Hey all, this is a sonnet I had to write for an english assignment. Its kinda Marian's thoughts on life while Robin's away and sorta thru series one. Its about living a double life and being two completely different pple: one for the world and one in private. Marian just wants to be free, don't we all?

A Life Not Lived.

It's like watching the world through a plane of glass;

The colours lack lustre, the words have no sound.

If only there was a definitive answer: a book, a word or class.

All day, life is lived but my feet never hit the ground.

People everywhere are laughing, having a good life,

But angry visions fill my head, dulling each every word.

On the outside is normalcy; inside I'm smothered by my strife.

I am suffocating myself – I will never let my troubles be heard.

Try to ignore and forget, block out each and every yell.

Where I am, I am just a bystander, forever detached,

Unless I cut loose and escape this world: my hell.

It was never meant to be this way, this life is mismatched.

I just want to be free and let my words be said,

But I remain in my world and keep them in my head.