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Chapter Two: The Bitter, And Unsettling, Truth

"Wesley, wake up!"

Wesley was shaken back to the world a tad too roughly by Katherine strong hand on his shoulder. She glared at him, staring straight into his eyes, for a second or two before stomping away to a low table. Wesley let his eyes travel downward and saw that he was in bed with a thin blue silken sheet over him. He took a small peek beneath the covers and noticed that he had a pair of black pants on but no shirt. He looked up at Katherine with a quizzical glance.

"Get out of bed, now," Katherine said to him with a commanding voice.

"Did you…" Wesley couldn't even bring himself to finish his own sentence.

"Yes, I clothed. What? Embarrassed I saw something and judged?" she asked with a sly grin on her face.

Wesley scoffed almost immediately and hopped out of bed. "No, I just usually wait until the third date, but hey! I'm not complaining," he said as he walked over to the low table beside Katherine. "So, what was with the rude awakening?"

Katherine slammed her hand, open palm, against the table. A few sheets of paper and a couple of books bounced from the force and caught Wesley's attention right away. "I thought you should more a bit more about what you're getting into. Since you obviously seem like you want to rid the world of every trace of The Fraternity then you should know how many bases there are," Katherine said, all in one breath.

"How many are there?" Wesley asked with a shaken voice. He didn't know whether or not he wanted to know but he knew he had to if he was going to go through with his initial plan. "In the letter I got it didn't seem like there would be that many."

"Well, there is a base in every major country, city is not an importance," Katherine started. She reached over and pulled a few sheets of paper and spread them out on the table so that Wesley could see them all at once. "The basic structures of the buildings are the same, just so that if there is a visiting member there wouldn't be need for a guide."

Wesley looked down at the maps and nodded his head. They all looked familiar to the map he looked over for the base in America and took a mental note that he wouldn't be getting lost in there if he decided to get inside. "What countries?" he asked.

Katherine reached for the slimmest looking of the books on the table and opened it to a certain page before placing it down. "The base in London, England - where we are now - is the only one in all of Europe that's open and functioning since the continent is small and it's easy to travel here," she said. She brought Wesley's attention to the open book, her finger pointing to the list on the pages she opened to. "The base here is the best of them all, and the one in America was third."

Wesley let his eyes roam over the list on the page and read each country carefully. There was Japan, China, Australia, Egypt, Canada, Russia, and many more. He couldn't believe that there could be that many bases out there but right now his gut feeling was telling him to trust every word Katherine was telling him. "Who's the second best?" he asked her.

"Japan," Katherine answered quickly. "Only because their technology is very advanced and the European base insists on keeping the old traditions."

"If I don't want to call you Meyers can I call you Katherine or do you want me to call you Kathy?" Wesley asked suddenly, turning to Katherine with a sheepish smile.

Katherine raised a single brow in confusion. "Not Kathy, please."

"Good, because I my ex-girlfriend's name is Cathy," Wesley said.

Katherine sighed and rolled her eyes before looking down at the diagrams of the buildings on the table. "If you don't want to call me Meyers then just call me Sybil since Katherine would remind you of your ex-girlfriend."

"No, she was a bitch anyway," Wesley added.

"Exactly, so you won't be reminded of your bitch girlfriend," Katherine grabbed what Wesley thought to be a book but was really a file holder that was made to look like a book. "Here's what you'll be up against," she said to him.

Wesley looked at Katherine with a strange glare, "You kept files on them?"

"Of course, it's a given. Everyone has a file so we know who's who if one was to visit another base. Though the American base loved to keep to themselves. No was allowed in or out," Katherine said.

"Uh huh," Wesley nodded his head, pretending he fully understood what all that really meant and decided to take a look at the files she laid out on the table. Katherine had only placed four photographs and their matching files but there was obviously more in the file holder. Wesley came to the conclusion that these four were the main men he needn't to watch out for. "So, what about these guys?"

Katherine pointed to the photograph of a man closest to Wesley. Wesley looked down at the picture and saw the face that looked so angelic that he couldn't believe he was part of some secret assassins' fraternity. The young man had bright baby blues and short golden locks of hair. He had on a small grin that held mischief but one couldn't help but feel horrible about themselves by just staring at his child-like, angel face.

"Who's this?" Wesley asked, not even bothering to look at the profile description as he was lured in by the young man's innocent face.

"His name is Eli Sinclair, the youngest of the four I'm showing you," Katherine responded. She glanced up at Wesley and noticed that he seemed to be entranced by Eli's face. "Eli's the trickiest of the four because of his face. A face that anyone would do anything for regardless of gender or sexual orientation, you just can't deny that angel-like face of his."

Wesley shook his head roughly and averted his eyes to the photograph to the left. "Okay then, note to self: don't look at Eli's face for too long."

Katherine let her eyes follow Wesley's onto the next person of interest. This photograph was of a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties and holding a grudge. He had combed back black hair with eyes almost just as dark. A single, thin line of a scar on his face started near his jaw and stopped just before it reached his right ear. "This man is Alec Hawkins, the brute of the four. He's big, he's mean, and he hates everyone except for the boss," she explained.

