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Bite Me.


There was no such thing as Vampires.

I mean, come on. Vampires are monsters like Dracula you see in those old horror films. You know the actor with terrible stage make-up who lives in an 18th century castle in the depths of Transylvania? The one who wears a clean white shirt tucked into black slacks with a two-toned cape that hangs from his neck. The one with plastic fangs protruding from his mouth who seduces young virgins into his home so he can suck their blood while they run around letting out outrageously annoying screams. The kind of screams I'd roll my eyes at or make fun of whenever Renji brought those tapes for a late night movie night at my house.

So why did I find myself running and letting out one of those lung bursting screams right now?

I have absolutely no clue what happened. If I recall correctly I had been walking alone down the empty hallways in the school far from the gym where everyone was living life. Frankly, I found school dances boring and I was tired of seeing Orihime share saliva with that Ishida guy or having to calm down Momo who gushed every time Hitsugaya Toshirou walked past our table. My two best friends were too preoccupied that I doubt they noticed when I left to "cool down."

I had absent mindedly wandered into the auditorium with no particular reason behind it. I remember sitting down at the grand piano that was placed directly under the sky light or at the time what I would've called the moon light. I couldn't play the piano for my life but for some reason my fingers had been compelled to touch the keys. I had just begun to play the basic notes of Fur Elise when I spotted him standing there, arms crossed at the opposite end of the stage.

What was wrong with him? It seemed like he had the ability of knowing where I was at all times.

I had quickly stood up but his cool hand pressed down on my bare shoulder reseating me. "Don't," he told me in his rich, silky voice.

It was definitely not humanly possible for him to have crossed 20 feet in just mere seconds' right? But, what I hadn't known then is what I know now.

There is nothing human about Kurosaki Ichigo.

He had stood behind me in his impossibly expensive looking tuxedo and I had felt his rock hard abdomen press against the back of my head. His fingers had delicately fallen upon mine and I had shivered at the contact. Note by note he guided me to play Fur Elise without one error or mistake. I didn't know he could play piano but I wasn't surprised. He could do just about everything perfectly.

Halfway through the song I felt him sliding down to his knees and his head soon found a new place on my shoulder. He was still able to see above me considering that he did tower over my pathetic height.

The blood has risen to my cheeks and all I could think about at the time was how bad it would be for me if even one of his fan girls decided to stumble upon us. The word would spread like crazy and I could expect his fan club to come hunt me down and burn me at the stake. Soon, his fingers had begun to slow down and his breath fanned my neck before completely coming to a halt.

"Rukia…" he had breathed. I was completely frozen then and my eyes couldn't leave our hands that stilled upon the keys. "Look at me."

I didn't know what came over me. I turned my head to the side and found myself captivated by his amber eyes. They were such a rich color, different…just like his hair. It was freaking orange for god's sake. Then, out of nowhere my senses were assaulted by his unique scent. It was spicy and purely masculine. For some reason I knew it wasn't cologne. It was just him.

Did I mention yet how utterly gorgeous he had looked basked in the moonlight that came from above. The shadows both accentuated and highlighted his perfectly sculpted face. His muscles rippled under that dark suit of his. At the time, I wondered what the hell was wrong was me. How come all of a sudden he had started to look so…appealing to me? I was never one for to fall for physical features and I did promise myself that I wouldn't become one of those screaming fan girls. I couldn't control myself. It was like he was seducing me.

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking and it's not true. No, I'm not lying and no I wasn't doing this on my own. I blamed it entirely on the moonlight. That was the reason he had looked so much darker, so much more handsome, so much more mysterious, sexy and….dangerous.

His cool fingers had traced the contours of my face and he slowly stood up, my eyes followed him. "Come here Rukia."

There it went again. My body rose up of its own accord. A gorgeous smile had found its way onto his face and his fingers ever so gently tilted my chin up.

"You look beautiful," he said when he leaned down to brush his soft lips against my cheek. Yes, he had said beautiful. Now I knew there I had to be something wrong with him. Did he not see how the white cocktail dress I was wearing made my sickly pale skin look even…sicklier?

My mind had gone haywire. I could hear myself screaming then to get away, to get as far away as possible. Like I said before though, my body just wouldn't move, I was paralyzed.

