First Days of School

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Author's Note: Sorry for not getting this up yesterday. My English teacher told me that one of my projects hadn't gotten to him (I sent it by email) so I needed to re-send it. Huge pain in the butt. But it is, officially, the last day of school! And our last day of Guitar was yesterday. *sob* I almost wish I could have one more day with my boys in that class. Almost.


"The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you."—Rita Mae Brown


The last days few days of school were always the most boring and the most interesting because you have that much time on your hands. Fortunately for the Guitar class, they had absolutely nothing to do except perhaps sleep. Naruto, Sasuke and Tenten, who had wandered in from Woodshop, were sitting on the floor playing with cards that they'd found in Drama.

As they went to begin their third game, Naruto looked at the others. "Ne, either of you know where Gaara is?"

Both of them frowned. "No, now that you mention it." And Gaara would usually tell them if he was sick or skipping.

"I'm right here." Gaara said, striding towards them with hands in his pocket.

Naruto smiled up at him. "Ne, where were you?"

"I was helping to move textbooks. I came to ask if you wanted to help."

The three glanced between each other and the sorry stack of cards. "Sure we'll help." All three of them said in perfect harmony. School Survival Skills 101: Any excuse to get out of class is a good excuse.

The Book Storage too was a too large, too cramped room. The delivery carts looked like they were stolen from Home Depot and, now that Sasuke looks closely at them, he has a feeling they were. Bright orange metal shelving rises nearly to the ceiling and Sasuke can see some of the other students climbing towards the top to recline against worn Spanish books.

A familiar face from their Global Studies class grinned at them from a high shelf. "Hey guys!" Kiba called, jumping down and landing on the cart.

"Dammit, Kiba, I told you to get off!" Sasuke felt the urge to run. It was Sakura. Usually, he had no problem with her. But since she was in charge in this setting, she tended to become dangerous.

Kiba smiled charmingly at her. "But it's so comfy on here! It's like a giant skateboard."
"Off. " Sakura turned to them, a smile on her features. "You guys and this moron here, can go to Portable 23 and get their books."

"Sure thing." Naruto tossed a grin to Gaara. "Looks like you're driving."

"Why me?"

Everyone else gave him a flat look. "You really trust us to drive it?"

Gaara had to agree. "Fine." He waited for everyone else to clear out of the hallway before getting behind the cart and pushing it out. It wasn't heavy, just hard to control, barely fitting through the doorway.

They were halfway out to the portables when Naruto stopped and looked at the rest of them. "Ne…do any of you know where #23 actually is?"

The four of them glanced at each other before shaking their heads. Sasuke let out a sigh. "Who of us has classes in the portables?"

Kiba, Naruto and Tenten all raised their hands.

"Which portables?"

A long silence before, "56." "18." "3."

None of those were anywhere near 23. They soon learned that lesson by wandering through every row of portables, the people who had set up the portables had either been drunk or morons because portables 1-3 were on one side of the school and 4-13. The rest of the portables were scattered rather nicely so it was near impossible to find anything.

After nearly half an hour of searching, they sat on the cart, against Sakura's prohibitions, and leaned against each other. Had the weather been cooler, they might have been able to search longer, but as it was, 98 degrees with no wind was not the best weather for being outside.

"I told you we should have stopped for gas at the last rest stop." Naruto remarked, grinning over his shoulder at Kiba, who replied in kind.

Sasuke slugged him in the shoulder, not hard, but enough so that he proved his point. "Smart-ass comments when we're in air conditioning, dobe."

There was the sharp clacking of heels before a shadow blocked them, for which they were all grateful. Sakura looked at them with arched eyebrows.

"What happened?"

"We got lost." Tenten replied honestly.: "Whoever designed this school was an idiot."

Sakura laughed. "You know that 23 is in the section right by the storage, right?"

All five of them looked at her flatly. "Please tell me that that's a bad joke." Kiba said.

"Nope." Sakura said cheerfully.

The flat looks became glares as they stood up simultaneously. Sakura stood aside so they could begin to push the cart. They glanced at each other, got the same evil thought, and gave the cart an almighty push so that it would reach the sloping hill that the portables had been put on before jumping onto the cart, making sure to hang on for dear life.

Naruto let out a whoop as they rushed by the chain link fence behind which was a muddy pond, as the students ran outside to find out what all the laughing and screaming was about. Of course they realized their one mistake in the entire plan as they saw the wall coming towards them.

They couldn't steer when they were on the cart.

There was a resounding crash as the cart slammed into the wall and they tumbled or were thrown off. Naruto's arm, which had been holding on to the cart's one handle, felt like it was ripped from its socket before he was thrown forward, landing on something soft..

Hearing a groan underneath him, Naruto raised himself up, just a bit in time see Sasuke look over his shoulder and say, "You have to lay off the ramen, dobe. You're heavy."


Author's Note: SCHOOL IS OVER!!!!! Whoo! And it still hasn't sunk in yet that it's summer, but it will in about a week or so.