Title: On Work and Distractions

Characters: Dr. Cid, Venat, mentions of Vayne and Balthier

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Summary: Cid and Venat have a conversation.

Challenge: word of the day (cheating a little, because this is actually the word from a few days ago, I just hadn't gotten around to using it)

faineant \fay-nay-AWN\, adjective:

1. Doing nothing or given to doing nothing; idle; lazy.

2. A do-nothing; an idle fellow; a sluggard.

At the end of a long day of working and again convincing the ever pleasant authorities, or authority shall I say, that be that what I'm doing is worth his while, do you expect me to be anything other than tired and irritable?

Friend, Venat? You jest. You know as well as I that if he weren't my ruler I would have nothing to do with him. Sadly for the poor boy, I suspect most of his public feels about the same way. He'll get himself killed before long, the way he's going.

Because he has the right idea of necessity, of course. How could we hope to accomplish our goals in the hands of someone who didn't? Some fainéant leader with no better concept of things that must be done than a well-pampered potato?

Yes, of course I exaggerate, but you understand my point. It would go much more slowly, I assure you. In any case, he's on my side, even if he isn't the most personally pleasant.

At the very least, he understands my goals. Cutting one's own path, writing one's own history. It's a wonderful thought, isn't it? Though, that's something even my fool pirate of a son would be able to appreciate.

Why bring him up? Because if it could be said that he has the capacity to understand what I'm trying to do, anyone would.

If the boy wasn't an idiot, I'd have more sympathy for him.

You read me well, Venat. I think you may be the only one who can always tell when I'm lying. But what am I supposed to do? Run after him to apologize and beg him to return home? Seems a dreadful waste of time, doesn't it?

What do you mean, he distracts me? You think I'm tempted to actually do what I just said? There's work to be done! You know that.

Of course I know it. I just said it, didn't I?

You said he's coming? Here? Really, Venat, why do you toy with me? I've had too long a day for such insufferable jokes.

Really, now? I wonder what he's after. Probably something shiny and expensive and not worth my worry. Seems the only kind of thing that would catch the boy's attention, anyway.

Paying me a visit? Now that's a laugh. Remember what I said about long days and jokes.

You were serious, then. How quaint. What do they hope to get out of me?

Giruvegan, what a fantastic idea, Venat. Saves us a wonderful lot of trouble, as well. And maybe the boy will gain an ounce of understanding. Don't bother saying it. You're thinking it's the latter I'm more interested in, and you're right, as always. What does it matter as long as the whole ordeal is beneficial to us anyway?

I keep telling you: I'm not distracted.

Now quiet down and let me get some sleep, would you? We will have much to do tomorrow.

Thank you, Venat. It's nice to know that someone appreciates my efforts.