His lips then brushed across my cheek and past my jaw until they traveled back and forth across my pulse. Our eyes had locked and I watched as they turned a lighter hue. Then…suddenly his mouth opened wide, his features became sharper and two fangs pierced my skin. I was under a spell. I didn't feel pain, it was like ecstasy. I had stood there motionless as he sucked and licked up my blood. I could hear his content humming in my ear as he relished in my life source and even now it echoes in my head.

Yet, for some reason none of that had mattered. I would've died within his arms but I would have been happy. That's exactly it…I would have.

At that point I had remembered my family: my older sister Hisana and my brother in law Byakuya.

Somehow I had managed to push him away from me and my hand clamped onto the left of my neck where his fangs had punctured me. I remember the shocked look that passed his face; it was almost disbelief that I managed to push him away. But I also remember the predatory gleam that returned to his eyes.

His eyes…they were yellow.

I was frightened out of my mind. Each step I took back he would take one forward. I think I slipped on one of my heels or just flat out tripped, whatever, I don't remember.

I had fallen to the floor and proceeded to crawl backwards until my back finally hit the wall. Suddenly I had gotten my nerve back and jumped up and started running. This brings me to now. You know the part when I started screaming as loud as my lungs allowed me to like those actors in the horror films.

I don't know where I'm going. The school was starting to look like a maze to me.


It wasn't possible.

Vampires were pale skinned cold blooded creatures.

He was definitely tan and pretty hot to me. Okay, look. I was running for my life so my brain wasn't exactly working right.

Vampires wore capes and turned into bats.

He wore expensive brand name clothing and I've only seen him like this.

Vampires slept in dark castles and in coffins.

He lived down the street from my house at the Kurosaki Clinic and I know he owned a bed.

There was no such thing as Vampires.

Yet, as I ran and screamed my lungs out through the empty hallways there was only one thing I was sure of.

Kurosaki Ichigo was a vampire.


Chapter One

His Name Was Kurosaki Ichigo.

"BUT I… CAN'T HELP…FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU!" My two best friends screeched before turning to each other and laughing. I slowly removed my hand from my ears once I thought it was safe. They continued animatedly chatting, completely oblivious to the horrified look on my face.

"Ruuukiaaa," Orihime sang, "trust me. You're going to love it here! Karakura town is gorgeous and the people here are so friendly!" I gave them a look of disinterest before plugging my ear buds back in. They were connected to my phone so all I really heard were the different tones as I pushed down on the keys. Renji had been texting me ever since I stepped into the car back at home. God, he could be a mother if he wanted to.

Zabimaru: Are you sure you're okay with this? You could always tell Orihime and Momo to turn back anytime you know.

I rolled my eyes. How many times had he asked me that already within the past 2 hours?

SodenoShirayuki: Renji! It's almost like you don't want me to come!

Zabimaru: What, are you insane! Of course I want you to come. You're going to love it here!

SodenoShirayuki: -rolls eyes- Orihime just said that to me.

Zabimaru: Well, it's true!

"Ooh, texting Renji?" Momo asked as she turned around in the passenger seat and peered down at my cell phone screen. I quickly covered the screen and held it close to me.

"Mind your own business!" I snapped at her. She just smiled.

"Rukia, don't be such a meanie!" She pouted and tried to reach for the cell phone. I leaned further away from her and she huffed. "You know, I'm envious of how you manage to keep such a good relationship with your ex-boyfriend."

"Momo, he's not just my ex-boyfriend," I seethed. "He's also been my best friend since 10 years ago!" Yeah, it was true. Renji and I had been an item a long time ago. It was fucking middle school for Christ's sake but unfortunately, he still harbored feelings for me all this time. After breaking up with him I made him promise that it wouldn't affect our friendship and he agreed. I thought time would make him realize that but it only strengthened his feelings for me…three years worth of time.

I looked out the window and a green sign caught my eye. Welcome! You are now entering Karakura town.

I quickly texted Renji while Momo was distracted by Orihime.

SodenoShirayuki: Renji, I'm going to stop texting. We're now in Karakura, I'll see you in 10 minutes.

I closed my cell shut but not before I saw his reply.

Zabimaru: HEY! BE CAREFUL!

As we drove through the town I was in awe of what I saw. It actually looked…nice.

People were smiling and enjoying themselves. The scenery was great and the roads were pretty clean.

As I stared out the window I let a smile appear on my face. For some unknown reason I felt like I was going to like it here. Momo had seen it and she nudged Orihime who glanced at me in the rear-view mirror. They both smiled at each other.

