Today was the day Ray would start his paperwork for his move to Canada. First stop was to the consulate then onto the 27th district to get everything in order.

Pulling up outside the consulate felt weird. Ray had visited Turnbull every now and then. Ray liked the guy he had been a good friend while Fraser had been gone. But pulling up there now with Fraser and Fraser not working there stranger.

"So Ben feel weird being back"? Looking at the consulate Fraser answered, "Yes Ray a little bit I must say. But it will be nice to see the place again Turnbull and Rob I haven't seen him in years".

As they headed through the doors to the consulate they greeted the guard on sentry duty. Ray always made a point of doing it. It was only right they should be not ignored. Turnbull jumped from behind his desk to greet them. "Oh Sergeant Fraser, Ray how are you welcome to Canada. You here to start your paperwork."

Ray shook his hand, "Hiya Turnbull. Ya here to start the ball rolling. Big boss man around or can you do the paperwork for me"? Turnbull gushed, "Oh I can certainly do the paperwork for you Ray. But I think Sergeant Shee would like to meet you and Sergeant Fraser again wait right here"?

Turnbull rushed off to fetch the boss. Ray smiled to Fraser, "Nice to know something's haven't changed hey". Fraser laughed, "True". Out of the kitchen came a very tall very handsome man. His face lit up when he saw Fraser.

It was sergeant Shee. He spoke as he came forward, "Ah Ben my god how are you been. Long time no see". Fraser greeted him with a warm hug, "Hi Rob how are you. How did you end up here?

Robert laughed, "I pissed off a few people up north Ben sure you know the story. So I hear you're here to start some paperwork or something turn bull wouldn't tell me all the details"?

Fraser and Ray were happy that Turnbull kept his word and told no one. Fraser answered, "Ah yes sir". Robert held up his hand, "Ben no sir please. You are older then me and we are friends. And I'm not my father Ben-Ton". Fraser laughed, "Right you are Rob".

Fraser went on, "We are here to start the paperwork my partner Ray's move to Canada. We are getting married. Ray has taken the transfer to my post in the cross border programme". Robert slapped Fraser's back, "So Ben someone finally stole your heart and it wasn't me I'm hurt. Only joking don't worry Ray. So you're the famous Ray are you Turnbull always talks about you and Ben talks about you in his letters. Since your friends with Turnbull I'll let him sort your paperwork. Since you're marrying a Canadian citizen that will make things easier. Ah Ben is that your baby or Diefenbaker are they your puppies"? Dief whined at this. They all laughed, "No Rob this is our son Benton". He told the story as they had so many times over the past few days. It left Robert dumbfounded.

"Jesus Ben why the hell did you not call me for fuck sake. I would have come. I was in the next time. You were always so stubborn but I still love you big dummy. Listen go with Turnbull and I'll take Benton give you peace to do it. So I'll see you before you leave well you will if you want this cutie back". Ray and Fraser thanked him and handed over Benton and went with Turnbull.

Ray whispered to Fraser, "Ah Ben something I should know. Where you two an item. Fraser laughed, "God no Ray just best friends. Rob was always teasing me like. Anyway I think his wife and kids would have something to say about that. I was best man at his wedding and I delivered his kids". Ray breathed out a sigh of relief, "Ok, ok good, good sorry just I want Ya all to myself". Fraser kissed his ring finger, "You do Ray my love you do".

Turnbull turned out to be very efficient at the paperwork and it was done in no time at all. Turnbull marked where the lawyer had to sign and the paperwork for Lt Welsh as well.

Turnbull stood and shook their hands, "Ray I just want to say. Good luck up in Canada. I will miss your friendship. You've been a very good friend to me. Please keep in touch". Ray blushed, "Thank you Turnbull I'll miss your friendship as well. But we will visit and we hope you will visit us as well. You will come to the wedding wouldn't you"?

Fraser spoke then, "Turnbull you have been a very good friend to us both and please do keep in touch your welcome anytime".

Just before they went to leave the consulate a dizzy spell hit Fraser. Lucky Robert was by his side and caught him and put him in a chair. "Jesus Ben what happened there you ok"? Ray was by his side fast and Turnbull went to get him a glass of water.

Ray spoke; Ben has been having dizzy and fainting spells. The case really got to him. Ben hasn't been eating or sleeping well. But Ben why didn't you say you weren't feeling well. I could have come on my own or put it off till tomorrow Ben".

Fraser drank his water, "Sorry Ray but I was feeling fine up until and hour ago. I'm fine now though so don't worry Ray. I'll get an early night tonight I promise. Ray we really should get to Lt Welsh".

They al shook their heads. They knew they couldn't change the Mounties mind once it was set. "Ok Ben if your feeling unwell at any stage you say and we go home ok. I mean it Ben you tell me or else ok". Fraser nodded, "Ok Ray I promise". They headed off and they were a step closer to Ray's move to Canada.

