It was late night when all this began…

The moon in the dark sky shone down its light onto the surface of the ocean.

Deep under the ocean surface was a world of darkness and low temperature where only the beings of the sea could survive.

Penetrating through the cold watery darkness was a large submarine.

Onboard the submarine, the rooms where almost as dark as the watery depths, but not to that extent because how are you doing to see anything otherwise?

Ten people were sitting together on a metallic bench built along the wall, and these ten people will the stars of this story—Mario, Wario, Snake, Samus, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Marth, Pit, Pikachu, and Pichu.

As they sat silently waiting for orders, the speaker hidden in the corner of the room turned up its volume and spoke to them, "Smashers, we are nearing our destination. I would like to go over the plans with you again to ensure that nothing goes wrong."

Wario popped open his eyes and rubbed them while yawning loudly and said, "Huh? Time to give someone a rotten day already?"

Pikachu patted the sleeping Pichu on the head and woke him up, "Wake up already."

"I was just having a great time for myself… Yawn…" Pichu groaned as he got up and yawned.

"You are to perform underwater diving operations to reach the dock," the loudspeaker said. "There is lesser security in that place, so that is the safest place where we can begin this operation. Don't worry; your diving suits are specially made to withstand the water temperature."

"Let-a me do some warm-up exercise first," Mario said as he got up and began doing stretches.

"I'm doing some warm-ups for any fights first too," CF said as he began flexing his arms.

"This is a stealth operation, so remember to keep your presence as minimal possible to the enemies," the voice in the loudspeaker reminded them.

"The colonel is right," Snake said to his comrades. "If our presence is made big in an enemy territory, things will not go as planned. This is not like in Alias Lobby where we can just run around and beat up people."

"I will contact you again after you reached your destination," the voice said. "Contact me using your codec at frequency 140.24 if you need to any help. Also joining in this operation are members of the Peregrine Falcon and the Sparrows. I heard that you met each other before, right?"

"They go by the name Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio, right?" Snake asked. "If so, then yes."

"That should save time for the introduction. While they are not present to help you directly, they are still assigned to give you indirect support. Marco is actually an expert in computer hacking, as well as battlefield survival tactics. Contact him if you need help regarding those. Tarma is an expert in vehicles and machineries, Eri is quite an expert in stealth techniques and infiltration, and Fio has mastery in all sorts of weaponries. Contact them using these following codec numbers."

After the Smashers took note of everything they are told to do, they quickly got themselves dressed into diving suits, and then they all gathered at the hatch to get ready for their operation.

"You guys ready for this?" CF asked.

"I'm ready to go!" Mario said.

"More than ready already," Snake replied.

"I'm dying to beat up someone already!" Wario said, hitting his palm.

"Hey, don't forget to keep your cool and not get into trouble," Marth reminded him.

"I'm ready," Samus said.

"Let the goddess bless us in this mission of ours," Pit said silently.

"We're both ready!" Yoshi said. You're probably wondering why he said 'We', right?

"Let's hope we can get through this alive and then we can finally live in peace…" Pikachu muttered quietly.

"I'm ready to take on those baddies!" Pichu said with enthusiasm.

"All right; let's go!" CF said as he pulled his diving mask over his face.








Second episode






Chapter 1
Solid Infiltration


The wanted Smashers found themselves standing within the courts of the world government HQ. It was a nervous feeling that one should have when in a place like this. After all, they are standing in one of the most important and holiest place in the world. Wouldn't you feel the same too?

As everyone waited quietly, the four great leaders of the world, Pentalgrious, walked up to the platform and looked down towards the Smashers. They should be called Quadraglorius now that there are only four of them. For details on this, please read the first episode.

"Bow in the presence of the world leaders!" a loud voice said, and everyone present immediately bowed down.

After the people pulled up their heads again, one of the leaders, Mike the Smart, stepped forward and said loudly, "Smashers, you have been through a lot during your lifetime. Your actions and deeds have been marked down into the hearts of people and they all have been very grateful to you."

"Yeah, yeah, get to the point, would you?" Wario grumbled. Samus poked him in the butt suddenly. "Yeow!"

"Watch your manners in front of these people!" she whispered to him loudly.

"The reason we've brought you here today is that we are beginning to think if your actions on Alias Lobby should be forgiven or not," Mike continued.

"Please forgive us!" Pikachu begged as he fell down to his face. "We do not want to live a life of crime anymore! We will do anything, so please forgive us!"