"So, Rukia like what you see?" Orihime giggled. I nodded as I took in everything that we passed. After spending months begging Byakuya and Hisana to let me move here, they finally agreed. There was no way I'd turn back now. Surprisingly, it didn't happen the way you think. Hisana was the one who was overly worried and refused to let me go while Byakuya…well he actually surprised me when he said that I was responsible enough to make my own decisions. I was never close with him although I've lived under his roof since I was an infant but I didn't dislike him. I wouldn't go as far as to say I loved him either, now that was just plain creepy. Sorry Hisana.

As we turned onto their street, or what was soon to be our street, we drove past a massive clinic with white marble walls and glass windows. My hands gripped the seat tighter as my instincts just flared up. There was something different about that place and my instincts were never wrong. Momo saw me staring at the building and began to explain to me what it was.

"That place is the Kurosaki Clinic. The people there are really friendly and it's homely in there." She said.

"If it's a clinic why is it so big?" I asked her. It was an honest question. The thing could pass for a hospital.

"It's not. The first floor is the clinic and everything else above is the Kurosaki house. The owner and his family live there." She explained.

"Oh…" was all I had to say. It was about the same size of Byakuya's house but on closer inspection it appeared…bigger.

"Here we are!" Orihime sang as we pulled into the drive thru of a large house. Hey, it was the kind of life we lived and every penny in our pockets was earned. Plus, Karakura town was like a resort. It's the place you'd go to for a vacation.

I looked through the windshield to see a red-haired man jump up from the porch and run over. Upon realizing who it was I bolted out of the car and met him half-way. "Renji! How's it been?" I asked him as we embraced each other while Momo and Orihime went to grab my luggage.

"It's been good but now it'll be great since you're here." He stated. I looked over his attire to see him wearing a hoodie with the Karakura High insignia on it and a pair of baggy jeans. It was hot so why the hell would he be wearing a sweatshirt. Unless he was he hiding something from…ohhh.

"Okay, let me see them." I demanded fisting my hands into the front of his hoodie. He nervously looked to the side.

"See what?" He asked.

"Renji don't play stupid. .Them.Now." I gave him a look that said if he didn't cooperate then I'd strip him myself. He sighed before grabbing the ends of his hoodie and pulling it over his head.

I gasped.

"Oh my god…" I murmured as I trailed my fingers on his abdomen. He blinked down at me before smiling smugly.

"Oh yeah, that. I've been working out tons more since the last time you saw me." He stated with pride about his new defined muscles and 6-pack.

"Huh? Oh, I didn't even notice." I said as my finger continued to trace the black ink allover his skin. His head fell dejectedly while Momo and Orihime stifled their laughter as they walked past to bring my things into the house. He had tribal tattoos and they were freaking everywhere!

"Geez, Renji. The last time I saw you all you had done were those eyebrows of yours and now…say, do you have these things…everywhere?" I asked curiously. He blushed furiously before pulling his sweatshirt back on.

"That's none of your business!" He stated. I stood all the way up and dusted my jeans off disinterested.

"Oh well, I was just curious." I said before turning and entering the house. Renji sighed aggravated before following me in with the rest of my stuff muttering about unappreciative midgets.

I usually would've decked him for that one but I was too excited about moving in.

You see, the three of them lived together in this large house by themselves. They were financially stable plus their parents are always sending in money every week and although I promised Hisana and Byakuya that I'd be fine, I have a feeling they'd do just the same.

They showed me the kitchen, game room, backyard, bathrooms, lounge room, workout room, office, study room, entertainment room, good lord were all those really necessary, and then finally the bedrooms.

Renji showed me his first. The walls were red and he had decals on them that looked similar to his tattoos. I wouldn't be surprised if they were modeled after them. He had a poster on his walls with a peace sign and his clothes were a mix of sweats, jeans, and some outfits that looked like they were from the 80's. What the hell? My eyes finally made it to his waterbed adorning fuzzy white bedding in the corner of his room. It reminded me of one of those fake animal fur coats that people would wear. He was probably showing appreciation to his precious apes. I eyed him suspiciously from the side and he looked at me weirdly.

"What?" He asked.

"Your bed." I told him.

"What about it?"

"A waterbed and fur…isn't that kind of…" I looked at him nervously before continuing, "I don't know, kinky?" He sputtered before giving a bunch of jumbled excuses before flat out denying it.

