'It's the middle of summer…and I'm sitting in a car…stuck in stationary traffic…the air conditioning is broken and it's the ho

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'It's the middle of summer…and I'm sitting in a car…stuck in stationary traffic…the air conditioning is broken and it's the hottest it's ever been! Can this day get any worse?' A brunette thought to herself frustrated. She put her window down in a feeble attempt for a cool breeze to come in through her car and cool her down but it never came.

'Maybe the radio knows something' She started to channel surf when she stopped on a station that was reading out traffic reports. "The North Eastern and the Western motorway flowing smoothly both ways, but the Southern motorway has stationary traffic heading out of the city banking right back to the Station St over bridge. Reports say it's because of a sudden break down in the middle of the motorway which caused a series of nose to tails, creating a road block of totaled cars. More on that in the next half hour." The young girl threw her head back against the head rest of her car chair and groaned. 'I'm gonna be late…I better call Shar to let her know.' She thought as she reaches into her bag on the passenger seat next to her and pulls out her cell phone. She punches in a series of digits and holds the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" A girl on the other end asked

"Hey Sharpay"

"Hey what's up? Where are you? We're all waiting for you!" she said and as if on cue, an eruption of shouting blaringly came through Sharpay's side of the line.

The brunette giggled a little but groaned as the car behind her honked. "Sorry Shar, but I'm gonna be a bit late. I'm stuck in stupid, typical city traffic!" She exclaimed exasperated.

"What are you doing coming from the city?" Sharpay asked confused

"My parents wanted me to pick up a few things"

"Your parents made you run an errand over in the city?"

"Yup…That's one consequence for having my restricted license is that I have to drive around, not only after my parents but also my brothers."

"…You didn't have to did you?" Sharpay asked knowingly

"Not at all" The young brunette confirmed.

"Gabby, how many times do I have to say it!?"

"You've told me a thousand times Shar. I don't need another lecture" Gabby replied sighing frustrated

"Obviously you do because it's not getting through that thick head of yours!" Sharpay exclaimed. "Gabs, you have to say no! For your own good. You're like the smartest person in the school but you can't manage to say a two letter word?" She said concerned.

"Shar you know me…I may be a bright kid but that word is just not in my vocabulary."

"Well then program your brain to say NO and understand the word NO and when to use the word NO, so that you don't get stuck in stupid traffic and have all your friends, and my brother I might add, all waiting for you at the beach on the nicest day ever just because you couldn't say NO to your parents!" Sharpay exclaimed emphasizing her point when saying no.

"Ryan's there?" Gabby asked getting excited

"Gabs I know you have a short attention span and all but can you please refrain from thinking of my brother like that!?"

"Now you're just being rude." Gabby said joking.

"No…rude is when you do something for your parents when you know that you're going to hang out with us"

"Ok, ok. I get it. I'll be there as soon as this traffic clears ok? Just make sure your brother doesn't check out any other girls."

"Ugh…I still don't know what you see in him"

"Shar…" Gabby said in a warning sort of voice.

"Alright alright." Sharpay said reluctantly obliging to her best friends wishes.

"Thanks Shar, see ya soon. Love ya!"

"Yeah yeah." She replied in a tone that sounds like she's smiling

Gabby giggles to herself as she put her phone back in her bag 'same old Shar, you gotta love her'

15 minutes crawled by and Gabby had already turned off her engine and put the handbrake on. She is starting to get impatient though, with the unnecessary honking from other cars. 'What the heck is the point of honking at the car in front of you when you know they can't go any where?' she asked herself like it was a stupid question.

She tried to preoccupy herself with fiddling with her air conditioning. She started to turn a couple of knobs in hope that it might just turn on. "Come on please work" She muttered to herself. She turned a knob again but nothing came out "Please, please, please work!" She asked desperately. She's starting to get really frustrated and starts to hit the air conditioning until it finally starts to work. The cool air flows through the car letting her relax a little as she starts to cool down. "Huh…I would've thought I'd have broken it" She said to herself amused. As if on cue it started to make weird sounds and it broke down again which sent the car in to furnace temperatures again. "Ugh stupid hunk of metal!" Gabby said angrily as she hit it again. "Good for nothing piece of- -"

"You know violence doesn't solve things" A voice said interrupting her beating of the air conditioning. She looked out her window and saw a random guy, around her age smiling at her amused from the car next to her.

