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Gabriella grabbed her car keys and bag and was about to walk out the door when her cell phone rang. She smiled as she looked at the caller ID.

"Hey Troy"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"Caller ID" She replied like it was obvious.

"Oh yeah...anyways, any chance of a lift from you to Sharpays?"

"Sure. Hope you're ready though because I'm coming now."

"I'm not but I will be when you get here. Thanks Brie."

"Don't mention it, just text me your address, okay?"

"Okay. See you soon"

"'Kay, bye"

Troy hung up and ran upstairs to grab his stuff.

Gabriella was about to head out of the house when her mum and dad came up behind her. "Make sure you call us when you get the hun." Her mum said.

Gabriella inwardly sighed. "I will mum, don't worry"

"Are boys going to be there?" Her dad asked sternly.

"Yes dad, but we'll be sleeping in different rooms...Girls in Sharpay's, boys in Ryan's" She said feeling more frustrated by the usually routine.

"Okay, well have fun sweetie"

"I will, bye." She said quickly as she shut the door and got into her car


10 minutes later Gabriella arrived at his house and Troy jumped straight in and they set off to Sharpays.

"So how's the air conditioning going for you?" He asked smiling cheekily at her.

She quickly side glanced at him and felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips. "Fine, thanks for asking"

Troy nodded "So how long have you known the Evans for?"

Gabriella frowned at the question. "Why?"

He shrugged and looked at her. "Just curious"

She gave him a quick confused glance but answered all the same. "Umm, we go back to our Kindergarten years." She let out a little laugh as she reminisced. "I gave Sharpay some...things, to eat"

Troy smiled at her and asked: "What sorts of things?"

"Oh you know, crayons, paper, glue, sand...the usual" She shrugged and kept on beaming.

"And did she?"

"She downed them like they were sweet treats." Both he and Gabriella erupted in laughter at her childhood days.

They calmed down as Gabriella felt Troy's eyes on her. She instinctively grabbed a piece of her hair and started to play with it. She tried to start a conversation with him to stop the heat rushing to her face. "'d you like East High?"

Troy shook his head and returned his line of vision to straight ahead as he replied. Gabriella, felt the heat subside, stopped playing with her hair and replaced her hand on the wheel.

"Well it's definitely big..."

"Don't forget clean!" Gabby added in smiling.

"How could I!? The whiteness was pretty much blinding me" He smiled as Gabby laughed.

"But, yeah. I'm sure I'll get use to it" He said still smiling. "Just as long as you don't ditch me"

She smiled reassuringly at him and thought: 'don't worry, I won't'


They arrived at Sharpay's house and had settled in and are just watching movies.

Gabriella was feeling rather awkward as everyone had coupled off leaving her sitting in between Ryan and Troy. They didn't seem to mind but Gabriella, on the other hand was inwardly stressing. She got up and decided to write in her diary.

"Where you going Gabs?" Taylor called out

"Just going to the bathroom" She said over her shoulder as she made her way up the stairs and out of sight.

"Wait, isn't there a closer bathroom downstairs in the hall?" Sharpay asked no in particular.

"Why are you asking us, it's your house" Chad said but received a punch in the shoulder from Taylor. "Hey!"

"Come on Shar" Taylor said as she got up and went upstairs with Sharpay hot on her heels.

Chad watched them go up the stairs while he rubbed his arm. He looked confused at his friends and asked: "What'd I do!?"

With the girls...

"Gabby, what's wrong?" Sharpay asked entering the room after Taylor. They found her with a book in her lap sitting on the edge of Sharpay's bed.

She looked up and quietly closed it. "What're you guys doing up here?"

"We could ask you the same thing" Taylor pointed out. She sat down beside her with Sharpay on the other side of Gabby.

"What's this?" She asked, attempting to grab the diary.

Gabriella was quick to react as she stood up and hugged her diary to her chest. "N-nothing!"

Sharpay smirked at her. "Well if it's nothing then I'm sure you can show us"

"Yeah, Gabs" Taylor chimed in.

"Fine! It's something I don't want you to read"

"Why not?"

"'Cos it's my diary! It's personal" She said as she hugged it tighter.

"Since when has anything been personal between us?" Sharpay asked with laughter in her voice.

"Come on Gabs, it can't be that bad" Taylor shrugged

Gabriella sighed in defeat. She can't say no. "Fine! Just don't laugh" She held the book out for them to take.

"No promises there!" Taylor said as she grabbed it and flipped to a random page.

"Dear diary..." Taylor started to read out a bit melodramatically."...I have the biggest crush on Ryan! He's great! Funny, smart, even sensitive...You don't find many of those around, they're a dying species. But I don't think Sharpay will approve...last time I said Zeke is cute she threatened to blind me with a pair of scissors so that I can't see how cute he is. Imagine what she would do if I said that about her twin brother. PHYSCO!"

Taylor looked up at Sharpay with a blank expression.

Sharpay just shrugged and defended herself. "That's only because I had a crush on him"

"But blinding her with a pair of scissors?" Taylor asked incredulously. "A little extreme, don't you think?"

"Not at the time it wasn't"

Taylor raised an eyebrow as Gabby shrugged in response. Taylor flicked in a few more pages.

"Dear diary, I am sick of my stupid personality! I am the biggest pushover in the world and what do I do about it? NOTHING!! That's what!

Gabriella can you do this?

Gabriella can you do that?

I want to say no so bad, but I can't because I know I'll just feel guilty about it straight away and say: "okay, I'll do it" with a stupid grin on my face..."