Momo and Orihime's room was next. They decided to share since they were like peas in a pod. You know, same interests and dislikes, etc. The walls were pink and so were their bunked queen beds in the corner. I approached their desk and saw how it was neatly halved. They even split the bulletin board that was above it. I'm guessing the side with Momo's pictures was Momo's and the side with Orihime's was Orihime's. As I took a closer look at the pictures I noticed a handsome white-haired guy in most of Momo's. He looked about my height and he had stunning turquoise eyes. All of the pictures were of him from a distance or when he wasn't paying attention. I smiled, so was this Momo's new eye candy?

It was the same deal with Orihime. When I looked over at her pictures I think my heart stopped. I leaned in closer to confirm what I thought I saw and it was true. The guy had orange hair! Was that possible? It must be bleached I repeatedly told myself. My finger traced this one picture of him smiling and talking to a bunch of guys, one of them was the guy from Momo's pictures. They were absolutely gorgeous…he was absolutely gorgeous. His tan skin, captivating eyes, defined muscles. I traced further down until I read the little note on the corner of the page.

Kurosaki. 3 Lunchtime.

I looked at all of her pictures of him and they all had notes verifying the time and place the photo was taken. Geez, I didn't know Orihime was a stalker.

Once I took in my fill I left and approached the room, judging by the obnoxious sign on the door, which was mine. The moment I peered in I let out a high pitch, totally un-Kuchiki like scream.

They--they got me--!

"CHAPPY BEDDING!" I squealed before diving onto my bed adorned with stuffed bunnies. I heard many footsteps running toward my room and my housemates calling my name.

"Rukia, are you okay?!" Renji asked as he ran into my room with Momo and Orihime. I quickly shot up into a sitting position and there was an awkward silence as they stared pointedly at the stuffed bunny in my arms. Renji rolled his eyes while Momo poked him in the arm.

"See! I told you she'd love it!" She told him. They began to bicker and I took the time to observe the rest of my room. It was about the same size as the other bedrooms but the walls were pristine white. I had a queen bed, a computer desk, a TV and a closet. I was content. It was all I needed. As they walked away from my room I began to unpack my things and hang my clothes in the closet. After hanging up a few outfits I returned to my suitcase and spotted an envelope that was hidden within my clothes.

Rukia. That was all it said on the envelope and it was obviously addressed to me so I proceeded to open it. Inside were money and a folded letter.

Dear Rukia,

Although Byakuya had told me not to I couldn't help but give you some money for your own personal use. Spend wisely and don't buy things you don't need! I want you be on guard always and take care of yourself. If anything happens contact me immediately or come back. We will always welcome you back with open arms. I'll worry about you and send you email everyday. I hope you're as sure about this decision as you convinced us you were.

Love always,


P.S. Your brother in law is a little hypocrite. He tells me not to send you money but I found out he set up your account so that money would be added weekly. See, your nii-sama cares although he prefers to do things subtly and without your knowledge. That's why I love him!

I smiled. Thanks nii-sama. He was always looking out for me…they always did. I couldn't ask for a different family to have grown up with.

After spending about an hour unpacking and arranging things my room looked like a room. I walked over to the body mirror that was in the corner of my room and pulled a hanger off with a note: school uniform. There were the letters KH on the top left breast pocket and a tie wrapped loosely around the collar. On bottom there was a gray pleated mini skirt and black knee-length socks. I tried the uniform on to make sure it fit and it did. I walked out toward the main room to see everyone chatting on the couch and cleared my throat. They all turned around and Orihime squealed.

"Rukia! It looks so cute on you!" She said. Momo walked up and inspected me before agreeing. Renji…well he demanded that I return it to the high school and ask for another one.

"You girls got her the mini skirt! What is wrong with you two! She needs to go exchange it for a knee-length now! I don't want any guys to be staring at her legs!" He yelled.

Momo gave him a bored look. "You mean the way you just did?" He blushed and quickly denied it. I rolled my eyes and told him that I wasn't exchanging anything and glared him down. Finally, he shut his mouth and sulked in his chair.

"Hey guys, do you think we could go out tonight? I want to see and explore more of the town."

"Sure thing. We can go shopping and I'll show you all the places we can go for fun!"

"And the best clubs and bars here!" Renji added. I fidgeted in my seat in anticipation. There was only one thing I reveled here more than I ever did when I lived with Hisana and Byakuya. It was freedom.

