I wait, and wait, and wait some more. Five minutes is a very long time when something this important is on the line. Leaving the bathroom, I take a quick walk down the hall and around the flat. I shake my hands and return to the bathroom, picking up the small object that held my attention.

I look intently at the small cylindrical tube in my hands. The line is bright pink. My breath catches in my throat as I stare down at it, my heart racing. What am I going to do?

Sitting down on the loo, I continue to stare. I had no one aside from my parents. No boyfriend, not now that he was in prison. How did I get into this predicament? I shook my head, knowing exactly how. Sirius Black. Seven mornings ago, I had woken to find my boyfriend on the local news. He had been accused of murdering James and Lily Potter, Peter Pettigrew and the attempted murder of Harry Potter, a one-year old infant. Our best mates. James and Lily were our best mates; I frequently babysat Harry while they went out.

I sigh. I am alone, with a baby on the way. How can I have a baby?

He disappeared that night and I hadn't known why. He went to kill them. Peter tried to stop him, tried to save Lily and James, but Sirius killed him as well.

Now, I'm pregnant with his baby. The child of a murderer. It couldn't be anyone else's; I hadn't slept with another man in over a year.

Can I raise a child on my own? Is it possible? Was Mum going to be angry with me? How about Dad?

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