For those of you who have already read this, don't worry. I'm reposting this story since I found, like, several mistakes in it and decided it wasn't worth staying on the internet unless it was fully corrected. It's much better than before. Be sure to leave me with plenty of reviews.

Hiei – Fire Demon Specialty


1 Jagan Eye

½ a cup of Koorime

¼ cup of Fire Demon

½ cup of Chibi


First pour in your Koorime, and beat it well. Make sure it is nice and miserable, and then store it in the freezer for later.

Stir the Chibi and Fire Demon for 10 minutes, until well pissed off. Don't be alarmed if it shrinks or becomes shorter.

Take the koorime back out and pour it over your mixture.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, beat your koorime in with the Chibi Fire Demon. Your Chibi Fire Demon will be cold enough when it is completely baked.

Put the mixture in a pan, and for spicing, add a pint of Terrible Past.

Put this in the oven, and cook it on Hell Fire for about two hours.

After two hours is up, take that blinking Jagan Eye and put it EXACTLY in the middle of the forehead. If not, your Hiei will be too sweet.

Congratulations! You now have your own Hiei, and now must fear for the rest your life for he will seek out to kill you for creating him.

Note: Remember only a pint of Terrible Past. If you put to much your Hiei could possibly commit suicide, therefore you have wasted valuable ingredients.

If Jagan Eye is off center, he won't be as powerful.