"Anything I should know about him?" Wesley asked.

"Don't get too close to him. Unlike regular assassins who like to use large distances to their advantages, Alec prefers it to be up close and personal; he's a very hands on kind of guy," Katherine said. She pointed to the third photograph and file that was placed above Eli's. "This guy here, however, can hit you even if you're on the other side of the country."

Wesley brought his eyes over to the photo Katherine was pointing and nodded his head, urging her to continue. This man had long red hair that was pulled back and tied in a low ponytail. His eyes were a mixture of emerald and hazel and held a very noticeable frown on his face. Wesley decided to glance over at the man's name except what he found confused him slightly. "Archer?" he read out loud.

"Yeah, Archer. When he came to us he had no past, didn't know his name, and there was nothing - in any database - that could identify him. He's a ghost, but we call him Archer and it's pretty clear why," Katherine explained to Wesley. "He doesn't even have any fingerprints because his fingertips are so calloused that they just… rubbed off."

Wesley stepped away from the table and threw his hands up, placing them behind his head, and sighing in frustration. "Holy shit! This is just way too much! I can't stare at Eli, I have to stay far away from Alec, but I have to stay close to Archer?" he said with an annoyed tone in his voice.

"Yes! Close to Archer because he's horrible when it's close up; he's a really weak man," Katherine said as she turned around to face Wesley. She had her hand placed on the table and leaned into it as she watched Wesley begin to pace back and forth. "Hey, you asked for this Wesley."

"Why couldn't I have started at the weakest base?" Wesley whined.

"Because that would prove nothing to The Fraternity," Katherine pushed away from the table and took a step closer to Wesley. "So what if take down the weakest base? It's the weakest base! It you take down, at least the top five then the other bases might get the hint."

Wesley stopped his pacing and turned to look Katherine in the eyes. He frowned and knitted his brows together in frustration as he stared at her. "Oh yeah, five! I'm just one guy! I can't do this! That's just way too fucking much Sybil!"

"I'm sure you'll acquire help along the way, Wesley," Katherine said, trying to ease Wesley's frustration.

Wesley turned puppy dog-like eyes to Katherine. "Will you be there?" he asked.

"Let's just see how this goes, Wesley," said Katherine.


Eli sat alone on a park bench with a red apple being tossed into the air by his left hand. His baby blues scanned the area around him every now and then, checking to make sure that the area was secure. He wore a dark blue trench coat and had it opened as he sat, lazy-style on the bench. A young brunette walking on the path that would pass him was approaching and he couldn't help but send a wink her way. The young girl giggled as she passed him and Eli responded by giving her a wide smile.

"Where is this doofus?" Eli muttered out loud, marring his face with a frown. "I've been waiting for almost an hour!"

"Some times I think your good looks make you a spoiled brat," said a voice that came from behind Eli.

Eli turned his head and smiled innocently at the man standing behind him. "Alec fucking Hawkins," he said with a smile still on his face, "You're fucking late."

"Well I'm here now, aren't I?" Alec came around the bench and sat down beside Eli. Just as Eli tossed the apple he had into the air Alec grabbed onto it and took a large bite.

"I'll pretend you didn't do and ask you what the boss said," Eli straightened himself up and was now sitting with his leg crossed over and his arms crossed over his chest.

Alec took another bite of the apple and waited to speak when he had swallowed his food. "His said he wants her blood," Alec said before taking another bite from the apple, again.

"Wants her blood as in make her bleed?" Eli said in disbelief. "You think that's a good idea? It would be such a waste!"

"I just do what boss wants and what he wants is her blood," Alec replied. "She asked for this."

"What about the kid that she was spotted with? Rumour has it that the kid's Wesley Gibson, the one who took down the American base," Eli's muscled tensed and he tried to relax by leaning more into the bench. A frown was back on his face and he didn't look as angelic as he would with a smile.

Alec nodded his large head. "Yup, that was Wesley Gibson. The boss confirmed it."

Eli brought his right hand up to his hair and let his fingers comb through it as he sighed dejectedly. "Wesley Gibson, a man on a mission."


Wesley, after a few more words of convincing, finally returned to the table to look over the files that Katherine had laid out. He looked over the three people he was told about first: Eli Sinclair, Alec Hawkins, and Archer. Katherine was standing beside him and waiting for him to tell her to continue.

After a few more moments Wesley finally let his eyes trail over to the last photograph. It was a young man with short black hair and dark blue eyes, much darker than Eli's baby blues. His face looked calmed but looked to be holding a secret. "What's the deal with this one?" Wesley asked.

"This is Mackenzie Ericson, the leader of the base here," Katherine answered. Her words came out quickly and her lips were tight.

Wesley turned to look at Katherine and noticed that she had clenched her hand into a tight fist. He looked back to the photo and quietly wondered why Katherine suddenly became so tense. "Anything important I need to know about this one?" he asked her.

"Mackenzie is fast, super fast. I mean, he just doesn't run fast but he also has quick reflexes and has an eager trigger finger," Katherine said as she started intensely at the photo. "He also considers himself a man of science and has conducted a few experiments on some of the members."