Taylor looked up at Gabs with sad eyes. Gabriella stood with her hands behind her back and her head lowered to watch her feet.

"Gabs, why didn't you tell us?"

"Because I didn't think it's important for you guys to know."

"But Gabby...we're your best friends, everything is important to know." Taylor said softly.

"Yeah, I mean, I know you can't say no but, I didn't know it bugged you that much" Sharpay added in.

"Well..." gabby looked up at them and smiled sadly. " you do"

"Gabby we- -"

"I'm going back downstairs now...feel free to carry on reading my diary" Gabriella said trying to avoid the topic. She left and closed the door quietly behind her.

Sharpay and Taylor sat in silence, trying to think of a way to get Gabriella out of this habit of hers that's causing her so much pain.

"I have an idea!" Sharpay sad suddenly making Taylor jump. She stood up and looked at Taylor with excitement but worry.

"Something tells me that this plan of yours might not go well" Taylor said studying her eyes.

"Well..." Sharpay began and sighed "...there might be a few broken hearts."

"But will it help Gabby?"

"I'm pretty sure it will" Sharpay said slowly.

Taylor silently studied Sharpay and after a while she nodded her head cautiously. "If it will help her then...I'm in"

Sharpay smiled at Taylor and pointed to the diary. "Put it behind your back and keep swapping until I say stop. Left is Troy, right is Ryan. Okay?"

Taylor nodded and started swapping the diary from hand to hand behind her back as Sharpay turned her back to her. After about 10 seconds of the sound of Gabby's diary slapping Taylor's hands, Sharpay called stop and Taylor did. But the air that they're breathing suddenly became thick and the atmosphere tense.

Taylor brought the hand that the diary is in front of her as Sharpay refused to turn around. She took a deep breath and turned to see what fate's damage is.

Taylor looked up from the diary to meet Sharpay's eyes. She sighed and said barely audible: "looks like Troy is the winner"

With the guys and Gabby...

Gabriella sat back down between Troy and Ryan and stared at the TV without actually watching it. The boys noticed but carried on watching the movie.

After a little while Sharpay and Taylor came downstairs and took their original spots next to their boyfriends and waited until the end of the movie to tell the boys the plan.

Once the movie finished, Sharpay looked at Taylor and watched as she nodded her head ever so slightly. She got up and got the DVD out and put it back in its case, she turned around and looked at Ryan.

"Can we talk?"


"About that thing"

Ryan frowned in confusion. "What thing?"

"You know that thing" She said through clenched teeth.

"I obviously don't know what this thing is Shar"

All eyes were on Sharpay, usually she wouldn't mind, that's why she loves the theatre so much. But all eyes in the room looked at her expectantly making her feel as though she had been stood up on stage during a big performance.

"Ryan just get into the hall!" She raised her voice defiantly.

"But w- -"


"Fine! Sheesh, no need to yell" He grumbled as he went into the hall.

They left the rest of the gang in the room as Taylor took that as her queue...

"Hey Troy? Can you help me with something?"

He shrugged and replied: "Sure"

They left the room too as Zeke, Chad and Gabriella sat where they were, not knowing what to do.

"Sooo...what should we do now?" Chad asked

"I don't know..." Zeke replied.

The silence that crept over them was somewhat awkward as Zeke looked around the room and Chad started to click his tongue.

Gabriella though, liked the silence as she was able to think through some things...though it was short lived.

"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT!?!?" Troy bellowed from the kitchen making the three in the living room jump.

They listened in to see if they can hear what is going on but they couldn't hear anything.

Soon Ryan and Sharpay came in and as Sharpay sat down next to Zeke, Ryan sat next to Gabby and put his arm around her.

Shocked, Gabriella looked at his hand slung over her shoulder and back at his charming smile. "W-what are you doing?" She stuttered quietly.

Ryan shrugged but kept on smiling. "Well, I was going to do it during the movie but you weren't here so...why not now?" He looked at the movie that was now starting on the TV.

Gabriella, still trying to get over the shock, looked at the TV and wondered how she didn't realise that someone put another movie on.

A few minutes passed when Taylor and Troy came back. She sat back down and melted into Chad's arms as Troy slumped onto the couch beside Gabriella. She looked at him and leant closer to talk to him when Ryan tightened his hold on her and pulled her closer to him, but she still managed to ask Troy what was wrong.

He smiled at her and asked why would she think anything was wrong? She had a feeling that the smile was fake and the reply was a little cynical.

'What happened when my crushes were in the hallway and the kitchen?'She thought to herself. She looked up at Ryan and thought: 'he's come back and suddenly he puts his arm around me.'She covertly looked at Troy with his chin resting on his hand frowning at the TV. 'He's come back like he just got some bad news.' She looked at the TV and shifted under Ryan's arm.

'What happened to my crushes? What did Sharpay and Taylor say to them?' She thought. She frowned at the TV confused. 'Wait...Ryan has just put his arm around me and said that he has wanted to throughout the other movie! I should be so happy and excited, so...' She secretly looked over at Troy again. 'Why do I feel so confused and torn? At least one of my crushes likes me...' Gabriella quietly sighed to herself as she fell limp against Ryan. 'What have you done to me Troy?'


Okay, so now things are starting to heat up. There's gonna be a lot of drama, a lot of romance and a lot of keep reading to find out about Sharpays plan: Will it work? Why is Troy the lucky one? What did Taylor tell Troy? Why am I asking you all of this...?

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