Pure, unhindered, freedom.


Karakura town was beautiful at night. Lights flashed everywhere and it seemed like everyone was out at this time. We mostly walked around while they pointed out places to eat, shop, and have fun at as we passed them. We stopped at a few clothes boutiques to update our wardrobes and I walked out with a few dresses and skirts.

"Here, this is a list of books you're going to need for the school year. Get the ones under the spring semester since you're starting late anyways." Renji explained as he showed me a list. "Come on; let's go to a book store."

As were walked toward the shop I heard Momo and Orihime squeal before walking away. Renji and I turned to look behind us and we saw them walking in the opposite direction.

"Hey! Where do you guys think you're going?!" Renji yelled. They sheepishly ducked before waving him off.

"We'll be right back! I just want to check out this shop!" Momo replied before dragging Orihime into a random building. A vein throbbed on Renji's forehead.

"HEY!" He looked back at me apologetically and I sighed.

"Go get them Renji, I'll be right in here." I told him.

"Are you sure? You might need some help finding the books." He pointed out to me. I shook my head.

"I think I'm capable of finding books myself." I could still see he was debating whether to stay or not. "Go fetch!" I commanded.

He groaned before finally running off to their direction. I rolled my eyes and entered the shop.

The list only consisted of five books: four textbooks for each subject and one novel that I was required to read. After using the computers to look up some titles and asking around, I found myself standing in line at the cash registers with all my books in hand.

"You're welcome and have a great day. Hi, can I help whose next?" The guy behind the counter asked. I approached and placed my books on the counter and pulled out the envelope with Hisana's money in it.

"Textbooks are all 15 off since it's halfway through the school year and…" the cashier trailed off as he looked over the titles I was purchasing. "Do you by any chance go to Karakura High?" He asked me. My eyes narrowed as I eyed him suspiciously. He had sleek black hair and blue eyes behind square framed glasses on the bridge of his nose. He was thin and wearing a white collared shirt and tan slacks with a sweater vest over the top. He didn't look like a stalker or a pervert. He must be a student my mind concluded as I nodded.

"Yeah, I just moved here so I'm starting the year late." I told him. He extended his hand and gave me a friendly smile.

"Ishida Uryuu, I also attend Karakura High." I returned the gesture politely and introduced myself.

"Kuchiki Rukia, it's nice to meet you." His eyes widened albeit. Great…here it comes.

"Are you by any chance related to Kuchiki Byakuya?" He asked me. I inwardly groaned.

"Yes, he's my older brother." I replied lamely.

"Then allow me to say that it's my pleasure to meet you." He told me. I just nodded and paid for the books. "See you tomorrow." He said.

I walked out of the book store and waited outside. I didn't see any traces of Renji or the girls yet so I pulled out my cell phone.

No messages.

Geez, how long does it take to gather two shopaholics and bring them here?

It was chilly and I gripped the handles of my bag tighter. I was getting nervous so I decided to start heading back to where we parked the car. As I walked through the crowd I pulled out my cell phone again to send Renji a text informing of my plans. Just as I was about to hit the send button, someone bumped into me and knocked me down. I winced and looked up at a random man staring down at me.

"My apologies little girl…can I assist you?" He asked me as the sides of his mouth lifted into a grin. For a second there I thought I saw a fang but shook my head back and forth to clear my mind. The fall must have made me dizzy.

"Thanks." I told him as he extended his hand and helped me up. As I went to withdraw my hand I was shocked that he wouldn't let go. I pulled back harder but he gripped tighter.

"Now, what's the rush little girl? We only just got acquainted…" he told me. I grabbed my wrist with my free hand and yanked hard but the guy was insanely strong.

"Let go!" I demanded. Just then a hand came out of nowhere and wrapped around the guys wrist. The stranger placed his other hand on the guys shoulder and his grip tightened. When he spoke I was shocked at the rich silky voice that came from his lips.

"Release her now." The stranger said and I watched as the man's face fell as if being caught and punished by his boss. Surprisingly, the man released me and muttered an apology before disappearing. The stranger bent down and rearranged my books into a pile before placing it back in the paper bag. As he stood to face me I observed his features that were partially hidden by the night. He had raven black hair that was spiked neatly on his head and powerful blue eyes that bore into my own. I couldn't look away from them as he handed me my bag.

"T-thank you." I stuttered before bowing politely. The man chuckled and the sound was beautiful to my ears.

