"Professor Snape? Might I ask a question?"

Severus paused, locking eyes with the innocent green ones of the world's hero in the mirror. His hands hestitated on the buttons of his shirt but after a moment, continued in their job of fastening them. Severus nodded, tersely.

"What made you fall in love with Mr. Malfoy?"

He paused, keeping his eyes locked with Potters in the mirror. He could see the other men in the room, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore and Remus Lupin, all paused too waiting for his answer.

Severus should have expected it. Afterall, he was marrying the damn man. He should have expected someone to ask what he saw in the egotistical, self-centered, vain snit.


Severus couldn't think. What had made him fall in love with Lucius?



"Yes, Draco?"

"...What made you fall in love with Severus?"

Lucius gave a funny half smile as he fastened his cufflinks. "His socks." There was no hesitating.

"His socks?"

"Yes. Funny little ratty old things they were. Always had holes in them."

"...but...but why?"

"I don't know, son. I have yet to figure that out."



"What?" Potter said, confused. Black shot Severus a look that clearly said the man thought he'd lost his mind.

Severus didn't bother denying his affection for the other man. The whole world knew already and he wasn't ashamed. "That's what made me fall in love with Lucius...socks."


"I remember him, stretched out in front of the common room fire, like a gangly cat, with a text book in front of him. His hair was greasy, even back then and his clothes didn't fit him. His socks were the worst. They were too big and slipped down his feet and on one foot, his toes almost came completely out of one of the holes, it was so massive."

"What was so special about that?"

"I don't know, son. It just...stayed in my mind. I found myself thinking about them all day, wondering why such a young boy would have such ugly socks...the rest of him wasn't much to look at either but I'd always wondered about those socks. Still wonder, actually."

"You still don't know?"

"The little bugger has never told me."


"He bought me socks."


"So I bought him socks. Dropped them on his lap in the common room. He looked at me like I was god or I'd hung the moon or something."


"He dropped them into my lap when I was studying a particuarly fasinating potion in my text. I looked up at him like he was mad."


"I told him he could use them. Said that if he tried, maybe he could pass as 'just plain ugly'."

"You didn't!"

"Oh, I did. He was furious with me for weeks after that, melodramatic snit."


"He insulted me. So I punched him. He didn't talk to me for weeks after that, that cry baby."

"You didn't!"

"Oh I did Potter. That was the highlight of my schooling career."

"I'm not surprise."

"Shush, Sirius! Continue, Severus. What happened next?"

"I sent him back the socks, wrote that he could go get stuffed and that I didn't take handouts from prats."


"He sent me back the socks, on my own bloody owl and with a note which whined about how he didn't take 'pity handouts'."


"...Wait, how did that make you fall in love with him?"

"Easy, Mr. Potter. Every holiday since that day, no matter what else he's bought me, he always buys me a pair of socks. The same color, same type, same brand even."



"Every holiday, I buy him some socks in hope my impeccable fashion sense will rub off on him. Every holiday he just says the same thing..."


"Rack off. I don't take handouts from prats."


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