She forgot that she left her window open and she felt embarrassed that some random guy saw what she just did. "Oh…sorry. I kind of forgot that I had my window open" She replied smiling sheepishly.

He just shrugged and kept smiling at Gabby. "I should be thanking you"

Gabby raised an eyebrow at him. "Why?"

"You've kept me entertained for the past half hour" Gabby lowered her head a little and smiled sheepishly as her cheeks started to colour out of embarrassment thinking of what she has done in the past half hour. The guy chuckled slightly at her reaction and decided not to leave her hanging like that. "My name's Troy" He said smiling genuinely.

Gabby looked up into his startling blue eyes and found herself smiling back. "Gabriella"

"So I take it you're having trouble with your air conditioning?" Troy asked knowingly.

"How could you tell? I mean it's not like I was beating it or anything" She asked sarcastically

The blue eyed boy chuckled a little at her sarcasm. "I was going to help but if you're just going to be sarcastic then I guess- -"

"Please help!" Gabriella asked desperately interrupting him. "I'm dieing of heat over here.

Troy places his arm on top of his door where his window is open and pretends to be considering her plead. "I don't know…but I guess since it's a life or death situation…"

"Thank you!" Gabriella said gratefully

"Ok now you're gonna have to get under the dash board, so I suggest taking off your seatbelt and getting right under there"

Gabriella nodded and did as she was told and managed to get her legs and upper body to switch places. Once she was in as comfortable position as she could get, she yelled out to him. "What now?"

Troy was finding it hard not to crack up as he took a picture of her on his phone.

"Troy?" Gabriella yelled. Totally oblivious to the picture that was taken of her legs dangling in the air. "What do I do now?"

Troy couldn't hold in his laughter anymore and he started to laugh…loudly. He made sure she heard him.

"Why are you laughing?" She asked while struggling to sit properly on her drivers' seat. She finally managed to sit down in her seat and looked at Troy.

"Do you do everything a stranger tells you?" He asked smiling cheekily at her.

She raised an eyebrow in confusion at him until she realized how ridiculous she must've looked. "Ok, ok, you've had your fun. Now can you tell me how to really get this stupid thing to go?"

"Ok, it's just basic mechanics really." He said shrugging. He looked straight ahead with his arm still hanging out the window. "For one reason it could be that there's no more refrigerant coming through the condenser or there's not enough refrigerant in the compressor. The other reason could be that you actuated the clutch mechanisms to turn the compressor on, or it could be a mechanical issue where the compressors actually broken." Troy said having it roll off the tongue. He looked back at Gabriella who was totally blank. "…you didn't understand a single word I said, did you?"


Troy sighed but couldn't help but smile. "Pop the hood" He said as he undid his seat belt.

"What're you doing?" She asked as she watched him get out of his car and walk over to hers. "You can't get out of your car on the motorway."

Troy went around to her window and bent down; resting his arms on her car door and places his chin on top of his arms so they were at eye level. "Look around Gabriella." She looked around and saw some people sitting on different parts of their cars. Some girls were even in their bikinis getting a tan. She never actually realized that all the honking had ceased. "So do you want your air con fixed or what?"

Gabriella turned back to Troy and looked into his eyes. She merely nodded her head. "Alright then, I'm gonna need you to pop the hood." He said again. This time Gabriella obliged and popped the hood. He walked over to her hood and looked at a few things while whispering incoherent words to himself.

"You know, for a 'bright kid'…" he popped is head out so she could see the smug look on his face. "You really know how to toast an engine" He said as he went back to looking at her car.

Gabriella smirked to herself and honked the horn. "OW!!" Troy got a huge fright and hit his head hard on the bonnet. He came out from behind the hood rubbing his head and looked at Gabriella. "What was that for?!"

Gabriella looked innocent at him and shrugged. "My hand slipped." She said as she got out of her car and stood next to him.