"No problem miss, just trying to help." He said.

"Rukia!" I heard Renji call my name. I gasped and stood upright as he ran up to me with Momo and Orihime close behind. "Where the hell were you?! I told you to wait at the book store until I came back!"

"It's not my fault!" I told him. "You were taking a long time so I decided to walk back to the car. I was going to text you until this psycho bumped into me and wouldn't let go of me!" Their eyes widened.

"What?! Are you okay?" He asked me. I nodded.

"Yeah, because this guy came and helped…me…" I trailed off as the guy that once stood in front of me was nowhere to be seen. It was as if he…vanished.

"What guy?" Orihime asked as she looked around. I walked around and circled them but he was no where.

"I don't know. He was just here a second ago I swear!" I protested. Renji rolled his eyes before grabbing my hand and leading me to the car.

"Come on, you must be tired. You got all the books right?" I glared at him for changing the subject since I was desperate to know where my helper went. The whole time it took for him to drag me to the car I continued to look for that man. It wasn't natural for someone to disappear without me sensing them leave first. I was Kuchiki Rukia! It didn't make sense.

Still, as we drove in the car to head home I didn't understand why my mind just wouldn't let it go. Maybe it was because I knew the guy existed although to my friends it was as if he was never there. Maybe it was because of the fact that I wasn't able to sense his presence both times he appeared and disappeared.

I groaned softly as I felt sleep catching up with me. I fought to keep my eyes open but they continued to fall shut for a few seconds before reopening. I thought back to the orange haired guy in Orihime's photos and noted the resemblance between the two guys but I was unable to dwell on it any longer.

How strange was it that the last thing I saw before I fell asleep was the Kurosaki Clinic as we drove by it.


The next day was a rush to get ready on time as the events of yesterday were forgotten. I woke up a half hour later then I planned to and immediately jumped out of bed running to the shower in my chappy pajamas. I only just noticed them now and I figured one of the girls must have changed me. There was no way it was Renji because I'd kill him if he did and I know the girls would never allow him to either.

After taking one of the shortest showers that a situation like this permitted, I changed into my school uniform and brushed my teeth and hair. I walked back to my room, grabbed my books and supplies and placed them in my bag before slinging it over my shoulder. When I approached the kitchen I saw everyone already at the bar style counter eating. I placed my bag down on the floor and walked over to make some food for myself.

"Oh! Rukia, let me cook for you!" Orihime offered as she began to leave her seat. Momo quickly jumped out and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright Orihime." She chuckled nervously. "Let me do it." Orihime pouted but let her. Renji and I both sweat dropped. I owed Momo for that one.

Once we finished eating we all grabbed our bags and walked to the car.

I was nervous as hell. I didn't know what people would think of me and it was odd for someone to transfer in the middle of the school year.

I didn't know what to expect and the uneasy feeling doubled when we pulled into the parking lot. Everyone got out of the car but me as I stared at the large square building in front of me. I gulped was I ready to do this?

A knock my side of the window grabbed my attention and the side door open. Renji stood there with his hand extended.

"Come on Rukia," he cooed. "You can do it." I sighed and let a brief smile appear on my face as I grabbed his hand. He pulled me out of the car and closed the door, locking it immediately in case I decided to turn back. I let out a breath of air I had been holding and loosened the grip I had on my bad. The smiles on my friends' faces reassured me as did a voice in the back of my head.

You're Kuchiki Rukia, you can handle anything.

At first what looked like a wall turned out to be a crowd of students surrounding the entrance as we got closer. I could hear everyone chatting animatedly and girls squealing and guys cat calling. What was going on?

Renji noticed the confused look on my face and started to explain.

"This happens every single freaking day of the school year. Tons of students gather just to watch them enter the school." He said.

"Them?" I asked him.

"Yeah, them. They're a group of students who come from the upper-class. Insanely rich and insanely powerful."

"Oh…so they admire them?" Renji rolled his eyes before answering.

"That and the fact that all of them are exceptionally good looking." He added sarcastically. Seriously, I thought to myself. Since when are good looks enough to attract crowds of students to come watch? Momo and Orihime had stopped when they found a spot but Renji continued walking. I grabbed his sleeve.

"Wait, you're not going to watch them?" I asked. He snorted.

"Please, although the girls are pretty damn good-looking…" Renji stared into my eyes before continuing, "I'm only interested in one person." I blushed and looked away.

