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Just as the nursery window is blown out by an explosion Sam helps Monica out of the house, closely followed by Dean, who is carrying Rosie. When they reach Monica's husband Charlie, who is standing in the middle of the front lawn, he yells at Sam and Dean. "You get away from my family!"

"Charlie, don't! They saved us." Monica takes Rosie from Dean. "They saved us." Charlie kisses her forehead, and then she turns to Sam and Dean. "Thank you."

Sam turns and looks up at the bedroom window. His eyes widen. The silhouette of the demon can be seen at the window. "It's still in there." Sam moves to go back inside, dean grabs his arm.

"Sam, no!"

"Dean, let me go! It's still in there!" Sam shouts, pulling free from his brother's grip, and running towards the house.

"It's burning to the ground… It's suicide!" Dean screams at Sam, the panic clear in his voice.

Sam turns back to face his brother. "I don't care!" Then without giving Dean a chance to stop him he runs back into the house, leaving Dean standing outside, terrified that he's going to lose his brother.

Watching as his house burns to the ground, with one of his family's rescuers still inside, Charlie dials 911.

Just as he ends the call a single gunshot rings out through the air, clearly resonating from the nursery. Did he get it? Could this really be over? Dean thinks, turning his attention to the front door, expecting to see Sam emerge, but he doesn't.

Then Dean hears a noise coming from deep in the burning house, he throws himself at Charlie and Monica, forcing them to the ground seconds before an explosion rocks the house, and flames and debris erupt from the house.

Lifting himself up Dean looks back to the house. "SAM! ...SAMMY!!" He screams in anguish as the now completely engulfed house begins to collapse in on itself.

Once Sam enters the burning house he quickly locates the stairs, and runs back into the nursery. As he enters the room he sees the yellow eyed demon standing in the corner, as though waiting for him. The door slams behind him, and realisation hits him. Shit! I'm trapped. It knew I'd come back, how could I be so stupid?!

The yellow eyed demon steps forward, laughing evilly. "Why Samuel, so nice of you to show up, I thought you of all people would have known better." It taunts him.

Without hesitation Sam raises the colt, and shoots it straight through the temple. Sam then watches as its body appears to be electrocuted from the inside out, and falls to the ground. "It's over." He whispers disbelievingly, momentarily forgetting his current situation, he walks up to the yellow eyed demon's corpse. "That was for mom, you sonvabitch."

As soon as the last word leaves his lips, the house shakes beneath his feet, and then explodes, sending him flying out of one of the house's side windows, and crashing down to the hard earth. His whole body burned and broken, the last thing he hears as he slips from consciousness is Dean screaming his name desperately. I'm sorry Dean. I just couldn't let it get away again. I'm so sorry.

Clinging to the hope that his brother could have somehow gotten out, Dean starts frantically searching around the house, not stopping even when he feels the heat of the flames burning his skin, the ash and smoke invading his eyes, nose, and mouth. Just as he's about to give up he sees a shape lying less than ten feet from the house. "Sam?" Despite everything working against him, Dean manages to see Sam's face, and instantly forgets his own pain, and runs to his brother's side. Not again, I can't lose anyone else because of this damn demon. Please be alright Sammy.

Once he reaches Sam, Dean tries to assess his injuries, but between the thick smoke, and his own injuries, he can't. Only now hearing sirens in the distance Dean knows he has to get Sam to safety himself, being mindful not to aggravate any possible injuries, he picks Sam up in his arms, which is no easy task under the best circumstances, let alone now, but he does it, and then carries Sam to the front lawn, barely noticing Charlie and Monica's shocked expressions, and gasps before he lowers Sam to the ground, then collapses bonelessly beside him.

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