Katherine turned away from Mackenzie's photo and pointed to Eli's. "Mackenzie conducted an experiment on Eli and now Eli has the gift of persuasion on his side. He doesn't need to stain his hands with blood. All he needs to do is tell you and you will kill yourself. All of Eli's kills are supposed suicides," she explained.

Katherine then pointed to Alec's photo and glanced up to Wesley to make sure he was following. "Mackenzie gave Alec the gift of strength. Alec can punch through a stone wall but can't punch through one made of steel or metal, so he's not that strong," she said. "But if he does manage to grab onto your head, he will crush it."

The silver-eyed woman then moved onto the photo of Archer. However, before she could speak Wesley spoke for her.

"Let me guess," Wesley started, "Archer has 'god-like' eyesight."

"Exactly," Katherine responded with a small grin.

"And what about you? What did he do to you? You know that this is really fucked up shit, right? Experiments? Gifts? It's really fucked up," Wesley looked away from the photos and turned to face Katherine. He stared at her intently, waiting for her reply. He watched as she looked like she was becoming uncomfortable and his curiosity increased. "Well? Normally, I would be freaking out right about now with all the crazy shit you've told me but hey… Who gives a fuck?"

"I heal," Katherine told him, her eyes looking anywhere but at Wesley.

"You heal? Okay?" Wesley said in confusion. "Care to elaborate?"

"My blood, my tears, and even my saliva can heal injuries much faster than anything possible. Even faster than that weird mixture The Fraternity is keen on using for baths," Katherine explained.

Wesley's eyes narrowed as he remembered the moment where he and Katherine were in the back seat of that car. He could remember how she had gotten rid of the poison and only now realized how strange it was that the pain went away almost instantly. Questions began to pop up in his mind so much and then he suddenly thought of Fox. "Sybil, how much blood is needed to heal a bullet wound?" he asked her.

Katherine stared at Wesley with a suspicious glare but decided to look into it later. "For a bullet wound only a single drop of my blood directly on the wound would heal it in sixty minutes," she answered.

"How about if they've been shot multiple times and it looks like they might not make it?" Wesley asked, his voice sounding more eager and excited.

"Then that person would need to have forty-five mililitres of my blood injected into them if they want to heal in about two hours," Katherine replied. She was beginning to become more suspicious of where Wesley's thoughts were going to lead him. "What are you getting at Wesley?" she asked him.

"How much of your blood would be needed to heal a dead person?" he asked in one quick breath.

Katherine gasped at the question and took a step away from Wesley. Her jaw dropped and his question rang loudly in her mind as she stared at him in disbelief. "I can't bring a dead person back to life Wesley! It's impossible!"

"How do you know? Have you ever tried?" Wesley half shouted, sounding a little excited.

"No, I haven't but…"

"See! You don't know until you try!" Wesley shouted, cutting Katherine's sentence short. "Think about it!"

"How you thought about it?" Katherine shouted back at Wesley in anger. "Do you know how much of my blood would be needed for such a thing? It would all depend on how long they've been dead for because of all the decay and rotting and… I can't Wesley! I can't do that! I'm just here, right now, to help you!"

"And you'll be helping me a whole lot by bringing her back to life!" Wesley pleaded.

Katherine stared blankly at Wesley as soon as he mentioned the word 'her'. "Bring her back to life?" she asked, though it was more rhetorical than anything else. "Wesley, I'm not going to risk death just to fulfill some selfish desire of yours."

"It's not a selfish desire!" Wesley shouted in defense of himself, and in defense of Fox.

"No Wesley! I will do anything that you ask of me to help you but don't ask me to bring the dead back to life. That is something that is out of my hands," Katherine spat out in a bitter tone of voice. She glared angrily at Wesley for a moment or two before turning away from him and stomping out the door.


"I trust you've located them,"

"Yeah, but… There's one little problem,"

"Which is?"

"I can't see through walls and she picked a spot where there are many, many buildings in my way,"

Mackenzie slammed his fist against the armrest of the large chair he sat in. The armrest cracked just a fraction but other than that it seemed to be just fine. "Stupid little bitch!" he shouted.

Archer tried to stay clam but he feared nothing but Mackenzie Ericson. He kept his arms at either side and made sure not to make direct eye contact with his boss. Right now, he just wished that Eli and Alec were in the room with him… for moral support or backup.

"Have you told Alec and Eli where they are?" Mackenzie asked in a harsh tone, causing Archer to flinch just a little.

"No, I haven't Mackenzie," Archer replied.

"And why haven't you?" Mackenzie growled out. He stood up to his feet and walked toward Archer until Archer was just out of arms' reach.

Archer gulped loudly. "I'll - I'll get right on that but… She'll know someone is coming so she will have something up her sleeve."

"And that's why we're going to be moving quickly, Archer." Mackenzie walked up to Archer and placed an arm around the other man's shoulders. He then began to walk and guided the red headed man toward the large windows to the left side of the book filled room.

"What about Wesley Gibson?" Archer asked, curious.

"He won't become a problem if we get rid of him before Katherine can tell him any secrets of ours, understand? But when you do get to Katherine drain her, completely…"

End Chapter