching for her hand. "Please forgive me and give me another chance…" he said taking her hand into his.

"I don't know…" Ino started to say as Naruto stood in the sidelines confused and angry, "… you hurt me really bad… if I give you another chance… are you going to take our relationship serious enough to make it work?" she asked staring into his dark colored ones, which once was cold, now soft.

"Yes…" Sasuke said with a smile on his face leaving Naruto angrier and more confused.

"What's going on here!" he exclaimed angrily waiting to be enlightened. Sasuke thanked Ino and walked away leaving Naruto screaming into the wind.

"What is going on here?" he asked Ino who was giggling to herself watching Naruto search for answers.

"Naruto… are you okay?" she asked trying to hold herself from laughing.

"How am I going to be okay when you are going to…" he said not wanting to finish his sentence; "Go out with him…?" she asked lifting his face to face hers. He turned away quickly and angrily, not wanting to face the truth.

"Naruto… I told him to ask me first before he speaks to Sakura…" Ino begin receiving a look of confusion from Naruto. "He wants to go back out with Sakura…" Ino begin smiling, "… so he wanted to know if what he says would win her back… and I think it is…" she finished smiling happily as she kissed him on the cheek. "I won't let go of our love… I'm in too deep…" Ino said giggling to herself as Naruto smiled laughing along.

"It's about time you catch up…" Naruto whispered as he laid his lips on hers once again smiling, "… because I've been waiting…" causing Ino to laugh happily and joyously. "I love you…" Naruto whispered in her ears softly as she blushed with a smile; "I love you too…" she said as they kissed one another once again with happiness, passion, and love.

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