"Oh…" I said as I released his sleeve. "I'll see you in class then." He walked away but added one more thing.

"Just promise me Rukia that you won't become one of those screaming fan girls the minute you see them alright?" He joked. I glared at him.

"Please, me? Kuchiki Rukia isn't a fan girl. Not in this lifetime." I promised him. He chuckled before turning back around and entering the building. After letting out a few quiet laughs I turned back around to face my friends just to feel my heart stop. There walking up to the school were probably the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life. Both the males and females were perfect, I couldn't point out any flaws with them. My eyes darted to each one of them as my mind noted their unique characteristics.

Towards the front of the group I spotted that same white-haired boy from Momo's pictures. I was right, he was about my height but he was even more handsome in real life. I turned to Momo and saw the blush staining her cheeks as she stared at him longingly. I looked at Orihime to see her sporting the same look and followed her gaze to the person the white-haired boy was talking to.

There leading the group was indeed that orange-haired guy from her photos. The picture didn't do him justice. He was absolutely…beautiful! His skin, his face, his body…it wasn't humanly possible for someone to look that good.

It wasn't humanly possible for them to look that good.

My heart began beating faster of its own accord as they started to pass by us. I know it was wrong, what was I thinking? Orihime liked this guy for god's sake. I forced my attention away from the center of the group and looked to his right.

I gasped.

It was him, the guy who helped me last night! The dark raven hair, those captivating blue eyes, the figure! I looked back and forth between him and the orange-haired man and saw the resemblance. I wondered if they were brothers.

I walked closer toward the edge of the crowd to get a closer look and heard his voice. Yes, it was that same silky sound that had once flowed through my ears.

"Geez, Ichigo. Don't be such a baby. You know your dad's…" He trailed off the moment he looked away and saw me. I swear his eyes locked with mines although I was behind the crowd. It was only for a brief second that I saw recognition in those eyes before they entered the school. I knew it, it was him.

"Alright! Get to class everyone! You're going to be late" A supervisor began yelling. Momo laced her arm with mine and then Orihime's as they giggled and dragged me off. I allowed them to since my mind wasn't functioning properly. I was still in awe over what just happened.

As we approached the classroom we released each others arms and walked in. I spotted some of the students from this morning chatting animatedly in the back. A few of them stopped to stare at me and I ducked albeit embarrassed. What did I do? I continued to head over to the teacher's desk while my friends took their respective seats.


"Hot damn..." Kaien whistled as he sat down in his seat. "What do you know…it's her."

"Who?" Ichigo asked as Kaien continued to stare towards the front. Kaien turned to look at him before gesturing to Rukia. Ichigo followed his gaze toward the front and observed her with his amber eyes.

"What about her? She looks like a normal girl to me…better looking though…yeah, definitely." He stated. Kaien sighed. That wasn't what he meant although he couldn't help but agree himself.

"I helped her last night because some new-born bumped into her. I didn't expect to see her again so soon." Kaien said.

"Why, were you saving her for yourself?" Ichigo chuckled. Kaien glared at him but Ichigo just ignored him. He took it further by pretending to sniff out her blood but was suddenly assaulted by a sweet scent. One of the sweetest he had ever encountered.

That was the smell of Rukia's blood.

He closed his eyes and breathed it in before staring at her hungrily. After a moment he turned back to Kaien and whispered in a low voice that only he could hear.

"Her blood smells ripe and sweet. That's unusual for a human," he stated factually before smiling. "I'll bet it's—"

"Delicious." Toshirou finished for him. They both looked back at him but he only had disinterest upon his features. Toshirou shrugged, "It's not easy to ignore. I'll bet every one of us had noticed it but I'm not interested."

Ichigo looked back at Kaien and ever so slowly a grin appeared on his face. Kaien glared at him threateningly.

"Ichigo…don't you even—" He began but just then the women who was called Ochi-sensei turned to the class.


"Hello class! We have a new transfer student joining us late this year. Please welcome Ms. Kuchiki Rukia to the class." She said to everyone.

I bowed blushing as they all said good morning to me. I stood back up and glanced at Renji who sat in front of the orange haired boy. He smiled at me as he pointed to the only empty seat that was available: diagonally behind him, in front of the guy from yesterday and to the right of the orange haired guy.

"You can take a seat in front of Shiba." Ochi-sensei told me. I nodded and started to descend into the row giving a small smile to Renji as I passed him. I looked down at Shiba nervously but he was looking away sort of pained. I wondered if I did something wrong as I proceeded to sit down.