Parked in the parking lot of the 27th district. Ray took the keys out, "Ben you sure your up to this. I mean you can go home and I'll talk to Welsh on my own"? Looking at Ray, "Ray I'll be fine really. It's just being a long few days. Really I'll be fine". Nodding, "Ok Ben. Ya tell me the second you're not feeling well right"? In a soft tone, "Very well Ray I promise". They headed in together.

Walking through the bullpen a few people stopped and talked to them. A voice from behind them caught their attention, "Big red is that you"? It was Detective Huey that was calling him.

Fraser went over, "Hello Detective Huey how are you"? Huey looked Fraser up and down, "Jesus Fraser you've lost so much weight are you ok are you sick or something is there anything I can help you with"? Fraser was surprised by his concern, "No I'm not sick. I've just had a few tough months I'll be fine thank you".

Huey went on, "So red is it true you marrying Kowalski"? Fraser's eyes widened, "Ah how did you hear that"? Huey looked embarrassed, "Look sorry but I over heard you talking to Francesca. I'm sorry but I haven't said anything to anyone. So is it true"? With a huge smile, "Yes, yes it's true and this is our son Benton". With a slap on his back, "Well congratulations finally".

Ray came over, "Ben what did Huey want"? Leaning into Ray, "He just wanted to know if it was true I was finally marrying you. He said congratulations"? With relief, "Thank god. Huey is one of the good guys. Come on lets see Welsh".

The meeting with Welsh didn't take long. All the forms were signed and stamped. It just had to be looked at by a lawyer now. Welsh bit them good luck and promised to visit and keep in touch. Welsh could not wait for their wedding.

Fraser held Benton in his arms as he and Ray spoke to Huey and Dewey. "So guys when ye heading back up north"? Dewey asked. "I have to get a lawyer to check out and sort these papers out then we can head back" Ray answered. Dewey smiled, "Ray maybe I can help there my brother is a lawyer and he is just back from his honeymoon now. I'll give him a call tonight for you and sort it out if you like"? Ray was warmed by this gesture, "Jezz Dewey that would be greatness thanks".

As they were talking they were unaware that Fraser was sweating more and calling Ray because at first it was soft. The calling got louder, "Ray, Ray, RAY". Ray turned, "Ben, Ben what's wrong"?

Fraser voice was funny sounding, "Ray please take Benton I think I'm". Ray took Benton. That's when Fraser grabbed his left arm, "Ray I think I'm, I think I'm having a heart attack". Fraser fell to the ground before anyone could catch him.

Francesca ran over at Ray's cries of, "NOOOO". And took Benton off him. Huey and Dewey started CPR as Fraser had stopped breathing.

Ray was by Fraser's side wiping tears and shouting, "Don't you leave me Ben. Don't you fucking leave me? What about Benton hey. What about the horses and sled dogs. Jesus Ben we're getting fucking married you don't leave me".

Huey and Dewey got him breathing again just as the paramedics arrived and took over. Ray went with him in the ambulance and Francesca and the duck boys followed taking Benton for Ray.

On the way in the ambulance the medics asked the usual questions, "Is he allergic to anything is he a drug user". All answers, "No". Too many questions.

Fraser was brought in to be looked at while Ray has to yet answer more questions and fill out dump forms. Ray paced in the family waiting room. They didn't even blink when he explained who he was to Fraser and were sympatric.

Francesca arrived soon after along with Lt Welsh and the duck boys. "Oh Ray how is he. Is there any news how are you"? Hugging her, "Oh Frannie I can't lose him. Oh Frannie what will I do if he dies on me. They haven't come yet with any news". Wiping the tears that fell fully again.

Ray saw Benton and took him out of the chair and into his arms. Cuddling to his chest listening to his heart beat, "Hey buddy daddy will be fine. The doctors will make him all better".

Welsh put his hand on Ray's shoulder, "Ray sit down before you fall down ok. I'm sure Fraser will be ok. He is a strong young man now sit". Ray sat down still cradling Benton in his arms.

It seemed like an eternity before a doctor came in, "Ray Kowalski" she called. Ray looked up, "Yes ma'm I'm Ray Kowalski". The doctor came over, "Hi Ray I'm Doctor Cartledge I'm looking after Mr Fraser". Ray looked into her eyes his red rimmed from crying, "Doctor how is Ben. Tell me he is going to be ok". Dr Cartledge asked, "Has Mr Fraser being under any unusual stress lately"?

Ray laughed behind his tears, "Ya you could say that. How about trying to get a woman who is been beat daily by her husband to press charges but she won't. He continues to beat her while she is pregnant then starts on their six year old daughter as well. She gets away go's to my Ben for help. Only breaks down on the way. Ben has to deliver her baby at the side of the road. Ben gets them to a safe house only the father finds out where this safe house is and kidnaps the kids. Puts one in the snow to freeze but my Ben gets him out. He then throws his little girl off a cliff but she holds onto something shouting for my Ben. The man then shots Ben in the arm a jumps himself. Ben then go's to pull up Lucy but he has to use his bad arm and he can't hold her because she struggling so much and falls from his grip and dies. Oh the funny part the father only falls a few feet and only gets a broken hip and leg. And later Ben finds out that Lucy was family A Fraser. So yes I'd say Ben was under unusual stress lately. Sorry for sounding snappy I'm just worried".

