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Hi everyone! I'm here with another one-shot. This'll be my second, and a third about Eneru is on the way! It's ZoLu because ever since I saw One Piece Movie 6, I've thought that Zoro/Luffy made the cutest couple. Look at how Luffy reacts when Lily begins consuming Zoro . . . Yeah. Anyways, ever since then, I have adored this couple. Robin's my third favorite of the Strawhat crew, but these guys take the top spot. However, Eneru is my favorite out of the whole series. He can come be my god any day . . .

Disclaimer: Dear me, I do own One Piece! Oh, wait, no, I don't

Zoro was hiding. Well. Not really hiding, more like sleeping in a certain corner where he couldn't be found easily. Okay, maybe that was hiding. Either way, he was asleep, and intended to stay that way. In fact, he was having a nice dream involving a certain little stretchy captain of his . . . Until said captain came barreling into him, shrieking for him to come play with him, Usopp, and Chopper. Maybe if Zoro pretended to sleep, really deeply, Luffy would go away, and he could get back to his dream.

"Zoro, are you awake?"


"Oh, Ok."

Luffy waited a few minutes. He asked, and Zoro said no. People don't usually respond when they're not awake. But Zoro said he was asleep. It was all too confusing for him. He sighed. He sighed again. Just as he was about to sigh a third time, Zoro's eyes snapped open.

"Luffy, what do you want?" he asked.

"Can you come and play with me, pleeeeeeeeaaaaase!?" he whined childishly.

Zoro frowned, and looked away from his captain. Luffy could stretch his face and make his eyes seem impossible large, which also made them water, giving him an incredibly cute effect. He lips pressed together tightly. It was getting harder to resist as time went on. Finally he snapped.

"Fine, but you have to nap with me first."

"But Zoro! Napping's boring! We slept all night!"

"No you didn't. You got up at 3:28 to go sneak food and didn't come back until 3:46. Remember, a good captain needs his rest," Zoro admonished.

"I'm not a tot, Zoro! I don't need to sleep that much," Luffy responded, pouting.

"I do, and because you're smaller, you need just as much rest, even though you eat more. No come on, nap with me now and I'll play with you later."

"Oh, fine." Zoro smirked. Usually it was harder to get his captain to bend to his will, unless they were doing a few illicit activities. Luffy settled down in his lap, and Zoro wrapped his arms about his waist, clasping his hand above Luffy's stomach. Soon, Luffy's breathing evened out and became deep, and Zoro followed into slumber shortly afterwards.

In the high corner of the galley, and eye disappeared. On the deck, Robin smiled to herself. She decided not to tell Chopper and Usopp where Zoro was or where Luffy had gotten to. She glanced at a crestfallen Usopp, and smirked. She crossed her arms lightly.

"Diez Fluers," she declared, and ten arms sprouted from Usopps back. Well, it was really only in four places, but they inter-connected, so that it looked like Usopp was a spider. She began walking him around. Chopper was laughing, calling the sharpshooter a spider, and Usopp seemed to be enjoying himself as well. She smiled again, 'Yes, I think I'll let Kenshin-san and Captain-san sleep for a while.

A/N: Okay, so how did I do? I don't have much experience with writing the One Piece characters, seeing as this is my first time with them. However, all the other stories I read seem to characterize them perfectly. Oh, and these illicit activities might be elaborated on in my Eneru oneshot. Who knows? Well, I have to go to school now, so please review!