"It's your own decision, leader," Captain Falcon said to Mike. "You're the king over us, so you get to decide. We won't hesitate on what you do to us, but if anything happens to us, it's not like our friends are going to sit around and see all this happen."

"After much pondering and consulting with the one true mastermind of the government, Big Brother, we have decided to redeem your wrongdoings," Mike said.

Hearing this, Pikachu shot his head up and he has a look of joy on his face. Pit also expressed his joy by punching the air. "However, you must pass through one final test before you are deemed worthy of such redemption," Mike continued.

"So what do you want us to do?" Snake asked.

"I'll continue from here," Smash Pumpkin said as he took Mike's place. "Much as we hate to say this, we have received a threat message three days ago from the Rebel Army led by General Donald Morden."

"Morden?! Wasn't he captured already?!" Snake gasped.

"He managed to escape and has resurrected the Rebel Army again. He once again threatened the world government and this time it appears he has nuclear weapons at his disposal."

"That's horrible!" Samus gasped.

"They want us to submit to them within a week's time or else the nuclear weapon will be launched. We do not know the details of their operation, but we do know that it has something to do with Metal Gear. As you must've known from your attack on Alias Lobby, Metal Gears are nuclear-firing machines that are held top secret by the government. They are, of course, used for peaceful purposes and their presences are not to be known to the public."

"Then how did they get their hands on the Metal Gear?" Samus asked.

"That is the question. We are very surprised to learn that they have a Metal Gear at their disposal when only people within the government should know it."

"If this is such a big case, why didn't you call for us until three days later?" Marth asked.

"When we received the threat message, we first sent Big Boss to stop them," Pumpkin replied. "However, we lost contact with him and we waited this whole time for his news, but he never called back."

"Are you telling me that the legendary soldier Big Boss was felled by the Rebels?" CF asked.

"That's what we are afraid of. We then decided to send forth an admiral, but then we remembered about you. Perhaps we can give you people an opportunity to stop those rebels, and this would put up a good excuse to take off your bounties."

"I see," Snake said. "So you want us to be the heroes and take out the Rebel Army?"

"Yes, please stop the Rebel Army and nullify their nuclear threat. This needs to be done as fast as possible. You shall start the operation today midnight. We have assigned a superior over you. His name is Roy Campbell and is one of the best military tacticians we know of. You shall take orders from him for this operation."


We go back to reality as the Smashers swam through the cold water. They eventually made it to the dock and Snake poked his head out of the water and looked around him. He saw various cargos and boats lying around, but saw no signs of living beings, asides from little critters. He gave the signal and climbed up, and then the other Smashers followed him up onto the dry dock. He took off his diving mask and shook his head, and then began to take off the diving suit. Don't worry; they all got their usual clothing underneath, so you don't have to cover your eyes. "Looks like a success," Snake said.

"Good-a thing they took da consideration to make-a different sized suits too!" Mario said as he took off his. "They even made the right-a ones for Pichu, Pikachu, and Yoshi!"

"Farting underwater was fun too!" Wario added.

After the Smashers hid their diving suits behind some crates, they shook themselves dry a bit and began to go on the move. "Let's get started!" CF said.

"Wait a minute," Samus told him, and then she touched the symbol that was on the back of her right hand (she's in her spandex), and when she did, the symbol glowed brightly and then she found herself engulfed in bright light. When the light disappeared, she was in her power suit. "Okay, we can move now."

Then Snake heard his codec ringing, and so he responded to it by touching the side of his ear. "This is Snake," he said.

"This is colonel speaking," Campbell's voice said. "I see that you have made it onto the dock. There's no one around there, I hope."


"Good; things are going as planned. Now you have to be careful from here, as there should be lots of guards patrolling the place outside the harbor."

Yoshi went towards the gate that was before them and carefully looked out of it without getting noticed, and he saw several rebels walking around, as well as spotlights lighting up the places. "There are a lot of people out there," he said.

"I do not know the exact location of Morden or where Metal Gear is," Campbell said. "But he should be in the main building of this place called Outer Heaven."

Wario looked around the place and said, "If this is what heaven really looks like, imagine what the angels look like!"

"The main building is located on the northern most part of the place. Your mission is to make your way to that building and surely you will find everything you need. Be careful, as this place is full of security, so getting there will be no easy task."

"Got it," Snake replied.