Dr Cartledge patted his arm, "its ok my dear I'd be worried if it was my other half as well. This yer son he is beautiful. Listen Mr Fraser has had a very mild heart attack brought on by stress. But other then been a little under weight Mr Fraser is healthy. He just needs some rest. I don't see any long term damage here and should be back to normal in no time putting bad guys behind bars. So this little guy and rest knowing his daddy is protecting him and his other dad. You can go see him in a few minutes they are just settling him in his room"?

Ray locked eyes with her, "Thank you doc that means a lot. Ya this is Benton Lucy's brother. The little guy from the snow. His mum died gave us custody. We're doing our best". Dr Cartledge spoke softly, "Well my dear I can see you are doing a great job". She smiled and left.

Ray breathed out a breath, "Oh thank lord. Did ya hear that Benton daddy is going to be fine? See told ya doctors would make him all better".

Francesca, Welsh and the duck boys were trilled as well and let out the breaths they didn't know they were holding. Francesca came over, "Ray here give me Benton go see Fraser ok". Ray spoke shaky, "Thank you Frannie".

Just as Ray was about to go to see Fraser. Ray Veccico came in a panic, "Is it true, is it true Benny had a heart attack. Jesus how can Benny have a heart attack"? Stan looked at him and broke down again hugging Ray, "Veccico he did. He just handed Benton to me and went down. If it wasn't for Huey and Dewey he may not be here. Look I'm just on my way to see him. Give me a few minutes then you can see him ok". Ray hugged him again, "Sure Stan go on".

Stan walked down the corridor to Fraser's room. Ray turned to Huey and Dewey, "Jesus guys what happened"?

Huey moved closer, "God Veccico it was horrible. One minute we're just talking the next Fraser is shouting for Kowalski to take Benton off him saying I think I'm having a heart attack. Then down he went we couldn't catch him he went so fast". Shaking his head, "I tell you Ray I never want that cry of pain come out Kowalski again it was just it will haunt me. I never want to hear again".

Stan entered Fraser's room. Fraser's face was ashen colour. Monitors where beating in steady beats. The doctors words he was going to be fine were going around in his head. It was the only thing keeping him from freaking out more.

Taking Fraser's hand, "Jesus Ben you scared me. I knew we should have went home or to a doctor like Veccico said. It doesn't matter now as soon as you're out of here the paperwork will be done. Then we are going home to Canada. The papers will be official then Benton Buddy senior". Ray kissed his forehead softly.

Days passed quickly and Fraser got stronger and noting but good news from the doctor. The doctor did issue more time off he was to rest. That she would know if he wasn't as she was moving home taking over he doctor there. Which were his and Ray's home village? Stan made plenty sure that Fraser heard every word the doctor told him.

On the day Fraser was getting out of the hospital Stan broke down a bit, "Ben please don't do hat again ok. You frightened the life out a me"? Kissing Ray's ring finger, "I promise Ray I won't. And I'm sorry for frightening you come on lets get going".

Huey, Dewey and Ray were at the apartment chatting to them. "So Fraser what do you do up there other then the Mountie thing"? Instead of Fraser answering Stan did, "Ben teaches in the school sign language and French. He also will teach you to horse ride if they want it. There is plenty to do up there".

Ray spoke, "You teach I didn't know you tech Benny wow".

Stan laughed, "Ya you should see it. The youngest in the class is four and she is real good better then the adults in the class. It was funny the kids thought it was cool we were getting married. The adults were starting to organise it even before class finished. It's going to be very interesting living up there people don't judge thank god".

They all had a good laugh at that. Huey spoke for all, "Well for one we do wish you both well up there. If anyone deserves happiness you two do. Fraser sorry but for that bitch Victoria and you Stan for that she devil Stella sorry but she was. Listen if ye need anything you know where we are ok"?

Fraser cleared his throat and spoke, "Thank you we I we sorry I'm just tired". Fraser was too tired to find his words. Ray stood, "Ok guys get going leave ye to rest. Just take it easy ok. I'll just go for a walk I'll take Dief leave ye get to bed ok"? They guys left and Ray took Dief for a walk while Fraser and Stan went to bed. By the time Ray got back they were.

Finally in bed ray watched Fraser sleep. He whispered to Fraser, "Ben I'll look after ya my love. We'll be getting home tomorrow and everything will be ok. Love Ya Ben". Ray kissed his forehead once again. Fraser in his sleep said, "Love you Ray". Ray held Fraser cuddling him protectively.