A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he went back to work. "Now you see that?" He asked as she nodded. "That's the compressor and by the look of it, it seems to be working alright so I'll just…" He reached in and tugged at a couple of things. He pulled back and smiled at her. "That should do it, go try it"

Gabriella went back to her car and turned the keys so that the air con is on but the engine isn't. Troy closed the hood and walked over to his car and leaned on the passenger side door with his hands jammed in his pockets. He watched her smile and her shoulders relax as she felt the cool air of her new and improved air conditioner working. She looked up at him and smiled in appreciation. "Thank you"

He casually shrugged back "Don't mention it." They locked gazes and held it for a while. Troy cleared his throat and broke the gaze. "So…umm, it looks like we've still got time to kill so…what school do you go to?"

"East High, you?"

"Well I was at West High but I'm transferring for my junior year at East High…so I'll probably see you there next term"

"Cool, I'm a junior next year too so I can show you around and I can show you to all my friends." She said smiling. "Although I won't mention the West High thing to the basketball team."

Troy cringed and made it sound like he's struggling to talk. "Yeah I don't think the basketball team will have a problem recognizing me"

"Why?" She asked confused.

"I take it you don't watch the basketball games?"

"Nope not really…just friends with most of them"

"Well that's good to know…" He said sarcastically. Gabriella raised an eyebrow at him and he sighed "…I'm the captain of the West High knights."

"Oh" Was all she could say as she got out of her car and leaned against her door with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Yeah" He agreed

"Meh… They won't care" She said shrugging. Troy looked at her like she's crazy. "Maybe on the court when you're playing for different schools but not through the school."

"I hope you're right."

"What made you change schools?" She asked curiously

"Heard of a new PE teacher coming to East High?"

"Yeah, I have. What was his name? Mr. Balloon? No…Mr. Bulsar?…No…" Gabriella asked herself. She shook her head at the wrong names.

"Bolton" Troy helped out

"Yeah that's it Bolton…How'd you…" She trailed off after he gave her a sheepish smile.

"He's my dad. He's gonna be the new head coach for the East High Wildcats…and I'll be on that team" He said matter of factly.

"So your Troy Bolton…Yup I have heard of you through the basketball team."

"Really? What did they say?" Toy asked taking sudden interest

"That they hate you…" She looked up at him as his face fell. She giggled and carried on "…but only because you're playing for a different team. They said that if you were on their team that they'd actually win the Championships next term." Troy smiled a little at the warm welcome he might get for joining the Wildcats.

"What are they like?"

"They're really great, fun, caring, sweet, selfless- -"

"You're not talking about the team…you're talking about someone on the team" Troy said accusingly.

Gabriella blushed a little "No I'm not"

"Is his name Ryan by any chance?" Troy asked knowingly

"How did you…You listened to my phone conversation didn't you!?"

"How could I not, it's kind of hard not to hear when I don't have the radio on and someone is talking very loudly on her phone."

Gabriella sighed "I guess, I don't know why I like him though. It's one of those non reciprocal feelings."

"He thinks of you as nothing more than a friend" Troy nodded knowingly.

"Exactly and it just bugs me." She said with her head down.

"Well he's not the guy for you."

Gabriella snapped her head up to look at him "Yeah he is! I mean he's sweet, cute, funny even sensitive and- -"

"And he has an IQ of a pre schooler if he doesn't try and take a chance on you" Troy finished her sentence.

She looked up at him curiously. "What's that suppose to mean?"

He looked at her and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Well…I mean just…I-I just think that you're…well, you're really quite pretty and funny and nice…I-I mean he's got to be stupid to not know what's in front of him." Troy said nervously as he smiled sheepishly at her.

Gabriella gave him a reassuring smile as she started to blush. Troy feeling a bit awkward decided to break it. "So which one is Ryan? Is he the captain of the Wildcats?"

"Umm…yeah. I thought all players know each other" She said looking up at him.

"I only know my team because that's the only people I need to worry about when I'm on the court."

"I think you'll make a great addition to the team" She said smiling warmly at him. He nodded and looked ahead at all the cars checking to make sure that they don't start moving when they're still talking outside their cars, but everyone was still stationary.