I felt someone staring at me and chanced a glance to my left. If I didn't know better I would've thought the guy was eyeing me.

"Hello there…" he purred and I felt my heart beat twice as fast. He extended his hand toward me and held it expectantly. "The name's Kurosaki Ichigo."

I shook his hand to return the greeting and re-introduced myself. "Kuchiki…Kuchiki Rukia." I shivered as his other hand rose to skim along the top of my fingers.

Just then I heard a snarl come from behind me and Ichigo gulped. He released my hand hesitantly before turning to face front. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you!" He ended abruptly.

I looked at him weirdly before facing forward myself. Soon enough I became absorbed in the lesson and throughout the 40 minutes the class went on I would see Kurosaki glance at me. I wish he'd stop because the feelings he stirred in the pit of my stomach were unwelcome. I also didn't need my best friend's crush to give me so much attention while she was in the room either.

As I stood to leave when the bell rang, I felt a hand clamp down on my shoulder. I looked behind me to see Shiba standing there as he halted my departure. "Walk with me?" He requested yet for some reason, to my ears, it felt like a command. Like the ones you wouldn't think twice about doing.

I looked forward to see my friends waiting for me in the front of the class and I smiled nervously at them. Renji glared before walking out of the room and I caught Momo's blatantly suggestive wink. God, did I need to kill her later…

Once everyone just about left the room he released my shoulder. "Come on." He said taking the lead. I followed him silently through the practically empty halls and he brought me to a secluded place near the back of the school. Once he stopped walking I quickly bowed.

"Thank you Shiba-san for protecting me yesterday night!" I let out in a rush. I heard him growl and was shocked when he turned around and glared at me.

"Kuchiki" He said informally to me without any added suffix. "Are you crazy? You just let me drag you out to some closed off place in the school!"

"Eh? B-but you told me to come with you!" I squeaked before clamping my hand over my mouth embarrassed.

"Just because I helped you yesterday it doesn't mean you should let your guard down around me! I'm a grown guy twice your size so who knows what I could do to you!" He reasoned out. "Don't you know what kind of situation that can get you into? Be alert at all times, especially in this town. It's dangerous."

I wondered if he was referring to the man that bumped into me the night before and helped me up but I could tell he wasn't just talking about that. I bowed again feeling the need to apologize. What for? I really didn't know. It just felt like he deserved to be treated with the utmost respect.

I bowed again "I'm sorry Shiba-san!" I felt his hand press down on the top of my head but just as I looked up he pushed it down. I yelped and backed away while clutching my hair.

"Don't need to be so formal!" He told me before raising his thumb and pointing at himself. "It's Shiba, Kaien so you call me Kaien. Got it, Kuchiki?"

"Y-yes!" I answered still frazzled. After a while the atmosphere got lighter when he smiled and started to laugh. I was confused and disturbed. The guy was crazy.

"I'm sorry…you must think I'm a weirdo." He said before straightening up. "Look, I'm just looking out for you alright. Hopefully, there won't have to be a second time where I have to come save your ass." I nodded as he affectionately ruffled up my hair yet again. I felt so comfortable around him but I barely knew him. "Come on, let's get to class."

Just as we both entered the hallway that held our next class I spotted lots of students hanging out by the lockers. The bell must not have rung yet since they were crowding around the room but not yet heading in. As we came closer I spotted Momo and Orihime and they began to approach but so did Ichigo and Momo's guy who had been leaning casually against a locker.

"Rukia, how are you?" Orihime asked but I got the hidden message: spill everything once when we're alone! She then turned to Kaien. "Good morning Shiba-san!" He smiled and replied in kind.

Ichigo Kurosaki now stood in front of us and I saw how Orihime blushed and looked toward the floor.

"Hey there buddy!" He greeted throwing an arm around his shoulders. "Get better acquainted with the ladies?" I huffed indignantly.

"Excuse me?" I asked him glaring daggers. "What exactly are you implying?" I asked him.

"Whoa there…calm down midget!" He teased playfully.

There was a resounding crack that echoed throughout the halls.

Gasps were heard as I, Kuchiki Rukia: younger sister-in-law of Kuchiki Byakuya and the newest transfer student at Karakura High, just decked Kurosaki Ichigo across the face.

End of Chapter One.

To Be Continued…

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