Sam was released from the hospital two weeks later. After three months, the doctors were amazed at how well he was healing. The skin grafts made the scarring almost invisible, the worst of it being between Sam's knuckles of his ring and little fingers and on his wrist where the fully functioning arterial graft was located.

Dean had looked for Grace repeatedly during his first few days with Sam at the hospital and was finally told that she transferred again after another hospital requested her nursing experience. Bobby had lifted the hunter's wallet before salting and burning the man's body. Dean and he went to the man's house and cleared it out, finding evidence that the hunter had tortured and killed several other people that he'd found to be psychics. Among the grotesque memorabilia was a necklace. One ornament was missing, one tooth broken away from the other twenty on the ugly charm. Dean threw the macabre memento into the fire with the rest of what he planned to get rid of. Research littered the psycho's house, Dean finding several pages on Sam that he burned after reading, along with several others, one being the baby he and Sam had saved a little over a year and a half ago. Rosie. Dean had made a phone call and found out the preschooler was doing well, living the life she should with play dates and doll houses.

Sam had his last check up and was given the all clear to work on therapy at his own pace after regaining all but the finest motor skills. They were leaving town to spend some time at Bobby's until Sam felt he could return to light duty hunting. They were both looking forward to some down time and Sam wanted to hit the road.

Dean returned from putting the bags in the car. He leaned in the doorway and looked at Sam as he struggled just a bit to get his lap top into its bag. Sam finally slid the computer inside and snapped the flap on the canvas. "You get your list of PT exercises?"

"Yeah, Doc said they should help me get full range of motion back. Stupid stuff though."

"Don't matter. You do those exercises and…" Dean held up a loose fist with his knuckles facing Sam and rocked it back and forth, bending at the wrist in a side to side motion. "…you'll get full range of motion back in no time." Dean grinned. "What's on the list anyway?"

Sam held up his only slightly scarred left hand and made a fist, his knuckles facing Dean. He lifted a finger as he too grinned. "Repetitive finger extensions." Dean laughed as Sam walked past him and out the door. Dean threw a careless arm around Sam's shoulders until they parted ways to get in the car. The engine rumbled to life and tires squealed as the brothers hit the road once again.

A/N: Physical therapy is hard work and takes a lot of determination to be successful. I couldn't resist the awesome brother moment though. Hope you guys will all let me know what you thought of this story. Love ya all!