After ending the codec conversation, the Smashers went together through the gate and quietly tiptoed towards a pile of crates that was nearby. There were no guards or spotlight around that place, so it was safe to hide out for a while. Pit looked over the crates and said, "There are a lot of soldiers… How are we going to get pass them?"

"This is not going to an easy task," Marth said.

"Let's beat them all up so fast that they do not have time to notice us!" Wario suggested.

"That's no plan…" Samus told him.

Then Snake heard his codec ringing again and he responded to it, "This is Snake."

"Marco here!" said the voice. "I see that you're in Outer Heaven already."

"Yeah, whatever… What do you want?"

"I just wanted to hop by for a hello, since you helped us quite a bit capturing Morden back then."

"Don't call me if you have nothing to do! We're busy!"

"Hold on there; this doesn't mean I'm without helpful stuffs," Marco told him. "I know the rebels better than any of you! They're neither the brightest nor the strongest of the bunch, especially as an individual. But they can pose a bit of a problem if there a large number of them, and I assume that you are seeing many of them right now."

"Yeah, about the same as you said."

"So you need to get by them without getting caught, right? Well… Ask Eri, that's my advice."

"You're no help…"

"I'll get her over here." Then Marco's voice seemed to become softer, which is due to the reason he isn't talking directly to the codec currently. "Eri! You know about all these better than I do! You do the job!"

"They're not using my codec frequency," said a female voice.

"Just get over here and talk to them!"

"Tell them to get the frequency right first! I'm too lazy to leave my place!"

"How hard can taking five steps here be?!"

Snake heard them calling back and forth for a while, and then Marco spoke again, "Just call her frequency! I wouldn't want to get into a fight with her. She used to be the leader of a street gang, you know? And the reason she got into this job was because of her fighting skills!"

"Whatever…" Snake said, and he ended call and adjusted another frequency, and he received a call.

"Eri here! Need any help?" said the same female voice.

"Stop playing dumb, would you?"

"Okay… Well, to put it simple, stealth cannot be done properly when there are a large number of people, and seeing that there are ten of you…"

"Eleven actually," Yoshi said.

"Okay, eleven… Wait a minute, eleven?"

"Let's not get into details," Snake said. "So I understand that you are saying that there are too many of us and we can easily get caught or noticed if we travel as a large group."

"Right, so the best choice for you to take right now is splitting up into small groups. It would be better that you travel to different places individually and meet up later at a certain meeting point."

"Okay, I get the point."

"Using a disguise is also a good idea. Just make yourself hard to be noticed."

Snake looked around and saw an empty box conveniently placed next to him. "That can be solved."

"That's all I can say right now, so good luck! Let me know if you need something!" And the call ended.

"So we have to break up?" Samus asked.

"I agree with this," CF said. "If we go out there together, it would be like trying to hide an elephant and you are bound to fail if you want to hide an elephant."

"Since there are ten of us here, not counting the eleventh person who is not here in person right now," Snake said. "The best method to split up would be dividing into pairs, and we will have five pairs."

"Who will go with whom then?" Mario asked.

"I got this ready already," Snake said as he held up several sticks. "The ones with same colors at the tip will go together."

"When did you get those?" Pikachu asked.

Nevertheless, they all picked a stick for themselves and it was decided.

Mario and Wario

Snake and Pichu

Yoshi and Pikachu

CF and Samus

Marth and Pit

"Not too bad," Snake said. "Every team has someone that is strong enough to hold up for themselves."

"We have three people on our team!" Yoshi said.

Snake looked over the crates again and took a good observation of the place. He noticed several buildings and they all have doors. "Okay, we do not know the exact way to the main building, so we'll need to gather all we can about this place first," Snake said.

"If the building is in the north, then let's just head north!" Wario said.

"If we have a compass, then that would help…"

"What say we split up and enter all those different buildings and try to meet up later?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

"Okey-dokey! Let's go!" Mario said.

"No matter what, let us meet alive again at the main building," CF said. "This is the fight to free ourselves from our wanted posters, so let us not miss out this great opportunity." Everyone nodded as they all agreed with him. "Let us make a pact together that we can make it!"

And so the ten Smashers got together in a circle and placed their hands over each other as a pact.

"Let's go for it, Smashers!"


So I was thinking about taking a week's break first before working on this, but then I gave a second thought and said, "Screw that! I'm starting this story as fast as possible!"

Hope this is good enough for the first chapter! In case you're curious, this story takes place 10 days after the first episode.