"Can I see your phone quickly?" Gabriella asked him. He was puzzled but handed it over all the same. She grabbed it and flicked through to his files. "So this is what you were laughing about" She said smiling and showing him the picture he recently took of her upside down in her car seat. He chuckled and nodded at her. She looked at the photo again and exited out of it.

Troy saw her using the keypad and was curious as to what she was doing. But before he could ask she closed the phone and gave it back to him. He took it and checked the photo but the photo was still there, he checked his messages but nothing was sent that he didn't know about. He looked up at her confused "What did you do?"

She smiled slyly. "Wouldn't you like to know"

"Actually I would" He said looking through his phone again but to no avail. He looked up at her again but found her grinning smugly at him.


"Huh?" With a click sound a photo was taken from Gabriella's phone of Troy. "Hey! I wasn't ready"

"And you think I was?"

"Well…no, but you would've said no" He said defensively

"Can you blame me? At least I didn't delete it" She pointed out.

"True" He smiled and put his phone back into his pocket. He looked up through his shaggy brown hair and saw that everyone had gotten into their cars and saw faint movement of cars moving a little ways up. "I think that's our cue to go" He said still looking at the traffic.

Gabriella looked up at the cars and her face fell. "Looks like it" She turned back to look at him. "Thanks so much for fixing my air conditioning"

"Hey I said don't mention it. Bye Brie" He said smiling.

She was confused at the random name Brie so she questioned him. "Brie?"

"Well yeah, I mean Gabriella is a bit long and I'm sure most of your friends call you Gabs or Gabby so, Brie kind of fitted." He said shrugging. Gabby on the other hand was blushing madly at her new nickname.

They got back into their own cars and turned on their engines. Troy looked over to Gabriella with their windows still down. "And hey, at least I know that this isn't a goodbye, it's more of a see you later" He said smiling.

She smiled back and nodded. "Yeah, you can even call me sometime" She replied as she went with the traffic and out of sight.

Troy's lane was moving slowly but moving all the same. 'I can't call her if I don't have…' Something clicked in Troy's mind as he checked the contacts in his phone. He smiled a little as he saw her ID photo as her legs sticking up in the air. '…her number'


Gabriella finally arrived at the beach and was encased in a hug by none other than Sharpay.

"Finally! I was about to send a search party to go out and look for you!"

"Why I was only half an hour late"

"Gabs, try two hours late" Sharpay said looking over at her friend concerned.

"No way!" Gabriella said and instantly grabbed out her phone to look at the time. "I can't have talked to him for that long" She muttered to herself but, unfortunately, Sharpay heard her.

"Who's him aye?" She asked giving Gabby a suggestive nudge with her elbow.

"I'll tell you later, but right now let's go hit the water with the others" She said smiling. She put her stuff down with everyone else's and took off her shorts, t-shirt and jandels and ran down to the water in her bikini with Sharpay hot on her heels.

"Look…" Sharpay said as they had settled in the water. She nodded in the direction of her brother. "There's Ryan"

Gabriella on the other hand paid no attention to Sharpay and continued to float on her back on the water with a dreamy smile plastered to her face. "Gabs" Sharpay said clicking in front of Gabby's face.

"Huh? What?" Gabriella asked distracted, standing up in the water.

"I was just saying that Ryan's over there and that you should go and talk to him"

"Why?" Gabriella asked obviously not getting the point of talking to someone for no apparent reason.

"Because you have a crush on him." Sharpay said in a duh tone.

"Not anymore I don't" Gabriella replied shrugging.

"What? And when did this happen?" Sharpay asked shocked

"When I was stuck in traffic" Gabriella said like it was nothing.

"But I talked to you when you were in the traffic and you still liked him…what changed?"

"I talked to someone who opened up my eyes to reality" Gabriella said lying back down on the water.

"First you tell me you like him then you come here two hours late and start denying the time because you were talking to some guy and now you're telling me that…wait…" Sharpay stopped herself and crossed her arms over her chest. She looked at Gabby suspiciously as the jigsaw pieces in her mind started to connect together. "Ok later is now so tell me who that guy was" She demanded as Gabriella blushed and smiled at the thought of him.

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