Clipped Wings

Pairings: undecided.

Summary: Lelouch decided his life was meaningless when Nunally died. He did something unspeakable to erase the pain. Five years later, a WORLD wide search was done to find him. Schneizel found him. The man he found was not quite the same. He was accompanied by Rolo, C.C, 2 women and a boy. Who were these 3 new faces? Are they connected to him? Just what happened to Lelouch to make him this way?

I promise not to make this Yaoi…I may included Random Linkin Park songs…with random Gundam Seed Songs.

Dedication goes to Sunrise Entertainment!!

Disclaimer: I just said it above with Clamp.

Prologue: Nunally

'She left me, why?'

Tears fell from his face, His face hidden by his hair. Yet I knew that he was crying.

I didn't know why he started crying. I didn't know why he started to yell at his brother. I didn't know why he fell into depression.

I knew it was the pain from the inside. I couldn't resist asking, 'Master?'

I saw him visibly flinch. I continued, 'Are you hurt, Master? If you are, please let me treat you with this, like you did with me awhile back.' I showed him the box with the words 'Band-Aid'.

He looked at me, shook his head and smiled. He stood up and grabbed something from his coat. I stretched my neck to see what it was.

It was a weapon, though I was not familiar. A wave of fear went through me. Fear not for myself but for him.

I knew he would not harm me but rather he would harm himself!

I screamed when a gunshot sounded. Blood splattered on me. The door opened, and I instinctively cradled the bloody body. I didn't care what they would do to me. I didn't care what they'd do to me, just not him. Not my new master. Not this defenseless body.

I looked up and a woman was there, Staring at me and my master. She gently pried my arms off him as she said 'No need to worry C.C. He won't be hurt any more.'

Master's brother suddenly came in. He stared at the body, and then took the body in his arms. He beckoned me to follow them. The girl made a detour and said, 'I'll stall them. Please escape Rolo.'

I didn't care. All I cared for was the unmoving body in the arms of Rolo. I silently followed him to a rather large machine. He said to pilot it while he took the other. The girl came running yelling to go!

I didn't care how I knew how pilot it. I just left, with the broken body on my lap. Master's brother and that girl followed me. Soon we were gone.

All I knew was the slowly dimming heat of the man in my lap, the slowly ragged breath, his heartbeat.

And all I ever cared about was this man.

This broken man, what ever caused him to break I do not know. I will slowly put him back together.

As long as it takes, I will do so. My broken master…

Whose precious wings were clipped…


Me: How was it?

Other Me: You all know the drill.

Me: Please consider the drill.

Other me: We'll love you for it.

Me: just a word would suffice like 'Sheep'

Other Me: We'd love you for it.

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